Sunday, April 26, 2009

poor jews

Ayla & I watched THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS tonight....1st off...while the story was really touching and maddening and the acting fine i hated all the Germans in the movie with British accents...WTF!!! I hadn't read the write up so i didn't know the details of the story so im wondering the 1st 10 mins why a British man is German was like Valkyrie all over again...fuckers. Millions of dollars to make these movies and they cant even bother with a German accept...fuck you all. still is worth watching...more so than Valkyrie that's 4 sure.

Yesterday Arika & I went and saw HUNGER...about Irishman Bobby Sands and his prison hunger strike. If you aren’t familiar with Bobby Sands at all, in a nutshell, he was imprisoned for his involvement in IRA (Irish Republican Army) violence and was the 1st of 10 to die after his 66-day hunger strike.

It is a gut wrenching account of the standoff between the British government and IRA prisoners trying to be classified as political prisoners rather than criminals. The powerful scene between Bobby Sands and Father Dominic Moran is flawless. It is about 10 mins long, looks like one take, starts out as humorous banter and gets extremely intense. By the end of it you fully understand who Bobby Sands is and why is he motivated to take such drastic measures for his cause. This is not an uplifting movie; it is ridden with disturbing images, mainly human against human. Walked out of that one feeling like a fucking whiny bitch for waking up irritated.

The Cab Driver Story:

{Arika & I catch a cab yesterday b/c I needed to get my 5 tonnes of kitty litter home aka 5 tonnes = 2 boxes}

Cabbie: wow that is a lot of baking soda.

(he is NOT joking, he is dead fucking serious thinking these 35 lb boxes with cats on the side of them are baking soda- I guess I should be impressed he can read)

Arika: ummm it's kitty litter actually.

Cabbie: ohhhhh I didn't know it came with baking soda...

(meanwhile im pissing myself listening to this)

Arika: most kitty litter has baking soda....for the odor.

Cabbie: wow, that is smart. My cat is stinky.

Jen: sneaky?

Cabbie: no...stinky.

Jen: ----silence ----


MP3 Player Me Me stolen from Michelle & GOB

How does the past influence your present?
Survivalism- Nine Inch Nails


What were your teen years like?
Ex-Girlfriend - No Doubt

(as if....)

Something about your first crush…
Shadows of the Night - Pat Benatar

(ha ha ha)

Your worst heartbreak?
Valium Knights - Spinnerette

(Interestingly I wanted valium very badly whilst dealing with my greatest heartbreak.)

How do your former lovers remember you?
From Out of Nowhere - Faith No More

(This amuses me)

What is your first thought when you wake up?
Is It Any Wonder - Keane


How do your coworkers see you?
Fated - Matt Good

(Yes it is my destiny alright...)

How does your family see you?
Should I Stay or Should I Go - The Clash

(oh the

What do your closest friends think of you?
Hole in My Heart - Rick Springfield

(that is way too deep to be a Rick Springfield song haha)

How do you react under stress?
Load Me Up - Matthew Good Band

(oh yes load me up I fucking love stress!)

What calms you?
99% Of Us Is Failure -Matt Good

(Safety in #'s I guess)

What drives you?
Man With The Child in His Eyes - Kate Bush

(wonder who the hell that is)

What excites you?
Rock of Ages - Def Leppard


What song best exemplifies your attitude towards life?
6 Days @ the Bottom of the Ocean - Explosions in the Sky


…towards society?
Hasta siempre Comandante Che Guevara - Joan Baez

(fuck me!)

…towards your family?
Softer, Softest - Hole


What does religion mean to me?
Running for Home - Matthew Good Band


How would you describe your home?
Come As You Are - Nirvana

(nice again)

What is your escapist fantasy?
Operation Mindcrime (Complete Album) - Queensryche


What is your biggest fear?
My Confession - Otep

("squirms uncomfortably")

What is your biggest success?
She WAlks On Me - Hole

(gee I wonder who that is alluding to?)

