Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lobotomy Please

On Saturday I showed up at Ayla’s final dance recital at the Royal Theatre...I didn’t pick up my ticket so I was planning to get it from the Box Office...when I arrived the Box Office was closed...but an usher informed me he had the tickets to give out so there was no problem...UNTIL HE INFORMED ME I DIDN'T HAVE ONE. I managed to not shit the bed despite the fact I was seething b/c these tickets are now up to 26.00 which I will gladly pay to see her for 5 mins if that’s what it takes...but for 26.00 I expect my ticket to not be friggin lost. He hands me an ‘extra’ ticket...says I can have that one b/c mine nowhere to be found. Fine – I take it...I lost a 3rd row seat for a 20th row seat but in the Royal it doesn’t matter too much thankfully. I am grateful this kid gave me the ticket b/c really if he didn’t have a ticket...wtf!! I would have been shitting the bed! I made sure I told him he was a super star for being so considerate. So I watch my lovely girl up there...get all misty and emotional seeing her look so together and grown up...it is her last year of dance so it was kind of her last hurrah...and she did well...spent a lot of time up front and didn’t miss a beat.

Of course I was curious as to wtf happened with the ticket so this morning I got around to looking at my email receipt and OMFG I AM SUCH A BUMBLING OLD NINNY...I accidentally bought a 3rd row ticket to a different dance schools year end show at the McPherson Theatre....Dance Unlimited rather than the Boston Dance Collective. WTF?! Same date and time but wrong school and theatre. I am horrified at my own complete retardation. This is a fair epic fuck up for me. Kinda up there with Lisa and I showing up for mammograms at the WRONG ADDRESS THAT I WROTE DOWN...My gray matter is breaking down man. Another lovely story for Ayla to tell her friends.

Anyway...enough if my impending Alzheimer’s and dementia...the pictures from that night was decent...though the price is not....15.00 for a 5x7...SERIOUSLY? Fuckers. Yeah I ordered 2....don't judge me. (SEE! Dementia for real!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Ok thank gawd the Canucks made it to the finals....haha j/k I don't care....though if SOMEONE has gotta get there it may as well be my hoods team...plus it makes all my hockey puck friends happy so this is good. We watched the last 5 mins of dbl penetration overtime last night...I am not even a hockey fan and that shit stresses me out! The Canucks scored and as per usual I didn't even see it...I cannot follow the puck in hockey which is why I am not all that interested in ever watching it.

Anyway...Donna got her car last night - after much hubbaballoo......she looks pretty slick in it I must admit...I will say the car biz is slimy and slippery and I am happy I will never have any part in it personally...Donna was in the know about this deal she got but I found - as a complete car purchasing virgin - they misrepresent so many things whilst trying to secure a deal that they are ranked up there with politicians now for me...the incentive cash for her turned out to be part of the loan....and nowhere in the 3+ hrs of enduring their little song and dance of pathetic greed and posturing was there a mention of THAT...upon redoing the math the deal she was wasn't near as awesome but she needed a car so wtf...she did it. I officially hate smarmy car ppl now. Is buying a house the same in that they are so desperate? I know the mortgage biz is a racket all of its own but the car sales desperation is the worst.

Meet Sammy the Headless Squirrel...he is still laying outside my work....headless...did I mention headless? Sammy was not on a Greyhound heading to Manitoba or anything....he was likely either being a squirrel and an owl go to his delicious brain or a car ran over his melon. I like Guy's theory of the owl, being that brains are so yummy apparently. Little Sammy stinks a lot now....I wouldn't mind if he was cleaned up now...
Someone I know recently came upon a dead beaver...and wanted the tail so they cut it off with an axe....gotta admit I was a little grossed out...and I am not all that easy to gross out...poor dead beaver...mutilated...sigh.
Don't worry Sammy...I am not gunna whack yer furry tail off to make a key chain or anything.

