Friday, August 31, 2012


What a week. Tere was here Saturday - Wednesday...Gotta say Bingo was funny but so stressful...I should never play more than 6 cards....3 if I want to really be on top of things. Funniest ppl at bingo...most are really nice etc of course but like everywhere there is always some asshole that annoys the shit out of you by being a big mouth a-hole. The person who doesn’t work at the bingo hall but wishes she did b/c she is just so in love with being there and pretending she owns the place. We never did try out the other place in Tillicum...maybe I will save that for if my mom visits again...we can go bingo-ing for kicks!
Not gunna lie – this was a hard visit...Tere’s purpose for the visit was to bring over Taylor’s clothes b/c she is having the awesome crafty quilter Sarah make them into 2 memorial for her and one for Taylor’s dad. Taylor will be gone 1 year next month so I know this task of ironing and cutting up his clothes was something that was a huge hurdle to get started let alone finish – but she did it...ugh! She also got herself tattooed...she had their favourite song when Taylor was little tattooed around her wrist “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine”...pretty heavy day that needless to say I was looking fwd to going home last night and watching the last episode of True Blood that aired on Sunday until next summer. No nothing but me and myself....oooo was grand....The True Blood season finale was one of the season finales when you yell FUGGGGGG at the end b/c  you are so mad to be left hanging for 10 gawd damn months.
I am enjoying all the BC Liberal’s jumping ship...and acting like they are not jumping shit but retiring or moving on like it is no big deal...someone said it right...handfuls of ppl do not retire and leave a party that is not crumbling to its death. They had a good run those greedy, money mongering, mismanaging, morally corrupt shits...medical/health services, education, the environment – have all gone to shit...thanks Gordo – your legacy of assholery lives on. Long overdue for some change around here...and I can only hope the NDP pick up the slack and fix some shit up before they start acting like power hungry assholes too.
Had a wee earthquake the other day...I like wee earthquakes...I think of them as pressure releasing quakes....buying time before the massive one hits...I am hoping I am long dead when that happens. I have to say watching how the ppl of New Orleans/Louisiana  were all but forgotten during their natural disaster I am a bit nervous about having any hope that we would receive efficient assistance here. One good thing is that there are a lot of so-called important ppl in Victoria so one would IMAGINE the turnaround time would be ok for help arriving but...who knows.? I hate thinking about earthquakes and such b/c it really gets me spazzed out...having a kid and the separation at such a time would be sickening...that reminds me we need to pick a meeting spot in such an event...DO YOU HEAR ME KID? Meet me on top of the Cridge Centre hill across the street! High ground! Now I feel sick.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Too boring...

to post anything even slightly interestingggggg....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Halt All Squawking

What a slap in the face for some Republican a-hole to make statements of complete ignorance and stupidity about rape and pregnancy...I am glad that guy is feeling the burn now – the backlash has been delicious and I hope it is a career ender. The fools running around on this planet continue to entertain and horrify. CLICK HERE
I have been feeling all hateful towards the seagulls as of late only to have Guy post a picture of a baby gull on my FB wall and make me feel guilty. ::shakes fist at baby bird cuteness:: Mother Nature was extremely brilliant making females so susceptible to cuteness so that we did not murder our own offspring.
I am almost up to date with True Blood so that I can resume some sort of life...maybe start cooking again...go for a walk...visit humans...I have too many favourite shows...Californication, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Damages, True Blood...I am hesitant to try out new ones for this reason...Breaking Bad and Mad Men especially. My obsessive nature is just too weak to be reasonable with a whole season of tv right at my finger tips.
Man I have been sleeping so good this week...sure I dream about vampires and other weirdo shit but my gawd when I wake up I can’t believe I slept like such a dead donkey...I think the earplugs help...I don’t like being unable to hear someone coming at me to kill me but at the same time...whatever. I don’t hear the cat scritching & being annoying...or A. coming in late...or neighbours...or seagulls (::shakes fists at the sky::) It is an equally blissful as wearing daytime ear buds on the bus...cannot hear kids crying, excessively loud conversations ppl have on their cell phones, cell phones going off, people having stupid conversations, the crazies talking to themselves about Wall Street/the stock market etc. I guess I live my life in the city as Guy does living in the woods...only he gets to connect to nature in the woods after disconnecting from the assholery and I am just disconnecting left, right and center and haven’t connected with anything yet.
Training starts next month for the Transition House...I am signed up and was relieved to find out that even though I originally thought I wanted to be a crisis line volunteer I am a bit unsure and have 3-4 training sessions  before they branch off into 2 separate classes...that is when I will have to decide 100%. I think my main concern is my possible inability to maintain a healthy detachment...I am not sure about that but I think I will get a better sense after a few training classes so I am not making a decision until later.
OMFG work is so dead. I just wanna go home...I truly frigging hate it here when there is nothing to do...I was so desperate I took the teapot of death to the kitchen to clean out...someone made tea 2-3 mths ago and it’s been sitting there since...the teapot grew tea algae NOT EVEN KIDDING...and it partially solidified – so effing gross.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Milky Mangos

