Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2 days to go

2 more days of work to endure then 4 beautiful days off...SWEET JESUS COME TO MAMA!

Busy 1st part of the weekend...gotta make sure I have the last part of Graeme's upcoming birthday loot picked up and secured before Saturday...then Saturday he is FABULOUSLY 40 and I think we are planning to dine out?? prior to hitting Donna's WOW IM SINGLE PARTAY....added bonus being that guy will be in town and crashing overnight so he will join us and im SURE a good time will be had by all...such a weird mix of ppl it should be a weird hoot!

I decided to say fuck it to being a worry wart and used up the rest of my vacation time and booked it at myself a 6 day stretch off at the start of Sept and will be going to Powell River with Aunty Pam...Graeme will join me there a few days b4 we leave and will be visiting his own peeps in Campbell River. Then in October I have a wedding to attend in Nanaimo (Yay Kori & Mary, by the way Kori this is the last fucking wedding of yours I am going to so...make it the one would ya!) and gotta start saving and planning 4 that little one night hotel excursion...also managed to get the 2 days before xmas off so I can have a nice LEAD UP to xmas without being frantic getting off work on xmas fucking eve afternoon trying to do last min crap...really stoked about that...

Gonzo story almost done...Shawn is coming over 4 dinner tonight...yay!

Monday, July 26, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Have a good day!!!

You share a birthday with our old cat (RIP)...Milo Harricot Conklin.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dear Diary,

It's 830 am Saturday morning. Ayla just dragged herself in, haven't seen or talked to her in 3 days due to events I shall not bore you with I don't care to speak of. The cat is spastic b/c she is home now and so excited to be ignored by her she can't function. Graeme is asleep. My fridge beside me hums me a love song b/c it is the only reliable thing going currently. I love my fridge and its giant hulk of goodness.

Today Aunty Pam, Uncle Jim, Mags and Squid are coming to town for a visit....awesome!!! Hot Donna is in Alberta laughing it up with her old friends which is good b/c I think the diversion is perfectly timed.

Fuck You Bus:
so last night after work I had a few things to grab, needed new headphones and a few last min things for G's b'day next week. I go do all that and decide to grab the 24/25 bus home, it is 545 pm, I am thinking one will come by within 20 mins so I will just wait....20 mins goes by....4 buses going the OTHER way of course but none for me dammit...30 this time I am invested in this fucking ordeal and am reluctant to walk up to Douglas to catch the 4 b/c I have already waited so fucking long and there's nothing worse than a bus u waited for to drive by u b/c u left the I call the bus line and ask wtf is up....she says the next one is due at 625....and the last one was 510....WTF IS THE POINT OF THAT!?!?!?!?! 1 hr and 15 mins between runs?! Are u joking? Fuck. So I decide to leave the stop and walk up to the upper one b/c all the drug dealers and scumbags are smelly and gross around me and they're pissing me off...
So I walk up to the next stop...623..........625......630 no fucking bus.....I have now waited 45 fucking mins for  bus in downtown Victoria...NOT POWELL RIVER WHERE THAT WOULD BE NORMAL, BUT VICTORIA!!! Gawd!!!! So I say fuck it and walk to catch the #4 around the corner....soon as I get there I see the 24/25 go by where I was just waiting and I seethe inside...then I wait til 645 for the #4 to come....FML, that was stupid. I arrived home hot and sweaty and thank gawd G had made some potato creation of goodness b/c I was so hungry I ate my gawd damn gum at the bus stop.

I like my new little frog template...also does the date automatically's a keeper!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Dear Baby Jesus...the gift you gave me 16 yrs it too late to exchange it? I want one that is nice.
All that usual drivel aside...I am enjoying the weather this summer aside from that stupid unreasonable heat a few weeks back. My feel have tan lines...they make my feel look dirty but I don’t care.

Hot Donna is doing pretty good all things know even when its for the best, relationships ending are never pleasant. We went and looked at a place she is taking and it’s great for the dog and has lotsa room and great perks....washer n dryer, dishwasher, cable, internet, heat, hydro is all included....sweet deal and a great dog yard. It is a bit further outta the city then I hoped (haha) but she drives so it’ll be fine 4 her. I will miss her being in my little ghetto neighbourhood.