Monday, May 23, 2011


The music industry in Canada, BC in particular b/c I live here, is perplexing me. On 2 occasions I have stirred the pot inadvertently by simply stating that I think a certain band sucks. A few yrs back I wrote (Gonzo Magazine before it went down the shitter) about how artists like Ryan McMahon were essentially saving us from bands like Hedley who I think suck the most massive donkey cock. This caused some press releases and damage control on the part of the RM end of things b/c it was perceived that he supported such a statement and it was not well received. I will not apologize for feeling bad b/c I hate HEDLEY and NICKELBACK being the so-called top shelf of Canadian entertainment...guess we can add Bieber to that list to...fucking GREAT. Anyway, recently in passing I commented on Ryan McMahon's band page on Facebook...they are involved in a radio contest going on and to make a long story short, the song was introduced and they played the wrong song...a reggae song at that...hah ahaha FAIL! This is a pretty big deal at this point in his career and the fact this is a contest situation...so my comment online was 'at least they didn't play Nickelback'...

When I was at their place for dinner this weekend I came to learn that the buttload of flack was got for this flippant little remark of mine. Record producer/station manager guy pretty much told Cathleen to delete it...she refused...argument ensued...her refusal impressed me of course...not that I would have ever known that comment was deleted or anything but the principle of it, that RM fans are entitled to have opinions on his FB Page that has NO affiliation with the radio station etc...this reeks of bullshit to me...ooo don't upset the mighty Nickelback money train. Give me a fucking break. Their artistry stops at the bank machine - they are big business rock and roll, they pull in crowds, sell records, make wheelbarrows of $....but they are bottom of the barrel artists with nothing significant to offer aside from party music for rednecks who just wanna rock. I am not going to like Nickelback - ever...so my snide remarks will continue on - especially now that I know the big machine gets pissy about it. **For the record I have been told the guys in Hedley are really great guys...I do not doubt this - I just feel nauseous hearing any of your songs**

Needless to say dinner at Ryan and Cathleen's was fab...got to meet Myc Sharratt as well and little baby Bella who is cute as all get out! Cathleen's bald head is divine. She shaved her head to raise $ for cancer and she rocked the stubble. She was very Sinead O'Connor with her sundress and combat boots...the show was great...the new CD is really put together and has a flow the others have not had for sure...moving on up! Gotta say with the passing of their young friend Megan McNeil, listening to him play 'Wake Up' (she sang with him on the CD) with her photo posted prominently on his merch table beside him...it was making me misty...gawd dammit...
This is so hard to watch without being a blubbering asshole...ackkk! ENJOY hahahahahaa

Anyway it was a great day and evening...it was the lat road trip for Donna and I in her old Sunfire...as she will get her new car on Tuesday (YAY!)...buying a car is kind of like EARNING a car...this particular Hyundai dealership the salesmen don't close the deal, the sale manager does and the sales manager was HORRID. Aggressive, super smarmy and gross and very aggressive...3 hours....3 long hours....after being chased down twice, wheeling free dinner out of it and a 5K cash back deal she got herself a new silver Hyundai Elantra Touring GL. It is a perfect car for her and the deal she got is pretty damn good so you gotta like that. Dugan gets the little hatchback part to shed all over and mud up so the rest of the car be be nice!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

EGG SALAD - I command you...to get in my mouth!

Lunch time over here in the cubical...egg salad....some yogurt...cup o' tea...oh yeah.

Today lunch also involved a Facebook purge...not as fun as the usual ones I partake in but...you know...friendships have always been incredibly important to me...my whole life...and as an adult I cherish the friendships that have managed to stand the test of time. As of late, I have really begun to look at the depth of said friendships and have really gotten to the point where I am pretty much done carrying the weight of keeping in touch and nurturing a few of my friendships along so they resemble something worthwhile...done.
I really was honestly planning to maintain a friendship with Graeme...it was not just bullshit I spouted off b/c that's what you are supposed to say, I meant it...but the more time that goes by without any contact or any notion of friendship down the line I just decided that for now there was no point pretending we were friends when clearly we weren't. Even if there was some conversation going on I am not at all convinced that he possesses the capability to be friends on a level that I require...if I judge him by how he conducts his other friendships anyway...and I certainly do not presume to mean more to him than his other friends where he would make me some grand exception to the rule...perhaps he needs an incredibly long time to get there - I dunno...why don't I know? Oh b/c we don't communicate worth shit....thus I decided to purge it all...if one day it all morphs into something different great - in the mean time I am just tired of being 'that person'...
I did that with Bruce for a long time...was the one to maintain and upkeep the friendship and its just so beyond me now...he got the purge treatment too...I could rant on about how difficult it is to maintain genuine  and real friendships with men but I do have a few that are stellar so I prefer to just categorize this sort of thing as a HUMAN issue rather than a GENDER one.

