Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28 2010 - Friday Goodness

This Gulf of Mexico oil nightmare is sickening...
Having just watched a doc on CBC about how the folks from the Exxon oil spill are faring after 18ish years I can only imagine that this is just getting worse and business does this company have with such an operation that they are so fucking clueless about how to STOP IT?
I cannot be the only one throwing up in her mouth over BP's incompetence here...they are behaving like newb amateurs like its their 1st week in business and no one ever considered this possibility before.
I expect much like ExxonMobil they will appeal any court judgment against them forEVER and no one affected will ever really get any timely compensation - let alone get shit cleaned up....Up in Alaska there are beaches still soaked with oil....sitting in the sediment...
This whole thing makes me sick...if BC allows offshore drilling I will lose my shit.

Happy Friday!!!!!!!
The kid survived Jr Prom ok....
She likes the cat this week b/c she feels they have bonded....why u ask? Because she dreamed about the cat communicating with her telepathically - so now shes all fond of the cat..... Jesus.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

border cops - suck it

My pretzel addiction is getting out of hand. I don’t even like them that much. I love the week before my period. My mind swims with unfiltered rage. That’s what it’s like when drunk ppl say really mean shit to ppl, they actually mean it but when they are sober they have self control and keep their shit cool, have a social filter in working order...the week before my period im honest like a drunk b/c I can’t stop the shit coming outta my mouth...its mean and shitty and 9 outta 10 times I mean it Add in having minimal patience and a short like a homicidal maniac walking loose on the streets...and i can’t stop eating pretzels!

Tonight is Ayla’s Jr. Prom, I think her and Niamh are getting gussied up at our house...I always enjoy that oddly enough, they’re in such good moods and Niamh has the BEST meltdowns when shit doesn’t go her makes up for the fact she eats every bit of food in her path.
Tomorrow night me and Donna are off to see CROWN THE WOLF again....woohoo! Love that band...then Sat. night is Ayla’s grand dance recital so Donna and I will be going to that...otherwise i guess it’s me and G bickering and hanging out.

Earlier this week i spent 3 days listening to one song: TRIPOLI by MGB. I like it a lot. Now I know all the words.

Last night I met Sarah's dog BoBo...he just arrived from the UK...he is a FUNNY dog...Ive never seen a dog run so fast...he and Dugan playing together was friggin hilarious...Dugan cant keep up with him and the racing games they played were funneh!!! And Sarah falling on the grass was funny too.
Collie - Sarah's honey, got stopped at the border from the UK and was sent back to the UK but they let the dog through....I am not in love with border cops so I can imagine from S's story it was most unpleasant for Collie...Hopefully they can get him back into Canada for the wedding for fucks sale!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

s-a-t-u-r-d-a-y - HEY!

Graemeless Weekend....he is in Campbell River - his sister's I have spent Friday and today rearranging the bedroom and reorganizing the closets....tomorrow I hit the kitchen & do laundry....WOOHOO!! Graeme gets in on the 8 pm train.

Friday night Tracey and Adrienne were over for dinner and a game of Rack-O!
Today I did lunch with Shawn and Costco....and then later a movie *DATE NIGHT*....funny.

Ayla's on the mend alright...she allowed me to buy her new work shoes & make up on Friday and allowed me to buy her lunch.... (haha) Was informative....she is switching school's for grade 11 and 12 and I am thrilled outta my head about it and impressed she is doing it without all her BFF's doing it with her...also thrilled that she is turning subversive...just enough right now to give me hope that all these years she's been listening on SOME level....
She has worked the last 2 shes got dollar signs in her eyes.

Henry Rollins show is on Monday....wooohooo!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20 2010

I am spry spry as someone of my size can be with heel pain and a headache! It is my Friday of course....before a 4 day weekend...sweet Jesus....!!!!! Hallelujah! Graeme is off to Campbell River tomorrow morning til Sunday night so I will have a few days of puttering and visiting. It is his sisters birthday and he got her a buncha weird Asian treats (no, not Asian midget prostitutes) to take up and gross her out with...spicy salted duck eggs for one...UNREFRIGERATED.....ARGG!! Wtf.

