Thursday, September 30, 2010

...last day in my 30's

That was my little epiphany this morning on the way to is OFFICIALLY the end of my 30's.Wow. I think my 40's will be more fun than my 30's so I am game.

I did not manage to escape a work birthday thing - the 4 of us are going across the street to the Legislative Rest. for lunch...not likely to see Gordo there but it is my dream that I will see him in real life again so I can scowl and throw him eyeball daggers. I laughed reading some gLiberal a-hole whining in the media about the HST campaign harboring ppl with extreme views...UHH YEAH FUCKTARD...and then he went on to say how calling Gordo a turd is really extreme...actually I think that is the norm right now smart guy...ppl not callng Gordo a turd are the extreme ones.

Craft night last night was fun....we got right down to business and Donna and I are gunna do another giant batch of "MAGNETS OF COOLNESS"...sad part is she is gone the whole mth of Nov to Australia and Fiji and that is PRIME crafting time....well it will be for me anyway when I am not in Alberta! I am in denial about how much its gunna suck for her to be gone so long.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 more ways than one

Tonight is craft night with the lovely SARAH, Queen of the Craft! Looking fwd to this class as it will be the catalyst for my xmas gifting this year...keeping it simple and practical this year.
Donna is joining me - although begrudgingly - as it means she will miss Survivor. ha ha ha She may ditch by the days end. I won't hold it against her. I will be taping Survivor for myself but due to Donna's severe cat allergy and no VCR she cannot enjoy the fruits of my VCRing. I am sure she can catch it online somewhere.
I am also gunna be racing home to see Hell's Kitchen b/c last week was so volatile I can't wait to see who gets beat up or yelled at this week. Gordon Ramsay - fake or not - talks to idiot ppl like i dream I can talk to people all day yeah he is an ignorant prick and such but he is kind of my Mentor in Ignorant Behaviour.

2 job interviews coming up! FRIDAY: Operations Clerk the TUESDAY: EAW (yes this is the 3rd time I will be going for this position...3rd times a charm right? lol)
Naturally I am not getting 2 excited here b/c after all I have been interviewing for NUMEROUS positions in gov't in 2010 and competition is brutal and I am not the BEST at competency bases interviews obviously. Most frustrating part is I am qualified and often over qualified for the jobs I am interviewing for but if you don't nail the interview it means shit all. Either way - I am going for it and fingers are crossed rather aggressively. Yours should be too.
(Plus I think getting the one I am interviewing for on my birthday just seems RIGHT!)

Ayla bought herself a new camera yesterday...her new job at STAPLES has perks...she gets a bit of a discount on purchases (only 10% but that almost covers the cocksucking HST at least) - its tiny and small and hopefully she wont lose it...she was smart and got the DROP IT warranty. Last night I spent some time cutting out celebrity magazine pics and making fake joints to glue on coming out of their mouths to decorate a box that she was putting a b-day gift in...while I was doing that that hideous TEEN MOM show was on (the only time Ayla will come out of her room is to eat and to watch those hideous shows) and I gotta say if there was ever  a show to demonstrate shitty parenting THAT WAS IT. WTF are these ppl doing allowing themselves to be filmed and parenting so badly...?? Someday they are going to be fucking MORTIFIED...clearly right now they dont know any better and are too stupid to work that shit out in their head but OMFG....just having it on on the house makes me wanna stab myself. Makes me feel less guilty about my Hell's Kitchen viewing.

New glasses on the way! Super stoked. I have a friend who used to work in an Eye Dr Office and she and her partner have a buttload of these glasses that work really well for them: THIS SITE
So she walked me through what was needed to order the right I have 3 on the way...

all 3 for 65 bucks total inc. shipping.

Now....that whole TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE thing is in my head but I am hopeful seeing as Dee and Sue have so many pairs as does a friend of my sisters that theyll be sister however had bad luck with them so...we shall see.

Friday is gunna be FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN @ the V-Lounge...Rotterdam and LOOT, a Tool tribute band...fug I am excited!!! Graeme darling bought us tickets and with Hot Donna in tow it should be a hoot...providing all breakable wine glasses are kept out of reach of Miss Donna. MuHahahahahahaha!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I get back to work all excited and wtf - theyve turned the boilers on while I was gone and it is a gawd damn sauna in here...worst than most of the summer!!!!!!!!!


Ayla's sick now... :o(
I am just dealing with residual snot and cough - no biggy.