What will you miss most in 10 years?
This Wreck of a Life - Sam Roberts

(oh that was friggin perfect)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Squirrelly Songs - Foamy the Squirrell


What gets you “in the mood”?
Love Calls You By Your Name - Leonard Cohen

(that'll work)

What will ruin your day every time?
Drain You - Nirvana

What’s up with the economy?
Love Removal Machine - The Cult

(ain't that the truth!)

Where is my true path to happiness?
Dirty Water - The Payolas


Saturday, April 25, 2009

waking up irritated

Waking up irritated is not necessarily a tell tale sign of how the days gunna go but it sure as fuck doesn't make you feel inclined to pick flowers and skip through a field of happiness.

Last week I was watching MSNBC and they showed the last video recording of a Charles Manson interview (RIGHT: he is not looking too threatening now)...apparently he is on the ILLEGAL TO VIDEO INTERVIEW list in California now. Interestingly, they had an FBI profiler there to watch it and break down crazy Chucks antics which was interesting...anyway...what a broken nutty little man...I had forgotten how out there he is. You know how they say when ppl with addictions or ppl who suffer abuse as children tend to get stuck (on some level) at the age they were when the addiction took hold/abuse occurred mentally...yeah...that's Chuck. I read every Charles Manson book around as a teenager, was quite drawn to the story and fascinated/horrified that anyone could stab an 8 mo+ pregnant woman to death...(I speak in terms of THEM as a whole, not him, since we all know he didn't physically dirty his hands with killing on that night)...him bringing up Abbie Hoffman in his rants was really funny to me for some reason.
He reminded me of those freaky lizards that flare up there fancy reptile headdress when trying to scare off predators...a total fake, scared little animal. All his contradictions and inconsistencies and scare tactics so mindbogglingly obvious.

I have my column to write today at some point. I am NOT feeling it whatsoever...I am not in love with the direction of the magazine or the low budget look of it...yeah its a free magazine etc but...I am also irritated that they pay contributing article writers (a small amount but still something) but have made no effort over 6 months to even say *thanks* for agreeing to contribute for free while the magazine garners ad revenue to get on its feet. See what happens when you wake up irritated? All these little things you easily let go of the rest of the time fucking irk the shit out of u.

Looks like we are Powell River bound May 9-17...then I can sniff all the baby I want, hang with Madelyn...oh and spend some quality time with my mom of course, go to doctor appts and find out im on deaths door and ready to drop dead from diabetes, high blood pressure, edema, rectal cancer, fibromyalgia, rickets and syphilis.

I was actually looking fwd to it being sunny today...? I did wanna get out there and char my face a gawd I am a pasty fucking mess.
I need a chauffeur this weekend...I have things I have to do gawd dammit and im just fucking not feeling like hoofing it...I have cat food and kitty litter to get...felt markers, kitchen chairs...

CoNgRaTs to HoT DoNNa for scoring a R-14 position at work against some stiff competition! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! She is a mover and a shaker!

My condolances to Connie for the passing of her dad Ron....not much more I can say on this b/c its way too complicated to get into....send her some good vibes though please...she could use them.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

mean ms mustard

Ohhh the impending doom of monday and the new work week... le sigh.

I should be writing for my column but i feel incredibly UNinspired.
Almost made it to the beach for a stroll with Donna and the pooch but due to Donna having some *plumbing* issues we opted to go to her house and play crib instead. ha ha ha

I love dandelions. I loved as a kid squishing them on the pavement and writing with them...I loved the whole "Kim had a baby and her HEAD popped off!" song as I used my thumb to flick off the dandelion flower and send it flying...I loved fucking with my little brother and sister and snapping the stems and telling them the white stuff was MILK and it tasted really good...and laughing as they licked it and made a face b/c it tasted like crap.


Poor beach for him today.

My new green shirt.

Guy...what is this bird!? (click the picture and u can see the bird in the giant picture)

Facebook Showdown

this is awesome Sunday morning banter isn't it? I can't even believe this crazy freak went to the bother of jacking her kids account to send me this message...well everyone this is Laura, I wasn't nice to her in high school for no reason other than I thought she was you can see my opinion has not changed I have just changed the medium in which to let ppl know that. I admit this amuses me slightly only b/c its so fucking silly.
SUBJECT: Hey This is Laura K
Message from Brett H

Brett is my son, and I had to go through his account in order to find you because for whatever reason you have me BLOCKED~

I thought we were passed all this immature highschool bullshit.... however if you have blocked me I am guessing not.