Got a letter from the mammogram ppl - no breast cancer that they can detect...OH HURRAY! These saggy flour sacks of breasty goodness are staying put for a while yet....

This whole week is just about making it to Saturday to fly up to Ladysmith and see Ryan McMahon & family...my favorite thing about it is that Donna...::sigh::...feels like whenever she is around him/them that she acts like a social retard and comes off like a total dumbfuck when in truth its not anything like she feels it is but it haunts her and causes her great anxiety so....the commentary we have building up to these outings CRACKS ME UP...whereas I should probably feel more socially aware but I just don't care...lol

Here is some video of Mr McMahon I took a few years ago...he was sick as crap too and still pulled off a great show and sounded good!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sorry but your movie debut was THE STANK!

I had Monday off so Alex popped over for lunch and she was having a bit of a day...so we settled on the couch and watched one of the worst 80s movies of all time - Rick Springfield's movie debut HARD TO HOLD. It is rotten and terrible but it was just perfect for the afternoon. It went along with the groovy and weird item she found for me....apparently back in the day there was a failed NEW technology: Capacitance Electronic Disc CED...anyhow she found one for the move Hard to Hold and it cracked me up...
Look like this: http://www.videointerchange.com/images/ced.jpg
I had never heard of them before...must have been a fast flash in the pan.

This Sat. Donna and I are mini road tripping to Ladysmith to go BBQ with Ryan and Cathleen before his cd release show in his home town - looking fwd to that since the last 2 shows in Vic were cancelled...it'll be nice to see Cathleen and her freshly shaven head (to raise $ for kids with cancer) and new baby Bella...ok not so new but a baby nonetheless. That is my weekend plan...Sun and Mon are open so I am sure I will get up to something...time to get back to walking more...

I have to admit there is an element of fear involved in this process...I am quite concerned about my heel as it is still significantly sore at times and I worry that walking too much on it will keep it that way but at the same time my blood pressure is high from not doing any walking and I feel generally crappy even though im eating well...so...I feel a little stuck...but it is what it is so I am just gunna start walking and ice the crap out of it and see what transpires!

Tonight I am going to BBQ with Tracey and Adrienne, Lani and kids will be there....it's Hockey Night in Canada...I wont last long watching the game but I do actually enjoy watching other ppl watch hockey - cracks me up really...I have suddenly become very tired...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Surfs Up

It's gray, misty and raining...just how I like it...
Today I am hitting a flick with Lisa. Brides Maids...or whatever it is called...looks funny.
Then it's salad prep and cooking day for the rest of it...
Last night after Lisa and I did sushi we hit Wal-Mart...bought some shit I didn't need....you know, the usual...
Not a lot going on these days...back on the good eating wagon, investing in some good health, starting to walk a little more and see if my heel can deal before I curl up and die of muscle atrophy over here...invested in some tight ass socks...yeah you know the ones...to improve leg circulation that cost 112.00 a pair via Rx...yeah...I get 80% back but still 20 something dollars for tight socks is retarded...BUT MAN THEY WORK LIKE A HOT DAMN! I day of wearing them all day at work and my right leg (the bad leg) shrunk almost 2 inches to the size of the other one...amazing really...I think I have lost 5 lbs of water just in 2 days of wearing them...CANKLES BE GONE! Yay - needless to say once the weather turns hot I dunno if I will wear them unless I have to but while its cool I will wear them...being fat n old is awesome! I think of it as preventative...I sit all day and since I got this gov't job it's become a real issue so...if I can do this in conjunction with other changes it's all good....oh and they are SO attractive....Alex calls them my Black Swan socks HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Anyway...moving on from the granny sock talk...it's time to get on with the day....

