Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cardboard Chaos

10 days until the move. Cannot happen soon enough. Dwelling in a cardboard jungle is boring and blah. I do not like having access to my things. Aesthetically, I am dying of ugly white wall syndrome.
Miss A. has managed to bounce back from the Malaysian Malaise and is now in Laos with Jessica, hopefully seeing some great things and chilling. She is a terrible giver of details so I really have no idea what she is up to at the moment. Her friend Jaime – thankfully – takes great photos so there were some nice shots of them at the cooking class and other things. Jessica lost the GoPro with all the photos from the trip and A's diving video. NO COMMENT. Seriously NO COMMENT. Fugg.
Cleaning my oven this week was the highlight – not gunna lie...with little effort (aside from bending over which can feel rather strenuous in my state of non-fitness) that grimy task is done...a few more to go...really want to try and have most of the cleaning done by move day so the final clean is not gunna be a nightmare. Probably just be me and Kim so the more done ahead of time the better. Looking fwd to moving into a place that is already seldom the case when moving into apartments. I particularly loves the crusted vomit dried onto the side of the bathroom drawer in the place I am in now. Yes that is right...crusty vomit. Sure glad the landlady spent sooooo many hours attempting to remove the adhesive from the write-off cupboards (which did not work) instead of bothering with the crusty vomit. I cannot wait to be out from under her regime of shittiness.
This missing airplane is so freaking bizarre. Read a great article today (Thanks Chris!) outlining the reason for Malaysia's mass incompetence on multiple levels...the corrupt gov't regime in place for 50 years is a nightmare of nepotism so all these ppl in high places do not do their jobs well when the shit hits the fan b/c they are not qualified to hold their positions, they just happen to be related to someone important. This explains a lot doesn't it?
As a westerner, while the story is intriguing and riveting, I cannot help but imagine what this limbo hell is like for the families of the plane passengers. With Miss A being in that neck of the woods it could have just as easily been her on a plane that went missing and I can only imagine the rage towards a disorganized country that is bumbling their way thought this mess. Maddening.
Nicki came over last night for some dinner and a catch up...her dog Ty was recently put down...did you know a dog can get cancer from a spider bite...? NO LIE. Unreal! And that carbohydrates are also cancer causing...!!! WTF. Anyhow...was a good evening...tonight I will try and get some loose ends done while I bake some balcony requires a good scrub and I am not really looking fwd to that. I also need a little air born ninja midget to come over and clean the tops of my shelves and cupboards...any takers?
Still suffering the effects of Dexter being over...can't recommit to another show at the moment...too much to do anyhow.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sunday Rapture....

So...all this old treasures I have been discovering while repacking and such I have to say it has been most interesting rereading some old letters I have kept. Coming across old letters my brother wrote me as a teenager in school, lamenting about his grades and saying how all the shit he was in for it was really affecting him but clearly he deserved it and needed to use that to get his shit together. He was always so hard on himself...such a sensitive boy. It absolutely breaks my heart if I let myself think about what life must have been for him from really early on...such a lonely little soul. It tears me up inside almost 14 years since his suicide. Fairly certain I am going to my grave full of regret and sorrow over the loss of him. There is no getting around that - I have realized...just have to put it somewhere and get on with shit, only visit it sometimes.

Other items of interest - some old letters from a gal I wrote from a place in BC telling me the sordid details of how her and her partner got together...I won't use names or places...but here is the soap opera: Tanya was single...and met Monica...Monica was with Nathan...Tanya and Monica became BFFs and eventually fell for each other...Monica was going to dump Nathan but Nathan caught on to what was up and pre-emptively gave Monica permission to "do" Tanya and he watched...this went on for a while...then Nathan got sneaky and started to hump Tanya on the side...Tanya got pregnant...Monica freaked when she found out about getting dbl cheated on...dumped them both...after Tanya had the baby Monica and Tanya got back together and were a couple raising the baby together - Nathan was not in the picture....I did a bit of sleuthing and found the child in question...shes in her 20s now, super cute girl...Tanya is with someone else, I found the someone else - it appears they have been together a long time...kinda cool to see shit all worked out in the end...not going to say hello or anything...I have enough lesbian friends I think haha Pretty Maury Povich hey?!

