Friday, March 30, 2007

You will all be jealous of my new bowl!!!!

I scored the COOLEST WEIRDEST bowl today thrift store shopping...

I was looking for goblets and there it was....


like an old friend..."buy me, take me home, home girl"

in other NEW HIRE thats been coming in all week was a no show today (training doesnt even start until next week)...I called her house earlier in the day and spoke to her sister, she said she didnt know where she was...

I called back tonight b4 I left work bc I was worried something happened and she answered...only she PRETENDED it wasnt her...yeah like how fucking dumb do u think I am?

I even said "I know this is Sheryl", she pretended she was her sister. WHAT A FUCKING RETARD. So she clearly wont be showing up for her shift tomorrow....and if for some odd reason she does she better have some serious balls b/c b4 I let her in if she doesnt have a decent excuse for not showing or calling I am going to tell her to forget it, she can go work at 7-11...

I doubt she will show up though.

So now as soon as I get back from holidays I will be frantically looking for 2 new hires.

Fuckin fuck. Better now than after training starts or once shes on the schedule and useful but fuck I can not tell you the time it takes to get all the required paperwork done for a new hire, the offer/contract, the forms, the $ spent on credit checks and police clearance etc. THAT MAKES ME SOOOOOO MAD. What a waste of time.

Anyhoo. Whatever....3 more shifts and im on vacation hahahahahha

pardon me while I burst into flames.....

4 more days!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

the countdown becomes real...

me head! me head! me aching head!
i woke up to the words "OMGGGGGGG IM LATE" this morning...and then heard the frantic scurrying of Ayla racing for the shower.

apparently at 13 she no longer knows how to properly operate her alarm clock. haha funny since shes been doing it fabulously since she was 8...I've never had to get her up, she is pretty self motivated but i guess the teen-itis is challenging her motivation.
i got to work a fabulous 12 hr day yesterday...{insert sarcasm here}...and during that 12 hour day i got to see 1st hand someone completely and unabashedly deny any wrong doing for an error made by them, thus trying to make it look like it was all me.

i don't usually do well with that shit bc as a rule I'm pretty good about owning my own shit. if i fuck up, i have no problem saying so and dealing with it.

so i have a problem with ppl who don't, and especially when they try to shift the blame on others.

i naturally tried to have a conversation with the person about it but all i got was this "WELL NO ONE TOLD MEEEEEEE" and its simply not true.

anyway...i took the high road on it and dropped it bc this person is rather famous for not taking criticism well or owning her own shit. i just made sure to tell my boss that that better not show up on my performance appraisal in October but luckily she already knew the deal so i was in the clear.

wtf is that hey? i just do not get that shit. i get enough of my own shit at work for my managerial shortcomings (I'm not real professional in case you wondered hahahah) that i am not taking on someone elses.
so that was my day...5 more shifts and im GONEEEEEEEEEE AWAYYYYYYY

sing it with me:
im leavinggggg on a slow trainnnnnn, don't know when ill be back again...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

a pimple on the path of progress

I do not want to return to work tomorrow.


Anyway...such is life.

Ayla has a birthday party this weekend...
dinner @ the Macaroni Grill/limo for the evening/sleepover.

Man o man...whatever happened to renting movies and ordering pizza for a sleep over?
I feel so inadequate as a party thrower.

So yeah...some MG fans ran to his ex wife's blog and ranted on her. Now her boss has involved himself in the whole thing with MG and it's gotten really weird...not so weird I've stopped reading but weird all the same. haha I think they should make a deal...she gives up his last name and goes back to her maiden name and they agree to never speak of the other again. Sounds fair to me. I am sick of hearing about the useless twat...she was nothing but a shallow cunt before and I would venture to say she has evolved much since.

Moving on...I cooked today...made shepherds pie....then a batch of pasta sauce...Ayla hates both.
Oh yay.
Then I proceeded to nap and watch TV all day after a few good morning phone conversations, one with Jerri and then Aunty Pam...then tonight I had a work meeting here at my house...that was somewhat entertaining b/c Lani and I had to do a Excel
I use it well enough etc but it irritates me...