Funny how deep those red neck roots go...upon reading this I immediately was shaking my head thinking "what the hell...make up your mind..." - then after logical reflection - who cares if this man who has female parts, birthed his own babies and lives as a transgendered man  who wants to be a Le Leche League leader...? it impeding my life or mission of personal happiness? Nope. Would I have issues calling up the LLL and be mortified and traumatized if a transgendered person was the one that came to my house to help me out? Nope. Do I understand that some people would - Yes. I think a few more generations are in order to weed out people within our population that find this sort of thing highly unsettling.

It was not that long ago that being gay caused such a ruckus and sadly - for as much progress that has been made - we haven't really come that far...gays still get beat up for being gay. This transgender acceptance will take a while - it messes with peoples heads. All malice aside - we grown up knowing that MOMs are FEMALE and DADS are MALE. This transgendered stuff is confusing for a lot of ppl, myself included...and I am far more liberal than most.

There is still a novelty to it all...having grown up in the 80's cross-dressing and the like was really edgy and underground behavior...and now all this stuff is going mainstream and it is a real culture shock to many people.

Do I think transgendered people are entitled to less freedom than those who are not? No...but gimme a minute to wrap my head around this please. Ultimately, I admire the crap out of him mainly b/c the way he is feeding his son requires a lot of dedication and work and he is ensuring his son gets the best and kudos to him...most hetero-folk wouldn't go to half as much trouble in this day and age...

Horny Lady in the Houseeeeeeeeee

I started to post last week while it was really hot out:

Here it comes...another whiny post about how hot it is. I cannot help myself. I have a low tolerance for heat. It is an affliction. A handicap of sorts. I am a victim of my temperature intolerance. I need a support group...never mind...I wouldn’t go b/c it is too hot out. The best thing about it being this hot is I know it cannot go on b/c eventually on our fine coast it will get grey and rain and then I shall rule the world...MuHahahaha hahaa hahaha hahahaha (evil laugh there)

But it was too hot to post. Ha! Then I woke up Saturday to the most glorious cloudy coolness...I nearly wept from the happiness. It was overwhelming. I watched True Blood all day...never even got dressed. It was divine.

Ayla made it home from an epic music festival/camping adventure in one piece. She did not get near enough food or sleep while away so the last few days she has been sleeping and eating. She just got full time @ the shoe store so she is HAPPY...I will now be handing over her cell phone bill to her – I am stoked about that...and also looking forward to some rent coming my way YEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

On Sunday I forced myself to leave the house and went to see a movie – RUBY SPARKS – which I quite enjoyed. I always enjoy watching things where the people in it are relationship retarded b/c then I don’t feel like such a beacon of loserness. Objectively – if I look around, most people are relationship retarded...I just happen to deal with my retardation differently – I would rather be by myself than be with someone for the sake of being with someone. We all just try to get by – I get it. While I am sure some people look at my life with heavy sadness in their hearts (haha) I feel that way towards people who pair up for the sake of pairing up. I enjoy my own company far too much to let some less than adequate person intrude upon my lonely perfection. Until I meet someone I can stand for longer than 30 days could happen. It may not. Either way, I am fine...though I do hope if I have to let someone intrude upon my lonely perfection he better have a pool in his yard.

The seagulls are full throttle annoying now...the squawking is unbearable some parts of the day...I can be heard cursing at them though I try not to b/c I realize how utterly ridiculous that is. SOLITUDE DESTROYERS...I effing hate them so much. While I was downtown yesterday at a bus stop all I could hear was the squawking MFers and I pondered the reality that all that noise (I assume) is to attract a mate to get laid. What a bunch of hoopla...I wish they would take their glaucous-porn somewhere else is truly the bain of my existence right now...I whine about it ever.gawddamn.year I know... Completely pointless...much like my addiction to True Blood.

