Thursday, February 28, 2008

Carrot Boycott... freaky...little ms maddie poo gave herself and everyone a HUGE scare this week...u can read the details here @ Mama Kelly's blog: CLICK ME
i may never eat a carrot again for fucks sake.
who hasnt did that whole laugh whilst chewing carrot and gagged on carrot chucks, blow them out your nose etc...?? pretty damn serious when you are in a shitty small town hospital and the staff doesnt have the brains or balls to do the right thing.

im bitter...i am not a fan of that hospital for various reasons and this just pretty much sums up why without me having to explain myself. fuckers.

today ayla & i went and did the school transfer paperwork...then i got to take a 23.00 cab ride to the place where they NEEDED to have the form by tomorrow - yeah...the things i do for that kid...*shakes head*

aunty cathy is coming sunday!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that means i gotta clean the hell up and get my room all tiddled for her. will be nice having her here for a few weeks!
i wish i could take more time off but...gawd dammit work sucks balls right now.

matt good tix go on sale tomorrow.....
as u no this whole ticket buying thing stresses me out but thankfully this will be general admission so....LESS STRESS!

dan and donna and i went to see TRANSFORMERS at the imax tonight...i hadnt seen it yet...
i do recall my brother being hardcore into transformers as a kid but i was a little old for that scene at the time. the movie was alright, typical action flick, the last half i couldnt keep up with hwat was going on old. hahahaha

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

la poop

Matt Good is playing FULL BAND here in June....who wants to identify the smell coming from my pants?? Anyone? Anyone?

While I do prefer him solo acoustic I realize it is a rare treat to see him with a band so im going and it is gunna kick ass.

Work yesterday licked hairy ass...then the sprog was an is sad to see how little they regard you sometimes. Yeah I know its an age thing but, gawd...on bad days its like a kick in the box with a steel toed boot.

The cat is at least nice to me...hasnt wrecked anything in 24 hrs.

I love smilie babies with bedhead.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


fuckin sold out.


no tickets.

might see what theyre going 4 from the rapist scalpers at the door.

otherwise its movie night.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


ok the acid has worn off....(no i wasnt really droppin attention to the comments you guys haha)

who watched the lunar EVENT last night? I had every intention to as I was off at 7 pm and thought id get to walk home slowly and observe but as it turned out i was so fucking tired and dead i didnt leave til 8 pm and then didnt care if the moon fucking blew up by that time of day.

im gunna go see Daniel Wesley on Sat. night, he is opening for Wil @ Sugar...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

aspirin swapper bastard

acid....bats....I see colors....brain is morphing...oh look, circus la la la la....make the darkness go blind...i smell boiled turnips...technicolor vomit is not on my agenda for today.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

in Iran punk is not dead

omg something is wrong with me....i keep clenching my jaw/teeth and its driving me nuts....

anyway PERSEPOLIS was really was french with english subtitles all about Iran and was really really engrossing...I did not expect a cartoon to be engrossing, as Im not usually a fan of animation for movies but....this was trying to think of ways i can get Ayla and her friends to go see it.

Arika and I had a great day....1st thing I did was ALMOST fall on my face crossing the street which I think jarred me and my bunion enough to make the rest of the day feel WEIRD....

we went to Salad Loop (my new favorite rest.) and I managed to SPRAY oriental sesame dressing all over the floor....I was convinced it would be ME that slipped in it and died, for karmas sake...instead, i left it there in hopes one of the itty bitty asians girls would wipe out. I am a bad person...I dont care.

We went and drooled over the hats and things in the Irish store...I fondled a hat for a while, telling myself spending 70.00 + tax on a hat I was not likely to wear was I just kept fondling it instead.

Arika got herself a funky bag she had been stalking for a year now that it was reduced to 50.00

This made her very happy...

We made out way to the movie...then after hit the freaky deaky dollar store (u know the one Michelle) and I got some paint, pallettttte, etc....

Wandered home and Ayla had 93048598438509345 friends over, which was cool bc they stayed in the bedroom watching superbad.

I ordered them pizza....they ate and eventually left. Was a good night, they werent being jackasses and Ayla thanked me for not being a weirdo...whatever that means.

I have to go read up on aspirin im suspicious its making me feel weird hahahahhaa

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I woke up grouchy this morning...the cat is annoying the everloving shit out of me...but it really is a good morning. I woke up on my own terms, im drinking a perfect temperatured cup of earl grey tea, im grooving to Hospital Music (which, even months later, i can say is one of the most brilliant pieces of art/music around whether u like MG or not) as long as the cat stays outta my way she will live until the afternoon.