I need to stop swearing so much...and stop biting my nails you think I can do both w/o hurting someone?
I'm not sure. haha

I watched a really cool program on the Knowledge Network today about testosterone levels in the womb etc...very interesting...testosterone is quite the hormone...amazing what adjusting levels of hormones can change as far as development goes.
I am too tired to elaborate...sorry.

Monday, March 26, 2007

get informed by the real media

these are the morons doing Bush's bidding.

if you werent mad about it before u sure as fuck should be now after watching those 2 clips.

fucking animals.

Waste of Time Alphabet Hell

(thanks Barb)
A- Available or Single: Neither (I know that makes me sound mysterious but it isnt all that mysterious haha)

B- Best Friends: all my friends are best ones for different reasons

C- Cake or Pie: its a mood and flavor thing!

D - Drink of Choice: water

E- Essential Item: like if I was on survivor?? a journal and a pen! so I could document my fabulous weightloss and hatred 4 the other stranded humans

F- Favourite Colour: maroon...and this weird rich shade of blue i dont know the name for

G- Gummi Bears or Worms:i dont like gummy candy, its like chewing on a pencil eraser

H- Hometown: Powell River, even though I didnt move there til I was 14

I- Indulgence: movies

J- January or February: both are fine so long as global warming doesnt make them summer months

K- Kids - Ayla Juniper ~ 13 going on 24

L- Life is incomplete without: friends and some family (haha)

M - Marriage Date: no thank you, although Guy seems to think in the next 5 ill get hitched...I think he took peyote that day

N- Number of Siblings: 1 brother 1 sister

O- Oranges or Apples: Oranges mmmmmmmmm

P- Phobias/Fears: Loss

Q- Favourite Quote: Nietzsche (did I spell that right 4 once?) has good ones but im too lazy to pick one

R- Reasons to smile: 7 days til VACATION TIMEEEEE

S- Season: fall/winter/spring

T- Tag 3 People: Maureen - Shawna - Maggie

U- Unknown Fact About Me: ohhh im a nailbiter, oh wait u knew fat...of wait u knew that too...I have potty mouth, oh fuck you know that already too...forget it

V- Vegetable You Hate: turnip & green beans...barf

W- Worst Habit: see "unknown fact about me" above

X- X-rays You've Had: teeth

Y- Your Favourite Foods: japanese, thai, carbs in general

Z- Zodiac: Libra

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Being unpopular...

...I often ponder things about myself, trying to pinpoint the moment in time when a certain synapses occurred and made me a particular way.

For the most part its impossible to pinpoint these moments, but it is interesting exploring your memories.

Memories can be very unreliable though. I doubt my own a lot. I have often gone to others for their recollection so I can be assured my own memory was somewhat accurate. When emotions play into your memory sometimes you remember the emotion and less about the details. Perception is everything after all. i have seen it repeatedly, talk to 3 ppl about the same event and get 3 different stories, usually somewhere in the middle of all 3 is the truth of it...whatever truth is.
Truth is defined as:

1. the true or actual state of a matter
Pretty cut and dry hey?

For some things it is...for matters of the heart truth tends to be different for everyone.
I saw 300 today (sorry Guy, I couldn't wait 4 ya)...visually stunning...fab story...a few moments of cheese...boner worthy fighting and gore...more abs then you have ever seen in your life...but when it was done I wished I went to see the shark one...cuz I knew id walk outta the shark movie fired up and pissed off....and feeling like I had to save every shark in the world.

In 300 though I will say the nipples in the movie were kinda weird....not the men's...but the women's...the Oracles in all know from past blatherings I detest puffy nipples...but this Oracle, gawd she has these weirdo fucking looking was so distracting...I kept trying to identify what it was that was so ODD about them...they were just yukky.
My uterus is writhing in utter despair at the i am going to knock it out...not literally...although there is some imagery id like to explore.

