Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Review

Off the top of my head/in no particular order - things that happened in 2010:

*Matthew Good called me TWICE.

*I let someone move in with me.

*Ayla got brought home by the cops a few times.

*Almost got killed by death at Murder Beach in Powell River.

*Was reminded how awesome my family is for searching for my glasses in the ocean in the dark of night.
*Discovered Graeme's potato pancakes of goodness.

*Got rid of some dead weight friends...made a few keepers in the process.

*Had a few doozie nasty gallbladder attacks.

*Came to grips with the fact Ayla is no longer my little mocha baby of cuteness...and is now my almost grown up mocha baby of hawtness.

*Visited Aunty Cathy & Robert in AB and got to see Kim, Rob, Connie and Adele as well! Awesome trip!

*Attended a few weddings (Kori & Mary and Alex & Kelsey) that didn't suck!

*Talked Donna through her move/break up...

*Got addicted to The Walking Dead series.

*Rescued Donna from a baby mouse.

*Fell on my face up on Mount Doug while Lisa looked on in laughing horror NOT HELPING ME!

*Survived a whole month with Donna gone to Australia/Fiji.

*I ate a lot.

*Learned never to drink at Christmas.

*Rekindled my Queensryche love of the Operation Mindcrime album.

*Did some internet stalking and found out some interesting stuff about some people from days gone by...always interesting.

*Thoroughly LOVED the Rick Springfield autobio he wrote.

*Fell in love with Sheldon on Big Bang Theory.


*Saw some great live shows: Start With the Cobra, The Stockers, etc...but no BIG shows. Hoping RS will play in Vancouver in 2011 - I AM GUNNA GO I think this time!

*Got over my Bloody Betty fetish.

*Actually liked my job.

*Came to terms with the fact I am starting to see signs of "haggard" hitting me at 40.

*Tried to systematically teach Ayla life skills since it seems she hasn't picked many practical ones up in 17 years. 2011 we will focus on cooking and shopping and paying bills.

*Wish I had an Oh Henry right now.

*Stole a gnome.

*Stole a few Baby Jesus's.

*Finally secured a permanent gov't more limbo.

*Went on more failed job interviews in 2010 than I ever have in all the rest of my life and never want to go on another one again.

That's all for now.



Aunty Cathy - YOU ARE NEXT! YAY!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I've been up...I've been down...

omg...this song...back in Rainbow Lake, AB (see map to the right...way up North West)...where there was nothing to do all winter but listen to records and watch tv (which u needed a giant satellite to do up there in the boonies)...this move called THE IDOLMAKER came out or came out previous to me moving there...never did see it but the ppl I babysat 4 had the soundtrack and this song...we made the dorkiest coolest disco crap dances to it...I finally managed to DL the movie but knew there was one particular song from the soundtrack that I loved so i went hunting for it and I shall share it with you fine ppl...not sure this movie or its music was ever terribly popular but...whatever. lol



Omg wicked heartburn last night - woke me up out of a dead Tums left in the house...milk wasnt helping...I go on facebook and Wendy P sez to drink vinegar...ewwwww...but I think a pickle might do I eat a pickle...INSTANTLY gone. Acid neutralized. FUCKIN GENIUS HEARTBURN RELIEF. That was a hefty price to pay for the yummiest nachos I have had in eons....ouch.

Countdown to reasonable human eating approaches...I've asked my Dr for some drugs -haha that sounds funny...though it would be nice to have heavy narcotics to sleep for a month or 2 and be fed through a tube to get your body used to less/better food again. The drugs are 4 the impending walking pain via the hips that I am plagued with in my fat old age. G is on strict orders to make me ZERO food...I have to cook for myself only for a while...making every bite count etc...not gunna lie...this is much easier solo...dealing with other ppls food choices and left overs staring at you and the smells of other ppls yummy foods is going to be fucking horrible for a while but...whatever...I am a war horse. They will know not to expect anything carbalicious outta me for a while.

Tomorrow Guy and Donna 1 are coming to hang for NY's eve...I have booked us a table at Sook Jai Thai for a farewell to fat meal that Guy and I shall appreciate more than anyone I am sure...I think Donna 2 is coming too...should be a good time...dunno how the rest of the night will pan out...Donna 2 is partying it up elsewhere after the 4 of us will likely head to my place...Donna 1 and G will drink off in a corner having deep conversations and I will play Wii with Guy and try to kick his ass at archery and wake boarding.

