Wednesday, April 30, 2008

toss dirt on me

im dead.

ok not really...
but im tired...
the only thing keeping me alive is knowing i have the weekend off.

tonight im going to help shawn pack 4 his move...
tomorrow AM i get to go see a dr about my MOOD and i will be foul im sure and let him know while i love the appetite depressant that wellbutrin is it is doing sweet fuck all for my temper/patience/disposition.
maybe i should just go to fucking anger management.
this is not something i have not considered b4.

cathy says she waiting to see on the news that someone in Victoria strangled her staff at work and then lit herself on fire.
ha ha ha that cracks me up...makes me calm down too.

michelle b, i loved your gory knee video!
esp GOBs cheech and chong voice...ahaha
im so glad u are getting around so well all things considered!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am pretty morbid, I have a strong stomach 4 weirdness and fuckedness but this fucker in Austria who kept his daughter in the basement for 24 yrs and fathered 7 of her children just sickens beyond just being disgusted about something...I am actually mortified at the lengths that sick fuck went to to carry on his sick little think those kids never saw daylight in their whole lives til recently....and her for 24 yrs...she must be a friggin basket case the poor thing.....fuck. I think his wife must be in denial or the dumbest fucking human on earth.

So yeah if I had any faith in humanity it was completely fucking used up on this one.

Moving on...

Michelle is your knee?? HEY THAT RHYMED! I hope youre ok! Drop me a line please!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Salt Spring Island Pictures

This place had a lot of lamb on the menu...BUT the sweet potato quesedillas (?) haha were divine!!!!! I did try a lamb meat ball....just a bite...I didnt throw up...but i dunno if id eat it again voluntarily...I like cow meat better haha

Martin & Tara

The boat
Martin being a goof

These were all up on Mount Maxwell ~ apparently the view is LOVELY but

with all the fog you couldnt see anything...which was ok cuz all the fog was kinda trippy too!

Aunty Pam bought me a new tote bag!! WOOOHOOOOO
This sign cracked me up
This is a little floaty cabin smack in the middle of the bay...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Salt Spring Island...

that's where I am going today with Tara...she made mention of buying a lamb...she likes lambs apparently...but she cant bring it home or her dogs will be pissed off so I guess its for her dad...

i barfed in the shower this morning...oatmeal...just thought i'd tell you that.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

holy heart attack batman

shhhhh don't tell but i slept in aylas bed last night and it was is friggin huge...certainly didn't have to worry about falling off of it.

i don't think the cat knew wtf was going on...although i understand why ayla kicks her out of her room at night...she flies around in there like somethings after her and makes a lot of noise....

HEY! Look at Arika's kitties....see Rupert's giant paws!!! He has extra toes and I LOVE that!!!! I have asked my cat to grow some no avail....apparently the Chrysalids book made an impression on me haha
Arika does Ralphie have extra toes as well only just not as prominent as Ruperts???
Last night Tara and I went for chocolate milkshakes at Alzu's... DID I FORGET TO TELL U GUYS THE FUCKING VEAL CUTLET STORY????? If I did let me know and I will tell you!
Anyway...milkshakes and as usual the weirdest fucking waiter in the universe...I swear...that place attracts more freaks than where I work. This waiter was a bumbling mental case I swear....but the token midget was there so it was all worth it.
Tara is going to Salt Spring Island on Sunday and I am weaseling over there with her since I have never been and have wanted to go. woot! woot!
I will take my camera and try to get some weird shots to share.
When I was a teenager I hated the song SEA OF LOVE by the Honeydrippers (aka Robert Plant) but I love it as a grown up. That is weird...cuz songs like WE BUILT THIS CITY and other various arm gnawing songs did NOT get appealing with age...although I have started to appreciate Bruce Springsteen in my old age...I am wanting to DL some of his goodies to explore...
u see as a teenager I was all about Rick Springfield so Bruce Springsteen was the enemy. Don't ask me why, he just was. haha
Today I think Donna and I and the doggy Dugan are going to the beach to frolic without that pain in the ass dog Whistler this time...gawd that fucking dog bugs me....if she is back...I'm not sure she even is...
Tonight I have a BBQ to go to....and in the middle I may help Shawn pack his moms house up....
I do need to try and get some damn sun...I am disgustingly unhealthily PASTY. I am not sure unhealthily is a word but whatever. (mmmm the word pasty reminds me of pastry...)


I saw a midget at Alzu's again tonight....only this time he wasn't wearing priest garb!