Graeme is volunteering tonight for the Rifflandia Festival (as is Ayla) and gets to shoot some cool bands...Class of 1984, Start with the Cobra, Dayglo Abortions....etc....just confirmed this IS the final show SWTC will do....fuck man thats a gawd damn drag...this is wrecking my life....

Tonight b4 I enjoy the splendor of aloneness at home I am meeting with Donna for dinner and a visit...then its me, the tv and the couch humping commences.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have been sick and neglectful.
I am hope for the 2nd and last day from work...probably could have gone back today but my hacking clearly was found to be very objectionable on Monday so...I am giving it one more day. I have been sleeping way too much though and need to get out 4 a walk today no matter how opposed I feel to it.

Today I shall finish my column and clean off my desk...G has an appt so I will actually get 1.5 hours BY MYSELF!!! and tomorrow night he is going to volunteer/shoot pics for a Rifflandia show at Rehab (seeing my fav local band Start with the Cobra - wah for me!) which means I get a glorious 6 pm - bed time ALONE!!!!!!!!! I never get to be drives me bat shit I will be loving that!

I had a conversation recently with a few ppl about how deadbeat dads/men who go on to date new women with kids (or not) and suddenly get all inspired to start seeing their kids...maybe even paying child support....I imagine having a woman you are sleeping with chirping at you about whats fair and right and blah blah blah is the catalyst for this inspired life change....but then...oddly enough and I have seen in a buncha times...the min that guy is single again he reverts right back to his old self...deadbeat...cant keep up the change without someone mothering him through it...I have seen this twice in the last kids involved in one case but a blatant time machine role reversal, 4 years later man reverts back to exact life prior to relationship...all signs of growth - non existent. Also saw one involving a kid...which makes it all the more of a piss off b/c for 3+ yrs this person was a deadbeat...contributed nothing even while being afforded leeway and generous visitation....then lo and behold...he gets a girlfriend who knows how custody and courts work and gets a lawyer letter about how dad wants 50-50 custody...a dad who cant even keep fucking milk in the fridge when he knows his kid is coming over...or brush her hair for school...etc. You know the type. Then u start finding out he has resorted to guilt tripping the kid about where she lives which is not only a shitty thing to do its bad parenting and really someone who spent her child's entire young life with it always in the back of her mind that someday someone might show up and pull this crap - I can feel for this mom in a big way...I think it will all end well but it is a terrible mindfuck and a great insult to a mom who has been pulling all the weight the child's whole life. Fuggin a-hole.

Ok more butt hurts.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

2 in 1

Sept 15 2010 - I am recovered from my barnacle I am just enjoying the delight in dealing with all the scabs all over both legs. I am just glad the swollen itch thing has passed. Gross little creatures those barnacles.

Now I am getting a cold which is annoying but not the end of the world. Ayla went in for her 1st round of vaccinations on Monday...with heavy heart the deed was done – 5 shots in all. She will need 2 more appts in the following months to finish up the rest. She was brave seeing that she is quite unfamiliar with needles and I don’t think she will be all that worried about future needling now as it did not bother her too much. She didn’t watch like I do but she managed fine. It helped having a humorous Russian male nurse administering the shots for sure. While I did not have the same fear I experienced when she was small over the whole thing I cannot help but feel very apprehensive about it. If she ends up with MS or some fucked up neurological BS thing as an adult I will always wonder. Ugh. It was ultimately her choice to go forward with it –if it were up to me I would have for her the Hep B shot and that’s it.

Woke up to the glorious sound of the cat retching this 1st words are “IS THE CAT ON THE BED?” – No. Good. Barf at your leisure animal. So I get up walk out to the living room, promptly stepping in the throw up – awesome. Thank you cat. You are great. I especially enjoyed it b/c while we were away the cat went kinda coo-coo for cocoa puffs and decided peeing in Ayla’s room would be a good idea...along with the vomiting of course. I spent Sunday steam cleaning Ayla’s carpet – looks great but the smell still lingers a little tiny bit...but not as bad at least. I think I will spend Sat. doing that spot again a few times and then do the entrance and the living room before returning the machine to my girlfriend. Handy machine I must say! The DIRT taken outta Ayla’s carpet was NASTY.