Saturday Ghey-Shawn is in town! WOOHOO! He is coming over for dinner at 5ish o'clock...then we will play a game or something and catch up.
Sunday I am meeting up with Alex to commiserate.
Monday I am doing laundry and trying to find my gawd damn XP disc so I can reformat my machine...I cannot remember how many times I have done this to myself...put something away for safekeeping so it wont get lost - then forget where the fuck it is and search for days and weeks...once i find it the memory of placing it where it was found is as clear as a bell...#$%&!!
I have Tuesday off too....nice.

Shoppers Drug Mart is my arch enemy right many things on sale...I got TURTLES today for the TURTLE ICE CREAM CAKE/PIE I am making for Ayla's birthday - in a perfect world it should look like THIS...another box of cheap xmas cards...getting really nice ones for 2 bucks beats the shit outta paying 10 bucks for them BEFORE xmas next year.

Donna 2 and I are trading tables...oddly enough the table shes trading me is the old one of mine that I gave her...I have decided i just fucking HATE round I am giving her my newer smaller round table which is better for her kitchen and taking back my glorious old rectangle table....I cannot wait...just gotta arrange transportation to do the switch!
Got rid of the old 345983904 lb TV yesterday...some guy off UsedVictoria came for it..woohoo! Glad it found a new home in his workout room.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I cannot find my XP disc. My one agenda for this 6 days off was to reformat my on the last day off can I find that effing disc?? No. It is gunna end up being somewhere right in front of my face.

In the meantime...I will make some soup that I lifted from Tracey and Adrienne last night...G,A and I went there for turkey dinner and despite my intestines being fragile it was great....she is a fab cook! She doesn't burn the steamed veggies like I do at my house haha Good to see Lani and the girls as well as Ash & Joel and Madge even came over....with his wee little Iranian she is itty bitty! But she ate a gianttttt turkey leg...could not believe it. Impressive!

It is apparent after playing Wii with kids/teens that as a 40 yr old my Wii skills are rather ridiculous and wake boarding score was killed on Ayla's 1st effing try at it ffs. So much for that dream. I can still annihilate her at sword fighting though being that I am hideously aggressive with that wand lol

It has been decided that Guy and Donna are coming down for New Years Eve to hang here...pig out on Thai Food as a solid farewell to over eating and see what the night brings...Shawn shows up in Victoria today...not sure when we get our slotted Shawn time but...I can't wait!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MARY LYNCH TOMORROW!! AND TRACY STADNIK!!!! Busy calendar date! Oddly or not) these 2 ladies are rather similar and would probably quite adore each other if they ever met!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dec 23 2010 043

Dec 23 2010 043
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
awesome new tv.....::drool::

Dec 24 2010 042

Dec 24 2010 042
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DOnna playing AIR VAGINA....and Erin looking a little too excited...

Dec 24 2010 045

Dec 24 2010 045
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
My precious girl....

Dec 24 2010 051

Dec 24 2010 051
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
Drunken Xmas Belly Bounce Bump of Coolness

Dec 24 2010 061

Dec 24 2010 061
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
Erin molesting Amanda...Amanda loved it.

Dec 24 2010 064

Dec 24 2010 064
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Nativity a la Jen's House COMPLETE

Dec 24 2010 071

Dec 24 2010 071
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Erin and Donna - drunken pie one died.

Dec 24 2010 076

Dec 24 2010 076
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
Donna molesting Ayla as Erin looks on in glee!

Not Gunna Lie...