Gotta get my Gonzo piece underway and done this weekend...I am hoping it will FLOW rather than be forced...the forced pieces never feel enjoyable to write or read...

Saw not go to it if u are sleepy or must be alert and pay attention. It is a pretty cool flick...definitely recommend it!

Donna’s off to Alberta this weekend so I will be staying close to home, not spending money and writing and puttering about...dodging bullets and daggers (kid just got her cell service suspended so if she is even around at all anymore it won’t be pleasant esp when she realizes the level of sucking up and penance needing to be paid to have me allow her her passport to go to Seattle with Jessica and J’s grandparents is far beyond what she’s likely capable of). I love my life. Fast fwd a few years please.

My bladder is screaming bloody murder at me right now to empty it. Wouldn’t that be funny if your organs could transmit verbal msgs in our heads...”hey fuckwad ease up on the rum!” or “use lotion this time dinkis or have u forgotten the 2 weeks worth of chaffing rash last time you yanked so vigorously with blatant disregard for my well being?”

Graeme made some bean creation that I am eating for lunch today...smells good and the nibbles I snuck seemed delish!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Cool weekend...for me anyway...Oddly enough i have completely forgetten a bunch of it...which I find rather disturbing...did go see the groovy car show on Sunday, then hit the market, had lunch and then met up with Donna for a movie...INCEPTION...ohhh mindfuck time!!! Great thinking movie! Didnt do much Monday...laundry...Saturday though I am drawing a friggin

I think Ms Andrea is getting sprug from the hosp today....woohoo...i gotta say, not being a fan of dogs in general her dog Cooper is so EFFING CUTE if i could clone him i might so that i had the exact same little wee ball of cuteness...he is cuddly (UNLIKE MY WEIRD CAT) and so small its like holding a little baby...awwwwww....lucky for me I have an extremely hideous aversion to picking up  warm dog shit via a plastic bag so I will never own a dog.

Off to see some apartments with Donna after work today....I love apt hunting...esp when it is not for myself!

oh my lovely Hot Donna....

she is a sad egg right now...relationship life starting....but it will all be for the greater good...and she will be better off for it at the end of it all.

DONNA YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Kick lifes ass.

Friday, July 16, 2010

ahhahahaha yesterday

Funny bus experience:

I have had to type this carefully so as not to sound like a was all rather innocent on my end. I didn’t go LOOKING for this, I was sitting on the bus, headphones on and enjoying a delightful Pantera song when I see this woman and her 2 young sons get on the bus. They sat just over and across from me, so we were kind of facing each other.

About half way through the bus ride (keep in mind I can’t hear anything that’s going on, it’s all visual) I glance over in their direction and I see the older boy (around 12) looking at his mother HORRIFIED and panicked and then looks down at himself at the boner the poor kid has just sprung on the bus, wearing summer shorts for fucks sake...she immediately mumbles something and he crosses his legs, looking rattled and paranoid...over the next 7 mins or so he keeps checking himself out to see if it’s gone...the whole while I am trying incredibly hard to not laugh b/c this kid has a really expressive face and he is clearly mortified at this uncontrollable force that is his male human penis. And rightly so!

Things must have settled down a bit down there b/c he uncrossed his legs and went about the bus ride as per usual...chatting up his mom and little brother...then we got to the Quadra and Hillside this is the place where the transvestite/transsexual (sorry I am unaware of her status) gets on the bus everyday at this time and I CANNOT wait for this young innocent kid to get a load of her b/c she looks VERY manly but has floppy boobs and a 5 o’clock shadow all day long to go with her makeup and cowboy hat. Sure as shit she comes straight 2 the back where we are and this kid catches a look and locks on!! He CANNOT stop staring at her until she seats herself conveniently behind the mom so as the kid turns to talk to his mom he can stare at the interesting woman behind her without looking too obvious....funniest part was the kid has a boner again the whole time and didn’t notice until a minute later and assumed his crossed legged position....
This was the most fun people watching experience I have had in a while...I will never forget that kids face...15 mins on the bus and he went from happy to horrified to awestruck. lol

Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 14 2010 039

July 14 2010 039
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See....Mel Gibson doesn't HATE Jews.


