Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the daily rant

what is it with this city...? getting a Dr. is a fucking nightmare...yeah im a little picky, im pretty spoiled with my other Dr. from powell river but gimme a break. Apparently to get a Dr in Victoria you must be the following:

-over 55 or dieing
-willing to have a Dr whos old and crusty
-willing to have a boy Dr
-willing to have a Dr who doesnt speak the best english (and that is not a good thing as communication with a Dr is imperitive in my opinion)

Is it so fucking much to ask for female Dr who doesnt require a 9 hr train ride to powell river?
I cant stand this city 4 this fuck it im sticking to the walk-in numb nut brown bad english speaking bastards who are dismissive and useless.
I actually broke down and did call one male Dr that wasnt too far away here...I was informed the initial meeting was a MEET N GREET...and then it would be decided if he would take me on as a I have to write an exam too? What if he thinks im too fat and doesnt wanna treat me? I'd burn his fucking office is that shit...hoytee fucks make too much gawd damn money around here if they can pick and choose like that...then as it turns out bc i didnt have a medical card (i have the #) id have to pay cash up front....CASH UP FRONT FOR WHAT?!?!?! to get told im possibly NOT GOOD ENOUGH to fucking be taken as a patient....?
fuck u all u rich hoytee pieces of shit. alright now.

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