Friday, June 28, 2013

true story

I will think of this every time I change into my black gym clothes - Johnny Cash style....going to a lard funeral....yeah.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Reek of Dysfunction....

The reek of dysfunction....I think it hangs around me like a cloud...I was standing at the bus stop pondering my probably attachment disorder and came up with the "reek of dysfunction" when I was thinking about how I project myself upon the world. Could be the low self esteem talking...or it could be a pretty accurate depiction. Truth is - I think I am kind of negative...I am in my head for certain so that really does radiate.

For instance...people who walk down the street is that? Even when I am happy and do not have a care in the world on a nice breezy cool day I DO NOT walk around grinning. I always wonder what these ppl are so happy about that they feel compelled to smile constantly. That shit makes me suspicious. Sometimes I convince myself they are inwardly laughing at me...then I talk myself out of that and just come to the conclusion they must be struggling with a mental illness. Those smiler folk are right up there with mouth breathers. Today at a bus stop, I was already on the bus and at the stop there was a man standing there with his mouth wide friggin' open...ON THE STREET....bugs are gunna fly right in there man...CLOSE YOUR MOUTH! But nope...stands there...for a long period of time so you know that's just how he rolls...The Mouth Breather Bus Stop Guy. ::shakes head:: See I have nothing nice to say about my bus adventures...if I want such a Negative Nelly I'd just sit and enjoy the ride and mind my business but no...I observe and gather intelligence for some mission the CSIS will surely send me on to uncover a network of mouth breathing terrorists that surely plague our peaceful way of Canadian life as we know it.

I do not even know what I am talking about anymore.

2 more days until the long 4 day weekend....for the love of gawd I cannot wait. It is WORLD WAR Z weekend...I am going to see the Brad Pitt zombie movie and I am stoked. Lots hype and background to the making of this movie...and Rotten Tomatoes is rating it decent so I am not expecting it to be a stinker. I will say though that last weekend the movie I saw was one of the funniest movies I have seen in well over 10 years. THIS IS THE END was so funny...such great lines and creative - the actors all play themselves during the end of the world...some great shocking moments - seriously recommend this to anyone who enjoys comedies.

Kim is moving out on Sunday and is at her new place painting up a storm to rid the place of brown paneling. It is will a nice place for her...very large and private and cozy. Should be a nice move Sunday since she has movers to move all the big crap...we won't wreck ourselves which is a nice perk. I certainly plan on taking U Haul up on this new movers service...They will even drive for really when I move next I don't have to do shit all except be neurotic about my stuff getting broken.

A. is gunning for us to move hardcore. She even offered up a whole paychq to pay for the movers and damage deposit. Tempting but I have a few things on the go and can't really go there quite yet...maybe in November!

Monday, June 24, 2013

this cracked me up on the treadmill today

An unsettled mind....

just posts photos!

NEVER have I got a pickle heart with my dinner before....thank you Romeos!

Aleah painted me a jellyfish....LOVE is awesome.

ASTK is back at it....Kim found this Ted Danson street art for my little collection!

Monkey Tree Balls = AWESOME!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Broken Leg/Heart Sunday typical  fashion I have gimped my foot up in a completely different sort of way (b/c the usual way was just too typical I guess)...this of course happens right after I make the conscious realization that my plantar fasciitis has improved in credibly with the use of the crocs and the leg brace at in - pain cut in half and a marked improvement. I was really impressed with myself so it seems fitting I would be struck my lightning or suddenly have some different foot issue to deal with now. Seriously sick of this shit...and it is nothing more than fuel so fuck you universe.

I am drinking a hot cup of tea to counteract the ice pack strapped to my works well. I really want a yummy breakfast so I think I will do that later....for lunch....eggs. Yes - eggs. Store bought - no poop showing eggs. I have this thing about farm fresh eggs...if I see chicken goo on the egg shells...I cannot eat the eggs. I have tried...I can't so instead I settle for grocery store eggs that are pristine in the carton...such a wuss. Don't get me wrong - during an apocalypse when we were all starving...I'd eat a penguin egg ffs...but everyday life with choice...I pick a clean egg. Maybe cousin Kelly can cook me something one day with her farm fresh eggs...if I don't see them I bet it would be ok.

We humans are so out of touch with me - I understand the stupidity and disconnect with my poopy egg phobia...If I had to kill, gut and prep the meat I wanted to eat I would be a forced vegetarian I think. I love my chicken in a styrofoam tray with no skin or fat on it, no bones....ready to bbq or shake n bake....eating chicken with bones seems so primal..isn't that hilarious? ha ha haaaa Ridiculous preference...white chicken breast. Man I would get skinny in a hurry  living off the land.

Well its now 8 hours later and such a sad Sunday...was very sad to hear about 2 good friends splitting up...I have been dreading this for about a year...and now that it has happened I am so very sad for them both...Donna and I both have been dreading it and we will probably need to go to counseling now.  FACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

Going to prepare for a sad True Blood premier and break up chili eating fest.

Friday, June 07, 2013

...oh hi!

It has been nice having A. home...she has re-assimilated and not by choice I am sure. She arrived home Friday night and was scheduled to be back at work Monday morning...."slavery" as she calls it...and the icing on the turd cake is she spends most of her evenings going straight from job 1 to job 2 and works til 10 pm. be young again. She is showing signs of real maturity...her new job doesn't allow for her to go to the Shambhala Festival which was a PRETTY BIG DEAL...and she was fairly accepting of that news which in the past would have been a nightmare of lamenting and outcry.

Weird time of year....the birthday of baby Fin who would be 13 this year had be survived his this day I find myself weepy over Jerri and Zed's loss - the 2 people on earth who SHOULD have children. Then Glenn's birthday was shortly after that...he would have been 37...then Aunty Cathy's (which is a happy time!)...then Kim's (cake!)...will slow down now...

I am currently enjoying watching the Conservative federal gov't sinking deeper into their own pile of shit these days...this Senator scandal is epic awesome...and I hope all the scammers go down in a humiliating wreck, reputations tainted for life like they deserve. One can only dream that it really rocks the Conservative boat and Harper is really feeling the pinch....transparent gov't I think not...nice try though jackass.

Rob Ford the idiot mayor of Toronto is also a daily staple of political drama - though his antics and story are more like a Jerry Springer episode...why he has not been ousted just on the fact he is an embarrassment to Toronto is beyond me. (I totally think he is a drunken crack user)...

GAME OF THRONES SPOILER (do not read this Aunty Cathy):Last Sunday's episode left me in weeping awe on the couch....doing some swearing and chanting WHAT THE F*CK over  and over again...the slaughter of 3 main characters  in one scene (totally unexpectedly) was just too fucking much....rude rude rude. They keep killing off the Stark's and they are my favorites ffs....STAHHHP!!! I hope the wee Stark kids grown up to get revenge on the lot of the murderous bastards........

Have I ranted since the BC Election fiasco? The BC Liberals managed to pull not only a rabbit out of their ass but a donkey as well. Now our awesome UNELECTED premier has another 4 years of rule and  will pilfer a seat in the Legislature in a Kelowna riding. it bugs me that MLAs do not have to live in their ridings...why is that NOT a rule?! Anyhow...the NDP shit the bed again and Adrian Dix needs to step aside and let someone with some charisma and less negative history try for the win next election. This province needs change desperately before it is stripped of everything good about it.