Sunday can suck my wang

I find it bizarre that 40-50 ppl a day look at this damn blog and maybe 2 comment.
What is that?
Fuckers. Talk.
or maybe its the same 10 stalkers checking 5x a day.
That's probably more likely.

Its 1 going AS PER USUAL to see a movie solo today.
Either 300 at 4pm or SHARKWATER @ 430
I will see what mood im in when I saunter downtown.
Ayla's off to drink bubble tea in chinatown and show for a new shirt.

I think I need a nap already.
Or something.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Did someone say...BONER?

Oooohhhh yeahhhhhh I love the night b4 my day off...makes life worth living dont it....
So I sprung a massive boner today...the new MG site has a Community page and it currently has a picture that I took of MG at the last Victoria show he did here... CLICK HERE You may have to be a registered user to see it but in case u cant here it is... Ooooo yeah.
In other news... I saw the kid that made the SHARKWATER movie on CBC last ngiht on THE I reallllly wanna see it...Shawn and I are supposed to go tomorrow night but he tried inviting someone else along and i boycott 3 somes of all sorts so....I dunno, I might go solo in the afternoon...or go see 300 in the afternoon...not sure.

Lupitory Cardiofucktarditis

There is something WRONG with waking up feeling like u were on a 3 day bender when u havent had even 1 beer in weeks.

I slept like a dead person...i think that may be part of the issue, im sleeping too much, it has always been this way for me, 8 hrs is TOO much sleep and ive been sleeping 8-9 all week.

May explain why I feel how i feel.

Either way I will be going for a stroll soon to get some food for the brat so she wont die eating crackers all day. Gawd forbid she MAKE anything?!?!??!?!?!?!

Now that Ive freaked out and said she has to wash her own dishes she uses hses turned into this dishware horder...and wont make or eat anything that requires a DISH! HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah i got tired of coming home to 2 sink fulls after work back when it was her job to put away and I was the washer. It was just a matter of time b4 I snapped.
I have 4 finger nails.


I was so close not all that long ago.
I was only sworn at once yesterday...and it was by someone I hated so it was awesome b/c now Im thinking he wont come back MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MUAHAHAH HAHAHHA HAHHAHH HAHAHHAH MUAHHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAHHA fuckin little punk ass

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ohh sweet mother of gawddddddd

Ok I am totally too old n lard ass-y to work this many hours.

I have ONE day to survive then I get Sunday off...and omfg I can't wait.
I dunno if im coming down with something or what but I feel really really fucked.
I probably have lupus. Or deadalingoitis.

Ha Ha Ha Matt Good posted his ex wifes blog link on his and she is taking a beating in her comment section.
I think everyone knows what i think of her so I clearly finding it entertaining even if i think its a waste and time and have no energy to partake. I can not be bothered...thats a karma thing, she's a dipshit. "...she makes socializing at industry events and parties a must." Fuck. ha ha

Ok...I'm dead. Im going to bed....some of us, unlike the twat mentioned above, have to work for a living.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Like, O-M-G, she hugged me!

Well...Ayla went downtown, got in line...ended up with Nelly Furtado whacking her in the face by accident which earned her a hug and an autograph, then she scored a free ticket from a friends mom to the concert tonight so shes gone to that with 3 friends so life is good 4 Ayla!

Click em 2 see them bigger.

Nelly Fartado Day

It's Nelly Furtado Day in Victoria BC
The mayor in all his wisdom has decided to throw a ceremony for her, shes kicking off her Cdn Tour here this week (she also happens to be from here as well)...all I can think of is how the money 4 this useless ceremony could be used twd housing some homeless ppl downtown...or feeding them, but that's just me. WTF do I know?
Ayla and her friends are going to the ceremony and hope to get a peak at the she's been racing around like a complete and utter lunatic all day, primping and preening, ranting that she needs a new hair straightener, ranting that ive stolen her make up, raging that her hair is atrocious, spazzing b/c her camera doesnt fit in her purse right. All im thinking is "shouldnt u leave now to ensure you get there 4 hrs early?" ha ha ha
Hired a girl all I need now is one more to replace the one leaving in the summer.

