Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I had a dream the other night about a donkey falling into a deep hole someone was digging. I was riding this donkey and fell in too...but I was able to crawl up and out...this is 4 sure a dream b/c I would certainly perish in a hole if it meant I had to use my upper body strength to pull myself out...HA! Anyhoo...I am out of this hole, covered in mud and talking to the person who dug it giving them shit b/c now this poor donkey was stuck in the hole...and the person just intended to bury the donkey alive. I was protesting of course – I was clearly attached to this donkey – saying that was bullshit and the hole digger needed o take responsibility for their poor hole digging placement and help get the donkey out.

They refused and were totally apathetic. So I decided to pretend I was some genius engineer...and stated to fill the hole up with water so my donkey could float to the top treading water all the while rather than drowning like he likely would have in real life. My donkey was fine and got out of the hole successfully thanks to my water idea....and was walked off into the sunset. I have never dreamed of donkeys before. Fuckin’ hole digger jerks!

I am glad to be back at work. Unless my 3 day weekends are BUSY I don’t enjoy being such a stagnant loser. I now have about 200 scrabble tiles etc with little pictures on ‘em, half are finished and need magnets etc put on them...the rest need the goop to make em shiny and purdy...plus a few I may make into necklaces but i gotta wait for the leather thingys from China...see if I like ‘em well enough to go that route.

My mom’s b’day was Oct 10 – 10 10 10 – as well as Barb’s!



I can’t believe it is already close to mid- Oct!I am looking fwd to my little mini getaway next weekend. Graeme and I are going up to Nanaimo for Kori and Mary’s wedding extravaganza! I have a room booked – the place has a POOL – I am STOKED!!!!!!!! We are going the Friday before to be sure I get lotsa swim time in...there will be no deathly barnacles in this pool so it should be an uneventful swim experience – unlike last times...which I may add has left my leg pretty scarred up...I still have some scabbage over a mth later as well. Well done Conky...well done.

I got some great b’day loot this year...turning 40 was kinda fun! Lol


Anonymous said...

I'm thinkin' I'd like to crawl into your brain when you go to sleep at night. Seems like a fun place to be.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I forgot your mom and I share a birthday, but she's way cooler than I am!

I got your awesome card! Thanks so much, lady! It looks fabulous on my fridge, where I can stare at it mesmerized while I decide what to snack on.

Cyndy said...

That is actually a famous parable
scroll down to the donkey in the well

I guess your dreams are telling you that the world is shoveling dirt on you huh?

~Jen~ said...

ha ha well the world should stop! lol