Friday, October 31, 2008

has anyone read this??

happppy dayssss

i dont even care that i can hear the cat in the litter box right now.

its friday!
i have a job interview again today....
i get my house back to myself...
its payday...
im meeting donna after work so ill get to see her miss piggy costume (note to self: bring camera to work)
i must be nicer to the ppl at work...that's my goal...

more later...i must go dance and frolic.

***HAHHAHAHA I think I need pee and poo stufies for xmas hahahahahah****

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am DONE LIKE A BURNT STEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DONE DONE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

never again

I don't have to leave for work until 7:55 am and I usually get up at 6 me a chance to wake up, check lunches...and get ready w/o having to rush....
Today i set my alarm for 7.....yeah well, i wont be doing that whole day was fucked up from it...well, and b/c i wore a shirt that had more than one color on it.

I had that testing appt this afternoon HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAA omfg....I get there....with high hopes b/c I don't generally test very well but b/c I have a perm. position at work I thought the no stress factor would didn' fact about 30-40 mins into the test I packed up my shit and left...I gave it a go, went through all the material and it was clear that anything I did manage to come up with was gunna suck balls so I saved myself the embarrassment and time and just said it was all BEYOND MY SCOPE....
Seeing that I know nothing about taxation exemptions and commercial fishing I dont feel really bad about it....
Friday I have a job interview for another ministry, along the lines of student loans etc so being that its a straight interview I feel less weird about it...I would much rather depend on my commuication skills than my test skills to attain a job.

I just watched Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas on TV....ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I really must purchase that dvd.

Raoul Duke: Look, there's two women fucking a polar bear!
Dr. Gonzo: Don't tell me these things. Not now man.

Raoul Duke: Don't fuck with me now, man, I am Ahab.

Raoul Duke: Oh god... did you eat all this acid?
Dr. Gonzo: That's right. MUSIC!


Monday, October 27, 2008

monday = clock ticking agony

Oh the horror of Monday (Barb, you should be smiling widely right now!)...
1 hr and 50 mins to go.
Weekend was ok, crowded at home but ok.
Saturday Donna and  I met downtown for our drool date with Edward Norton to see his new flick PRIDE & GLORY...was fantastic, not just cuz of him though, it really was a great movie...
we even saw some zombie walkers...Victoria has this Zombie Walk every year (yay barb!)...300 and some ppl dressed as zombies just wander around the quite fun such a twig i was standing right beside a few and didnt even notice until Donna pointed it out and laughed at my obliviousness.
Sunday was clean freaky fridge is a never ending source of aggravation for always waiting for it to leaks...and doesn't FEEL cold enough so that means I have to get the owner involved and I fucking hate him anywhere near my house bc hes nosey and an asshole and will probably just give me another refurbished piece of shit fridge....or tell me this ones JUST FINE.
Ohhh 1 hour to go.

Friday, October 24, 2008


marks the 8th year of my brother Glenn's absence from the planet...

light a candle or something today and whisper his name, call him a muppet, or whatever other name u prefer....

if u have a brother, call him or talk to him today and revel in the fact that you can...and for the love of all that is unholy do NOT use the comment section of this post today or i will hunt u down with a flame thrower and punish u.

RIP Little Brother xo

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hello, my name is Spinster....

Yes it is true....I went and met up with someone I have been talking to was not a success...well it was in the sense he isnt someone I will ever have to see again hahahahahha
Yeah I think im just better off letting go of any coupling delusions I have...ever since I decided last year that I would not be having anymore flippant sex it has become very apparent that I am gunna be celibate for life.

Note to you single men out there: do not sit like Al Bundy on a woman's couch the 1st time you meet her....and make sure she can not smell you from across the way...Sigh...

Anyway...*shiver*...Sorry Tara, this probably isnt encouraging to you at all hahahahaha

Hump Day!

Today I am off work and have an appt to go get my photo taken for my bus pass....yes im super excited to have my fat face forever plastered on my bus pass i have to flash around daily....gag.

