Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vacation Day #1

 That's right...vacation day #1 - never left the house...didn't get dressed or shower either...did not brush my teeth or my hair or wear deodorant. It was a wonderful day of puttering.
My wee camera makes these stupid reflection things on the pictures of the sunsets which I find rather annoying. Funny that my old dino-cam still has so many more better features despite being old and only 5 MP.
 The weather today was effing glorious....15 degrees...a nice breeze, a bit overcast and no blazing soul melting sun making me have to close my curtains ALL DAY! ::insert a choir of angels singing here::
I bought a dolly. Always wanted I just did it. The thing is it has an ODOR...I cannot keep it its out on the patio b/c the smell of it is just too gross...its an 'industrial' smell of someone dumped gasoline in the house. Am hoping it wears off.
Yes - that's the exciting shit I get up to.
Tomorrow is laundry and packing up day - then I leave to go up island Friday morning at 7 am.

Friday, July 26, 2013


I am reading Duff McKagan's book currently..."It's So Easy". I really love reading about musicians lives b/c as they are going through what was happening with them through their careers I can map it perfectly in my head...what I was doing at the same time - I friggin love's like I am injecting myself into their existence somehow...but not really. Anyway...this book is an interesting look at the absolute disgusting  level of alcoholism and drug addiction Duff McKagan was part of at the peak of Guns n Roses career. Do you have any idea how much you have to drink over a certain time period to blow up your pancreas? Unbelievable what the human body can endure and come back from. I like this book...he is a surprising gentle soul with a humble persona. Been listening to all my Guns n Roses music for the last week...not gunna the band...don't really like watching Axl though...

I promised you a rant - here it is. You all know I am a psycho rabid avid Matthew Good fan...Haven't missed a live show since 2000. Every other winter for the last I do not know how many years....10ish - he plays Victoria supporting whatever his most current album is. It is a ritual of sorts and this year is no different. SO I THOUGHT. There are shows booked in Courtenay and Nanaimo....none for Victoria. At first I didn't shit the bed too badly - just figured it was a bit slower to book a Victoria venue for whatever reason....I check every.fucking.morning waiting for Victoria to pop up on the tour listing. Nothing.

If he is already on the island why on earth wouldn't he come to Victoria...the ferry is paid for already! Courtenay getting an MG show and Victoria not getting one is some kind of evil alternate universe nightmare. So - of course - when I finally realize in my denial ridden brain that there is a chance he is skipping Victoria....there are no decent tickets left for either show on the island or the Vancouver show at the fucking seriously? WTF! He just had to cancel his US tour due to funding you would think cramming all the Canadian shows he can into the tour would be on the agenda...

So yeah - I am totally pissed. I am shunning him on my MP3 player and skipping his songs that come on I am so gawd damn upset....yet still a victim a-hole and checking the site just in case a show is listed. I even looked up that week at his usual venue (Royal Theatre) and THERE IS NOTHING BOOKED STOPPING HIM FROM PLAYING THERE. So pissed. So disappointed. Poor me, I know....1st world problems. Meh.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

OK I am a day late....

Awwww they are like stinky little kitty cats!
So...funny of those stoies that is funny b/c it did not happen to you.

Poor Connie...dead asleep the other night and her big furry comes tearing into the bedroom, hops on the bed - JUST SPRAYED BY A SKUNK! Apparently the smell of this "fresh" is something out of this world in the worst way possible...her husband immediately began did one of her daughters while the other daughter just screamed...Connie scrambled to get the dog out....had to toss the bedding....throw rugs....after many attempts to de-stink the was shaved. Did I mention this is a furry Eskimo kind of dog. hahahaha Poor Chinook....bald but smells ok at least...what a nightmare. I did chuckle very loudly imagining Jason and Kaitlyn just standing in the bathroom throwing up in unison.

I never want to know what a skunk smells like fresh and up close like that...ever.

1 more week til I meet up with Connie and the girls at the Pacific Shores Resort...I cannot wait to stay in THIS awesome suite... and utilize the pools...and explore the beach...and just chill!

I have a really big rant coming up for you this has been brewing for a while....prepare.

I am old and have to go to bed now.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I shall post...I swear!

in the meantime....

Street Art - downtown Victoria today

Monday, July 15, 2013

Respect the Ear Buds

I think it is safe to say that someone wearing ear buds or any type of headphone probably doesn't want to chat with you on the bus or at a bus stop...this being said, I understand that the mentally ill woman at the bus stop yesterday likely has no grasp on social cues and things like that so she gets a pass. Her smiling scared me. I have said before that ppl who just walk around smiling for no obvious reason make me kinda nervous but this type of smiling is a step beyond even a happy person smiling. It was uncomfortable to look at...which then gets me over-thinking about what her life must be like...and what it maybe was like prior to this horrible smiling affliction. I hear stories from a fried who works with the mentally they had completely normal lives, kids, job, spouse etc....and how their whole life unraveled when mental illness took over. Schizophrenia in particular...knowing another person who was raised by a Schizophrenic mother makes me all too aware of the potential hell on earth that can be for children...and anyone involved really. Nothing good about it...I do not think people truly understand the devastation.

Saw THE EAST last night....LOVED IT - and not just b/c my favorite True Blood vampire Eric Northman (aka Alexander Skarsgard) was in it). Brit Marling is quickly becoming my new favorite in the movie world...not just her acting but the fact she writes, directs and produces, etc. I randomly caught ANOTHER EARTH on Netflix and after watching it looked her up and really admired the fact that she was tired of such crappy roles offered for female actors so she started to write her own material. Keep an eye on her.