Sept 16 2010 – Not dead yet...discovered black cherry cough drops...yay 4 me. It is Thursday and I will be busy at work so it should go fast at least thank gawd. Tomorrow I have testing to do for a job which I expect to fail miserably at....”We are inviting you to a written test session on Friday, September 17th. This test is being administered to clarify your skill level using Advanced Excel, compiling statistical and summary reports, and working in complex spreadsheets and graphs.“ This is not my strong suit at it should be a proper gong show. I don’t even know wtf Advanced Excel is...Excel in general I can manoeuvre around but nothing fancy – I have been meaning to get better at it but it’s so...friggin...unappealing.

Watched the new Survivor last night...haven’t watched it for a few years but thought I’d give it a go...I do enjoy the show if I catch it from the start of the season. Donna and I texted through the whole thing making comments and laughing at the people with their junk getting blurred out on day 1! Hahaha I hate it that Donna lives so far from me now....hate hate hate.

EDIT: There Ayla - Feel Better?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Through the itch - I shall endure...

Such a martyr I know...
It is a cool Sat morning here...I am itchy as a mofo but hoping it'll pass soon....
Loved sleeping in today...gawd the last 2 morning getting up at 530 am nearly killed me...but ill get back in the groove next week.
Got my tickets for the wedding in Nanaimo next moth...Kori and Mary are getting room is booked, bus tickets to get there and back are bought...and I will get to swim in a hotel pool WITH NO BARNACLES wooohoooo...mind u ocean swimming is still #1 for me but I think I now fear barnacle attacks more than shark attacks.

Ayla's 1st week of school at her new high school seems to go ok...hard to say, she only doles out what info she feels far so good though...she's a jerk of course but what else is new...loving her is like being  battered wife. Not even kidding.

The SMELL emanating from her room....seems to have faded but I am not sure...??? It was SOOOOOOO strong then not so bad but still lingering...makes me suspicious so I am borrowing a steam cleaner from a friend Sunday and doing her carpets anyway...her rug is pretty bunk anyway and could use a going over...I will be leaving her a list and I am sure she will whinge but oh well.

Last night Donna and I went and saw THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT Pretty good flick....kept thinking the lesbos Amanda and Erin should been there with us hahahaha We quite enjoyed it....
Tonight we are debating out plans...we aren't feeling super rock and roll...but Start with the Cobra are playing and they KICK OUR ASS and we love them...but its beer fest and the place (LOGANS) will be packed with drunks...we may just go see a movie instead...

Work was fine all week...all 2 days of it....caught up the 3 days I was away in one day (see what I am saying about this not really being a full-time job) and the office was quiet, 2 other ppl are away so....yay for me! Next week and after will be back to reality...

Guy's b'day was Sept 8th, he turned 17.

Sept 3-7 2010 138

Sept 3-7 2010 138
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
Visiting my mama at work...getting all the gossip, listening to a very drunk girl i used to go to school with sing karaoke and it is NOT a karaoke bar....

Sept 3-7 2010 243

Sept 3-7 2010 243
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
Aunty Pam....pensive...1st day at work at the daycare after quitting her job in Nanaimo...

Sept 3-7 2010 016

Sept 3-7 2010 016
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
hahaha babies love me.

Sept 3-7 2010 023

Sept 3-7 2010 023
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
ohhh how i miss this view daily....

Sept 3-7 2010 082

Sept 3-7 2010 082
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
Maggie and I swimming and having fun....before the beach tried to eat us.

Sept 3-7 2010 095

Sept 3-7 2010 095
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a small sample of my barnacle has now been 1 week since this happened and both my legs and arm are SOOOO intensely itchy it makes me wanna cut limbs off...BARNACLES ARE THE DEVIL.

Sept 3-7 2010 118

Sept 3-7 2010 118
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my awesome family out looking for my wave swept glasses .... sighhhh

Sept 3-7 2010 188

Sept 3-7 2010 188
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
love this so much I am blowing it up and getting it printed to have in the house.....STARFISH TRACKS!!!!

Sept 3-7 2010 207

Sept 3-7 2010 207
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
Ohh Madelyn you make the best faces ever!!

Sept 3-7 2010 240

Sept 3-7 2010 240
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
(sidney looking cute as always)

Sept 3-7 2010 282

Sept 3-7 2010 282
Originally uploaded by jennzebel
leaving Powell these shots out the ferry windows.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I probably shouldn't be blogging this pissed off but it is the only time I am going to have to do it so...tough shit.