This week at work I was ODA...On Duty Assessor...which makes u the dumping ground for all sorts of when the MLA's call or write about a student freaking b/c their student loan takes so long you get to answer them and tell them if the student didnt want such a delay then dont apply on August 28th when your school start date is Sept 2....IDIOTS!

Aunt Flo is coming to visit soon....which is making me really short tempered and irritable....just ask the ppl who live in this house. I am a cranky ninja.
Someday im gunna rip my uterus/ovaries out with salad tongs and be done with the whole fucking process....

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Thais the opera was good...
This monk decides to convert a slutty whore in order to save her soul (Thais), conquer her and offer her to god...
then once he does he realizes hes a horn-dog and wants to fuck her like the rest of the men in the story and goes to fetch her from the nuns but all her penance and shit has worn her body out and she dies, blissfully converted to Christianity, oblivious to the monks lust.

The End

Stupid guy shoulda just humped from the start.

Man, only OLD ppl go to the opera it seems....old men and women dragging oxygen tanks behind them were all over the place....
Oh it was hot in there....
and I am about 50 lbs too fat for the Royal Theatre seats...note to self: lose weight b4 attending an event there again.

It was cool though....I loved the screen above the stage that translated the opera into English so u knew what was going on....i didn't realize it would be so dramatic...i thought ppl would stand on stage in fancy garb and sing...but this was full on acting and shit......

I feel so cultured now. hahahhaa

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

they suck and they know it

Hello my little


 This morning I got the most interesting editor sent me an email he received from the band

Hedley's reps that they received from Ryan McMahon's rep basically distancing themselves from my COMMENT in the Oct issue where i basically said Hedley sucked and Ryan McMahon did not.  haha How was I to know that Ryan's camp was buds with the H-Boys and that the Vancouver music scene was at all political? Regardless, it cracks me up b/c for 1, Hedley sucks, that singers voice makes my teeth scream in pain like fingernails on a chalk-board and 2, i kinda like how some mindless comment of mine can ruffle feathers. muahahhahaha

Have I mentioned

Hedley sucks?

Anyway, I feel like crap...germs + uterine induced

hormonalation + my usual self = badness

Tonight I think I will crawl into my bed by 930-10

pm and watch some dvds.

I fell asleep listening to Leonard Cohen last night and slept like a dead llama...Thank you Leonard (and


Going to see Sam Roberts in January...I love that little

frenchie live....he kicks ass. (Thanks Tara for being the ticket getter for that event)

By the way,

Hedley sucks.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

gobble gobble

well we certainly got our fill of turkey fact, even with my stoic stance on NO SECONDS i came home and felt like shit all night long...i blame the cranberries...cranberries give me wild heartburn and such...seems so weird.
anyhoo...its back to the grind today feels cloudy and im only half had to go back and correct 2 reassessments already that i caught myself completely fucking up...
before dinner yesterday i spent the afternoon at Arika's....we made peanut reindeer heads...a jillion of em...i was rather sick of the little shits by the time i was done but it was a fun day...we talked some shit, made some evil plans, listened to tunes, Arika tried to kill herself with the hot glue gun...right on the arm!
went and saw bill maher's new flick Religulous this funny and so scary all at the same time...I knew Mormon's were F'd but I didnt know they were as F'd as they actually are...hahaha
good ol local Tal Bachman (you remember "She's So High" don't you? I still love that friggin song) was in the film for a short segment talking about Mormonism, being that he was once a Mormon and no longer is...
Can u believe there is an amusement part in Florida called HOLY LAND where they re-enact the crucification story daily....? It was twisted to watch these sheeple CLAP and APPLAUD as the pretend Jesus staggers bloodily down the street twds his doom....they applaud for fucks sake? The idiocy is fucking astounding. was a great flick...
BODY of LIES on the other hand was shit....Leonardo was great in it but the movie itself seemed to lack real plot and it was boring as shit...poor Shawn suffered through that one with me...but it was ok b/c I went and sat in a shitty little pub Friday night with him and his mom/mom's friend so his mom could karaoke...and let me tell you....the crowd there was fucking frightening....
I am just gunna say this - politically incorrect or not - i don't ever want to hear handicapped ppl singing again...EVER.......EVERRRRRRRRR
i don't care if i go to karmic hell for saying so either....i just do not want to hear retarded singing for as long as I live.
Not only is it disturbing to me...its just friggin painful.
The power outage on Sunday was a trip...can not tell u how VULNERABLE i was feeling with no cash in my wallet...i do everything via debit etc and without power thats fairly useless.
I was a little :o( it didn't last longer...I looked fwd to going home and reading/writing by candlelight....and yes I know i could do this anytime i wanted...shut up.
The outage f'd up the servers here something awful, the systems this morning are totally gibbled and making productivity an even bigger gov't challenge. (HA HA)
I feel like utter crap today...I was way too busy this weekend....and I think due to the LARGE zit on my chin i am not entering psycho pms mode...ARRRHH i havent got evening primrose yet! dammit.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


