Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nov 29 2011 Matthew Good

Nov 29 2011 MG 010 by jennzebel
Nov 29 2011 MG 010, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

And so it was. Stellar. Lunar. Spectacular.

Having seen Matthew Good about 10x now in my life I can say rather assuredly that last night was his BEST full band performance to date. Not gunna lie...the last 2 tours were not my faves despite LOVING the albums that came out those years. Venue is everything of course...a stink ass hot curling rink midsummer does not make a fun concert experience...and then last year the venue was ok but balcony seating proved to be ‘not my favourite’ along with the fact MG was not really convincing anyone he wanted to be there...these things happen. It is real life...people have issues going on that make them distracted or they don’t feel all that great...I accept this...but the last 2 tours just made this one all the more amazing and impressive.

1st of all this band is great. I love the keyboard/piano presence on a lot of the new album, it worked well the keyboard guy Anthony Wright and guitarist Jimmy Reid were SO kick ass...a real pleasure to watch and hear actually. I particularly loved so much piano live...this new album translated 100x better live than I could have imagined...every song off the new album was fantastic live...not to mention that the 1st song of the night was my all time favourite song of the universe and beyond While We Were Hunting Rabbits...I got misty. I did and that was way better than the sobbing shit fit I would have had post-show if he didn’t play it. I don’t usually get uptight about what’s played...I am happy to just get what I get but when I heard he was playing Rabbits across Canada on the way here I was a little worried he would skip it here and break my heart forever. He ended the show with Set Me On Fire which is my favourite off his new record so it was a complete package of awesomeness!

Not sure I am in love with FRONT ROW though...felt kind of EXPOSED up there...and it makes you a target for the shit eating event staff who hassle you thinking you are taking video when you are not...etc. I don’t think I will go for 1st row again... was a grand night spent with Adrienne...who loved it as much as I did and swooned afterwards all the way home with myself a new MG scarf to go with the one I got last tour...this time black and red...if only I was ever cold....ha!
You can now look fwd to me shutting up about MG for a while... and after Tori Amos Dec 13 I am gunna take a MUSICAL break...I am feeling a little tapped out from all the shows...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Yo Stinky!