Maybe once the plce is staffed ill quit


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

everyone can go suck it!

aunty pam is home....yay...although I called her last night and she was already on the phone so I haven't got to talk to her yet...

i will try her tonight after my 11 hr shift. (insert bitterness here)
have i mentioned lately i detest my job?

audit wasn't so hot.

my part time employee who has recently given her notice bc she got a gov't job (as u can imagine she couldn't give a shit about an audit) was asked a lot of questions and bombed most of them.

fucking great.
and this morning i get to go to work early and interview someone WITH MY BOSS (fuckin kill me now) observing...i hate interviewing ppl on a good day.
but whatever...all i gotta do is live til April 3rd/jump on a train and then I'm FUCKING GONEEEEEEEEEEEE for 9 days and i don't care if the shithole burns down in my absence....
im sorry i have nothing of value or substance to share but my head is in a very ugly headspace...u know the one where you can sit and cry for no reason just premenstrual and miserable all at the same time...bad combo. so sorry about your sister and wee nephew Tanner.... :o( what a sad disappointment and loss, i hope u are all doing as well as u can be over there...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

everyone can go fuck off

today has been all about ppl being belligerent to kid, fucktards at work.

i can honestly say im about fucking done with that shit.

i think my kid came about as close to being murdered as she ever has today...

i hate sundays ~ and its gunna be a longgggggggggggg spring break

Saturday, March 17, 2007

ambush me and die...

I can not stand unexpected guests.....with children.
It is just the way I am...I need time to mentally prepare for children as I don't like them very much anymore and when I get dropped in makes me really fucking annoyed.
So I have this impending visit for only day off in a 12 day run and I'm really fucking bitter about it...I might be a complete asshole and not answer my phone, cuz I'm an asshole like that.
So now u all know...I'm a fucking asshole...

Ayla is already shirking the books and going to the mall...I've decided i will not mention all the required french reading to be done over spring break and leave her to her own devices...and if sucks her computer time will go from 1 hr a day to 30 mins and no more free for all weekends.
I'm not chasing her around about it....

OMFG I'm so annoyed about this visit I'm going to avoid...FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK its a visit i wouldnt mind having IF i had some notice and I'm just pissed off cuz i have a fucking chicken going in the oven and laundry on the go and Neko Case blaring (Ayla says I'm gay and like country now, this wounded me deeply, not the gay part but the country part) and I'm all spazzed out. I HATE BEING AMBUSHEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD...
Most ppl I wouldn't mind the ambush, honestly...but u know there are some ppl who its just an all consuming fucking ordeal to visit with...u gotta feed em and entertain them and offer them a place to sleep, try hard not to beat their children to death and all that shit and i JUST CAN NOT!!!!! I WILL NOT!
So I'm gunna do the chicken shit thing and say something at work came up and I'm working...Oooh Jen u are goin' straight to fucking hell...

It doesn't sound like the audit is going well at happy as I am not to be there for it (IT IS FUCKING NERVE RACKING) I hate relying on other ppl for there interpretation of how it is this point...I'm like...fug it.

Friday, March 16, 2007

I think I want a morphine drip button for xmas

Sounds like Aunty Pam is doing well with her morphine drip button...although I'm told shes in excruciating pain and is scared to take a sleeping pill cuz then she wont wake up to give herself some drugs and she will wake up DRUG FREE and feel HIDEOUS.

Logical to me.

It is always so weird to sleep in a hospital, I have only been in the hospital once, overnight and that was after i spit out the offspring and i didn't sleep either.
Too much traffic, nurses in and out, noises etc.