Ayla’s feeling better...which means she’s back to thinking I am a fucking loser again. This whole rollercoaster is so disheartening I can’t even articulate it...should make for a quiet weekend hopefully as she will likely be ignoring me when she is not at work.

I love pretzels. Now that I cannot eat anything with fat in it really pretzels are now my new crack....they are full of salt sadly know...fuck it – I need a crunchy snack sometimes!

Man I had fucked up dreams last night...we were being chased by a lion of all things...then someone shot it and it was dead in a pile and Ayla gets outta this car we are hiding in and walks over to the dead lion (at this point u can imagine in my dream I am shitting myself and freaking the fuck out)...pets it...and carries on...and as she walks away from it it starts moving....I think I stroked out right then.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19 2010

well gawd forbid anything is ever simple.

back to the clinic after work last night b/c after dose #2 of Sprog's Rx she was covered in a full blown body rash....turns out after Dr visit #2 that she is allergic to penicillin - just like her Gramma Peggy! Gramma Peggy will love that oddly enough...anyway...whole new set of drugs required...
After all this little miss Ayla now appreciates my stance on avoiding Drs and drugs whenever possible I think. It is good to know though - I always had a weird feeling about that family allergy...thinking it may have skipped me and went to Ayla...actually I  dont even know if it skipped me, I haven't had antibiotics since....I was a teenager and I just assume I have had a penicillin based antibiotic before....

hopefully Sprog can eat today...she ate nothing yesterday but freezies.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18 2010

My POOR little sick sprog....she was in rough shape this morning...she was begging to go to the Dr...I thought she was just being a wimp and told her about not going to the Dr too quickly and blah blah blah....til I took a flashlight and looked down her throat...and it looked like ground we spent the morning going to the clinic, getting her very 1st ever prescription for antibiotics...I hope they kick in fast and start working. I got to work late about 10 am...Graeme was on lunch duty and made sure she was alive at noon, made her some soup etc...and will make sure she eats her next pill at 4 pm.

I spent last night with a minor gallbladder thing....for no apparent reason...I ate yogurt and berries for breakfast with an oat bar and tea....then veg soup for lunch...that’s it. WTF. I just doped myself on T3’s and once they kicked in I was A-OK! Coincidentally I got a letter in the mail letting me know when I go see a surgeon here in town....yeah...NOVEMBER 16th (happy birthday Kelly!) – That’s 6 mths! ARG!! I called in today and got myself put on the cancelation list so if anyone ditches they will call me to go in without much notice...if I’m at work I’ll do it – just cab I can HOPE!

OMFG did you watch HOUSE last night?!!!!!! BEST ENDING TO A SEASON EVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! I nearly wept!

Graeme got a haircut and hates it but I like it...isn’t that how it always goes? I know all too well how a shitty haircut feels! Just realized this weekend is a 4 day weekend for me and I am THRILLLLED! Graeme is going to Campbell River for his sisters b’day...and Donna is away in Alberta so I am planning to have a lovely quiet no plan weekend...and the Henry Rollins show is next week...STOKED!!!!!!! Nice way to end my 4 day weekend – go watch and listen to Henry be funny, serious and angry...LOVE IT.

Friday, May 14, 2010

She takes her clothes off for the Japanese

hello lover.

tonight is chinese dumpling night a la Graeme and his fancy chinese spices....actually smells good, he started them last night...

ill do my usual friday night a movi or something, be tired by 10 and go to bed like a giant fucking nerd...
sat. night crown the wolf is playing down the street so donna and i are going 4 sure to drool over fat jesus b/c we lurves him...(singer guy of goodness)....dunno if g is coming with us or not.
sun. i wanna go see robin hood....

