Sunday, April 30, 2006


i called about a few places today that I will view this week....both gave me giant boners...more later once I go see them.

packed almost half the house today...can u say obsessive compulsive? (funny thing is i typed obsessive repulsive 1st hahahah hahahahaha hahahahha)

poor ayla today....spent HOURS squeegeeing @ her job, and cleaning the lobby for that precious 20.00 only to LOSE it on the way home...
is that not a fucking drag?
i bet she wont lose $ again though...gotta love life lessons...i took her to see FAILURE TO was better than I thought...she did say she was shocked i didnt give her 20.00 after her sob story... this made me laugh...I told *why would I do that? YOU LOST IT...if i give you what u lose what will stop u from trying harder not to lose things?* hahahahaha

I have turfed a crap-load of books...and other various junk...oh i love moving and purging!

I missed the bus to church...AGAIN!

I am packing...I feel liberated.
Ayla just confessed she has wars with te drunk lady upstairs when im not home...the lady bashes on the floor so Ayla has been bashing her squeegee on the ceiling.
Gawd help me.
Thank gawd we are moving haha There is no point warring with a drunk lady haha Nothing good will come of it.

We may go see a flick today...Ayla's squeegee job starts today, she is excited! I am excited I can fire her if she sucks...MuHAHAHAHAH HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHAHA

I am impressed with her purchasing her own squeegee with 7 foot extention...good investment...shes already stressing about finding a fill in for when shes gone this summer.

I need a is 950 am after all.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

dont look a gift horse in the....

so u may all recall the ODD things my mother sends here every so often...come on, how could u forget the used deodorant she sent in my birthday parcel...??
so the easter parcel arrived today at work...i was a little scared to open it at work b/c i knew something weird and unexplainable would be in it...

for the most part it was all fine...
perfumes/jammies/lip gloss for ayla...
etc etc
olive oil for me...perfume...soaps etc...then I pull this out...this was a thrift store find obviously but i am curious as to WHY she thinks Ayla or I need such a shirt...we arent highway flaggers...we dont work on an airport runway...we arent handicapped and ride a bike with a flag/hockey helmet...
oh well it makes for good stories if nothing else...I just shake my head. Funny duck.

OTHER ODD PRESSIES FROM MA: under the xmas tree - douches, tampons, individually wrapped socks, granny underwear, etc

bay city rollers

s-a-t-u-r-d-a-y - HEY!
hahahah now you'll have that song in yer head all day Muhahah haha hahah hahaha

im still crippled this this means ill be doped all day, which isnt a bad thing...i just cant use the GOOD DOPE til after work haha

the weathers gone quite warm, this makes me bitter, bitter, not ready to part with my jacket yet.
in my next life i will have less psychotic tendencies...

so i came across someones new dating ad....where they had completely covered up all traces of Jen in the picture used on the sure u recall me guffawing about this awhile ago, the cheesiness of made me laugh so much i may have peed had my bladder been full...
so everyone, scream a hello to Don for being a secret/not so secret reader...its kind of odd, the skulking but...i can appreciate weirdness even if i think its gutless.

Friday, April 28, 2006

I am cranky....

I crinked my back/neck again...
I came home early from work but am going back later to close...
I should cut my head off.

I started packing...but soon realized this apt isnt big enough to find a place to start placing full boxes hahhahaha Its gunna be a gong show around here this month.

Im missing the BBQ @ Cheryl's tonight b/c I have to go back to work...I refuse to thin
k about BBQ steak...I refuse...

I am monumentally irritated right now...these are the times I wish I drank.

Ok im going to bed.

I will dream about hurting people...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jen's Rant

ok...i clearly jinxed myself earlier by saying something about the show sucking and that being funny...
now let me say RIGHT OFF THE BAT it was NOT the band that sucked...OLP actually put on a great show and the music sounded great...IF ONLY I COULD HAVE HEARD ONE FUCKING WORD RAINE MAIDA SANG ALL NIGHT....that sound guy should be fired....seriously...what I like about his voice are the odd highs and lows, whiney freaky was all lost in bad soundboardmanship...

and if that was not enough..
.wtf is assigned FLOOR seating about? I will not go to another assigned floor seating event again. This arena is so anal its goofy...the ushers and security are mega-freakish nazi dictators...
and THERES NO MOSH PIT...why?? oh well bc no one was allowed to lv their seat that they were assigned hahahaha
im sorry, maybe im old...but the beauty TO ME of floor tickets are the have the option of hanging back, enjoying the show or rolling up your sleeves and giving/getting a shit-kicking up front...
this seating bullshit ruins the chi of the whole floor concept...I boycot floor seating fr this day fwd. Cocksuckers.