Saturday, May 14, 2011


The Spiral Cafe once again shit the bed and double booked Ryan McMahon tonight so there is no show...ugh I hate that place. Such incompetence..repeatedly. I am glad he is never playing there again.

Soooo it is just sushi for Lisa and I and likely an early night b/c she is as hardcore as I am...haha so I will post more later especially now that Ayla has her laptop back and will NOT BE USING MY COMPUTER ANYMORE - YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here comes the bride....not fat or wide...

Not gunna lie...I hate weddings...they go against my personal belief system and moral conditioning BUT i do understand other peoples need for them so I go along sometimes...begrudgingly. There is something exciting about waiting for the bride to start her walk down the aisle - that excitement feels kind of like "christmas" oddly enough...Lori's grand entrance was about 45 minutes later that her 7 page itinerary indicated (haha) but the build up worked b/c even ME...ME: THE HATER OF WEDDINGS AND ALL THAT SHIT was fluttery and smiley with anticipation! Lori looked divine and it was so gawd damn sweet that she had her brothers walk her down the aisle that even I felt my heart warm!

I even actually had to STOP myself from getting misty as she approached Rich at the altar...wtf is that about? I did not get to speak with Lori much obviously as she had a kajillion guests and duties and photo shoots etc but I did get to speak with Rich a little (grooms primp FAR less thus there is more time to mingle) and omfg...having only met him a few times I have to say he is a warm, welcoming human being and I quite adore him...he is really down to earth and quite humorous...which I enjoy....the English accent is also a bonus...oh and the fact the 1st time he ever met me he referred to me as 'hardcore' which delighted me. Anyway I was super happy to see the 2 of them joined in marital bliss...it was worth the blood-clot inducing hard work setting up the hall and tearing it back down again...I am sad they are moving to the UK in a few mths... ::pout::

It was pretty funny after the wedding at 230 am at Guy and Donna's place...we were all WRECKED...it was a rough 18 yrs of hard work (guy was on photographer duty which has its own set of pressures for sure) and we were all kinda pathetic sitting at the table, broken and wasted, splitting up the T3's for relief...I was burping up the potluck meatballs long after I went to sleep...(damn they were good though!) I was a little worried about the state of my heel/legs the next morning (after a whopping 4 hrs sleep) and passed on the birding with Guy and Nathan and his family unfortunately...I was happy to meet Guy's old friend Nathan who I have come to know a little on FB and quite enjoy...his wife Gwynn and 2 girls Mandolyn and Molly were awesome...I really liked them...(keep in mind I don't often like anyone) - I was a blob of dead cripple all day until i go on the bus back home....the bus ride was the shits...I don't like ppl sitting by me...NOPE NOPE NOPE...this woman was completely fine but the body heat we were generating was completely fucked up and I was not able to sit still long as my legs were gunna turn back and fall off...hahahhaa So I probably annoyed the shit out of her....though I think we both lucked out b/c the gal up one and over has the consumption or something and hacked like crazy the whole trip to Vic....THANK YOU HEADPHONES.

I made it home to a CLEAN HOUSE! Yes u heard it here folks...Ayla followed through with her Mother's Day gift and ensured I arrived home to a clean house....It was delightful...thank you Miss Ayla Juniper! We ordered Chinese food and dined while I iced the shit out of my foot....and lazed around the rest of the night until I lapsed into a post-wedding coma. The leg trauma made me go in for a fitting for compression stockings...i cannot articulate the horror of this in human words...I hate socks...bra and socks are the 1st things I take off when i walk into my house...my socks are laying all over the house b/c when I decide they must be off THEY ARE OFF...the thought of wearing extremely tight mthrfckn socks ALL DAY that go right up to my knee mortifies me but clearly....i cannot avoid giving them a shot b/c my circulation issues in my legs are getting out of hand. Sigh...