no more eating out at more crappy food...getting back on the bandwagon to avoid having to relose weight already lost....
i have instructed G to not ever grant my requests for pop, chips, chocolate etc....even if i beg he is to NOT run to the store for me....unless its to buy watermelonm pineapple or the odd slushy when its hot out.
he is also to hide anything he buys 4 himself out of my sight....he is too nice and i can see me weighing 384758375 lbs in 4 mths with that niceness.


wtf payday can suck my balls....38 bucks left after paying half the rent, bills, groceries etc..HOW LAME!!!
no new Hole cd for me....and no new Jesus figurine yet..... ::POUT::

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13 2010 - long winded me

Thursday is a good’s my busy day at work with then Notary Society sends me a batch of authentications to process...I wish I got this much work every day. NEXT JOB WILL BE A BUSY JOB!!! Don’t get me wrong...I like this work and the people here and the job - it is just not enough work for me...this is not a full time position for someone at all organized and efficient...which likely explains why the person that “owns” this position was always run ragged apparently – judging by the mess she left me for clean up (binders and folders and such) the woman is a fucking office disaster. My turn around time is 1 day...that right people...a government office providing a service to the public has a 1 day turnaround time...the lawyers I speak to daily and clients are stunned by this but it’s just how it is...I don’t fuck around. I could take 3 days but I can get all the work I receive per day done that same day and mailed back out the next morning so WHY WOULDNT I?! And it is not just that I am particularly super fabulous (although you know I am) – anyone could do this if they wanted to. Trained monkeys even – although they would have trouble with the attention to detail required for the documents...but they could use the embosser and rivet machine and look cute as shit doing it!

I got an oat bar today. Mmm mMmM mMm mm mm Oats.

CONFESSION TIME: I am addicted to FAMILY GUY. I hate Peter...he sickens me and rarely makes me laugh – he is gross but sweet Stewie....I love Stewie. I will kill Lois for you Stewie if you promise to come live with me and play cribbage with me and talk to me in that amazing accent while we sip on tea and talk shit about everyone...when Graeme talks like Stewie it makes me swoon and laugh...mostly laugh. HaHa

I like my hair right now a lot. I have to do NOTHING with it...I wash it.....dry is a little and that’s all – no nothing...I love low maintenance hair...I have no idea if it looks good to anyone else on the planet but I don’t really care about that at’s all about me baby!

My birds are not coming back...again this morning it’s this annoying chirping little fucker...I probably wouldn’t have noticed the chirping if I wasn’t used to my other birds, they tweeted a little nicer and less SHRILL actually...oh woe is me.

I have applied for the EAW job again....the one I didn’t get last time b/c I blew ONE QUESTION during the interview (meaning I got 3/5 rather than 5/5) I will go for it again...I won’t have to re-test again thank gawd (u recall that was the job with the hideous testing prior to getting interviewed) so....hopefully I will get screened in for a new interview...I am still waiting to hear about the other jobs I applied for but they aren’t closed until the end of the week so...that’ll be a while yet.

I think it was Aunty Pam who sent me those free movie passes.....THANK YOU AUNTY PAM!!! I was CSI’ing the envelope and handwriting and that’s the conclusion I came to. This weekend I am hoping we can go see ROBIN HOOD...Muahahahhahahaha!!! Did you know I saw the crappy 90s Kevin Costner Robin Hood movie about 9x in the theatre. I lived right next to the Eagle Ridge Theatre in Coquitlam @ the time and well...I saw it quite regularly while it was in the theatre b/c I think I was in love with Christian Slater @ the time. I think that was the same theatre Ayla’s dad talked me into seeing Child of the Corn XIVI or whatever wayyy wayyyy back...shitty was Robin Hood back then....