ive been fighting off a migraine since Friday...that weird groggy state where u are drugged, overslept and feel like you are looking at life through foggy glasses is a weird place.

last night i watched a weird but delicious austrailian film (Reuben's favorite movie of all time).... CLICK HERE
Guy, im mailing u and Donna a copy shortly....u gotta see this.
Then we watched some youtube classics...the public access Let's Paint guy...who became unglued at his rude callers...some retard kid pretending he had a cooking show etc
Then some weird mexican film with circus was a menagerie of splendid weirdness...

i wandered home and was wide awake bc i had a 3-4 hour nap that afternoon...
i have to go drink water....i think im dehydrated....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom....

she is 55 today....

Fuck You iTunes and Creative!

I broke my own rule and purchased that damn Zen MP3 player and now im SHIT OUTTA LUCK and have to mail it back to Creative where im sure they will make it work no problem and then mail it back to me and it wont work for me. ha ha ha
I think ill just reinvest and do away with the fanciness of the video capabilities and stick to a memory stick type moving parts, less chance of bullshit...shoulda stuck to that to start with....idiotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Yeah and iTunes....that converter thing worked but the quality is the shits so FUCK IT...ill get the cd Nov 4 and just deal til then.

Andrea just cooked shrimp and the place reeks of crustaceans! ewwwwwwwwwwwww

Tonight i went with Shawn to a karaoke bar with his mom and her friend...his moms in a wheel chair and felt like getting her groove on by singing D-I-V-O-R-C-E by Tammy Wynette (ha ha ha fuck i no all the words...tragic) so we go there and 2.5 of hell...the idea was to get them all sing songed up and then go see the new Leonardo movie BODY OF LIES....but karaoke went overtime and we were shit outta luck 4 the movie....
GUY! Remember that guy from the other karaoke bar night where donna was making friends with crack whores on the dance floor, the guy that was all David Bowie'd up?? HE WAS THERE! lol
Only one guy didnt suck....he sang Solsbury Hill and he owned that fucking song whoever he was....some young punk did MY WAY by Limp Bizkit and i nearly shat myself laughing hahahaha now im home basking in the glory of shrimp (I hate shrimp but im waiting for Andreas nail polish remover to take over the aromatic overkill of the crustaceans)

I feel myself getting sick....

October Issue

Thursday, October 09, 2008

great balls of fire

Last night my Zen MP3 player took a giant crap...and got stuck on trying to rebuild...I tried everything and was prepared to take it back to the store and tell them to shove it (as I have heard from Arika that her boytoy took 2 back before giving up plus reading online it seems it is not uncommon)....but then this AM i managed to get to the recovery part and reformat so its fine but....what a shitshow.
Yesterday I DL's from iTunes for the 1st time ever....and guess what? iTunes can SUCK my balls....yes it was shockingly easy to purchase and DL but wtf good is it if u cant listen to the fucking music? The format you get them in if just for iTunes and iPods (gay!) so.....LAME! I ended up spending the night DLing multiple programs to convert the m4p files into mp3..which i did but jesus fucking christ...what a pain....why the hell would anyone bother?
Anyhoo...1.5 days til the long weekend! woohoo

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

famous blue raincoat...