How can tea taste so good at home but then taste absolutely crap at work? I don’t understand it.
Went and saw “the descendents” on Sat with Lisa...accompanied by some pulled pork goodness (not masturbatory)...the movie was better than the pulled pork this time around...though not something you need to see at the theatre...and so effing sad...rude. The biggest score of the day was the bald baby Jesus and also fancying Ayla up with her winter dinner dress of loveliness. It really is the last time I ever want to be in a GUESS store for the rest of my life’s like being in a fucking disco when they flick all the lights on a 2 am but the music is still blaring loudly. So annoying...anxiety level through the is always nice when your kid is looking at you like you are an alien and cannot understand why you are so on edge...I just said “I was like you....once .” That freaked her out rather appropriately. The dress is lovely though and she is excited to get tarted up on the 8th for the dinner extravaganza!
Sunday I loaned out my couch and TV to Amanda and Erin so they could watch the Grey Cup game while I was out with Donna seeing the new Twilight movie (I know, I know) was as cheesie and terrible as the other surprises there...though we will go next year to watch the final one...I cannot explain my willingness to be fleeced by utter, obvious crappiness. I am a product of my society.
Such a sad week for some friends...2 friends lost their moms which is never an easy thing and then another friend received bad news about his run esp for 1 family. Makes ya sit back and look around at family and count your blessings.
December is turning out to be a bloody money pit...not even for xmas...I have sworn off gift buying aside from for Ayla (and that will involve ZERO frivolity) but this trip to Vancouver and some required new foot ware and Rx purchases are making me grateful I decided to be low key...theoretically the trip to Vancouver should be long as I stay away from stores which will be easy b/c who the eff wants to shop in Vancouver in December and deal with the crowds..NOT I! I have rides lined up so I shouldn’t be raped via transit so ferry both ways, gas $, a few meals...hopefully the Tori Amos swag will suck. Ha!
Matthew Good is TOMORROWWWWWWWWWWWW! Holy hump! I have been pouring over youtube vids of this tour and just cannot wait. I am excited to be front row too...unobstructed heads in my pictures...the angle will suck a bit for sure but if I can get a few great close ups I am all good. Please precious baby Jesus of holiness and love – please make MG play While We Were Hunting Rabbits in Victoria so I do not have to cry walking to bus stop to get home think I am being dramatic but I think I might actually fucking cry about it.
THE LOVELY BONES by Alice Sebold: JFC...I nearly missed the damn bus this morning with my headphones on, engrossed in this book...then getting all misty on the damn bus reading it...what a shit show in my head...interesting perspective reading about a murdered girl up in heaven looking down and watching her family grieve her...I am seriously only 40 pages in and am completely sucked in. I might be too chicken shit to see the movie once I am done the book b/c if it is even half as emotional thanks.
ADVICE FOR THE TWINKY ON THE BUS: I realize it is tough being kind of regular looking...being unfancy to look at myself I ‘get it’...I understand the use of make up to accentuate features and create a persona of sorts...completely understandable. What I do not get is why the fuck do you need a half bottle of perfume to attract attention to yourself? Especially when you are getting on a small bus at rush hour which is sure to be full creating a hideous choking death for anyone near you? I could taste the floral nightmare of your perfume in my gawd damn mouth...I pity anyone with allergies on the buses you is seriously disgusting...and I am not even particularly sensitive to that sort of thing...even when someone has too much on I usually find female fragrances pleasing to my nose...but this floral assassination was very close to the same smell that emanated from Kitty’s Restaurant washroom...they use this timed floral air freshener in there that is the worst synthetic smell on walk out of the bathroom and the SMELL feels heavy on your clothing...not even’s like a floral toilet bowl chick – please lay off the floral fragrance holocaust and get a piercing or something for attention.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I have been revisiting Rain Maida these days...he is always a good revisit.
5 days til Matthew Good...chugga chugga chugga...I can make it.
The rock & roll market at Logan’s last night has some really great items for sale...I bought a few cards I REALLY loved...raven/crow on a rocking love loved it so I bought 5...if you ever receive one it is the highest of honours that I will part with one in your honour so cherish it accordingly. (haha)
Short weekend this weekend but looking at my schedule for the next month I won’t complain...I am off work  Dec 9-19 then Dec 24-27 the Dec 31-Jan 3 – that only leaves 16 work days until the new year. Sweet.
The cat is being a dinkus and terrorizing my peanut reindeer heads off the xmas tree. This annoys me. Cat spittle all over my reindeers. I think I am going to make some more in Dec...flashy ones and one special one for her to hopes she will lv mine alone.
Sat. I have a date with Lisa and we are doing lunch and a George Clooney movie...Sun. I have a date with Donna...we are going to see the new twilight crap movie. I know I know...I am disappointed in myself too but whatever. I am used to disappointing myself with my frivolous tendencies. I watch Y&R everyday for gawds doesn’t get much worse than that...except for maybe Maury Povich and the like. I like that I can feel superior to the daytime talk show watcher ppl.
Holy storm last night...yikes. I am sure Guy’s park is strewn with debris...that’ll keep him busy for a bit.
Ayla is currently emailing me pics of winter grad dinner dresses for a formal-ish school thing that is coming’d think I was in the fashion industry or something...all picky and critical about unflattering styles and colors...ha! So far she has shown me 1 option I really like – its 100 bones though so I am hoping something nice comes up that is cheaper. Ohhhh....she’s distracted and sending me Led Zeppelin sweat shirt pictures now...ha!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

you know you have arrived when...