So yeah I left b4 it was even over bc i couldnt hear fuck all...Adrienne was about to lose it on someone...the seating wasnt flying with her and the sound was truly disappointing.
Donna was drunk which was fun to see ...

Jets Overhead and Neverending White Lights sounded 3847598375984375 x better then the OLP sound (and again, it was NOT the band whatsoever, they were clearly kicking ass)...Jets Overhead sounded great...Neverending White Lights were so part was when Raine came out and sang LIAR with them, he sounded GOOD too.... sticking to small intimate shows and venues.

Blogger Brianna came and said HI....always cool to meet bloggers in real life...its a real thanks for saying HI ~ that was very cool!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Raine maida's coming home w/ me call his wife...

Cher & Rob just brought over a crap load of boxes from their recent move so we have a good chunk of the boxes we will need to make ours....thank u C & R!! woot woot
and BUBBLE WRAP too!!! Gawd I love the barter system....comp work for boxes and bubble wrap...i love it!

Ive written my 1 month notice...heh hehe heheheh ~ felt better than I thought.

Im off to get some pre-concert grub, Adrienne and Donna and her bf will be here to hang out b4 we all go...
I will laugh if it sucks lol

gee, thanks for this one mel haha

Mahatma Gandhi, as you know walked barefoot
most of the time which produced an impressive
set of calluses on his feet. He also ate very little
which made him rather frail and, with his odd
diet, he suffered from bad breath. This made
him…well... a super calloused fragile mystic
hexed by halitosis.


days off....

our lady peace day...i got a babysitter, cash 4 beer and....its not hot out WOOT WOOTTTTTTT

deanna and co are on their way today, cars fixed, no more antifreeze puddles IN the car (haha)...was nice having them here...i think they should just move here.

more in a so not sure why...i think itll pass

Monday, April 24, 2006

suck my kiss...twanggggggggg

~I have crumbs down my cleavage.....again

~I love all the wee white flowers that pop up on the grass...and dandylions...rem
ember as a kid, doing the *Jen had a baby and her head popped off* and u flicked the flower off the stem? Then u would lick the stem u ripped in half cuz it looked like milk only it was gross? The you would write with the flower part on cement and say stuff like *Sam is Retarded* etc. Then blowing the seeded ones off into the wind...*sighhh*

~Deanna's car is leaving antifreeze IN THE FRONT SEAT FOOT AREA!!! PUDDLES... haha I had no idea that stuff smelled so gross. I wish they would win a new car...they have bad luck with cars. Funny part is they bought this car off my mom and im sure my mom would have a stroke if she heard it was leaking anything hahahaha

~Guess who is getting a BONUS for last quarter?? hehehe hehehe heheheh hehehe WOOHOO for damage deposits!!!!!!!! Im gunna give my notice May 1st and move for June. Yeeehaaaaaaa

~I had a guy come up to me today on the street and hand me a paper: (see picture) then a pair of earrings....he said he made himself. I think it was one of those random acts of kindness...I was very suspicious. Deanna says its too bad i dont have an autoclave (sp) b/c the earrings are cute haha I must have looked the most needy of a *lift* hahahahaha


Sunday, April 23, 2006

gourmet a la jenjen

so ive been cooking since i got up...was planning to make spaghetti sauce but...had none so...i turned my garlicy onioned beef crumble into mushroom soup gravy etc...
then I boiled some taters...made rice...cut up veggies...i dunno what im doing with it all but...itll all come tog. for a few meals...

internet was gibbled this am and as usual the min. i had a techy on the phone at shaw the modem lit up like a xmas tree... that us not the 1st time thats happened. Im thinking conspiracy.

giant audit tomorrow at work...i should be shitting myself but...i think im ready...itll be my 1st audit since taking the store over 4 myself kinda feels *important* haha
cross yer digits...

our lady peace is this week...weeeeeeeee....neverending white lights will be interesting....