18 days until Pacific Shores (in Parksville)....Have you seen this place? CLICK HERE So stoked for this trip...I am pretty sure Connie and I haven't stayed in a place so swanky hhaha I am sure the kids will love it...lots of pools, beach, parks etc.

Am hoping Maggie and Sons will be able to come down for a few days after while I am off....

Time for a nap at 10 am!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Patty Cake Patty Cake

Pat Benatar was pretty great...60 years old and still sounds as good as she ever did. The show was relatively short (745-905) but it did not lack in quality. She has such a large catalog it must be tough to pick and choose what to perform - she did a bunch of her great ones of course and a cover of RING OF FIRE (above snippet) which was awesome. While Lisa and I were waiting in the lobby to go in caterers were setting up this big buffet....and it turned out that it was for the ppl attending the PB show. SO WEIRD! Pre-concert buffet snacks! Bizarre! Anyway I would go see her again...she puts on a great show and her and hubby Neil Giraldo have great chemistry and banter on stage.

Today I met Kim after she was done work and took her for has been 17 yrs since her mom Laurie died of cancer so I thought she could use a hang out and it was nice...we had dinner and walked a bit before we parted ways...I really like having her live in my town. The other day I was walking downtown and randomly bumped into her and it was SO COOL.

Kim is off the Rock the Shores this weekend - I opted out to avoid the sunshine despite the fact 2 of my favorites are playing there: Matthew Good and Sam Roberts. Sorry...I am a sun hater.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Now you're messin' with a....

NAZARETH w/ guests THE HEADPINS....holy hell....what a weird show. The Headpins were fine...they sounded good but I don't know their music so it was hard to get I was preoccupied looking at Darby Mills' rack. She is looking pretty good for a gal in her 50's. McCafferty is 66 years old ffs...I knew this going in...what I did not bank on was how distracting it would be to watch the man gasp for breath in between each verse he sang...He even had to sit during songs....all that smoking has certainly caught up with him...this potential medical emergency fear was more distracting that Darby Mills' boobies. Despite the respiratory challenges he has he pulled off every song except for Love Hurts...that sounds crappy now...but all things considered it was well worth the moola and it was cool to hear those old favorites live and loud in fact I had to wear my ear buds through the whole show...I love loud music but I do not have the stamina to endure those ear bleeding volumes it seems. Honestly, when it is so loud it sounds better with ear plugs lie.

Next tour I predict Nazareth will wheel oxygen tanks on stage for him....that would make me feel better...knowing he won't drop after an especially long verse. My faves were Sunshine, My White Bicycle and This Flight Tonight...gotta hand it to the was awesome.

 Got a new PC....bought Shawn's off him...faster than a speeding bullet...Windows 7 (not hating it as much as I thought I would) and pretty pimped up. He was in town all in some good visiting with him...Kim was over for dinner tonight too which was nice...haven't seen her in a week and that was WEIRD!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

80's Flashback of Awesomeness

You is not often that 30 years post their peak a band can still hit the same notes and bring forth the same happened. I was shocked...I was expecting it to be a memory lane night but it was actually fun and Mark Holmes' voice is stellar for a man in his 50's. It helps that he is still quite attractive, I won't lie. Anyhow - Kate and I had a good night and I loved seeing these guys...would totally go again if they came to town.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Sweaty Boob Days of Summer

I, for one, have no idea how people enjoy this sweaty piece of shit weather. I am sad I have to leave the house this afternoon to volunteer...quite bitter about it actually...I did manage to wheel and deal with Kim though so I have a ride there and back after I help her move the last of her loot into her new apt. from the car today. It has been nice for her to have a car all of move week (thanks Kate!) - made life a lot easier!

The move went well...ignoring the fact I had gut rot all day...the movers showed up on time...they were fast, efficient and pleasant and it was an all around good experience. Straight Line Pro Moving in Victoria BC is the way to go...makes my next move a bit less daunting knowing I don't have to ruin myself to get it done.

Kim's gigantic couch didn't fit in the living room so its sitting in her hallway until she can sell it....too bad b/c it is such a big living room it would have been nice to squash it in there...Kim has some mementos and stuff that are a nice walk down memory lane...some school pictures of my brother (from when he was little) I haven't seen before...that yellow shirt is from the sane Jr. High I went to when we lived in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan....Empire...omfg I hate that school...mainly b/c of the PE program...they had this "gym strip" policy,,,,everyone had to wear shorts and a shirt for gym and then you were expected to shower after class....Ummm excuse me? Mandatory forced showing in a public setting? This grade 7 neurotic about nudity went ape shit into survival mode that was terrible. I faked it for a while...eventually the teacher got more hardcore...and I had to step up the faking know ...wet my hair and clothes a bit...all the fakery was more of a work out than anything going on is was actually really mind fucking to my delicate psyche at the time...caused me a shit ton of stress...looking back it seems silly...but there is no accounting for peoples hang ups and weirdness I guess....shit I am 43 this year and showering at the gym now causes me FAR MORE STRESS than it easy being me.

It is Canada Day but I don't care b/c it is simply too hot to I do not. Plus....not really proud of our shit gov't these days...provincially or federally so...all I feel is sorry for Canada really....Is it too much to ask for a bit of gawd damn wind?

LOL @ the Guy Fawkes mask in the front window of the adult store...