What a weird time that was. I was living in Coquitlam, nannying for this woman named Deb who looked like a female Sebastian Bach, her kids Erin (7) and Dylan (3) – decent kids...her boyfriend John was one point during this fiasco she had tried to kick him out but couldn’t b/c his name was on the lease too so she moved herself and the kids to the basement and slept with the door locked and blocked by furniture and slept with a knife under her pillow b/c he was a friggin mental. He tried to kill us all too by messing with the bbq propane hose/tank...yeah that was awesome. Once he was finally out she hooked up with a friend of mine (Marco) who was 10 yrs her junior...this was a weirder situation after that so I moved out and in with Laura in Port Moody where I was eventually knocked up a year later...HA! I then got a job at the YMCA Daycare in Metrotown Mall....that commute was SUPER JEWISH!!! 2 hours by bus and sky train to work and 2.5ish hours home after 10 hr shifts. Longgggg days...I’d get up at 4 to leave at 5 to get to work at 7 am....then work til 5....get home around 7:30-8 pm and be in bed by 9 pm....SUCKKKKKKKK!

When Laura moved out I had this twat named Tanya from work move in....Tanya was a hypochondriac...and her boyfriend Simon was an OCD hand washer...made for great material...
That all ended quite badly once I was is a great story....actually...for real...ok I will tell it....when I found out I was preggy it was rather shocking, I had just kicked out Phil for dogging me and had a lot of decisions to it turned out I was immediately sick as hell and spent most of my time throwing up or trying to not throw up or trying to find a place to throw up and maintain some dignity in was turning into me being unable to do my job...getting to and from was incredibly difficult, hopping off the bus to vomit at every other stop and having to jump back on etc...not cool...and try dealing with shitty diapers and snotty noses when you are nauseous 24/7....ended up having to go on medical EI....and needed to decide if I was staying in the city or moving to PR...I left this choice up to the reaction of the 2 ppl I called to announce that I was pregnant. My mom lived in Surrey at the time....and Aunty Pam in Powell River.

Problem was I couldn’t afford to live in the city alone...alone b/c my fab roomie Tanya had just told me she was moving out and had given notice to the landlords so I was faced with finding someone else to move in (yeah who wants to move in with a pregnant grrl? Yeah – no one)...or paying rent solo which was impossible at the time. I called my mom, told her...I called Pam...told her...and decided I should go back to PR despite getting hives at the mere thought of it...fact was I had more family and support in PR than I would have had in the city so it was just a logical Aunty Pam’s jubilation over the prospect of a new baby in the family was really really sweet!

So I quit my job.....and made all the move plans and give notice to the landlords...and they seem unsurprised....and make a comment about the place becoming a daycare center...ummm what? Oh yes Tanya has told them she was going to live there and run a daycare down there once I was gone. See what happened there? She told me she was moving out, forced my hand to move out as well....but was actually staying and not moving and did not give notice - b/c it was a great place and perfect as a daycare really...
I figured this all out while standing there and nearly lost my fucking mind at the cunning manipulation I was just victimized with....let me tell you that was ONE LONGGGG MONTH living in that suite with between vomiting I regularly did everything I could to piss her off...we had a few near fist fights as was pretty heated and intense.

It was 30 days of malice, loathing and pure hatred. I didn’t have much as far as revenge tactics but I did manage to fuck her quite nicely before I was a beautiful moment...the day I was moving out me and my mom were loading up the truck and as we were finishing Tanya all sweet comes up to me and hands me the phone bill and says I should settle up before I go, all smiley and friendly like the last 30 days was just a movie we watched together....and not lived...I had spent the month calling everyone on the fucking planet I could (phone was in her name) and had every jail pen pal I had call me collect every day...I knew that last bill and the one after were gunna be ass kickers and I had no intention of settling up shit all with that manipulative asshole who chose to kick me while I was down...I just handed it back to her and told her to go fuck herself and have fun paying that off. I felt this day I have not one shred of regret over that...I am sure that bill was 1000.00 for the 2 mths. If I could recall her last name I would find her on Facebook and send her a message that just said “HAHAHA HAHAHAH AHAHHA HAHAHAHA”. Yes I am that petty.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gray Pube of Death

1 gray pube is all it takes to mess with a person’s head 4 the day...and I don’t even know why I am so’s not like I really give a shit...Christ - a gray pube is the LEAST of my worries regarding my appearance. Like – seriously – a gray pubic hair is a drop in the bucket of unattractive physical traits I possess...yet the SHOCK! I guess that makes aging OFFICIAL...once the pubes turn on ya, you can no longer deny the fact you are aging. PERIOD.