Anyway she is in for a long time of recovery sadly but at least its all taken care of and that aspect of it all isn't looming over every ones head, especially her own.
Wish I could be there now...I hate hearing everything 2nd hand...sometimes u just have to see someone for yourself to know they are know? I am looking fwd to going there April 3 and seeing her for myself...and getting a week to hang with her and visit.
Maggie will be calling me later this AM with an update as well so....that's good.
I am so relieved about all this stuff that I am only MILDLY irritated that there was no survivor this week and a few other shows i like aren't on bc of this basketball bullshit on CBS...bastards.
Today is Friday...I just gotta get through today...then on Saturday I'm gunna do laundry and go for a walk or 2 and THAT'S ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will make Ayla a roast chicken as well...
Spring Break all next week...Ayla will be at home reading MULTIPLE french books shes been avoiding for school all year thus far. I cant wait to hear that whine-fest.

She is going to get a haircut on a fancy shes all pumped and scared at the same sad shes inherited the social retardation this family is plagued with.

I had a totally hot sex dream last started off with my gay friend Shawn which was just ODD....but then I was with Irish actor Stephen Rea <--click it (u remember FERGUS from THE CRYING GAME???)

and it was something else lemme tell you hahahaa Whenever I see him in a movie now its gunna like like we are old pals hahaha

SHARKWATER <--click that if u haven't heard about out this month...cant WAIT to see it...

it is the INCONVENIENT TRUTH for the sharks I'm told...but as someone who saw Jaws too young (Bunny, you are so coming to see it with me) and spent her childhood scared whilst swimming in a damn POOL for fear a shark would eat me this is something I am feeling drawn to...I know logically they are not the monsters that my child mind created when I was 10 but its really interesting how that fear-based shit never seems to leave you...

Anyway - it looks like its going to be good...I hope it is well received by the masses and at least starts ppl talking about it.

Still wanna go see 300 too but the movies been so popular i have been waiting for it to chill out b4 i go see an afternoon showing

hahaha its funny like I talk like I have MONEY or something hahaha

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

so yeah

today Kelly the Fire Guy got his eyeballs violated.

send Kelly some good vibes.
tomorrow Aunty Pam goes in for an operation...

send her some very good vibes as well please.

the other lost her fingers at the cannery...

BARB sent me a neko case listening to it....i like it....and she was right to send the less countrier Neko Case b/c it seems to be right on that cusp for me, if it was any twangier I might not like it but I am really loving her voice and her weirdness...thank you VERY MUCH Barbalina!

I am going to get my period at any moment....prepare yourselves...cover your childrens ears... and wear a cup.

Monday, March 12, 2007

death greets me warm....

this time change pisses me off...
i like it being dark when i get off at 6 pm and walk home....

fuckin fuck

we are getting a national audit this week...Thurs, Fri or Saturday.

this is the BIG kahuna...this is the one where if u fuck it up you can kiss any bonus you hoped for good perusing the schedule im wishing it will come on...Friday...busy as a mofo but due to staffing its probably the best bet.

digits crossed...the audit itself is out of about 400ish things u can fail store always seems to hover between 5-7 fails...

id like to get UNDER 5...but that depends on staff knowing their shit when they are asked so...thats my is really luck of the draw bc if it lands on a day with a new person you are pretty much fucked in that area...hahaha
new topic.
i dont care what anyone says...i might not get the metallica of today at all...after the whole dr phil monster movie thing i kinda scratched my head and went "huh?" but man o fucking man...there is nothing better than old school metallica to rock out to...i feel sorry 4 anyone who missed that era of rock/metal because if you did you are semi-retarded for it (thank means u kelly in comox haha)