I as of late have not done or said anything to you that was not appropriate, or unfriendly.

However, if this is still the kind of person you are, than I am glad you blocked me.

I definately dont need friends who come and go......

Message between you and Laura K:

Laura...No you have not done anything wrong and I feel absolutely no ill will towards you or wish anything but the absolute best for you as a human being. With that said, since you will not let this go and move on to more important/valuable things, we do not have a "friendship" b/c we are Facebook "friends". You don't know me anymore than I know you on a very superficial level. I have deleted 100+ people over the last few years based on a few factors:

a) We don't talk or know each other that well and being Facebook "friends" is not changing that even after we have gone through the others photo albums.

b) I no longer wish to read stupid status updates/whining from people who I don't know all that well or talk to.

c) I am just not interested in pursuing "friendship" with certain people. I have X amount of time in a day and I ultimately have to choose how I want to spend it and who with.

When months go by before people even notice I am not on their "friend" list (and vice versa) this is indicative to me that we are not friends in the real sense so what does it matter if we are FB "friends" or not? I have a lot of friends and family on Facebook and I am continually removing ppl, friends or more distant family, who are clearly not anymore interested in me and my life than I am in theirs. It is not some sinister high school plot to bully you or be "immature", quite the opposite actually. I don't feel validated in anyway by the # of friends I have on Facebook, in fact I try to keep it as low as I can for reasons I am too tired on a Sunday morning to delve into.

As I said above Laura there is no ill will here whatsoever and you are entitled to perceive this however you like even after my explanation.
I simply do not find you all that interesting. PERIOD. I don't feel knowing you is going to enhance my life; see reason C above. This does not mean I think I am better than you or I have anything incredible to offer you as a human either. As adults we meet ppl constantly we don't "click" with and we pass them over without a lot of thought but since you insist on making this an issue then I feel obligated to be honest with you.

~ Jen
(oh gawd it never stops)
Laura K
Today at 8:53am

Thanks for clarifying. No facebook doesn't make us friends, but it's a start ...

I am on the island a few times a year, and go to powell river even less, however was willing to get together with you for a coffee, or something, or just even to chit chat.....

No worries, just gives me more time to spend with my son, that's all. And that's a good thing!

Good luck in your future!
Laura K
Today at 8:56am

BTW, the months go by, because i dont have a lot of time to chat to anyone on my friends list. I am too busy working 10 - 12 hour days, sometimes more. My weekends are filled with stuff i dont get done during the week because of work, and when my hubby is on the same weekend off as me, I am even busier with him.

So... not to be taken personal... but the last couple of months was pre inventory, inventory, post inventory, honeymoon in mexico, and now boss is away and IM still just as busy....

If i do get on facebook, it's to play word twist, or scamble, or path words, I very seldom message anyone....

My life is too busy to message everyone on a regular basis to say hello, but its nice to have you around when i do actually get the time to write you. doesn't mean i have forgotten about you, just means that my life is so busy, I dont even get to have a personal one!

Laura K
Today at 8:59am

And I guess you dont find me interesting as you have not ever given a chance to get to know me.... that being said... again, i dont care that you blocked me......... just goes to show after almost 20 years of being out of school, your still the shallow girl i remember. and remember for that reason i did not like.

Now she blocked me...FINALLLLLLLY...I was a little worried she was gunna go on all day explaining to me why she was interesting......

The End

Friday, April 17, 2009




Sidlet the Kidlet

one eye open...smartest kid in the world already!

ohhhh look at his poor little feet...all black and blue from the heel poking lab techs who were not all that gentle....his little shin is even bruised from them milking him!

loving the HOT light...and then not loving being taken form that hot light to get weighed....

Ayla & zee bebe

Grandpa Jim and Gramma Pam with Sidney (that's Uncle Jimmy & Aunty Pam to me!)