...The doctor tells you that you are is right up there with that memorable 1st time a doctor labels you as obese...OUT LOUD! Ok maybe not DEFORMED but that you have something with the word 'deformity' in it. HAGLUND'S DEFORMITY
He says the heel spurs actually are causing me no pain at all...wrong area entirely...fair enough.
I am somewhat reluctant about the 'shoe rub' connection...I feel no resistance or pain via wearing my regular sign of rubbing...except at the end of my shoes life the inside heel area is wore wtf do I know? I figure I will give his ideas a backless shoes, anti-inflammatory ointment, an ultrasound, light walking...then revisit in a few mths...if it doesn't help then I can contemplate a shot of cortisone into the area (oh so effing gross to even think about a needle poking into an already tender area)...he seems convinced it will go away no problem...
Oh to be so sure about things.

Being back to work has been co-worker did a pretty good job keeping my work up to date in my absence so I returned to only minor chaos...very nice!

House has been pretty quiet without Cathy around...not near as tidy either...
Was happy to hear she got herself a Wii on the way home...she should really enjoy that...

6 days til MATTHEW GOOD...I am getting more excited by the day...seriously looking fwd to this show.  Lindsey saw him in Calgary last week and was raving about the new album sounding SO good live....


Monday, November 21, 2011

...and then she went home

Aunty Cathy left this morning to head back to Alberta's chilly -20 tundra. Was a great visit...we kept fairly busy with painting the kitchen and revamping the our trip to PR to visit...she is not an idle, sit around person so I think the last few days were tough for her being car-less and me being DEAD honestly...the painting and kneeling and on and off a chair pretty much did me in physically and its taken me until now to feel like my old self. Crippled old fat lady here...not gunna lie. The pay off is grand though - kitchen looks about as kick as as it possibly can...and I have a fridge full of Aunty Cathy's awesome meatballs n gravy! WEEEEEEEEE!!!

Today I am off to a sport med. doctor for my foot/ an x-ray last week...the verdict is BONE SPURS...oh wonder no matter what I have done it has not gone away...this explains everything which is good but sadly it is not awesome at all b/c it's not like that shit just goes appt. will be very informative and common sense tells me it is time to kick some ass again and get back to what is important, that being good eating and shrinking....becoming one with the sit down bike to nowhere...oh yeah.

Adrienne...the big 4-0
Today is also Adrienne's well as Amanda's...nice day to get born's LESBIAN MONDAY ffs! I love this! Today I am stopping by Adrienne's and Amanda's with tokens of my affection before returning home to eat meatballs of deliciousness!

I work again tomorrow...I don't feel at all rested or like I have been vacationing even though it has been awesome to be off for so long...accomplished A LOT which is also good. Glad Cathy and I got some good outings...she really loved our little walkabout with Guy and Donna and our day out at Ross Bay Cemetery.

I am going to go try to go back to sleep...................

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nov 12 2011 001

Nov 12 2011 001 by jennzebel
Nov 12 2011 001, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Holy awesome cinnamon buns Donna made for us....lets not talk about how I wrecked the dough of the ones she sent us to PR with... :|

Nov 12 2011 006

Nov 12 2011 006 by jennzebel
Nov 12 2011 006, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Another to add to my collection hahahaha

Nov 12 2011 010

Nov 12 2011 010 by jennzebel
Nov 12 2011 010, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Nov 12 2011 023

Nov 12 2011 023 by jennzebel
Nov 12 2011 023, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Guy the Bird Whisperer...he started a bird call and the 1st few mins a few birds came over to where we were....after 5 mins there were a zillion of was cool to see how he lured them over with his noises.

Nov 12 2011 032

Nov 12 2011 032 by jennzebel
Nov 12 2011 032, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Aunty Cathy

Nov 12 2011 080

Nov 12 2011 080 by jennzebel
Nov 12 2011 080, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Getting some birding lessons... Cathy, Guy, my sprog & Donna @ Moorecroft Park.