i feel the same way about the grunge scene...ya ya ya ~ ppl poopoo it but fuck some of the best music of my life came out of that time...i was 20, i had no kid...i spent all my wages on booze and concert tickets in vancouver...weekends were all about buying a 60 pounder, finding a show or a party and letting it rip...looking back its kinda gay to spend yer money on booze when yer bankrupt and trying to afford dance lessons 4 yer parasitic offspring was what it was...glad i got it all outta my system then so i wasnt one of them bad moms. lol
(Guy is laughing at me right now i know it) once i moved up to Powell River knocked up and displaced the fun all ended haha haha
if i have one drink when i go out thats living it up to me now...although when i have $ and am at a venue with live music it is very easy to get caught up in that ol scene...are u relating to this at all maureen? muhahahahaha
lucky for me im too old and fat to be a total slut bag...yay 4 old and fat

moving on...ive decided after the dreaded englishman fiasco im swearing off all *RELATIONS* unless they are genuine in nature...

this being b/c i think at my age/station in life the frivolity of meaningless *RELATIONS* is counter productive...

and also b/c i am so emotionally stunted in regards to genuine emotional relationships im expecting to be celibate until the day I die.

yay 4 me.

hey look!!! can u see aunty pam and uncle jim in the crowd????

they were there!!
in vegas .... woot woot!
i stole this off matt goods site cuz he was there too with Dale Jr and since aunty pam didnt send me any pictures i just resorted to thieving someone elses.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Logic by Jennifer Jay C.

If you make 10+ errors at work per day, at work where you have a barracuda boss who refuses to let things slide, and you are called on all these errors does that give you the right to whine that all the feedback is negative? How about this you about you do your fucking job and do it well CONSISTENTLY and then expect some positive feedback?? How about that?

WTF, do I look like a fucking daycare provider? Am I supposed to tell someone she doesn't suck when she indeed does? Am I to pretend she isn't all bad when really there are 4 month CSRs doing a better job than the 2 yr CSR in question? Fuck that. She can rot and whine her stupid fucking face off, especially after being given the opportunity to speak her mind about it and she said shit all.

Fuck off....
OMFG I am so NOT management material...i want to fire EVERYONE lol
After the epic staff meeting I went and hung with Adrienne and we went 2 the pub and ate/watched the hockey game. I am not a hockey fan but it was a good game, nice and violent....woohoo!
Gawd tomorrow is monday and im just so NOT into it. Barf.

one foot in front of the other, one step back to counter it

I do not like the time change...ever.
It ruins my chi.
I get myself so fucked up trying to figure out if I lost or gained an hour that my rule for the last few yrs has been to NOT think about it or pay any attention to it...

So ~ this am when i woke up at 8am and the History of New Music was on an hour early I was like...FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!

I have a short 2 hr staff meeting truth I want to bludgeon one specific person there...but I have to talk in generalizations to be FAIR AND JUST. Fuck as if.
Whenever this ONE person is working at my store all sorts of shit happens...chqs go missing, mail is never put in the right box, things are lost, things arent signed, really stupid mistakes...when shes not in my branch...this crap all stops.
It makes me insane.

Ayla was having a mental meltdown last night. I walked in after having been out seeing *ZODIAC* (ill get to that later) and she is all over me to look at these IPODs on ebay that are so cheap. naturally, when shit didnt go her way she stomped off to her room...after some time things started hitting the wall...I put a quick stop to that with the ol "Do you LIKE having a DOOR 4 your bedroom????" ~ but she never came out again all night and I still dunno wtf her problem is. Spoiled ass.

ZODIAC...was really quite good. I didnt know a lot of the story which probably helped...but it was almost a 3 hr movie and I didnt notice til it was over so thats a good sign i think. I really liked how the movie was more about the ppl involved in trying to solve the crimes than about the actual creep...very cool flick. I am glad I saw it in the theatre.
One part that really made me laugh was Paul Avery in the movie hated the cartoonnist at work LOOMING over him and his desk....
I HAVE THE SAME ISSUE...only for yrs ive called it HOVERING. Hovering makes me violent....even at work I snap at ppl who are hovering...Ayla is a hoverer sometimes...etc it bugs the ever-loving shit out of that made me laugh.
Jake Gyllenhaal is a boyfriend as well so that always helps. Robert Downey Jr made a fabulous addict/alcoholic .... imagine that haha

Today I have a buncha work shit to do b4 the staff meeting of death...
I am already in a state of irritation bc of the damn kid...I should drink 1st thing in the morning.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

hilter and a banjo

sighhhhhhhhhh ~ the weekend is here and i am off.

fuckin eh!
i cant stand the banjo.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


ok the topic of the day for me is SIAMESE TWINS....