HENCE THE WAGON OF GOOD EATING...I am back on it...after a year long hiatus which I don't blame on anyone but myself while G lived here...it is such a consuming life change and requires my constant and consistent attention and planning that I cannot seem to accommodate more than THAT at one time...it really does require my full and complete concentration and such....soooooooo here we go again....I have not gained back all that 60ish lbs I lost at the end of 2009 but I may as well have in my mind...FAIL.

So that's where I am at ladies and gents...I see THOR is out in theatres....ooo eye candy galore...may have to take a chance and go see that...


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 7 2011 Wedding Wine

May 7 2011 082 by jennzebel
May 7 2011 082, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

May 7 2011

May 7 2011 079 by jennzebel
May 7 2011 079, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

I cannot articulate how dragging all these tables out and setting them up has killed me hahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am old and feeble...

May 7 2011 Groom

May 7 2011 045 by jennzebel
May 7 2011 045, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Patiently waiting for the 45 min late bride...haha

May 7 2011 Cupcake Awesomeness

May 7 2011 015 by jennzebel
May 7 2011 015, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

MmmMMmmmmMMmmm so good! and CUTE!

May 7 2011 Awwww

May 7 2011 049 by jennzebel
May 7 2011 049, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

I thought it was sweet Lori had her brothers walk her down the aisle and give her away...

May 7 2011 - The Bride

May 7 2011 071 by jennzebel
May 7 2011 071, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Lori looked lovely!

May 7 2011- Oliver

May 7 2011 076 by jennzebel
May 7 2011 076, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

omfg he is such a doll...I did consider stealing him.

May 7 2011 The Dance Off

May 7 2011 126 by jennzebel
May 7 2011 126, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

it has become a tradition now...that Kori and Rich have a "dance off" at weddings...I was really looking fwd to this and it was pretty cool...

May 7 2011

May 7 2011 160 by jennzebel
May 7 2011 160, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

took this for Amanda and Erin....the rat grrls...the Nanaimo bus station can is a real treat when the place isnt flooded and stinking of bathroom smells...the walls are awesome.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Title Goes Here

I am pretty much packed. I am gunna leave work a little early and go home to tiddle up a few last minute things...then be on the 7 pm bus to Parksville...if anyone tries to cut my head off on the bus they better be on it b/c I will not hesitate to fuck them up. I have to say events such as that horrible one and Ayla’s friend Justin being murdered while standing at the bus stop last year have really changed how I perceive other people. Prior to I didn’t mind the crazies acting all weird and sketchy b/c really...it isn’t their fault...but while I do maintain a sense of empathy and understanding for the mentally ill at the same time they have now shifted into a different little place for me...they are flagged on my dangerous list now. I know statistically mentally ill people do not hurt other people often but when you factor in drug addicts and how they behave and messed up ppl in general I cannot distinguish so I am INCREDIBLY alert when I am around sketchy folk. I am looking for weapons and take out my headphones so I can be on top of what’s happening. This pisses me off of course b/c no one wants to feel like they have to be ready to defend themselves from a knife wielding sketcher but gone are the days when I could happily ignore everyone in public and just enjoy the ride. Nope.

Also I have made an observation lately...I notice a lot more ppl seem to have twitching disorders...? What is that about...are ppl neurologically challenged now more often or am I just more apt to notice b/c it irritates the ever-loving shit out of me? It is seriously a HUGE pet peeve of mine – I cannot be near someone who tics and twitches without becoming really anxious and annoyed by it. This could explain the last year of my life with Graeme and his arm twitch thing...my gawd I am becoming less and less tolerant by the minute as I get older...what if I end up as miserable as my Granny?