Nov 12 2011 115

Nov 12 2011 115 by jennzebel
Nov 12 2011 115, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

My sprog & Aunty Cathy when we stopped and visited Guy and Donna in Nanoose Bay.

Nov 12 2011 136

Nov 12 2011 136 by jennzebel
Nov 12 2011 136, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Ayla riding Madelyn's midget bike down to Pam's for her from Maggie's hahahaha


Nov 12 2011 137 by jennzebel
Nov 12 2011 137, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Soooo fun this kid is!

Hello Selkie Friend

Nov 12 2011 151 by jennzebel
Nov 12 2011 151, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Windy stormy sunset seal hanging around near Murder Beach where I lost my glasses and a pint of blood last spring hahahhaa


Nov 12 2011 170 by jennzebel
Nov 12 2011 170, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

My mom Peggy and Aunty Cathy

Nov 12 2011 173

Nov 12 2011 173 by jennzebel
Nov 12 2011 173, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

The lovely Jerri Ann! We did Thai for lunch and hung out Sat. afternoon....always a great time with her.


Nov 12 2011 227 by jennzebel
Nov 12 2011 227, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Maddie kicking some karate butt!

Farewell Powell River....

Nov 12 2011 241 by jennzebel
Nov 12 2011 241, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Best Wal-Mart purchase of the year!

Nov 14 2011 by jennzebel
Nov 14 2011, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Whenever I walk into the bathroom I say: "SANTA!!"


Sucks ~ but man does it ever look kick ass to change up a room and completely alter the look of you may or may not know I have SEVERELY ugly old 70s cabinets in my kitchen that are EYESORES...completely hideous and ridiculously horrid. No exaggeration. With that said - even the loveliest of paint cannot blind you from the fact they are there...YOU CANNOT POLISH A TURD after all...but the paint sure makes you not look at the cupboard-grossness first which considering getting new knobs/hardware just to try and make them even more invisible...Once we set the new shelf up and have it all tiddled I will post a before and after.

I am broken as shit today...we didn't have a ladder so getting up on to a chair and then back down off a chair (or the counter top) is a lot of UP & DOWN for this fatty...and not in a good way...I am broke as shit this morning...sore neck, sore back, sore arms, sore legs, fucked up foot....I AM AWESOME but gawd dammit my kitchen walls look fan-fucking-tastic!!! We did get aa darker accent color for the 1 wall and bulkhead - we started the wall 1st and then panicked and washed it all off with a cloth as it looked like a shitty baby diaper color after all...we did the whole bulkhead to see if it was better in a small dose....but we ended up painting over it b/c it was so complicated doing 2 colors (hahahah) and it really wasn't as awesome as we'd hoped. Cathy talked me off the ledge a few times as after the 1st coast of the nice paint I still thought it looked like shit but she assured me once dry with a 2nd coast it would be great - she is right! Thank you aunty Cathy!

I am off for an x-ray this morning on my foot....I have an appt with a sports medicine Dr on Monday for my foot/Achilles nightmare...and no I have not missed the irony of me being sent to a sports medicine doctor hahahhahaha I am such an athlete after PR Dr. was saying I might have to start wearing a weird sock/brace to sleep that keeps my foot flexed all night....gee, doesn't THAT sound comfy...I don't care...if it helps I will do it.

PR was nice...Sidney is a dream FUN! Madelyn is getting so grown up....went and saw her at karate and had some cute conversations with her...mainly we spent the weekend trying to convince her to let someone yank her dingley dangle front tooth b/c it was hanging by a thread of mouth meat for DAYSSSS - it was hard to look It eventually fell out while she slept twds the end of the visit thank gawd hahah

Had a good visit with the family and friends...ate too much food as per usual...the drive home down the Malahat in the dark with poor Cathy's bad night driving eyes was a little TENSE but we survived and she now knows to never try that again hahaha We took the rental car back yesterday...I miss it. haha

Ok - going to medicate my broken, old, fat self........