<------ I was watching the Iranian Siamese Twins doc. the other night and it was quite interesting (joined at the head with 2 sep. bodies)....then today im on the fone with cousin Kelly and WHOA!! a different kinda conjoinedness! One body, 2 heads!
Now this got me thinking....

2 brains/ body...they have their own heart...their own rib cage...their own set of lungs...
but they are like one body, 2 heads....they WHICH ONE IS WATCHING THE ROAD....? Do they both have control of each arm bc while they were doing math the one on the left was writing with the left hand and vice versa...but can the one on the RIGHT use the LEFT hand?? If Lefty wants the right hand to pick Righty's nose can Righty STOP IT/control the arm?? Im just gunna think about this shit all damn night!!!!!
Aunty Pam is off to Vegas the same week Matt Good is...I wonder if they are likely to meet up at the beer gardens?
Ok wanna hear about my trauma today?
I put 100.00 on my mastercard lastnight so i could get tickets for Incubus this morning, cuz i scored that pre-sale code so i got to buy mine 2 days earlier than they go on sale...
So I wait around all gets to be 10 im clicking the link 500x per minute, waiting to weasle on there asap...
I get in....I secure 2 floor tix....i go to pay....its 102.14!!!!!! I ONLY HAVE 100!!!!!!!!!! arggggg So after a frantic call to aunty pam to wrangle her visa #...but i only have 4 mins bc otherwise they release the tix for someone else to get ACK!!!!! so it was rather stroke-worthy but i managed to score them with 3 seconds to spare (it even has this little digital timer at the top of the web page to really fuck with your mind)....
ha ha ha the CRA (canada revenue agency) is having technical NO TAXESSSSSS ALLLLL thinking they were HACKED but they just prefer to say its nothing as embarrassing as that.
ALEXANDER is on tv....i saw Colin Farrells balls man!!!....PRIME TIME TV! wow!

Ooooo dear gawd

Matthew Good ~ the new album
1) I produced it.

2) I played all the instruments except the drums and a few guitar and bass bits.
3) Here’s the track listing, because what does it matter:

- Champions Of Nothing

- A Single Explosion

- Metal Airplanes

- 99% Of Us Is Failure

- Born Losers

- Odette

- Black Helicopter

- The Boy Come Home

- The Devil’s In Your Details

- Moon Over Marin

- Girl Wedged Under The Front A Firebird *looking fwd to these lyrics!!

- I Am Not Safer Than A Bank

- I’m A Window

- She’s In It For The Money

- True Love Will Find You In The End


so there....thats another thing I have to look fwd to this year....wooohoooo and a new tour....
Incubus tix are on special pre-sale this am so thats my goal for the day, that plus UNPLUGGING my soon as I hear my landlady walking around upstairs im gunna zip up there and steal her plunger...and yes ill be buying myself one.