Ayla works all weekend (yay for me) which is good b/c I am not home and I have less to worry about. For mother’s day I asked her to have the house SPIC AND SPAN CLEAN for when I got home Sunday at supper time...should be interesting hahaha

Orthotics are in and doing what they are supposed to....still feels like I am walking on a roll of quarters but I can feel it taking the pressure off my heel so that’s good...my heel is still messed but it will take quite some time for it to heel...in the meantime I think I will start walking a little more now and see how it does. So annoying.

My mom gave me a plug-in heated mattress cover...sweet jesus!!!!! I finally set it up last week and it is DELIGHTFUL! I turn it on about 30 mins b4 I go to bed and then shut it off as I go to bed and crawl into what feels like sheets just out of the drier....gawd...next winter is gunna be AWESOME! Thanks mama...

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

love love love

While We Were Hunting Rabbits - Matthew Good

While We Were Hunting Rabbits from Sam Bradley on Vimeo.

Oh Canada....!

Sweet Jesus!! What a week. First off the Conservatives wreck my universe by pulling a takeover of the majority that I did not see coming. I feel slightly foolish about it...I mean sure – I don’t hang out with Conservative minded people generally but Harper's leadership is less than stellar....and he is downright sketchy...and this CLEARLY does not matter to 40% of the voters.

Things that ppl don’t seem to mind about Harper:

1- All that Contempt of Parliament business...no biggy right?

2- In 2009, Harper appointed a Minister of Science who refused to say whether he believed in evolution. (uhh duh!) Harper then cut science research funding by $138 Million (while the US invested $2.75 Billion). Since 2007 Harper has forced scientists at Environment Canada to get permission to do interviews, often screening their answers. As a result media coverage of climate change science was reduced by 80%. (I guess if we ignore it will go away right?)

3- The Alliance Church, to which Harper has belonged for decades, believes Jesus Christ will return to Earth in an apocalypse, won't ordain women, strongly opposes abortion and divorce, condemns homosexuality as the most base of sins and believes those who aren't born-again are 'lost.' (Yeah that’s who I want making laws in Canada)

4- In order to protect the profits of his friends in Big Oil Stephen Harper has purposely sabotaged global efforts to deal with climate change. He has been so destructive in this regard that in 2009 prominent politicians and scientists called for Canada to be removed from the Commonwealth. This mark of shame had last been used against South Africa when it was still under racist Apartheid rule. (Oh, nice affiliation...)

5- On April 3rd, 2011 Harper had his people lurk a teenager's Facebook page and then kick her out of an event because she had posed for a photo with the Liberal leader Michael Igantieff. This should come as no surprise from Harper - he tried and failed (4 times!) to create a law that would allow the government to obtain your personal information from an internet provider - without a warrant. (Paranoid much?)

6- Harper plans to double annual prison spending by 2015 (an increase of $5 billion annually), despite the fact that crime rates have been falling for a decade.

7- Since 2006, Harper has cut funding for women's advocacy by 43 per cent, shut 12 out of 16 Status of Women offices in Canada and eliminated funding of legal voices for women and minority groups, including the National Association of Women and the Law and the Courts Challenges Program. (Hmmmmm...)

8- Harper's economic 'recovery' favoured the extremely wealthy. Over 321,000 Canadians lost their jobs in 2008 and Canadians' average wages fell. Meanwhile Canada's 100 wealthiest persons became richer, reaching an average net worth of $1.7 billion each, up almost 5 per cent from 2008.

9- Stephen Harper turned our international reputation from 'Peacekeeper' to 'Torture-Giver'.
'We detained, and handed over for severe torture, a lot of innocent people.' in 2009 Canadian Diplomat Richard Colvin shocked the nation with these words. In Afghanistan, Canada captured 6x more prisoners than the British and 20x as many as the Dutch. Colvin explained that 'Many were just local people: farmers; truck drivers; tailors, peasants...the likelihood is that all the Afghans we handed over were tortured.' (Awesome work!)

10- The government cancelled Canada’s most important national energy efficiency programs and has allowed greenhouse gas emissions to increase in Canada.

11- The Harper government slashed funding to the Canadian NGOs that carry out our crucial development and aid work, including women’s groups; in their “signature” maternal health initiative, the government refused to support access to family planning and reproductive health services. (Holy backwards Batman!)