Awwwww Maggie and her boy!

Aunty Kelly with the boy labor...forever the contrary little brat!

Red # is the babys heart rate in utero...the green I think measured the force of contractions?? The higher it was the worse Mag's suffering was so it is something to do with that haha

Ohhhh how I love hospital gear!

a few more...I stole off Mags Facebook haha

he is so fucking cute it makes me swoon

where it all went down....


grandpa already cracking him up


friday - i love friday!

im getting a haircut today...if i end up with another mullet despite going to someone new 2 yrs after the last mullet (cutting my own hair all the while) watch the news for reports of a massive fire on Fort Street that takes out a hair salon and other various businesses.

looks like mags and baby should be out soon...they'll hang around nanaimo for a few days after just in case but then should be able to go home and get on with life...she is severely anaeimic but otherwise okay, just desperate to get out of the hospital.

octo-retard trademarker her opprotunistic about that....*eyeroll*

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ohhhh what a week…

Thus far

Mags & wee Sidney are good….he's a tad jaundice so they have him under the lights to clear that up…Maggie is beyond eager to get outta dodge…can't say I blame her…it is difficult to geta routine going or even get sleep in the hospital when u have random hospital staff in and out of your room constantly, etc.

Once she is out she will stay at

Aunty Pam's for a few days (Pam is her mom) just to ensure all stays well b4 heading back to Powell River, where they are useless as tits on a nun.

This experience has mad it abundantly clear to me that while the medical world attempts to seem more progressive and mom friendly there is a lot more work to be done in that

dept. I was witness to multiple examples of negativity and undermining of the mom to be…which is why it was all the sweeter that despite the odds and despite being hooked up to 384573875 IV's, wrapped up in a fetal friggin monitor and being induced she still pushed that baby out by herself, drug free and he wasn't the 8+ lb bison boy they were sure he was…don't get me started on them calling him a preemie either…ugh

I do detest hospitals and any medical environment in general - unless you are in grave danger of course


I am so fucking dead today @ work its killing me…I am about to lapse into a coma…

I am on the lookout for new chairs…the cat has ruined the ones I have that have fabric on them so

im gunna teach her a lesson by getting all wood chairs MUAHHAHAHAHAABrand new im looking at 75-100 bucks each so I am looking for used ones…I like the scouting!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All's good!

we are home...

mom is fine Sidney James is fab....

we all need post traumatic stress counseling but otherwise all's well....!


Sunday, April 12, 2009


Ooo ooo oooooooo induction has is coming TODAY!!!!!! Off to Nanaimo!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

hurry up and wait...

turns out Maggie is in a worse spot than originally thought...she doesn't quite have pre-eclampsia or any of the other things they think it could be....what can I say, Maggie is NOT typical! her white platelets are so low she can NOT deliver the baby without death being a major she now has 5 days of a hemoglobin/blood product IV to get her platelets up high enough, then theyll induce while they are up and get down to business.

she still feels fine...but i am sure all this is weighing heavily on her mind...never nice when a panel of drs start telling you that your condition is fatalistic without treatment.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


I cant talk about this on FB so...
Maggie's got preeclampsia and has been flown 2 Nanaimo for induction to get the baby out to avoid further risk....certainly was not part of the master plan but better to be safe in this case....
Looks like we are headed to Nanaimo tomorrow...
GOOOOD LUCK MAGGIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I hope little wee Sidney slips right out complication free and is good to go!

dead no sleep last zombie...had one of the best casual talks with ayla yesterday while making dinner, unfuckingbelievable, makes my heart swoon that she is still in today is gunna be a long one but with 5 days off after I will make it happily through esp b/c one of the 2 annoying botches at work is on vacation...1 down 1 to go...ayla and i are gunna go get haircuts at the beginning of the month, i think i need an overhaul although ayla informs me not to cut my hair short b/c my hair is the one thing i have going for me...ouch...i couldn't my eloquent personality too but i guess she doesn't haha....this is a giant run on sentence...sort of...found a house sitter for when we are away in May thank gawd...housesitter=catsitter...the cat is so neurotic when we are gone she doesn't eat so someones gotta stay here and pretend its normal...if someone just shows up to feed her she is too mental to its a long stretch so...ill hide all my shit of value and we will be good to go haha...why must the cat shit at the same time each morning as i sit here typing b4 i go in and shower for the day? it is most fucking offensive to me. THE END