Plungers arent something i feel compelled to bring with me when I the toilet i must get one 4 myself...on payday...bc i have 18.00 til payday - LOSER

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


is coming to Vic in May and I am so going.....

bc i am getting presale tickets tomorrow morning and that means i get to be late 4 work and im the boss so i can...even though its setting a bad example but fuck the company, we are talking about BRANDON BOYD and the Boys here....!!!!!! woooohoooooooo

Monday, March 05, 2007

satan lives in my pants

anyone wanna come over and put hinges on my bathroom cupboard doors...?

yeah thats what i thought.
ill do it myself then.
ayla ripped them off, too busy staring at herself in the mirror to care that she wrecked em.
damn kids.
guy was on the news tonight...dazzing the world with his bird knowledge and the need for herring.
guy also told me he that he predicts i will unexpectedly marry in the next 7 yrs.

yeah...stick to birds my dear man....
funny when there is a recurring *theme* in your life...that being trust...or lack yourself, in all others, in the universe...
(thats just me thinking out loud via a keyboard)...

social distortion is coming to victoria in april...erica nearly (she ACTUALLY might have) wet herself when she got the news and has been driving herself out of her mind all day due to the impending trauma of NEEDING to get tickets tomorrow...
ever been there...? thinking you will physically be unable to go on NOT getting concert tickets for a show that is surely going to change your life? i have....
but im sure she will get a ticket tomorrow and then all will be well in the world!
(Mike Ness is another of her future ex husbands)
I have a manager meeting tomorrow.

Look who turns 29 today...

I googled PAM today, see below:

Saturday, March 03, 2007

get your hands off my goodies!

im blogging shirtless sure the neighbors are still flat out on their livingroom floors over the sight...only i dont care...dont look in my house if u dont wanna see a fat chick, shirtless at a keyboard.

im getting ready to go see a few IMAX flicks with a gunna see if i can transfer Ayla's imax pass to her since Ayla has said shed sooner kill herself then go to an IMAX with me...I have the option of torturing her and forcing her but then its not really enjoyable 4 me bc shes an ass so im not bothering with that...i have a million other ways to mess with her.

i hurt my ankle writing a letter yesterday.
yes thats right...hurt my ankle writing a letter.
im special.

AUNTY PAM's BIRTHDAY is on MONDAY...w00t! w00t!

ayla and dylan are into making retarded YOUTUBE vids at the moment...ayla eating a mouthful of salt, dylan chugging ketchup...bouncing off wire fences....eating chapstick etc. it is all rather dumb...and ive had to go and disinfect my salt shaker and ketchup bottle after seeing the videos.
Atl least they arent chugging gin or stabbing their eyeballs out for a good laugh on YOUTUBE. Dorks.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Today I was sending western union for a guy from Kazakhstan...yeah! And I couldnt help myself so I asked him, "Soooo, I guess you didn't like the BORAT movie too much hey?"

His answer: "Uh, no"


Misogyniacal Insanity of my Big Toe

Things about today:

*I have an anger problem

*Today a toothless old woman yelled at me, spit all over my window and the started bawling her head off
*Someone called me from Fort McMurray just to yell at me about Western Union

*The new girl is going to be ok I think, she wasnt hideous on day one and this is always great! She is a cute little red head.

Aside from all that no one died, although there were a few times I felt like it would be best if I just gave up and did so. ha ha

Ayla hung out with some gals after school and it seems like she had a good day...and wasnt even up to no good! IMAGINE THAT!

She has been pretty nice lately, well for this is good.

I just tried reading a Margaret Atwood book...I loved the Handmaids Tale but a few others ive started never really reeled me in...

So I started reading this book called Misogynies: Reflections on Myths and Malice by Joan Smith....yeah, like I need more reasons to be in a perpetual state of pissed off-ness....jesus christ... { In this collection of stinging essays Joan Smith explores the phenomenon of women-hating in politics, religion, history, literature, and popular culture on both sides of the Atlantic. A fascinating collection from the mind of a scholar, educator, and observer of our society, MISOGYNIES will make readers of both genders wonder more about the excuses for hatred of women we create as a society, why we accept them, and what it means to all of our lives.}

I bought the book over a year ago from a thrift store just b/c the cover is COOL....its a painting of these 2 naked women, with weirdo boobs and nipples and giant afros of red hair....I cant find a pic online of it, sorry bit anyhow...its proving to be a very cool read and its making at the little braincells in my head go *ooh la la*