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ferry Exit

Leaving on the noon ferry...after my Dr appt. Time to get back to Victoria...where time doesn't pass so really is like time creeps slower here on the sunshine (rainy) coast...

Have really enjoyed the kids this trip...they have been a real hoot!
I am sitting on a HARD little kid chair at the moment so my ass is being destroyed by my own weight so I am not going to go on and on about anything....

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Quiet Sunday on Klahanie Drive in Powell River...everyone is still asleep....they will be until Sidney wakes up and starts dragging every toy he owns into his mom and dads bedroom to play haha Cute ritual! I am on a MAC...smallest keyboard on earth but surprisingly functional!

Madelyn has karate lessons this morning that I am going to watch....then I tea with Wendy at 1 pm....last night in Powell River then tomorrow we head back to Victoria on the noon ferry...
Did lunch with Jerri Ann fun...she is a riot...

Had a great visit with Guy and Donna on the way over...Aunty Cathy really liked the mini hike/birding walk we went on with them. Guy is THE BIRD WHISPERER so it is always fascinating to watch him. Their new park caretaker job is pretty cool....great gig. Could not think of better people for it.

There is a mosquito in this room and I am pretty sure it is going to bite me if it hasn't already if  I don't kill it 1st....
Gotta say the HEAT at Pam's and Maggie's is killing my spirit...I cannot effing belief how HOT the wood stoves is a slow death for me...Cathy too...I know she is dieing as well hahahah We will get back to my place and really enjoy the cool temps that my drafty patio door has to offer.

I think Cathy is eager to go home now...novelty is wore off...missing Robert and done being bored...we have a week left and still have a kitchen to paint...a museum to see...Craigdarroch Castle to visit...movies to go see....wanderings to go on...hopefully it will be enough to quell her yearning for home just a little til the 21st. I think we are visiting with Robert's sister too while she is here...lots to do.

Sunday, November 06, 2011


Aunty Cathy & a tree

So much going on....excursions to the hardware is a tough life.

As I type my poor aunty is crippling herself in A's bathroom re-tiling it...all looks 2897483745 x better...and I have to say I have no interest in ever doing such a job...fat ppl on their knees and hunched on the floor is a recipe for disaster via the knees and back and hips....I suspect my aunt shall be crippled and want to die later this evening...(2 fatties don't fit in that little bathroom so only the competent one gets to do it all...what can I say...I just get in the way!)
A. is stoked...just need to caulk it, paint the caulk so it looks SMOOOOOTH and streamlined and loverly...this was NOT an easy task....the walls are EXTREMELY CROOKED.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Oct 25 2011 - LURVE!!!

Oct 25 2011 - LURVE!!! by jennzebel
Oct 25 2011 - LURVE!!!, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

Alex found me this at the thrift store....holy hell I love it...he watches over us in the kitchen when we stuff our faces!

new tattoo maybe

thinking of getting this on my arm......

Rob & Kim

Rob & Kim by jennzebel
Rob & Kim, a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.

I dunno wtf Rob is but Kim as a sock monkey is SUPER CUTE!

Donna & Erin

Donna & Erin  by jennzebel
Donna & Erin , a photo by jennzebel on Flickr.


So awesome!


today I downloaded music i never thought i would in 983275983745983745 was for my aunty cathy so you know I am fond of her to get me to punch hedley, nickelback, michael jackson and maroon 5 into my search...ffs...all i could think of was "what if I die b4 i can clear the history and someone thinks I was a secret fan?" horrific.
i dont feel like capitalizing or correcting typos...
im too tired.
my eyes are squinty. my uterus is clamping down on what little sense i have left at 41...early menopause do i need hormones for? they just make me make foolish decisions...screw ppl i shouldnt...and go lunatic for a week+ a month...
my uterus is full of empty fucking promises....


i like that....

my uterus is full of empty fucking promises....

consider it COPYWRITTEN!!!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

People Watching

Sometimes when I am standing in public, headphones on looking around, feeling like I am in a movie...I look at how many other ppl have headphones on and wonder what they are listening to. I always find it amusing when ppl are singing/mouth along to the lyrics or are really grooving...mostly it is either young kids with that level of uninhibited public displays of music lovery (I made up the word LOVERY) or people who look like they are out on a day pass. I was listening to a Sam Roberts song...and it reminded me of the concert (which was incredibly kick ass) and I wanted to start jumping around and spazzing out know...that’s not ‘cool’ haha Plus I am a terrible dancer/spazzer and it looks funny and not in a good way.