Glad it is all done now...
Note to self: avoid getting drunk xmas eve in the future...makes it hard to enjoy xmas when you are hung over.
Xmas Eve we had Amanda, Erin and Hot Donna over...lotsa food, lotsa drinking, I started drinking at 4 pm...bad idea 6 I was hammered...made for a fun night til I hit the fuggin wall at 10:30 and needed to lay down...Donna had left but the lesbos were while laying down all I can hear is Graeme trying to make everyone watch a fucking movie...there should be a JOB where its the main purpose to FORCE ppl to watch movies...b/c that would be Graeme's calling. So I am laying there contemplating my drunkness, listening to Graeme force feed ppl this movie but everyone's talking and chatting LIKE U DO AT GATHERINGS so hes shushing ppl...and ppl keep talking...fuck it was retarded..and seemed so loud...I was a little worried about the I can stumbling out making the volume get decreased and being a general cranky asshole...I was pretty much done 4 the night...the lesbos left around midnight and then Drunky 1 and 2 decide that presents should get opened XMAS EVE NIGHT after all. I say after all b/c this is what I prefer...opening pressies at night after a nice night of hanging out and snacking...not after getting fucking hammered. The PLAN had been altered and we were to open everything on xmas day so this little coup was fucking annoying b/c 1) I am drunk as shit 2) Tired as hell and already half hungover and 3) ITS 1230 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I make plans to avoid this sort of thing b/c I don't like surprises of any kind. So Drunky 1 and 2 were all happy drunk and delighted and I sat there 100% unable to not be a miserable asshole. Merry Xmas.
In bed at 230 am - completely DEAD and HOMICIDAL. Ahhhh xmas memories....the best.

Mags and Co made it home around 830 pm xmas even thank the universe!!! :o) The wind died down enough to sail so everyone got crammed on the boat! YAY! This is good...b/c it meant the boat sailed from PR back to Comox so Amanda and Donna B got back to their families for xmas too....what a shit show...!

Xmas day we just slothed...well I cleaned up of course b/c I am the only one who cares that the house is a dump it seems so in between cleaning up I Wii'd, snacked and napped...Ayla went back to pretty much ignoring me...until she came out to pinch my bottle of Bacardi Breezer to take to Jessica's xmas night...effer. :\
Ayla is boxing day shopping today the little consumer whore that she is...we were supposed to do dinner at Tracey's today but its postponed til tomorrow...Tracey needs a rest - dont blame her. All good on this end...we have leftover ribs and amazing smashed taters to eat from our xmas dinner... MmmMMMMmmmmmm teriyaki ribs....thanks mom for the kick ass recipe and instruction!

I have a headache...and all I wanna do is play Wii...the Wii Resort game is friggin FUN...we love wake boarding and archery!!!!

HEY GUY!??? Are u and Donna coming down for NY's Eve??

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas Quote of the Century:

Graeme: It's weird you dont like anal when you ARE so anal.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fisting Shaking!!!

this is what Sidney thinks of the ferries not running!
Ohhh man...the wind has Maggie, David and the Squid stuck in Comox b/c the ferry wouldn't run yesterday! They have been camped out at the terminal (you have to leave your car) since 430 this morning and they already canceled the 1st sailing at 630 am...I am SOOOOO hoping the 10 am sailings happens...and the wind dies down enough to make it safe!
I would suspect Maggie is losing her shit right about full of xmas loot and nearly a week away from home...Sidney was DONE traveling when they were here and it being xmas eve day and all I can only imagine being stranded is really about as NON-FUN as something can be. I am soooooooo willing the wind to eff off so they an get home and Donna B. can get TO the island to see her family 4 xmas! What a mess. I hope it all works out...for everyone. Terrible timing. (Just realized Guy and Donna are trapped off island as is Ash and Joel! Bah!!)

Mags visit was that woman can SHOP. She is like a robot...not even kidding. haha Sidney was cute as ever but man am I ever outta baby mode...I used to think ppl were just lame for being outta baby mode when Ayla was little I get it...they are exhausting! He is even an exceptionally good baby...when I am around baby-ppl I am on high danger alert and it sucks the life force from me...I am always 5 mins ahead of dangerous scenarios 2 keep baby-ppl safe so b4 I realize it I am DEAD in the HEAD from all my proactive worrying! I watched him Wed. night for 3ish hours while M & D were shopping and he was happy 4 the most of it but he had 2 sad crying times and I just can't deal. hahahaha Him and his train set though....UBER CUTENESS I gotta say.
It was nice to have some family around this week...I admit it. Not just b/c they showed up with a SEVERELY GENEROUS gift either...{40 inch LCD TV - thank you Mags, David, Pam & Jim!}
It is a sweet machine I gotta say...Ayla's quote: "wow it looks way less ghetto in here now" - thanks kid. ::eyeroll::

Tonight we have having some lovely lesbos over...Amanda and Erin...and Donna is coming over too...YAY!!!!!!!!! We will snack and drink and Wii and be merry 4 sure. Ayla will be in attendance as well...I have a lot to do today...slow day of puttery goodness...I feel so bad for Maggie and Co. and everyone else...I would be losing my shit.