{{thank you to Graeme for your heartfelt response: HAHahahh ahaaHAH AAHAHa hahAHAH AHAHHAahahhahaha hahhaha hhAHAH AHAH AHAHAha HahAaaaaaa aaaaaa!!!!!
I mean... uh... ' you have my sympathies'! lol!
( Why the hell were you scoping them out anyway?)
}} Jerk.


I probably shouldn’t have posted my pube shock as my Facebook status...I am sure my step dad Don needed to know this about me....along with cousins I haven’t seen since I was 10 and random strangers I haven’t met in real life but I think I know b/c I stalk their FB photos regularly.
Anyway...on I go...ploughing through the gray pube cloud of death that makes murkifies (made that word up in case u wondered) my common sensibilities...

I am trying to pace myself at work to avoid long periods of nothing-to-do-ness. I can only hope and pray to the goddess of all that is good and just that I can finagle one of these other jobs I applied for and that they are BUSY work load lulls etc. I cannot fucking stand it.

Ayla’s seriously considering switching schools for next Reynolds and I could not be more delighted...I can’t of course voice how I think it is a fab idea b/c then she won’t but...I will sit here fingers crossed and be subtle about the positive aspects of the move. Closer to home...less rich a-holes...etc.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

more about balls

I have the farts at awesome.

It is a nice sunny day out...I’d like to be outside in a bug free zone under a tree somewhere – reading a book, sipping a Virgin Chi Chi...Ohhh yeah...

OPERATION NO CHEESE is going well...although I did have a near hissy when I went to eat a burrito for dinner last night and realized its bean and cheese....I ate it anyway seeing as how there’s not all that much cheese in them...and I was fine.

OMFG the CBC News comment sections KILLS ME....there are some funny ass ppl on there...some total mental midgets as well to balance the goodness out of course but...what else is new? I particularly love it when CBC posts an incredibly vague and kind of poorly done news item and the comments rip it to shreds....what can I say, I like controversy!

Barb got a new kitty...RAMONA....she is puuuuurrrty. I am happy for Barb...the loss of Sputnik, living in a catless house....dreary!!!!!

Speaking of bird pets are gone...they never came back afterthe big wind and now this annoying little assface bird just sits there chirping its friggin head off all day now...I think the annoying bird did hi-jack the nest.... ::pout:: Nature sucks.

My cat LOVES having someone home all day with her...when Graeme's working I am sure she will need Prozac. They are good buddies...and I know she was a lonely cat before being by her lonesome all day...and Ayla ignoring her and never letting her in her room unless I "accidentally" let her in...I suddenly want to hug my cat!

BARB QUOTE OF THE YEAR THUS FAR: (I am not even gunna share the context)

Also male genitalia is really funny looking without skin. Okay male genitalia is really funny looking anyway, but when you take away the skin, which gives it some semblance of dignity, you're just left with a handful of balls dangling from ligaments, like a cat toy on steroids.

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA I love it even more out of context!


No sign of Jesus.
He is long gone.
Must replace.
Stupid me.

Happy Barfday to cousin Maggie today!
Supposed yo be getting up to 19 degrees today. I wore short sleeves. Yeah thats me, so summer friendly I am altering my wardrobe now. ::eyeoll::

My internet was not working at home this morning....rude.

May 11th 2010


Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10 2010 - MONDAY = BALLS!