Then I started thinking how cool it would be if ppl actually just DID react to music how they felt in the moment...and I imagined ppl bee-bopping while they walked downtown and crooning all intensely...I imagined my friend Shawn giving his best Back Street Boy performance with raw, gut churning emotion with a tear running down his cheek...ha ha ha then I started to laugh just thinking about how the ppl I knew would be in this little brain music video of mine...Guy listening to the Clash looking stoic and superior (in my pretend music video he would wear headphones even though in real life he won’t risk any of his hearing for such sillery - I made up the word SILLERY too)... Adele listening to Adam Ant doing her fun arm gestures, looking like a new wave/goth princess...Alex rocking the shit out of some old punk song I don’t know, pushing some lady wearing Gucci into the cement wall that is the Bank of kid doing some attitudinal (made up that word too) Tupac gangsta hiphop jiggerdoo down the sidewalk...Mary doing a Tawny Kitaen 80’s metal sex kitten prance/hair flip whilst mouthing the words to Whitesnake...Connie with her Skid Row shirt on looking cuter than Sebastian Bach, devil horning to the raunch of classic Motley Crue...I could go on and on...

Using ppl you know as templates could make this a really funny thing...not being a film maker prohibits me from actually doing this of course...and really...sometimes my fab ideas are better kept in my head since my ideas tend to only please me anyway...

There are a couple of BUS PEOPLE I really try to avoid...1) The old crazy lady...she has white hair and is not right at all...she is rather spry for her age though that is not really a good thing if you sit beside her b/c she will lean her head fwd and start scratching her head while all her dandruff falls off her head RIGHT BESIDE YOU...needless to say I NEVER sit near her and if she sits near me I move b/c she is too weird and I don’t want any of her on me! Now while she does indeed repulse me i still wish i knew her story b/c I am sure she has an interesting one. I wonder if she has been mentally ill her whole life...if she has kids...What do they think of her...Where does she she tidy?...Can she carry on a conversation? Is she dangerous? 2) This last is more scary than just odd...if I heard about a small, native/asian/south american (I cannot tell exactly what her ethnic background is) stabbing someone on the bus with a short concealed knife I would know EXACTLY who it was immediately. I have often though she was thinking of killing ppl right at that very moment...she looks scary...she growls...scowls...she mumbles...and carries weird shit in her like busted dolls etc...she looks more angry than I do. Same with her I have questions...if she has always been sick...does she have good support...what does she love...does anything ever make her smile?

There is a guy at Boston Pizza whenever I am there...he sits alone in relatively the same spot each time...Maybe it’s the cheap pasta Tuesday every time – I am not sure about his pattern, only my own. haha ~ Anyhow...he is creepy as fuck and not in a mentally ill kind of way – it is in a predator creep asshole kind of way...I watch him watch women who walk by...I feel him watching me as I walk by...he is gross. He exudes creepiness...he doesn’t even try to appear normal...the good thing about men like this is they are not covert or tricky...they are so obviously disgusting and have questionable intentions where women are concerned that I cannot imagine any human with an iota of common sense or mindfulness being lured by such a douche. Same with him – I wonder why he is the way he is...where he lives...if he has ever followed through with his Jen Perceived Creepiness...what happened to him in his life to make him look so shady and sneery...

People fun. Wonder what it says about me that I seem so fascinated by the mentally ill?