Thursday, December 23, 2010



Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I just found out as a perm. excluded employee I get 20 vacation days per year...rather then the 14 I am used to...


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Just a little while left at work til the Maggie and the Squid Boy pick me up...Weeeeee!!!

Someone sent a giant Purdy's box o chocolates to us today so my teeth are screaming with death but they are soooo goooood! FUG FUG FUG XMAS!

Ayla's given up her room for Maggie and Co. for the next 2 days which is quite a miracle but very nice of her...ignore the fact I spent a few hours cleaning it like the queen was coming b/c Ayla is NOT EXACTLY the cleanest person to walk the earth....
I bleached the bathroom the other day and near killed us all...I don't bleach often but man I was on the phone when I was doing it so I wasn't THINKING PROPERLY and didn't open the windows etc....DUH so the place stunk bad and im pretty sure I have brain cancer from it...I couldn't small anything all day even after I left the house, it rendered that sense DEAD. Spooky.

Xmas Eve the Lesbos are coming over...Amanda and Erin are all sortsa funny so itll be a good night and I am hoping my beloved Hot Donna will take a Reactin and join us all as well. Fingers crossed!!


Only 2 days of work this week!

Today Mags, Squidlette and David come visit for a few days!

David and Graeme can talk about how awesome Nikon cameras are while Maggie and I ignore them and eat candy! woooo!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pet Peeve # 9847598375834

When ppl ask me OBVIOUS questions I want to kick them in the pancreas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Went to Logan's last support Donna as she was entering into her ex's territory and felt a little weird about it so I said I would go in solidarity...turns out she was fine...The Stockers were good (we sure miss Mike Jones on bass though ::POUT::) despite the annoying ppl bothering me the whole set. I often ask myself why the fuck I bother to go to shows when I am constantly and highly irritated by everyone around me.

1st there was BitchFace McTiitties who I think was trying to pick a fucking fight with me by dancing like a flailing 80's moron in a sparkly Santa hat to surfer punk rock right beside me with her big old lady tits in a push up bra bouncing around for all of us to enjoy (and I type that sarcastically in case u missed it)...It takes massive restraint for me in those social situations to not start swinging and sometimes the only thing that stops me is sobriety b/c I know in a fight sober I wouldn't do as well in the agility dept compared to if I had a few drinks...also I am 40 shouldn't revert back to my behavior of 20 years ago...really...

Then there was Ditzy McFuckface in her hoytee (and ugly) girly dress and full movie star make up, flipping her blonde hair like she was in an 80's music video right beside me...her hair kept hitting me and all I could think of was "THIS IS HOW LICE GETS SPREAD WITH ADULTS". Her and her same dressed brunette counter-part were begging for a throat punch. instead I just looked at Donna and she laughed b/c she knew EXACTLY what I was thinking...

Then there's this regular who shall remain nameless for fear if he ever saw this would actually probably stab me to death...he is at all the punk shows...he is a fucking degenerate...he lights shit on fire...tosses mic stands around and milk crates...flails and bashes around drunk as fuck, looking like a total mess...I have heard his life story through ppl who know him...I get that he is broken...but I fucking hate him...I hate him and his negative energy (I know it is funny that Ms Cranky Negative Pants can hate someones negative energy...but mine is not evil....his is) and have no idea how he manages to get laid b/c he stinks, he's gross and he is a complete fuck up.

Which leads me into the other pet peeve of these punk shows (aside from Andrea) - why do they gotta stink so bad? I get it, you are gotta wear your Jaks vest or your Teem Shiddy vest to proclaim you are in a club of sorts...and that the vest is never washed in case the patches get fucked up...I get it...BUT THAT DOESN'T STOP U FROM BATHING MOTHER FUCKERS?!?!?! YOU CAN SHOWER and not stink...I walked by a few guys last night that made my face pucker...its not stink sweaty hot bar smell...ohhh nooooo its I dont wash my clothes or shower stink. They don't all stink thank gawd or you wouldn't be able to breathe in there...People like Jono and Ty...they shower...they are proper adults and I can assure you them showering does not impact their hardcore status. Fucking punk rock a-holes - USE SOAP!!!