Had a great visit in PR...despite a small swimming mishap:

Closest to drowning I have ever come and ever wanna get to again...short version - rough water fun swim, big waves, glasses lost in ocean, lost footing, bashed up on barnacle covered rocks repeatedly until I swam out deep for life saving rest and exit via other beach, blood and skin loss, allergic reaction to barnacle goo, swollen red hot puff face, glasses found on beach 14 hrs later not much worse for wear oddly enough...the end.

Visit was good....too short...not enough time to spend with family or friends...or just to chill out.
Drive home with Jim and Graeme was long as neither of them would shut the hell up for 5 mins.
Jim got to show off his fancy Nascar driving skills when some fucktard turning in the intersection with us coming barreling through it....he swerved just right and avoided a was all rather dramatic!!! All I could do was yell DALE EARNHARDT JR JIMMY!!!!!! Christ.

Got home with TOO MUCH SHIT to try and fit in this place so today I am TURFING up a storm.
Also arrived home to a house full of utter shit. A counter and sink full of dirty dishes, shit all over the place, carpets a total mess, nothing even remotely tidy or clean...possible vomit spray in my bathroom, giant clump of dried cat vomit in a cloth tossed into my laundry basket, my recycling bin thingy broken, skeleton gone off the door (later retrieved from Ayla's room), beer cans and such in the recycling (she is so fucking stupid), word from the landlady she gave Ayla shit for being noisy leaving the bldg with a group of drunk girls - none of which is REALLY the end of the world... all I had asked was to come home to a house as clean as it was left...and no drinking in the house. That's all. Her attitude of utter apathy is the nail in the coffin. I am done for right now being terribly concerned about her feelings, perspective and such. When she house sat for friends of mine earlier this summer she left that place cleaner than when they left...this is a complete kick in the vag. Her lack of consideration is coming back at her now.

Oh and then like I dont have enough to do on my last day off cleaning this shithole b/c she works and is at school...she left a fucking teabag on the couch that ended up in the fucking laundry and well u can imagine the MESS that left in the laundry load which had to be rewashed....Oh and yes plz use my 8.00 box of Yorkshire black tea b/c u heard it will get rid of blemishes on your ignorant fucking face if u apply them to the affected area....yes PLZ FUCKING DO THAT AYLA YOU GENIUS.

So apparently the fact I let her know she is a slob and ignoramus = I am freaking out...only I am not freaking all...I am plotting sweet fucking revenge. I am surprisingly calm...mainly b/c it has occurred to me I don't want to live in my life anymore...I am not enjoying it ONE IOTA...on any front...nothing is going the way I expect it to...and I cannot help but envy the shit out of Hot Donna for living by herself in a quiet suite with only her own mess to clean up and only her own self to fucking deal with.

Yeah so happy times back in old KNOW shit is bad when PR appeals to me more than my own house...I am tired...and I get to go back to work tomorrow...which is better than being here b/c at least there I will be too busy to smolder and rage in my head at the pile of shit that is my existence.

No I am not even PMSing right now.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Thursday, September 02, 2010


YESTERDAY: Mmmmm I wish I was at home sleeping under warm covers like Ayla is...and Graeme...lucky effers. I am already doing the head bob at 941 am. GAWD! - And after work it is moving day for Donna so I predict by the time I go to bed tonight I will be dead. At least Thursday at work will be super busy – as it is my busy day and I am off til late next week so I will have a lot of little things to do before I leave...then it’ll be a Thursday night frenzy b/c we leave at 7 m the next morning for Powell River/Campbell River.
Graeme gave me a massive wedgie last sure it was frighteningly unattractive from his point of view too...I was laying on the bed doing a crossword puzzle with my ghey show on and he came up behind me and YANKED my giant pants up nearly over my damn head....guy is cruising for a domestic violence victimization...

TODAY: Move went trauma...nothing busted...although in the new suites carport they have a tennis ball on a string that they have hanging (I dunno why) - well I shut the back of Lisa's explorer not seeing it was stuck in her door....if she drove away not seeing it it would have ripped out the electrical cable it was tied to and in my over active imagination would have pulled the whole carport down HAHAHAHHA YAY @ LISA FOR SEEING THAT.....fuck can u imagine? HAHAHAHHAA

Last day at work then 6 days off.
G is not coming to PR at all as it turns out...
Just me...he will be in CR with his peeps.

I am gunna RELAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - well as much as one can relax leaving a 16 yr old at home alone. HA!