(later) - ok im really hot now.
im sweating...i hate sweating...hence the lard I haul around.
i drempt about moving into a new apt...omfg i dont think ive ever been so excited about an impending move b4...mostly cuz i think for a while at least itll make ayla thrilled about life...
she has been MOST PATIENT the last 3 which is why she will get the big bedroom...although i think if it had a bathroom attached to the bedroom i would fight her for it.

i rented an attic once...that was a cool looking bedroom...couldnt stand up except for in the middle of the room but with my cheesie posters all over it was COOOOOOOOL....too frikkin hot in the summer though...gawd.
actually i lived in an attic twice...@ pams house in high school...i liked that bedroom too...i used to be allowed to have boys sleep over hahahahaha thank gawd i was a stoic virgin.
i tried to google attic bedrooms but they are all FAR too fancy to even post as an example.

now that the sprog and i share a computer i have such strong filters on the search engines and limewire etc its tough to find any really cool weirdo i have to UNfilter then i get scared ill forget to refilter...b/c man o man can u get some whacko shit searching for something quite innocent. barf

deanna, mike and jordyn will be here tonight for a few nights...will be nice to see them, too bad theyre here for a funeral though...
ok this is a boring buttlicking post.

(oooooo look what kelly the fire guy shared with me while in ucluelet, the raven lady...the one on top is the one i took yrs ago...and this is what he took recently...quite the changes)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

wake up call

this morning at 730 am an old friend of mine old ex boyfriend friend of mine....Vern from Washington State...
he was in manic mode...funny as hell...
I swear the man lives life as if he was a cartoon character...30 lb boxes fall on his head etc. Its crazy...anyway...poor Verns currently living with his EX WIFE who pulls all nighters and gets flat tires and then calls him at 6 am for rescuing after humping gawd knows who...
Vern's life is always in a state of utter not sure how the hell he manages. Maybe he is so used to it he cant imagine having a normal life. I can't even imagine living in a house with 6 kids. I think I'd stroke out.

anyhoo...that was funny b/c the phone rang me out of a dead sleep and i couldnt even read the # on the call all I hear is a mans voice and I have no fucking idea who it is...I ruled out Bruce...but then I was thinking...Sergio...Bruce 2...Dallas...wrong. I actually had to make him tell me who it was b/c my ability to recognize was still sleeping hahaha

Poor sprog is sickkkkkk today and feels like dung...shes drugged into a coma now and will watch 83745987349587 disney classic movies that she rented last night. I told her to get PETE'S DRAGON or she would be sorry.
I think she did...I loved that movie as a kid.

Ok im calling dysfunctional vern back....

Friday, April 21, 2006

...nope nothing more than this...


today is my gay.

LOOK! PORK SOUP! ha! >>>>>>>>

you know youre old when you have sore legs from sitting on a high chair at a coffeeshop the night b4...hahahahhaa

no school today...child is home and being rude as ever. She is sick and keeps clearing her throat and it makes me want to die.

im tired. i work in 3 hrs.
im going to bed.
and youre welcome 4 all this profound very welcome.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ryan McMahon is McFabulous

Ohhhh well tonight certainly made up 4 Matt Good jamming the other night...Ryan sounded as good as ever...he really is something to see LIVE...

The coffee house got a license 4 the night so there was beer there...Shawn left to sleep in the car early as he was sleepy and bored (for shame!) but Phil seemed to really like the show...they left after the 1st set...Jen the DieHard stayed my new book about Sylvia Plath inbetween sets...
The chairs made my legs fall asleep...most unpleasant...but i took a lotta pictures and got to talk to Ryan a bit...1st thing he asks me is *how did I sound?* Duhhhhhhhhh I really think he has no idea how good he is...
then he asks me later if he should quit going the musical route and give it up...Pfffftttttttttt...
screw that.