12 - The handling of his ousted MP and allegations made against her that were never substantiated...that was handled really poorly, embarrassingly so, very Jerry Springer...was sad to see she lost her Independent seat...

Drop in the bucket…ask Guy how his environmental work/contracts have dwindled to practically nothing since Harper’s been in office…No funding = No environmental monitoring/safeguards. Awesome…and I am sure he has done some ok stuff too…but that stuff is a given – that’s the stuff you expect from anyone running a country. I am not of the mindset that anyone can be in such a position and not appear to be a dirt bag but the right wing agenda here is a massive concern and should be for everyone.

Esther the Molester was over for dinner last night…I like her. She is young – yes – but she is interesting and entertaining without being a mindless twat. We had some good chat, food and hang out time…good night all around.

Booked my ticket for Ayla’s dance recital May 28…can’t wait. It is her last one since there will be no dance next year so I am going to enjoy the shit out of it. I actually (and oddly) quite enjoy the shows. Ayla is not on until after the intermission but I plan to go for the 1st half…mainly b/c I do find it enjoyable.

OH! Once thing Harper is good for! I was so mortified by the election it made my period come early so I won’t be DAY 1 HORRIFIC on Saturday (wedding in Parksville)…YAY! Thanks Stephen Harper for making my body abort!! You are awesome!

Right now I am on my lunch break and baked on T3’s to avoid crawling under my desk and rocking myself into a trance…it is gunna be serious stoner time up at Jenny’s house tonight for Survivor…these are the time I wish I was a weed smoker….

Monday, May 02, 2011


I already wrote a big post about voting and the election and such and it was eaten by Shaw Webmail (ARGGG!) so now I am just nattering...

Looking fwd to getting my vote on after work...interesting turn with the NDP pulling up and scaring the shit out of the Cons and Libs...I love that shit! Layton's been poopoo'd for so long i think both parties underestimated 1) how much Harper is despised by a lot of people and 2) how un-likeable Iggy is...that leaves Mr Layton to garner some extra votes that could really bugger things up for the other 2 jackasses.
I predict a minority gov't with a bigger minority for Shark Eyes and my ultimate dream is he will step down but I think he is too arrogant.

My riding is pretty much a sure thing - NDP - so it is an easy vote however the Saanich/Gulf Islands riding is currently Conservative but with Elizabeth May running for the Greens and giving the Cons a run for their money this go of it- it would please me if she took that seat. Weeeeeeeee...guess we will all know tonight...

Hit the beach with Donna this weekend for a stroll..was nice and surprisingly not too bad for the heel....soft impact on the sand/pebbles I am guessing so I wasn't a total cripple Sunday...though I didn't leave the house anyhow...I cleaned and cooked and puttered...

I am having Esther the Molester over for dinner and a visit Tuesday after work....she turned me on to this new craft... - portable altars - which I am in love with...I made my 1st one for her (she is a Rollins fan) to test it all out and it worked out pretty well...(PICTURE TO FOLLOW) - fun silly and easy to make....Christ I could have 20 of them if I let myself...but i will make myself a combo one I think...MG, Maynard, Rollins, Hetfield...Rick Springfield is being left out b/c he grossed me out after reading the Runaways book.

get your vote on mthrfckrs!

EDIT: SHAW WEBMAIL CAN EAT MY BALLS  - arggg it ate my whole post!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Holy Niceness

It is SO nice out today...I gotta rig something outside that I can go stretch out on...though I admit the hummingbird feeders are making a bit of a gawd damn mess out there...one in particular...the birds prefer it to the other one but with the wind out there the sugary crap blows all over and makes a horrible sticky mess...I have tried to anchor it to minimize movement but....?? the wind is pretty zippy way up here (yes -  in the almost penthouse hahaha)

Ayla has to work all day today and she is rather mortified - can't say I blame her but better she is at work than in bed sleeping off a late night missing the sunshine anyway.

I am cooking and crafting today...and cleaning...more to come.