Monday, April 06, 2009


ive never been so happy to be coughing all sorts of free form lung butter....its taken 2 weeks to FINALLY get to this stage and now I don't have to go to the Dr after work....and I get to gross out everyone at work all day coughing up my buttery goodness...and the best thing is its a 4 day work week and then I get 5 days off and Guy is coming for a visit if all the planets align correctly....

i fell asleep last night watching the film about Luna the killer whale...maybe he healed me?!?!?! maybe he was a magical spirit killer whale???

i am happy to report that step sister of step sisterness has reported she is now with child....after a few sad starts and stops over the years i really hope this one sticks and she is feeling terrific. congrats lindsey & zach!

with maureen back from cuba im a little mortified she hasnt blogged one tiny friggin morsel of a story about her trip...ya ya u facebooked the pictures but PUT IT TO WORDS LADY!!!!!! Oh look....she posted something on Saturday....nevermind. hahahaha (I could have deleted this whole paragraph but its too amusing)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

RIP Mr Cobain

(Guy and Kelly are rolling their eyes right now)

sunday musings

It is Sunday and im amazed all the whites of my eyes are not blood red from broken blood vessels...that would certainly be a sexy look for me...since I am still sick as shit I thought Id share some freaky octomom pics...

Look what she looked like as a regularish person...!! I say regularish b/c i still think its incredibly fucked that a single person with no career/$ earning potential would get inseminated to have 6 babies...its excessive and beyond the bounds of rational.
I purposefully don't follow much about this freak of Hollywood pop culture, despite finding her spotlight clamoring incredibly fascinating and disgusting...I did get a laugh out of the fact she doesn't live far from my kids grandparents though...10 min drive.

what a damn FOOL.

I am gunning for Sarah or Donna to dress up as this for Halloween!

OK on to regular programming....I am currently drinking scalding hot tea in hopes of burning my throat out for relief...I considered reaching in and tearing it out last night...but...I opted out.

I have to go to work not missing another f-ing day...I cant afford to honestly and im tired of being at home...yes I said tired of being at tired of spending the day with myself in utter misery...I am gunna take my misery to work and be distracted by work and love it gawd fucking dammit!
Home is just an uncomfortable war zone of silence between teenage attempts at manipulation, using her PLEASANT NATURE to get me to do things for her only to turn on me 10 mins later when shit doesn't go her way...
It is a weary life I lead let me tell you...I need to start filling it up...with what im not sure yet but it is just far too empty...may start with some volunteering.

I cannot believe how close it is getting to MAY! May being the time i have vacation time booked to go to Powell River and maybe get to see Mag's new baby...the thought of traveling with a certain roommate of mine is growing increasingly unappealing...I think we will not be hanging out much in PR cuz I know shes gunna whine like a fucking 5 yr old the whole time we are there...

Ohhh Jennifer say something nice about the malicious spawn your squished out of u 15 yrs ago...!! Ohhh okay....she is a good dancer. THE END.

Anyone watch ER here? Did u see the series finale the other night? It was!
I guess I was expecting something dramatic to happen! It was a nice ending...but...I dunno...I wanted John Carter to find out he had a kid out there or something! Or for George Clooney to come back as Doug Ross and have a sexual encounter with Luka the Croatian Hot Doctor....
No such luck.

I have watched a lot of movies this last while. THE GOONIES was on tv yesterday and that was funny as hell..I don't think i had seen it from beginning to end before...cracked me up.
Also watched both Harold and Kumar movies...they made me laugh in my head although I didn't have the energy to LOL. Its weird that Kumar is the Indian doctor on HOUSE. I will never look at him on that show the same now...I will always think about him humping a bag of weed or trimming his pubes.

I think I have muscle atrophy.

Good Day.