Cannot believe this apartment rented already...only had to endure 1 viewing so that is nice. I pity the new ppl...the seagull hell they are walking into...the silverfish....the noise...the stinky hallway...the anal land-lording...I feel like a bad person for not sneaking them a message...LOL

Gotta get to Home Depot some plastic wrap for A's new dresser that I am terrified might get a scuff on it from the move...and some mattress bags...was contemplating getting a new friggin bed but decided I am not a Rockefeller and will invest in one of those magical foam topper things...A has one on her bed and it is gawd damn divine...that is a sensible compromise! Otherwise this shithole is coming along nicely...cleared out the storage closet today and was thinking how annoying it is to move an earthquake kit (60 bottles of water, no real food or anything else LOL lame earthquake kit)...I guess I should stop worrying about how much work it will be for the movers b/c they are being paid for this work...not like they are my poor friends who offer out of obligation.

Serious Dexter withdrawals...he became my boyfriend over 8 seasons in 1 month...hahaha now I feel like I have been dumped. Oh and a big F-U to this time change...AGAIN. Ughhhh!!

Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday Night Dance Party at My Desk...

Love coming home to a postcard from my sprog...

She has always had interesting names for me...she has been calling me Madre for many years now...when she was little she took to calling me Jennifer for about a year. She was 3 or 4 I think. It really bothered some people - that she did not call me mom but I thought it was rather amusing.
Much like the time she named her 1st cat....Milo Haricot Conklin. Like wtf...? ha ha ha So awesome...Haricot being french for Bean or something...friggin genius...that kid had the best mind.

I would really love it if I could get these wireless headphones to friggin work...they work great with the wire....but for some reason I have a technology mental block when it comes to anything to do with my TV and setting these assholes up to the TV is not the success I hoped...I want to watch TV loud if I want to dammit. In the meantime they are plugged into my PC speakers and I am digging the non-ear bud sound...listening to Jeff Buckley...wishing he did not drown so the world could have seen what he would have done with his talent.

After dragging a bunch of stuff out of the basement storage locker I came across some old letters...ones from when Kim was a kid - she found it most humorous to read them and re-experience her teenage brain. I found it funny she would write and ask me for advice about boys. I am about the last person anyone should ask about boys...then and now. ha!

Came across old pen pal letters from about 15 years ago...some I tossed but a few I kept...Dave Wurfel was my favorite...wonder what ever happened to him in life? He was really smart and funny...knew how to write a good letter and tell a story with flare and wit...I am looking for him...I think I tracked him down, teaching in California...would love to know what he is up to. Another one, Aaron Marland...he was this kid from the UK...I am tracking him down too...he was a good shit...I have looked for him online in the past but...I fear he is too cool for FB and the like...
Some of the other letters were just atrocities of the English in particular made me guy wrote "once in a why'll"  - HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA that is awesomely terrible.

Speaking of terrible things...
A plane crashed into the sea on its way to survivors...Miss A leaves for Malaysia in 2 days...thank a fat baby Jesus that news report was noticed by me today b/c if I noticed it in 2 days I probably would have  completely lost my shit and had a nervous breakdown.

Oh and...holy assholes...Kori is home 1 day and some assholes sneak into their house last night and steal their TV, laptop, Mary's wallet/all their ID! Seriously...? ::shakes head:: Life is like a box of dick think it will be good but it usually isn't. That's my weird philosophical outlook for the day.

I bought a vanity today. I have always wanted one of these...always. Love the style and this looks to be in great shape...can't wait to move and get things all tiddled up!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


I cant even talk about the finale b/c so many ppl haven't seen it...esp Barb B who I am fairly certain is the ONLY person who reads my blog...only one who comments anyhow.


I need therapy.