Friday, February 28, 2014

All they want is absolute control, no ifs or buts, just your body, your soul...

So...I finally bought some wireless headphones (nothing fancy)...naturally, I am too inept to get them configured to work so I can watch TV with them on...BUT one perk is they come with a wire so you can use them as plug in headphones as well and let me tell you they sound divine plugged into my computer I am curious what a 200.00 pair sound like...!!!
I will get them working for the TV tomorrow...I am too tired and cross-eyed tonight to even read the damn instructions properly. In the is music time!

My house is a wreck. I blame Dexter Morgan. I am chatting with Miss A right funny. She is the worst chat communicator. I never know wtf she is saying half the time with that young kid text slang...she is still waffling about the elephants...nice park or not she says she would be just as happy to feed an elephant a banana than ride one...I told her to stick to her guns then b/c once you do it you can't go back and you are just a shitty tourist like the rest afterwards ha!

The Ginger Beard Syndrome: I saw it in action know dudes with brown hair but their beards grow in I see one today at the bus stop...sneak a snapchat it and send it with some stupid nonsensical commentary...then I look at it later and JFC...dude had a ginger beard alright...but he also had
on flood pants and 2 different color socks and ugly ass shoes. BLINDED BY THE GINGER BEARD...dangerous.

Ryan McMahon House Concert: Was very good...Kim's basement had good vibe...small crowd made it pleasantly intimate...he sounded good as per usual and it was nice having newbs on the scene (Doris from work with her friend, Esther and Kate plus Kelly and Mel came from PR)...Ryan made some solid fans that night. When he told the story about Megan McNeil and sang Wake Up it was a real tearjerker...

Thursday, February 27, 2014


I am on the last half of the final  season ever of Dexter...
I am going friggin mad!

I haven't had a clean house since I started watching it.

I am scared of the ending...It may actually ruin my life.


EDIT: Holy shit I just realized there are 8 seasons not only has the first I still have another whole season to obsess over....jfc.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Musings From a Different Planet...

Sick at the moment...finally got me. I was due...haven't had a cold for quite some time so hard to complain especially when so many are plagues with the flu at the moment. No thank you! I am blessed with my classic tranny voice that I usually have while sick...makes for some fun conversations. I ditched work today b/c the coughing is a bit too much...hoping when I get up tomorrow I can go in b/c I have a lot to do missing Thursday and I actually like the ppl at work...wait...let me clarify that - I like the ppl in my 5 person radius...I don't care much about the rest.

Tia and her dad, Uncle Paul
So much sadness right now for the ppl around me...Barb's mom isn't doing well - neither is my friend Adele's mom...Elizabeth's mom just passed, my Uncle Paul just died and it is the 1 year anniversary of Deanna passing on the 27th...I guess this is what we all have to look fwd to as we get older, watching this sort of thing go on..and on...Kim was pretty sad about Uncle Paul so I took her out for some chow on her dinner break at work and cheered her with ice cream a little.

Uncle Paul - I haven't seen him in a long while. I do have fond memories of him and my time at their house. His kid's - my cousins Tia & Craig - were such fun when we were little. They lived in Regina and we visited often. They had such a fun house...pool in the backyard, excellent toys in the basement. Us kids had run of the house when everyone got together b/c the adults would be upstairs smoking and drinking - playing cards - having their own brand of fun while us kids were weaving fun and magic in the basement playing, listening to records, playing dress up...oh and Atari...they had an Atari...cutting edge back then! Loved the pool the most - always though they were the richest ppl ever, I didn't know anyone else with a pool. We had such fun there. Uncle Paul was always kind, a great dad to his kids and it is sad to think he is gone even if I haven't seen him in a very long time. RIP Uncle were a good shit.
Tia, Glenn, Craig & I - I hope we were playing dress up...

Kelly and Mel get here tomorrow...they decided to come down to see Ryan McMahon play at Kim's house Sat. night...should be fun.
Even though I am feeling like poo I will enjoy hanging with Kel, Mel, Kim and Kate...along with Hot Donna too!