why didn't anyone tell me leonard cohen was a friggin genius...?
i have too much to do in life and not enough focus to complete even a portion...
im like an ADD kid carrying scissors, running about dabbling in multiple projects, completing none.
storm is over...last night it wont me up about an hour into my sleep cuz the wind was bashing my door open and was quite fierce and lovely...this morning it was the same but now its all quiet again.
after listing to big mouth a few cubicles over i dunno how she keeps her job with the way she speaks to callers...provides job security for me alright cuz at my worse im nowhere near her level of unprofessional behaviour hahahahaha
i think im gunna go see the bill maher movie tonight...
i wish i could get drunk for it...
maybe not...i went to a movie drunk once....when i was 21...with Bruce...we went and saw SINGLES and we both fell asleep hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
my mom turns 55 this week....I just turned 38....not  huge age gap...yet the gap of understanding could not be wider haha

Monday, October 06, 2008

unofficial change

looks like someone in the top 2 declined the position so me, ms #3, should be getting bumped up into a permanent position....
i refuse to get excited until i sign papers though....woot woot!
what a was exhausting wishing one of the top two ppl dead.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


I think all grown ups should wear these kinds of hats....just would be revolutionary...

Kelly...bassist for 7 Years Late....Kelly is a rather FINE looking made the night worthwhile....turns out he is actually an incredible player...not even saying that just cuz hes hot either....enjoyed the music...none of us were keen on the vocals but that's not all that unusual i find these days...anyway...Kelly was good looking in school but its weird he managed to maintain his coolness....that is RARE haha

Donna gave me this mug 4 my bday!!!! when there's hot tea in it Jesus shaves and has no beard....when he is cool hes all bearded....Jesus looks weird with no beard for the record.
Between that and the pickle band aids, banana holder and such it was an ice haul....Cynthia gave me fridge magnet poetry words and the theme is the F WORD! SO FUN!
Thanks guys!

Reubens coffee table....

Reuben and I did some Mighty Boosh viewing yesterday...and he introduced me to Wonder Showzen....omfg what a whack it...its like Sesame Street on crack for grown ups...all satirical and fucked up funny.

Friday, October 03, 2008


sighhhhh...friday....i scored 6 hrs of OT for cool is that? 6 hrs (whenever i want) of straight through, mp3 player on OT of doing my FAVORITE paperwork?!?!?! and getting paid DOUBLE time....BONER!!!!
i was thinking of taking on a few shifts per month at the mart as well...less time to wallow in my own puddle of miserable i like money...i am getting to liking it more the more i have as well...
aylas been a decent little human these days...she usually is when she knows she's been a rotter and im on the edge of beating her to death...she's so perceptive. ha ha ha
she came out with cynthia and donna and i on my bday for japanese...cynthia at SURF CLAM sushi and i dunno why but SURF CLAM just makes me laugh...SURF CLAM!
that song BREADFAN by Budgie (later done by Metallica)....BREADFAN makes me chuckle too...i just say it in my head....
it never ends.
if u could hear the things in my mind...i shutter to think of your reaction.
My new bed is the bomb....I can stretch out and flail and pile pillows and blankets up like crazy and just snuggle in all perfect and good....its an old bed but it is comfy...its bouncy (BOUNCY BOUNCY!) so i always feel like im gunna send it through the floor (haha) but I think once i throw some plywood under the boxspring (this will also prevent the cat from getting up in the bed the little fuck) it will be less bouncy...
I cant stop watching the Mighty Boosh...I cant stop singing...
I need help...Ayla will back this up...
Andrea is moved in for the month and settled in her little corner of the livingroom...and thoroughly enjoying being woken up at 6 am every weekday...:o) ha ha
Ohhh the joys of couch surfing!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Look what Adele my lovely friend in Alberta artistically created/framed/mailed me...amazing...thank you have no idea what such a gift means right about now. xo

All she used was a wee little crap quality picture I had of my brother, one of my favorites b/c of the way he was looking at his g/f Lindsey, she made his eyes sparkle and such...

A true artist...thank you, I will treasure it always!