Every so often i like to chat online, and it is always interesting, the social aspect of it, no matter how skewed...last night I was having an interesting conversation with someone (a rare occurance in the chat world) about actual substance that was not veiled in talks of boners or sexual exploration (yawn)...he told me about this documentary:

so we were discussing blah blah blah....and then he sends me a picture....well about ruining a moment....(what do u think im gunna say right now?).....

the picture was from the neck down and shirtless (im well aware of how truly dork cheesey that is)...yeah well Mr 6 pack with the exposed nipple from scotland totally distracted me. Exposed nipples for me are like having a pink elephant in the room...try acting normal. haha

I will try not to let his athletic self RUIN any future chatting but im not sure I can forget about the nipple.

Today Arika and I are doing something...just dunno what yet.

We agreed it will have nothing to do with food...well fuck...its disturbing how socially food seems to be the main fucking im thinking maybe we can go strolling with our cameras...maybe see this flick:

I have a co-worker who is REALLY passive-aggressive...she will hint and joke about things she wants/requires but wont just be straightfwd and ask and I have adopted the rule with ppl that pull this shit (conscious or not) that they can fuck off and die.

My mother is like this, it makes me INSANE. Just beforthright and fuck off with the me it is such a fucking character flaw/weakness it truly sickens me. Dramatic I know...but...thats my rant 4 the day about annoying ppl.

My armpit hurts.

Friday, February 15, 2008

birthdays & narcotics

I wonder if I could lose weight like Valerie Bertinelli if i had to go on TV and show my progress?

Probably not....i'd probably gorge myself on cookie dough until i exploded from all the pressure.

I work in an hour and a half....gawd help me...its gunna be busy...I think I will shave my legs today so I feel like a super hero.

Showering lately has become extra fun these days. The cat is in love with the water so I mess with her pretty good...nothing like a soaked cat to add entertainment to the day. ha!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 38 and u look great....(cough! skinny bitch cough!)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fuck You Hallmark!

I'm typing in red to represent my distaste 4 this shyte hallmark festivity sure st valenfucktard was no saint at all.

Ayla made brownies last night and omfg they were kickass...just dont ever let her make 2 boxes of cake mix in an angel food pan....that they baked for 3 hrs and it was still raw. HAHAHAHAHA and they are it hahahahahah grossssssssssssssssssssssssssssss i have since informed her what the angel food pan is for.

Aunty Cathy is coming to visit March 2!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO

I dont think i will get to take any time off but im gunna try to swing a few extra days so we can hang out and see some movies etc.

Someone is knitting me a jesus....I think I may wet myself!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

that's how I roll

I painted....until I had a gross purpley brown color.
In the process of getting to the putrid purpley brown color I had a few cool things...I should have stopped and got more paper to carry on dabbling instead of painting OVER and OVER it.

I have OCD when i doodle, I cant stop and I think painting will be similar...NOW I WANT AN EISEL!!!!!
Must get eisel (sp).

Anyway...I slept my damn day off away practically...which is good but shitty at the same time seeing as I really should have been doing laundry.
Went and saw I AM LEGEND again tonight with 2 friends who hadnt seen it....its at the cheap theatre so why not for only 2.50

My new hire was a no show for her last 2 shifts so...another one bites the dust. I fucking HATE the hiring part of my job, absolutely HATE it...the hours spent interviewing and doing up contracts and paperwork is fucking GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY when the fucktards, rather than just saying they changed their mind, just dont show up.
I left the twat a message today with her daughter (b/c she will not answer the phone) to please return some items we need back. Will be interesting to see if she does. Asshole.

Ayla and I have made a *date* to go deal with her passport etc on Feb 21...wooooohoooooooo

My arm pit hurts right now.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

brush stroke

Lame-o Chinatown in is one block long....

Bird Statue thingy

these were all the cat toys under the couch when I moved it.

Guy the Bird Man

Busy weekend...

Guy and Donna came down Saturday...we dined on Thai and good conversation...did the usual RockBay hooker drive by x 5464852...didnt end up at strippers though.

It is always fabulous to see time I think I will see if they wanna just come over, eat at home and hang out/watch a some gas. haha

they won the Valentine BIRDATHON (thats right folks!), they managed to see 99 species in 6 hours and kicked ass on their fellow birders...woot! woot!

I received a parcel of the most thoughtful gifts of all time I think...I have been talking about dabbling with painting....and its one of those things...i see things in my mind and though since I cant draw 4 shit maybe PAINT is a better medium for me... many other things it gets put on the backburner for eternity bc...well i apparently prefer to blow my wad on my kid (grumble grumble!!) more often than not...

Well MS ADELE BARTLEY my jr high partner in crime sent me the most amazing little painting starter kit...paints, a book, canvas/paper, brushes....

I was really blown away.

She is an amazing artist herself so it was nice to get such a wonderful bundle of encouragement...

Thank you Ms Adele.....xo

Today was busy at work so I am pooped...
Im gunna go read my book until I fall asleep dreaming that I am a fantastic painter and no longer have to work where I work to pay rent, I can just sell a painting and that keeps the rent paid all year...OHHHH YEAH FANTASYLANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Friday, February 08, 2008


I wish Bob Ross was my I'd be a kick ass painter 4 sure then....woooohooooo whole new life and career.