Friday was crappy band night at Evolution. Enough said about that. In the afternoon G and I tripped over to Ross Bay Cemetery for picture taking....and the beach....I fuckin’ lost my Jesus dude there – fell outta my pocket somewhere on my wandering...pisses me off, I have had that thing for over 10 yrs, since Amy B. sent it to me from I will have to replace him with a new one...As I had him in my pocket I said to myself “He is gunna fall out – be careful.” Ha ha ha Idiot. The beach was nice...the water however was COLD AS COLD CAN BE!!! I went in with bare feet and it took my breath away it was so cold and it’s not like im not well insulated! G said something about unusually cold currents running through that spot...and here I thought I never saw swimmers there b/c of the POO PIPE that runs out of there...Victoria, you are all class with your refusal to get a sewage treatment plant...all class.

Saturday was errand day and then Roller Derby in the evening...again venue issues so this will be my last Derby viewing until the venues improve which I doubt they will.

Sunday was IRON MAN 2...I liked it...but then again I knew I would...highlight was me nearly killing Adrienne as she hopped back to her wheelchair while in midst of a poorly coordinated boob rub...SORRY ADRIENNE!!!!

Monday is of course work day’s very rainy...there is a bird chirping his stupid head off outside my window but it’s not one of my PET BIRDS...since the big wind they haven’t been back to keep building that nest they started...I am wondering if this noisy little a-hole is hi-jacking it now....??

Mothers Day was anti-exciting. Ayla was indifferent, managed to piss me off for the whole day via her retarded teenager BS and didn’t even bother to say Happy Mother’s Day let alone throw a granola bar at me and call it breakfast in bed. Sigh x 4665386. I was not in a good mood all. And while things did improve later in the evening the day ended as a total and utter waste of fucking air day know...whatever. Maybe today will be less JEW.

I am trying to replace GAY with JEW...if I stop saying GAY then Erin and Amanda will like me rather than saying something stupid is so gay im saying its JEW and seeing how that catches on...I think there are less Jews to offend in my life than gays so...that’s the route im taking.

ZED turned 40 on Sunday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZED...I called him and Jerri and chatted them up yesterday...looking fwd to Jerri’s story about babysitting an anorexic 12 yr old for a few days...can u imagine? This kid is in therapy, weighs nothing, has to be monitored 24/7, has a strict routine and dietary needs that have to be followed to the letter (timing, amount, supervising bathroom time etc) – GEE THAT WONT BE STRESSFUL AT ALL!!!!!! Poor Jerri...learn to say NO JERRI! JUST SAY NO TO BABYSITTING ANOREXICS!

Happy Birthday to Donny Monty today....!!!! And Happy Birthday to Lisa...shitty b’day for Lisa as she just lost her mom the other day which sucks stinky ball sacks....once she’s back from the land of intense grief and shittiness I will take her for lunch and tell her stories of my gallbladder adventures and the JOYS of cohabitation.

Tomorrow is cousin Maggie’s birthday....JEEEEZ busy month!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

May 5 2010

You can always tell when I have been enjoying raisins at work....b/c @ home when my bra comes off at night at least one raisin comes flying out and the cat goes insane thinking it’s cat prey!

Enjoyed another night at the ER Monday...thanks to cheese toast. I have no sworn off cheese entirely...No deep ice cream...even as a treat it is not worth the risk....this last attack was not near as bad as the previous and worst one to date but I have no way of knowing until it ends so I wasn’t fucking around and went to the ER early....10 pm (thank you Hot Donna 4 the ride)...was there til 1 am but I finally got the fucking drugs that I wished I coulda got 2.5 hrs the time the blood work was all back and a Dr yakked at me (seriously by this point I do not even HEAR what ppl say to me I dunno why they bother talking) the nurse came in with 3 giant needles and I was giddy....I embarrassed myself in a major fashion too – she told me 1 was for my arm and 2 were for my ass...I promptly whipped my pants down with grand eagerness and she said “Ummm not quite yet” hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa GAWD!! In any other state I would have been red with humiliation but I didn’t care...I would have put on a corset and did a lap dance if she asked me to at that point.