Friday, April 25, 2008

and silence befalls my wretched soul

i am drinking hot ass muthafuckin tea to try and burn my throat out...
i had to sleep doing that mouth breather thing last night...those are moments i am most grateful i am single and sleep alone...i always imagine bugs crawling in my mouth and back out again just to spite my bug hater self. little bastards...

ayla goes to nanaimo after school today...she was such a rude shit last night that i almost told her she couldn't go but then i realized that would be more punishment to me than anyone else hah hah haha

i close tonight...i close every Friday...any why is that? oh that's right, b/c i have no real social life...I'm not even bitter about it. all i ever wanna do is come home and sleep anyway...

yesterday the tops of my hands were driving me absolutely batty...they itched like a mofo and when i got home i actually used this medicated anti itch crap on them...they re ok today but they are still sore from yesterdays constant abuse....i was scraping my hands across jagged surfaces and if i had sandpaper nearby it would have gotten bloody I'm sure.

my poor friend deanna has friggin shingles right now...that is some messed up crap...i always imagine shingles as someone covered in roofing material and trying to function with this shit nailed into their body...yes i know i am a literal idiot...
anyway deanna banana, get better!!!!!! and get a lot of rest!

i dunno how connie is going with a 1 yr old and a newborn...i am pretty anti-telephone and unless someone calls me it ain't gunna happen...
and im assuming mary is doing good as well with baby Cedar...I've received no calls to the contrary or emails so this is great! (I am waiting for a photo of him wearing the little knitted toque i sent with a gold cross knitted in haha)
i just dreamt about this lady i knew in PR who was around 50 and i saw her and she told me she had just had a baby (I'm thinking *whoaaa old eggs!!*) so when i asked to see it she pulls back this sheet and this gargantuan fucking baby is a 60 pound infant with a giant fucking head, way too large forehead, looking like it should be going to grade 4 class but its a baby. ha ha ha even in my dream i did that fake *OMG SHE IS SO CUTE* ha ha ha that cracked me up!

my printer is fucked.
that's all I'm saying on that.

michelle b, i sent Guy a picture of the R2D2 mailbox u took....he thought it was cool...he and his grandson are star wars freaks...where was that taken exactly?

ok I'm off to drive myself mental playing boggle online while my brain is relatively functional.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I have alligator hands....

I mean, my hands havent morphed into gators but they FEEL like the skin of an alligator....IM TOO SEXY FOR MY LIFE TOO SEXY TO BE A WIFE TOO SEXY TO LIVE woooohooooo

Last night was BBQ night...Ayla near crapped her pants when I told her I was BBQing for dinner...hahaha
That girl LOVES BBQ'd teriyaki chicken!
I did realize I have the BBQ (aka piece of crap propane mini hibachi looking thing) on the wrong side of the patio though (smoke goes into the patio door haha)...Duh...I always think in situations like this that if Id had a drop of breastmilk as a newborn i wonder if I would have more common sense?
Maybe...maybe not.

I couldnt sleep last night...well I had trouble falling asleep I mean...once im sleeping im dead...but I was hacking up a lung so I was up later than I wanted to be so i watched GI JAME on TV and that was enough to drive me around the bend.

District is falling know shit is bad when the district manager is serving customers and trying to be a CSR/Branch Manager/District Manager all in the same day...for weeks at a time.
Yep...once things stabilize I am making a run 4 it...I want a sweet govt job that pays decent and is 9-5 and I get to sit on my ass all day and not use up all my energy trying not to kill ppl.

Ayla's going to Nanaimo this weekend to go dress shopping with Kelly, Maggie and Aunty Pam. Cant say I am really sad im missing that outting haha I am sure a girls weekend will be good 4 Ayla though.

I am out of cheerios.
Life is over.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

snot anyone?

I am sick....but it was a good excuse to cancel my dental appt. that I didnt wanna go to anyhow. I think this is the 3rd one ive cancelled. they wreck the chi of my teeth and then my teeth bug me for a month after they *clean* them...I friggin hate it.
Maybe in then itll be hot and I will use that as an excuse, "it was too hot to leave the house".

I spanked my cat today...and then felt guilty. Jesus.
I can feel the prozac wearing off and the wellbutrin is not picking up the slack.
Maybe I will join an anger management group. Gawd knows I would fucking love to sit in a circle and talk about my feelings with a buncha spouse beaters. Better yet, maybe I will go to Overeaters Anonymous too, just b/c I need some social activity. Or i could go hang myself.
1st person to mail me a rope gets a prize!!