OK I feel better now actually.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

ha ha ha ha aaa

Chair Hades

I hate my computer chair. It is my Granny's old desk chair...I dunno how she sat on it day after day all kills my lard ass and makes me insanely uncomfortable. I gave Gimpy Graeme my good comp. chair when he moved in since he is gibbled enough already...I dont miss having that big giant chair in the kitchen mind u but I do miss its soft butt goodness. The pimped out ones I see in offices now are boss has one of these and when shes gone I like to sit on it b/c I think its gunna be hard and uncomfy but its SOOOOO not....not that I go and sit at her desk when she is not there like some kinda 80's movie power hungry peon...nah nothing like that I swear...MuHahahahahaha

I was up today at 6 (gawd dammit) - just in time to see Ayla and 2 friends come in...from Denny's breakfast after a night out...she let me know she was ok earlier and managed to stick to our agreement tonight so that was good...won't see her all day though...the 3 of them are in comas now I am sure...oh to be young and retarded.

Last night at Donna's crafting I snuck a big giant plastic rat over to her place and planned to hide it somewhere in her place to scare her...managed to get it in her bed, under her covers in hopes she would flip the blankets back and get a little scare...(yes I am a shitty friend)...Graeme and I were so stoked about it...then about 10 pm I get a text msg from her: THANKS FOR THE SCARE ASSHOLE!
BahHAHAHAH hahhaha hHAHAHAH hHAh ah HAhahahahahahaha omfg. Awesome...cant wait to hear her tell me all about it today.

Aside form that funniness I made her 22 peanut reindeer heads and she started her magnets despite FAILING to have a glue stick or having any prep done...ohhh

We are off to see THE TOURIST this afternoon...Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie...fuck I better bring a diaper. Then we will walk over to Alex and Kelsey's and say HI and drop off a little xmas goodie bag b4 busing home...I am considering popping over to Logan's tonight 2 see the Stockers play but I dunno that time of night I am generally dead. Old Lady Syndrome.

I have been Jib Jabbing up a storm....and will be doing that again shortly...Oh how I love the Jib Jab fun!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Has the "wonk" today...

That means I feel wonky.
Went to bed with a headache brewing and slept RIGHT THROUGH til my alarm woke me up....COMA FACE KID!
It is Friday today....the fun day at work....Just me and D. I can listen to my tunes at an audible level and this pleases me.
Tonight after work it is Noodle Box night with Donna and Graeme...we are grabbing Noodle Box and heading to Donna's for a night of crafting and such...should be fun...she is not feeling awesome but it'll be ok...G and I will venture home on the bus, that should be exciting hahahaha Never bussed from Donna's before...ADVENTURE!

Nicola in Belfast sent me a very cool but unexpected xmas treat this year - Mighty Boosh Goodness!!! The card is a total crack up!! and the bag, well u know I am gunna be using that sucker proudly!! noel Fielding pin is going beside my bed...he h eh heeh hee THANKS NIC!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I love it that Tracey is always a year older than me.
Thank you Tracey 4 always being older than me...EVERY DAMN YEAR!

Me and Ayla....she so loves me....

Monday, December 13, 2010

Powdery Buns

...make it look like u have cocaine all over your face and shirt. Just sayin'.

It is a foggy Monday here...I have some social engagements coming up in the next week...tomorrow I am dining with Nicki and picking up a piece of plywood for Ayla's will make it feel like brand new once I slip it in between the mattress and box spring like mine. Then Friday I am going to Hot Donna's to craft with her...woot! Then Monday a late lunch with Dan the Man from my old job...and then Tuesday Maggie, David and little Squid are coming to stay with us for a few nights b4 xmas...STOKED!!!