As he played the place smelled of minestrone soup...ppl behind me were almost stabbed to death b/c their constant chatter was making me insane...then 2 tarts came in, which is always fun to observe...ppls recations to them danced like a stripper so she was popular. haha
Stripper tart kept getting in the way of my picture/video taking. I shoulda beat her head in with her own high heel. ha!

Ran into Tom from Ghost of Science there as the scoop about where hes playing these days...will have to go check him out soon.

I have a weird shooting severe pain in my forehead...and my right sure that means something...stroke...? syphilis? the consumption? ha!

If not treated, syphilis can cause serious effects such as damage to the nervous system, heart, or brain. Untreated syphilis can be fatal.


Mr McMahon Strikes Again...

cartoon day of sloth-like waffling

I think this would be funnier if it was the girl punching the guy 4 not having sex.

I am in sloth mode.
Ryan McMahon plays going early to get a seat. Shawn & Phil are coming with me but I just realized my plan to get them liquored in hopes theyll make out in front of me is foiled b/c we are going to a fucking coffee shop. Dammit.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pink McFuckery

pink pink pink...aylas turned the computer pink...limewires is hot media player is hot pink...gawd help me.

i went and looked at a few apts today...saw the one i want...i am hoping it wont rent for may 1st so i can go scoop it for june 1st...its a 2 bedroom, big kitchen, open and balcony but they dont allow cats anyhow so no biggy, thats what i want a balcony 4...a litter box haha the one bedroom is massive (ayla's, im such a martyr) and I get the shoebox room which I will gladly accept b/c it has a DOOR and isnt the livingroom....i like the bldg...its nearby of Fifth Street...cross digits no one takes it!

my hand is very itchy right itchy i want to bite it off...wonder if that means something...impending cardiac event...someone is talking shit about me in alberta....etc lol

i enjoyed AN UNFINISHED LIFE....even though j'lo was in it....robert redford and morgan freeman rule in that movie.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

do NOT speak to me right now

Your tickets or confirmation number must be received at least 24 hours prior to the event in order for a refund to be issued.

To all Matthew Good ticket holders.

As you may or may not already know, tonight's show has been cancelled due to illness. However, we've just been able to reschedule the performance date to Tuesday August 1.

Feel free to hold on to your tickets as they will honored for this rescheduled date,
or you may request a refund for the next 7 days only.

Please feel free to email us if you have any further questions.

happy matthew good day!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

quotes of love

Damn you, vile woman! You've impeded my work since the day I escaped from your wretched womb.
Nothing says "Obey Me" like a bloody head on a fence post!
Fat chicks need love too...they just have to PAY!

hand me the morphine please...

peripheral headache...

too many stupid questions...

too many errors...

too many ppl talking to me...

must stop biting my 4 bitten fingernails...must get to 10 unbitten nails so I can get Donna to manicure then and teach me how to deal with them...

lose 93874583745983745983745893745 lbs by June...

matthew good is tomorrow....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

my favorite lyric right now:
gotta cut away,
clear away,
snip away,
and sever this umbilical residue
that's keeping me from killing you (Orestes ~ A Perfect Circle)

In Greek mythology, Orestes murdered his mother Clytemnestra to avenge her participation in the killing of his father, Agamemnon.

the new TOOL has his the radio. I get a boner everytime it comes on...
sometimes I wanna stab people...ever feel that way? I feel that way a lot. More than I should I'm also a tad dramatic, in case u didnt notice.
I am randomly babbling.
Making no real sense.
blah blah blah
I open tomorrow...havent got up at 530 am in a while.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


shes found over half of the 33 choc. shrek eggs...but hasnt found the mini scratch n win ticket or the giant corn on the cob pokers! muhahahhahahahahahhaa
its fun watching her hunt...she started off cocky and isnt so cocky now. he he
she laughed when the jesus statue handed her 2 eggs...muhahahhahaha *CLICK PIC TO ENLARGE*

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Shawn pumping gas...whenever im in a car thats getting filled up i imagine it blowing up and wondering how damn hot that would feel and for how long b4 I died.
Shawn's hot cutie pie Phil...
Ayla & I's favorite commercial...
Jimmy Fallon is so cute and he dances like a dream hhahaha

Hot Shawn
They still havent made out in front of me yet...How rude!