Man I watched a lot of Dexter today...even though I find a lot of it far fetched and a bit silly I am completely attached to the character now and have to see it through to the end...Did  a lot of packing today as well...I need to simmer and work on turfing more stuff. Must...purge....more... Like do I really need 2 fly swatters? Wtf?  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Got a new apartment for April 1st. A few sacrifices made but for a bigger pay off in the end...losing the 2nd bathroom, kitchen/bathroom space and view but the place has all been redone (new carpets, laminate, paint, kitchen cupboards) and has a den area for the computer etc. More closet space, ceiling fan, bigger balcony that I might actually use b/c the wind will be less of an issue...right on a bus route...oh and the complex has an indoor pool, sauna, hot tub, gym, pool table, playground and squash court...and the laundry is 24 hours.... ::insert angelic harp music here::

Such a relief...really looking fwd to this move. Getting so much help from family has really made this move about as carefree as possible. Aunty Pam & Uncle Jim and taking care of the movers and Aunty Cathy and Uncle Robert have given me a nest egg to help me deal with crap like deposits, screens, curtain rods etc. Feeling like a real gratitude is immense - feeling incredibly fortunate to have such great people in my life. Going today to sign papers, pay the damage deposit and work out the details.

Did my taxes this morning as well...nice to have that sorted...

Monday, February 10, 2014

Extra Long....Weekend!

Loving this 4 day weekend.

Also loving all of Miss A's photos...I have always loved looking at her face though, since the day she was born.

I am currently invested in Season 1 of quite enjoying it...though the concept of a serial killer killing serial killers is a bit weird b/c that makes him a good serial killer. Mind Blown! haha

Victoria Film Fest is underway...I have seen 2 of my 3 picks so far. "Enemy" was great, really liked it though it was extremely weird. Jake Gyllenhaal never disappoints, great actor. Saw "Devil's Knot" last night...would have preferred skipping it entirely. Terrible. After following the case of the West Memphis 3 for many years, seeing all the documentaries and reading Damien Echols' book - the movie was a complete waste of time and offered up nothing even remotely 'artistic' was dreadfully boring despite the good acting. Frustrating...would have preferred watching Dexter on the couch. Atom Egoyan (who is from Victoria) was there after the screening to talk and I was so disgusted with the 2 hrs I wasted watching I left and skipped the Q&A with him. The Sweet Hereafter was so the hell did he go from that to this piece of crap?

Busy week many birthdays...Kori visits...packing. I have packed up everything off my book bare and stark...hate it...but a nice accomplishment regardless...I need boxes badly again. Hate this part of moving...becoming a cardboard box whore. I am just buying them from Home Depot now...which to me is just decadent and crazy but easier than begging for them...not driving makes a chore like box fetching a complete pain in the ass.

OK I am off to drool over watch Dexter....

Monday, February 03, 2014


Home from the 2 day whirlwind visit to Powell River. Enjoyed seeing everyone and getting to hang with Riley on his 1st birthday...pretty cute. 

Maggie and I went hard the night before making pirate/boat cake pops and all sorts of treats - labor intensive and delicious = cake pops. haha

Went and had a nice visit with Mike as well...very weird being in that house with Deanna gone. It looks exactly the same. Her things still everywhere. Cannot imagine what it is like for him day in and day out. The one year anniversary of her death approaches...not easy for him, her folks, her daughter, sister or niece. A gift I gave her 13 years ago has made it's way back to brother had a Lilith Fair poster signed by Sarah McLachlan that I brought home with me after his passing in Oct 2000...I had Uncle Jim frame it pretty and gave it to her for xmas that year. She loved Sarah McLachlan and was very fond of my brother so it seemed a fitting gift for such a great friend. Very bitter sweet getting it back...Mike really wanted me to take something of hers with me - as you can imagine it is a bit awkward, not wanting to rifle through someones things but this was something he was insistent about...and a piece of her Cranberry Pottery...really nice of him honestly, all awkwardness aside...I will display both and find them heartwarming to see each day.

A's travel drama as blown over - hoping that is the end of that business. They visited waterfalls and elephants today...sounds like a lovely place (Koh Samui) with lots to do. Weird that her birthday was almost over where she was by the time it was her birthday here...

I have settled down a bit...going to PR was a good distraction though...there is nothing louder than the roar of silence that rushes your ears when you walk into your house and your only child has vacated the nest. I find that to be really strange and I am not sure I will get used to that.

I now have zero fingernails...sigh...

Great road trip with Sarah to PR...have told her that anytime she is going to please contact me if she wants a travel buddy...much easier getting to and from in a car. Maggie's new place is quite nice...lovely view and good location. Glad to have finally seen it. Did not have time for a fancy bath in the tub but next time for sure!

Back to work tomorrow...should be a nice little nightmare of ppl frantic for lickitysplit service b/c they are in a mad rush.
Today I think I will tidy up, make a stew to eat all week...yeah.