I am sad that WALKING DEAD isnt on again until next friggin OCTOBER! Rude. Tried watching a HIGHLANDER sequel last night...omyshit it was horrible...Even Adrian Paul's hotness couldn't save it...the 1st movie I loved..the series I enjoyed as well but all those other movies can go fuck themselves.

Ohh Adrian Paul...get in my bed already.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Night Whine

Well..I was supposed to go out with Miss Hot Donna tonight but neck is still messed up and now my gut is talking to me in loud guttural mumblings and i just don't feel safe to leave the comfort of my own home...I am quite sad b/c I AM NOT THE DITCHING type at all...esp. for LIVE MUSIC...and I have been waiting for Big John Bates to come back to Victoria for over a year...and now I am gunna miss him :o(

I have revamped the xmas twig for the 3rd time...holy obsessive girl. I think I am gunna leave it alone now and just enjoy it and stop fucking with it. Maggie sent me a funny and awesome singing xmas pickle:

Soooo fab! 4 verses of pickle singing!

Graeme is boiling turnips and beets...and such. Oddly Ayla ate some of his mashed up veggies one day and liked them and took seconds...YEAH! Get up off the floor ppl who know Ayla...I know! I was astounded. Not sure he can create the exact same mix again (and have all the planets aligned the same way) but its worth a shot.

I have taken a whole new stab at parenting...At some point it becomes obvious that what u are doing is futile so...its time 4 a I decided that since she is so desperate to do her own thing I was gunna seriously BACK OFF...the truth of it is I cant stop her from doing what she wants anyhow so really unless its life threatening wtf is the point of fighting about shit that really doesn't matter?? This is a challenge for me - as a control freak - but...week 1 I have done pretty damn good...I had a few moments where I could have justifiably blasted her but instead I just carried on and peace was maintained...I can't stop her from drinking with her friends...or smoking rather than always being the ENEMY all the time I am opting to try my hardest to let her learn this shit on her own...she isn't doing anything I didn't do as a kid - I am still alive. I ditched curfew all together...which seems really extreme for some ppl I am sure was such a source of conflict I really had to look at it and gauge whether it was worth it. I decided it wasn't. She would miss curfew when she felt like it anyway so clearly the boundary of that stipulation was long gone. Grounding was proving to be useless too...She did - AND I AM PROUD TO SAY - finally out smart me...I was seriously worried...this girl 1) cannot lie to save her own fucking life and 2) was constantly displaying such acts of teenage stupidity (getting caught 4 things easily avoidable) that were clearly needless if she would just be CLEVER about things that it was really scaring me. I cut her phone off...and she used her ingenuity and took an old cell phone and walked to the store for some pay as u go Telus mins and WHAMMO! new phone, new #, Mom can go suck it. lol I am sure you all wonder why this pleases me so...I shall explain.

Ayla has always been smart...excessively smart...and I am not just saying this as a mom...she was always VERY smart and clever...she talked early...was reading by 4...was pretty much fluent in french by the end of Francophone kindergarten...she is witty and possessed incredible cunning-ness for a kid...this was back when she would talk to me so I could see how her brain worked, how the wheels turned and the gears turned effortlessly in her head...she had depth and humor...sarcasm mastered by 3...then: BANG. She stopped talking freely to me...and without her letting me into her head I eventually could only gauge her by her actions and let me tell you...a smart teenager she is not...Not in the sense she is DUMB or anything but...she is distracted and busy with teenager shit and all of our conversations are frivolous and rarely about anything of consequence...I miss this the most about Ayla...I hope one day it all comes back for us...once shes done telling me how stupid I am and spazzing out about how I have wrecked her life. Back to where I was going - she just gets caught for shit as a teenager that I expected her to be able to get away with...I guess if I was not busting her all the time 4 shit then I could sit in a parental bubble of denial like most ppl do but...I am a fucking detective and I know shit and have an insatiable need to gather info and know stuff...more than I wanna haha Anyhow..I decided since shes only a mth shy of 17 it is about time she just ran her own shit...perhaps with it being all on her and me not nitpicking her and always being on her ass she will find a happy medium with life and the responsibilities that fall into her lap. As I said - it is going to be a challenge while she is out enjoying her freedom...but essentially...I think it is best for both of us....cord cutting has begun...Life is short and I am not spending my life fighting with her over shit that doesn't really matter in the end. This seems all awesome for her now but the real deal about being responsible 4 your own shit is what it comes down to and she clearly needs to learn on her own...I think she will do fine...
Big John Bates right now is at Lucky Bar drinking a beer looking for me in the crowd...I know it. ::sob::

This weekend is all about me and my neck getting better...I have 100% completed all my xmas I don't wanna go in another GD store forever. I am pretty sure the general public is getting stupider...