I am a neglecter...but is it really neglecting when no one is here to be neglected? That is the question.

Have been experiencing a funky mind-humping this week...not too sure about talking about it on here though due to the nature of the mind hump and the internet being far from private. It is in regards to an old pen pal of mine who I havent spoken to in over 10 yrs but still maintain a fondness for... <---not pervily you degenerates. Anyway I need to mull some more and research some more before I blather on about it.

Looking fwd to this 3 day weekend coming up...going to be busy and full of plans and has become apparent to me that I am a PLANNER. I dont care much for unplanned things...I can be spontaneous but it has to be on my terms hahaha I am sure this drives Ayla and Graeme mad b/c they are both way more free spirited in that regard that I am...esp. Ayla.

I was googling my username recently to see what comes up if ppl search for it...there is 7+ pages for shits sake...a lot of it is photos and I was surprised to see that a bunch of my photos have been used in other ppls websites...most notably my rubber chicken pictures and the pic of andrea's g-string/butt HAHAHA There is even a picture of me used in some latvian website...I had it translated and was relieved that the article was not about ugly Canadians or something like that. lol


And u all thought Mel Gibson hated Jews.....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Holy Jesus

Good day yesterday...nice breeze made the day pretty tolerable. Today should be better and I hoping the breeze holds up.
Went to Donna and Dan's last night for a BBQ and Zombie Game. Marinated chicken boob overnight in teriyaki/ginger/garlic and omfg it was gooddddd... (ignoring salt content of course)...G prepared some garlic bulbs for roasting and hummus/pita...Donna did up some corn on the cob and 7 layer dip....super awesome! (they cut the corn off their cob rather than eat it off the cob and I find that far too civilized thank you very much...I enjoy squirting corn juice all over everyone at the table)

Then we played Zombies and Dan won...1st time paying too...gawd dammit it! Was a good game though...Donna was cracking me up hiding all her zombies in her pocket so no one knew how many she Spazz! Afterward - we wandered home in the lovely coolness of the night...and watched CREATION. Its the movie about Charles Darwin...I have been wanting to see it for a while...loved it...

I have a job interview today I am studying up on the competencies etc today and I am thinking of wandering downtown to see THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE which is the sequel to THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, which I quite enjoyed. Other than pick up a few groceries that's it for today...
Ayla is house sitting for friends of mine...hasn't been around much except to be flippant and snippity....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

BBQ Goodness

Heading to Donna's for A BBQ and zombie game in a bit...there is a breeze today so its totally tolerable heat wise...yes you can thank me for not posting all week while it was smoldering out and whining your faces off...I avoided blogging for that reason know...if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.

Ayla is house-sitting for friends of mine. Did your heart just stop? lol I think she will be ok...she treats everyone else in the world better than me so I think it is safe...

PS Graeme slept with effing socks on all week as it was smoldering at night. GAWD!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Super dead tired...I am finding lack of sleep is more and more difficult to deal with as you get older. Lucky for me I very rarely (knock on wood!) have trouble sleeping...unless of course some parasitic little ingrate pulls bullshit and stays out will after 3 am...when I have to get up at 6...yes...these are the days of our lives. Embarrassing drama. How did I get here? I find it humiliating to share a house with someone removed from the Ayla & Jen Bullshit Show...I am constantly trying to convince Graeme that she used to be a really cool, nice kid not all that long ago. I am not sure he believes me.

Supposed to be warm all week...fine then...I am wearing capris and sandals to work all week....that’ll teach you!! Get any hotter and I will start showing off my jello-y white upper arms! BITCHES!
I can’t tell if my fatigue is more physical or if the mental demoralization is the actually culprit...likely both. On the upside – all this crap is just crap and will pass and some day she might even be a human being again.