Once I was finally jacked up on junk...the mumbling incoherency began....its like the best drunk ever...I cabbed home (hahah nice political banter with the cab sure I sounded about as intelligent as a bloody wet sweater) and do u think I could stop chatting @ home? Poor Graeme...blah blah blah...nonsensical chatter...I dunno for how long it went on...I couldn’t really sleep b/c Ayla was coughing so in my state of narcotic bliss I had concern for her and got her some meds....even while I was doling out drugs to her I KNEW I was in no shape to be giving anyone medication but....I was too stoned to make that line of thinking go somewhere.

I ended up going on the couch with the TV on to drown out the coughing noise and slept there but it was just a few hours and getting up 4 work at 530 am sucked massive donkey balls...I was still stoned and walking all drunk. I worked til 130 and came home early....slept from 230-600 and then 1030 til 530 this morning....these all nighters are hard on this gramma!

As it turns out the waiting list to get my GB removed will be shorter in Powell River but I don’t think I am desperate enough to go that route...(PR Hospital....not in love with it) – I will be referred to a surgeon soon and see what kinda waiting list time I am looking thinking a year. I could maybe do what Shawn did 4 his hernia and get put on a cancel list so if someone scheduled cancels u can get bumped into that spot if u are able to do it last not really a last minute unplanned person BUT it may be the way to go!
Yeah so that’s been my week...

A whole whack of jobs just came up in another ministry that I pounced on as they are RIGHT up my alley (adjudication) & permanent positions...FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

Ayla starts her new job! Exciting...I hope she ends up getting a lot of hours this summer...I mean A LOT! The more she works the less shit she can get in right? I am having some anxiety about this summer after last summer’s shit show extravaganza.....we will have to have a sit down and discuss expectations ~ (since that’s always worked in the past...::eyeroll:: )

Hoping G gets a gawd damn call from BLACK’s this week...ugh! the job seeking process is long and arduous...lame lame lame...

Monday, May 03, 2010

May 3 2010

It is windy today....I actually felt myself almost being pushed over walking into work today...and I am not little...I dunno how the scrawny peeps are staying on the ground.

Saturday we were supposed to go to the beach but Donna was too hung over so we just went to the Tudor for lunch instead. Sunday the weather was bunk so we postponed the Paralympics Extravaganza at the park and played the Zombie Board game instead (me, Donna, Graeme, Amanda and Erin)...motherfucker...I am not terribly competitive but I had 2 moments of sheer and utter near win glory that were quashed so RUDELY by other players that I felt the sting of loserville extra I feel driven to win that MFing game at least once to redeem myself.

After the tragic losses we dined on Donna’s brown rice/bean burgers which were truly not hideous at all...then we came home and I watched SOME KINDA WONDERFUL on TV (much to Graeme’s horror)...Eric Stoltz is such a blah actor even though I quite adore his gingerness...the real star of that movie is Mary Stuart Masterson...Graeme is not an 80’s movie/music fan at all...I don’t understand this. He is MY can u NOT be fondly nostalgic of the crap that was all the rage when you were a teen? He wouldn’t come see HOT TUB TIME MACHINE Sat. night either...this ASTOUNDS ME!?!?!?! Donna and I laughed through most of that movie...mocking the 80’s is an art form!

Slow today at work sadly...THIS PLUS MY CURRENT MENSTRUATION CONDITION IS MAKING FOR THE LONGEST DAY ON THE PLANET. That’s in caps b/c I am damn serious! I gotta say waking up @ 5:30 am to full daylight is really fucking annoying...I always feel like I’m LATE or I slept in when I didn’t. I could have a nap right now...sitting up at my desk...upright and full on sleepy time drooling too...

May 1 2010 035

May 1 2010 035
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Conky visiting the Jewish Cemetery...

May 1 2010 038

May 1 2010 038
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Jesus visiting his peeps at the Jewish Cemetery...ignore the stigmata blood.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

zombie piss off 2010

i was foiled 2x today while being just a hair away from winning the zombie board game i nearly ate my own hand off....gawd dammmmit!

i also ate a brown rice/bean burger and did not throw up....