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Template Newness

Hope this loads faster for my dial up readers!


I am so stoned at work right now....I have had to undo about 6 envelopes i sealed b/c I stuck the wrong shit in a bunch of them....


Wendy and Jim's New Baby hahaha

They arent allowed to post pics of little Alex online for 6 mths (when the adoption is officially final) so I had Graeme doctor this one up for me... :o) That is their cat Scout.

Dec 6 2010 006

Dec 6 2010 006
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
Fernwood Street Art

Dec 6 2010 030

Dec 6 2010 030
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
Vic High Art Display

Dec 6 2010 027

Dec 6 2010 027
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
my favorite piece up at Vic High School....


I have a crinked neck.
No fun.
I am officially a permanent employee as of Jan. 1 2011.
Oddly enough, i couldn't help but feel really emotion-less about that revelation...despite the fact it is a relief. In fact I was kinda BLAH about it all.
Whatever is a good and my neck crink will do fine here for a while.
It is so hot in here right gawd. I am in a crink cubical of hotness.

Trying a new parenting technique...well basically handing over a majority of the reigns to the is like beating a dead horse with the way things were going so...when shit aint working its time 4 something new...I am hoping this will make for a bit better smooth sailing...
Went and met with Vic High's principal the other is an old school, quite close to our house (Ayla can walk to and from school) and it looks shabby inside but OMG what a great vibe...the main hallway is full of student art on display and it is really cool how the principal spoke about her love of the school - I think it will be a good fit for Miss Ayla. She can finish out this semester @ Reynold's and move on to Vic High. That will be her last school regardless of anything so she needs to make the best of it and I think she will seeing as how Reynold's was instantly a bad fit.
Love the area too - Fernwood is a neat place...and the Fernwood Inn is my new favorite eatery.

Survived dog sitting but it has forever inspired me to never be a dog owner. they are like having little retarded babies that never move out of the house. That whole hot poop in a plastic bag thing is revolting and it is just not something I could ever justify in my life full time (much like many of u feel about having children or cleaning litter boxes for cats)...litter box is one thing but seriously...warm shit in a plastic bag in your hand is another. Was fun watching the dog and cat cat cracks me up!!!

Got my 1st xmas card yesterday...YAY for Barb the Zombie Lady!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Friday = Cooper Puppy Sitting

Gunna babysit Cooper tonight - Andrea's little pooch...he is cute and cuddly but I generally have very limited patience for dogs so it will be interesting to see how long he holds me friendly nature haha He is quite cuddly and not too stinky so I think itll be ok for 1 overnighter...itll keep Ayla busy later too after work as shes grounded and quite PO'd she is stuck at home. I will resent walking the thing every few hrs but it will be good for me....

The - however - is gunna shit the bed...that will be the real entertainment for the night...the cat and Tito (Mag's little Yorkie dog) havea funny little thing they do when he is over...the cat hates him but cant stay away and ends up lunging at and chasing after him and swatting him around (no claws though)...this is what old boring ppl do on Friday cats and dogs torment each other.

So - as of Jan 1 2011 I have a permanent job...thank you baby jesus of nazareth...If I would have know this was gunna happen I would have saved my ego a lot of damage and not applied for all the fucking jobs I did not get over the last 11 mths. Seriously - but it is water under the bridge of blood, sweat and tears I shall reside here in this shitty old building full of asbestoes and crappy heating/no air conditioning with the 3 ladies of goodness...Barb, Doris and Sylvia. I do not belong in this office at all...I am the freak in the corner...then there is the prissy uptight one beside me, then the good cook/zombie lover across the way and the boss who is so friggin nice and acoomodating its almost a really it is a great gig and I am lucky to have it.          

Thursday, December 02, 2010


but glad it is December now...!!!!
I am that much closer to 6 days off at xmas. woot!