It's not as bad as that of course, im being a dramatic tard.
Work is shit but since I have resolved that it is not the life long dream job for me I dont feel near the pressure I did previous. Also b/c I told my boss I was done as well. Just gotta train up my assistant and then I have to find a job....with the same pay HAAHA HAHAHA HAHAHHA HAHAHAHHA where is that rope?


I am a hermit...I have Michelle B. - itis. It isnt a bad thing really, I just hate leaving the house is all.
I think I need a pepsi or something. This low blood sugar is affecting my mood. *hahahaha*

My cat is out on the patio. If she falls off chasing a bug she will land in 5 feet thick prickle bushes below...she wont likely die but she will possibly lose a fucking eye...then im back to having a one eyed cat again and going broke paying 4 it to boot.
I am a breath of fresh air today hey?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ryan McMahon ~ Lights Out New Orleans

April 8 2008 Victoria BC
Union Pacific Coffee

I get the best spam!

SUBJECT: she has already gone to hospital!

Hello, r.odonoghue.

Listen to me carefully, i don't know what your name is, but i'll find you and i'll cripple you, because this is you who tempted her!!!
She has already gone to hospital, you're next, this is evidence:



I dunno about you but im NOT clicking on that link hahahahahaha

Sunday, April 20, 2008

ha ha ha

SWEPT AWAY was on tv last night...
I dont think Madonna can act worth shit although i did like her alot in EVITA....anyway...I watched it bc it was supposed to be worse than EYES WIDE SHUT...but as far as im concerned it was not near the depth of crap that EWS was.
I loved the italian fisherman guy...he cracked me up...and he was hot...
But man Madonna is a TERRIBLE actress...truly heinous performance...but I still laughed through it and thought the ending was a drag...

There goes my credibility...if I had any to start with.

I have to leave for work in an hour...GAY...
I hate working Sundays...Oh hell, I hate working every day...

Dont pray too hard you heathens of youll blow a blood vessel in your eye!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

my uterus is for sale

i gotta read my camera manual and learn how to use the settings hahha
friggin snow
kitty action shot
friggin snow

I shot the Sherrrriffffffffffff

holy...still snowing today....its melting as it hits the ground thankfully.

today is going to be a day to tie up loose ends around the house...I still have moving remnants here and there.

i am also menstruating like a stuck pig in a hot tub...thus i feel no inclination to do sweet fuck all outside of the house today...

hot donna is gone to Alberta...her mom is dieing of all sorts of weird cancers so it is definitely not a vacation...i hope she is OK...

more boring drivel later.

Merry Christmas Everyone....

Ohhh wait, its not Christmas...its just snowing like a mofo in APRIL. How friggin downs syndrome is that?

I am listening to some Tori Amos...

I was walking today past the spot where John Seguin was shot & killed about a year and a half ago by the police after a high speed chase...the skid/tracks his vehicle left in the lawn of the bldg he lived in are almost grown over by new grass now.

On that corner they put memorial stuff on the light pole but someone comes along and always takes it down. I have always obsessed about the grass tracks...watching them look less and less prominent as every week went by. I always wonder when his kids walk by if they notice the tracks? Or feel WEIRD knowing this is where the cops killed your dad...what a mind fuck. Those kids were fucked they will just grow up to be cop haters. Scary.

Connie seems to be doing well with the new baby...her other baby is only a year old so u can imagine that is a frigging handful and a half. Luckily baby #2 is really easy going thus far and baby #1 is taking it all in stride.

I haven't been able to reach Mary/Kori this week to see how they are but I will try again tomorrow...

I am OFF tomorrow thank the heavens above (PRAISE GOD)

Speaking of nuts, what do u think of all those kids that got taken from the polygamists in the USA...? I haven't heard all the details yet but I have a hard time believing all 400 and some were being abused and at risk...?? I am sure some were, welcome to the corrupt world of humans but...I seems that removing every minor from the place has probably traumatized those kids more than the life they were leading bc they didnt know any different.

Remind me to call my insurance co. plz and change my renters insurance to this new address please.
Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D...whatcha think of that?
I hope they have babies.
He is a pretty nice looking 50 yr old.

I am dead now. Carry on.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I think someone gave my cat acid

Seriously, she has been a friggin complete mental since I got home last night. i asked Ayla what she did to the damn cat bc she was even whackier than normal but Ayla swears she was fine til I got home.

Even this morning she is acting like invisible creatures are trying to get her the way shes racing around in full halloween stance.