Ok dream time over.

Warmed up...6 above now....LOVERLY!
Today I have to go peddling my company wares and I am not so good at makes me wanna vomit actually.

Anyway...if Bob Ross was my dad I'd still be an orphan but i'd have a skill!

Happy DogFucker Friday everyone!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

don't make me steal your jesus statue

ok im sick.
im a snot machine.
but at least im not on the toilet like a few other ppl at work today so im not complaining.
best part is im so poor i cant even go buy medicine...i have to ration what i have. hahah hahaha hahahahha hahahahah hahahahahah loser

pet peeve of the day: when ayla gets ready 4 school she has her gay ass ipod on so she cant hear anything but her if i need to tell her something...i knock on her door, which she NEVER hears....but i cant just open the door bc if shes changing she turns into the spastic tazmanian devil and FLIPS HER LID and calls me a creeper, peeper, pervert, rapist (uhhh ya ok) - so I evetually open the door with my head turned so i see nothing and i wave my arm so she can notice the movement and shut her ipod piece of crap this morning i found these earrings and wanted to no if they were i knock...
3 mins i i swing the door open and wave my arm around like a mental....
and scared to look bc gawd only knows wtf shes doing and she will kick my ass if shes changing....eventually i tire of waving my arm around and calling her name and turn my head to look in her room and well.......FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
im a rapist, pervert, peeper, stalker, weirdo.

yeah....thats it.

fucking teenagers.

i threw the earrings in the garbage after her big production and didnt bother to even show them to her.

i am in love with my new house arrangement......its weird though bc ppl can watch me on the computer now and its kinda weird....

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mouth Breather

gawdddddddd im getting sick...

which may also explain my recent psychosis and shitty mood.

I wish snot was worth something...I could make some $.

Today I had Shaw come and put cable outlets in my kitchen and bedroom so I can watch TV in my room and move my desk/computer into the dining I spent the day moving EVERYTHING....rearranging the living room...and I fucking LOVE it the way it is now....I managed to prop the cat shredded lamp behind the couch so u cant really tell its only half a lamp HAHAHAHHA

So ya that took up the whole day...and im back to work tomorrow...Ive been HATING work right a bad way...I am INCREDIBLY unorganized right now...and when im unorganized I cant even delegate anything so this week is all about getting my shit together.

At home and at work...and in my head.

We are poor at the moment and are eating whatever is in the house this week...its funny how creative u get when u have no choice. hahahaha Ayla is eating peanut butter sandwiches for gawds sake!!!!! ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! When all else fails a spoon of peanut butter does miracles.

I got an email recently with pictures of families in different countries and the food they go through in 1 week (along with the price)...was interesting to see how the food was presented, the cost differentials...the quality of the groceries....friggin american family hardly ate vegetables!!!

If you didnt get the email, lemme know and Ill fwd it to was a pretty cool thing.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

There Will Be Blood

and I am not even talking about my period....went and saw the movie tonight...lame when u gotta bum 20.00 off yer kid to see a movie... sure she will charge me interest.

It was an interesting movie...Daniel Day Lewis was a complete freaky monkey in it, very interesting character....almost a 3 hr movie but you get sucked in and don't even notice.

Last night Aunty Pam, Jim and I made Ayla come to see THE BUCKET LIST....she slept through the whole movie...and im pretty sure they jacked the heat up for all the old ppl cuz it was hotter than hell in there...the place was full of geriatric folk...some of the conversations I overheard were friggin hilarious... "Wow! Now that was a movie worth leaving the house for!" ha ha ha

I asked Ayla before the movie started if she was dieing over being out with us and she said no b/c she knew no one from her school would be at such a gay movie haha Brat.

Anyway...the cat got to meet Tito the Yorkie finally....he is Maggie's little dog...after a few initial beatings the cat settled down and started being nice to the dog...they were buds by the end and im pretty sure the cat misses the was hilarious to watch the cat at 1st b/c shes never seen a dog before so you just know the shit going through her mind is along the lines of "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU!?!?!"

Ayla's birthday went well...she had a blast...

she got some good loot too...bedding for her new queen sized bed....and a nice duvet and bedskirt from Aunty from Aunty Cathy, Grandparents in Calif and Uncle Vince...(hence why i bummed 20.00 off her, shes LOADED right now!)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Ohhh yes...memories

It was exactly 14 yrs ago today when it felt like my pelvis was going to split in 2...childbirth, as it turned out, was the easy part of parenting.

Ayla is 14 today...YAY AYLA~~I havent bludgeoned you into a coma yet! WOOOHOOO

She is very excited about her bday this year....tomorrow Pam & Jim will be here for an overnight visit...which is WAY cool! I am off for the weekend so all is looking well.

Happy Birthday Baby