Had a pretty nice 4 day weekend...went to see the new Twilight movie with Donna on Canada Day...gotta say even in all its gayness this 3rd one was indeed far better and less cheesier than the 1st 2. Donna and I were amazed at how many MEN were in the theatre...seriously...NOTHING I could do could get Graeme to go to that movie...even if I cried...even if I was injured in a car crash and it was my last dying wish! He WOULD NEVER GO! Lisa and I went and saw Grown Ups last week too...enjoyable! All those 80’s references...I love that shit.

My stellar child managed o get herself a 230.00 fine on Canada Day for drinking downtown...despite much warning...I am leaving that entirely up to her to deal with. If she doesn’t pay it - it prevents her from ever getting insurance or her licence and it keeps accumulating interest. I am having NO PART of getting that dealt with...I wish they would have arrested her b/c I was planning to leave her there for a while.
Cherry Blasters were on sale at Shoppers this morning...I went slightly crazy.

GAWD I am so new fridge was supposed to come this Friday...but now they changed it until next Friday...I am fully aware how pathetic it is that this new fridge is my life line to sanity at the moment...the one thing to look fwd to...positive impending greatness in my life...when Matt Good comes to town to play the lead up to the show is such a friggin firestorm of anticipation that once the shows over I almost cry b/c I have nothing else of that magnitude to hold me over!!!!! (I am fully aware of how bizarre this sounds)

My gonzo submission deadline is the end of July and I feel so completely uninspired I don’t even have an inkling about what I will natter on about this time...I am a creative corpse...spent of all whimsical ideas...although when I got my Jesus the other day I scored a little baggy of plastic cats and nuns that I intend to make something out of....what would happen to me if I ate 4 bags of Cherry Blasters? Today Alex (you remember Alex, we shared a penis a while back...unknowingly of course) is coming to pick me up and we are gunna go eat sushi for lunch at the leg. bldg fountain out back...have some girl talk...lament about life in general and talk some shit about ppl we hate...

Graeme’s birthday is July 31st...I think I am gunna see if we can go have a gathering at Donna’ Zombies and BBQ and have a few drinks. I think he snuck into my Graeme Birthday Pressie Stash...JERK! He made mention of something with a look in his eye that makes me think he knows PART of his present...grrrrrr!!! Gunna have to step it up and hide his shit at someone else’s house I think! Funny I don’t know this about him...if he can “wait’ for presents or if he is like me who refuses to sit and stare at a wrapped gift and not open it immediately. I already warned him this birthday he gets lotsa treats b/c it’s the 1st birthday I have known him so...he shouldn’t expect it annually lol

Monday, July 05, 2010

she can dance!


middle of the group pics....they did so great...and looked lovely...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

the silver fox.....xo

July 4 2010 024
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funny story

July 2 2010 007
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Graeme and I went shopping - separately ...but on the same day...he came home with a Jesus replacement for me...and so did now I have 2 Jesus's!!!!!!!!

HOW HOLY AM I!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!

New Bed!

July 4 2010 020
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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day

Holy blog neglecter! That's me!

It is Canada Day...and no I will not be attending the Canada Day nightmare downtown...tried that the 1st year we moved here and 8 yrs later i am still good to never go again.
Ayla however gets all dolled up in Canadiana Gear and goes down there with her crew of girlies and whoops it up annually...

I am off work til Monday and have no real Donna and I are supposed to go see the new Twilight movie but shes sick and I dunno if shes up to it...I feel on the verge of sickness...and am also ready to hemorrhage at any moment - SO FUN!!!!!! Pride Parade is Sunday, gunna go check that out...never been before and you just KNOW it is going to be funny and interesting! Shawn went and moved to fucking Kelowna...can u believe such a thing?! WHO IS GUNNA COME OVER FOR PANCAKES NOW!?!?!?! WHO ARE WE GUNNA PLAY SETTLERS WITH?? AND ZOMBIES?? WHO IS GUNNA FIX MY ROUTER WHEN IT SHITS THE BED? WHO IS GUNNA ALWAYS EAT FASTER THAN ME AND MORE THAN ME?!?!? Gawd...I feel so...empty inside...wahhhhhhhhhh! I am gunna pout 4 a least.