Yeah so work just gets better and better...but I gotta say coming to the conclusion I am not staying for an eternity makes me feel better about the fact that 4 ppl just quit in the district thus I had to give up one of my staff (one of the 2 out of 4 competent ones...SOB!)...thus leaving me short staffed, always having a drawer, having to hire desperately 4 the whole friggin district and probably TRAIN as well... Haaa hhhha hHAHAHahahaaaa hahahahahhaa My new motto in life is "I DO NOT CARE". I dont. If it were not for Tracey (my boss) I would be outta there in about 4 seconds flat...but I will stick it out a while and get the district back fully staffed and then feel justified in seriously looking 4 other work.

Mama Mary is home from her c-section infection party at the hospital and has the baby back on the boob! YAY!!!!!!
Connie had her baby yesterday...a wee 5 lb is not for certain but I hear it is Kiera Ann...that could change though.

Babies Babies Everywhere.......

Michelle B...what are the stars telling me currently? Are they confirming this is a time of tumultuous madness?
I guess I dont need stars to tell me that ha ha ha

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I shoulda went to church....

cuz now the shit is hitting the fan at work and im sure the fallout will effect me and ill get sent to a new store that i will fucking hate even more. HAHAH HAHHAH HAHAHA HAHAHHAH HAHAH HAHAH


I sure needed today off...It is my annual mental meltdown time and this week my level of self deprecation and inappropriate talk of self immolation was at an all time high.

I am pretty much done with work...I think I have hit I just pine for regular working hours, decent pay and the beauty of going home and not being tormented by work all night long.

As it turns out I can't quit until I have someone to fill my shoes trained and ready to go...apparently the 1st 2 managers I trained, who now run their own stores doesn't

having just told my boss I am wanting to move on was a huge relief and my new tactic for work is this: I will work hard while I'm at work but I am done going that extra mile. There is no pay off.

Today Donna and I took her dog Duggan and this other retarded dog named Whistler to Island View Beach...was a grew few hrs of walking and getting some vitamin d. I am hideously pale as usual so I felt like a frigging glow worm...

The dogs provided MUCH entertainment (and annoyance) but it was a great afternoon. Prior to going and afterwards I got busy trying to tie up all the JUST MOVED IN loose ends around the place. ALMOST THERE!

Connie goes in to have her baby on Monday...I think it'll be another fiery redhead!

Mary and Kori's baby Cedar is absolutely lovely...unfortunately Mary ended up back in the hospital with a bad infection (yay 4 c-sections) so its been a pretty trying time for them but the baby is fabulous...last time I spoke to Kori he sounded friggin WIPED. Nothing like the reality of a newborn to kick you in the ass.

Trying to get Ayla's passport on the go here and just realized b4 I can apply I have to get her a full-sized birth certificate that shows my name on it...60.00
Fuckin eh!
Its almost 1 am, I should probably go read myself into a coma.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

New Digs

Well...moving was hideous but thankfully Aunty Pam was there or I would still be dragging shit in here by myself.
Shawn refers to her as THE LUMBERJACK b/c he swears she basically just let him appear as if he was helping move the couch hahahaha
I have decided the next move I am bucking up and paying ppl to move my shit.
I have an idiotic amt of crap, just ask Pam...
So I dont have the new shelves completely sorted or things on the wall yet but its coming together.
Tomorrow I am at work and the bldg owner is coming in here to do some shit - he is a nosey motherfucker so the manager is coming in to make sure he doesnt snoop...also the cat will be outta the bag. I cant handle the HIDING thing so im leaving the cat out, and bc its in my contract already he cant kick me out. I do hope however that he wont INSIST I pay a pet deposit...that would suck ass.
When I look out at the these mountains I wave at Michelle B and GOB!!

Monkey is still ruler of the room

In case you have never seen my

Thank you Aunty Cathy!

I can not escape these hideous cupboards in this city...

Ayla's redrum room

I love my new shower curtain even though it has no frogs on it

Saturday, April 05, 2008

cable company dodged my bullet

but not by much.....

we are back.

I think Ayla was having DTs ha h haha hahaha

Thursday, April 03, 2008

i stink like a fucking samosa

im at an internet cafe.

still no tv/internet or phone.

shaw is gay.

some random guy on facebook called me a cunt...
i think he thinks im someone else so im gunna have fun with this.

cat is settled...
new place is coming together...
bldg owner is a nosey fucking twat.

bye 4 now!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Message from Tracey

Jen has no phone or internet until Friday. She says not to cry....she'll be back.