Yes despite my initial impression of this show I am completely sucked in and in love with this vampire series...I actually walk around the house practicing how Vampire Bill says “Sookie” in a deep, southern accent. I do not know why. I am also smitten with Vampire Eric...I do not usually like fair-haired and blue eyed men but good gawd he is 6 foot 1000 and a lovely mess of gangly limbs – I cannot help myself. I don’t love his face at all but it is the way he walks...that gangly, tall saunter of certain horny lady death...jfc. CLICK HERE FOR MY PERV CRUSH
Admittedly – I feel like a perv b/c I imagine my friend Buffy’s ex looked similar back in the day and it feels so very wrong...because he was/is a turd. Anyhow...while I was not in love with Season 2, Seasons 3 and 4 have been great so I am starting Season 5 soon...then I will be caught up and can add yet another show to my roster of shows I don’t get and have to DL weekly or wait for a new season to start etc. ANNOYING.

OK – I am now morphing from my previous paragraph 13 year old persona back into an old crusty lady in her 40’s. BORING....

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I have cooked more today than I have the whole time I have been off work since Aug 3rd...I go back tomorrow and I am rather mortified. In all honesty, the required schedule having a job is good for me - it created some type direction for me b/c left to my own devices I am a gawd damn sloth. I have spent 15 hrs watching the True Blood series this weekend and I don't even friggin LIKE it....I didn't realize it sucked so bad til I snuck in a few episodes from season 2 of DAMAGES (which is a clever, mind twisting series) and then in contrast I was embarrassed at myself for watching True Blood at all.

I have done very little since Connie left...I got my hair cut (which I love for a change) and hung out with Lisa a bit...then...did dinner at Tracey and Adrienne's and visited with them and Ash and Tasmin...which is always fun. I hung out with Lisa again and went to see THE BOURNE LEGACY...loved it...Ed Norton is in it ffs. I would so make out with him if he had a beard. And Jeremy Renner - I could also be convinced to make out with him...beard or not....I have this boner for movies that portray the lead hottie men as a one man  beat-down machine...the unrealistic speed & skill of their fighting scenes gives me serious lady wood...even though I know its fake as shit...(with the exception of Bruce Lee b/c that mofo was fast as hell for real) I prefer my hot leading men to be dishing out the beat-downs and not getting them so this flick was awesome for me...I didn't realize until after that Lisa hadn't seen the previous 3...! ACKKKKKKKKK...I dunno how that made any sense to her at all.

I don't think SNUCK is a word....?? Googling now... OH LOOK:  ERROR = SNUCK - In American English “snuck” has become increasingly common as the past tense of “sneak.” This is one of many cases in which people’s humorously self-conscious use of dialect has influenced others to adopt it as standard and it is now often seen even in sophisticated writing in the US. But it is safer to use the traditional form: “sneaked.”
I am leaving snuck up in paragraph one...b/c sneaked sounds weird.

Today Amanda (old pal from high school in PR) is coming to visit with her mom Karen and Amanda's son Kyle (who I have yet to meet and I am pretty sure he is 12 or something) - I haven't seen Amanda since...oh wow 13-14 yrs it should be pretty cool...I often cursed Amanda for being so skinny when we were teens...wished/willed her to have a giganic ass as she curse failed...I guess I will let her live since she didn't turn into a stuck up dink. ha!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Botanical Beach Adventure


What a fantastic weekend. Connie was on the island visiting her in-laws up in Parksville and managed to swing a 5 day - kid free - husband free - visit.....we have not had such a luxury since about 1990 so it was a pretty big deal - not to mention she was welcoming a bit of a break from her kids who run her ragged on a daily basis.

Connie arrived Thursday and picked me up from work and we went and had a really great dinner at Japanese Village...the ppl we were seated with weren't too weird so that was a first. ha!
Friday we went to Island View Beach for the afternoon (yes I got us lost trying to get there...I always friggin end up in Langford ffs!) and walked and walked...enjoying the sea and wind under the hot myself a lopsided sunburn - always a treat.

The beach off the Pacheedaht First Nation Campground
We left for Port Renfrew around 10 am Saturday morning - was a pretty decent drive there...takes a few hours but it was nice...that road is a little snaky and has a bunch of one-lane sections so you kind of have to be on the ball. We found our motel easily was ok but essentially a piece of shit considering it was 150.00 a ice machine (my main JOY of motel/hotel stays)...we opted to do Botanical Beach Sunday morning at the lowest tide to avoid the worst of the sun/heat - so Saturday we had the day to just hang and do whatever...we ate some great food at the Port Renfrew Hotel (best halibut & chips EVER) then went in search of WATER...we were looking for Fairy Lake but despite our best efforts never did find it. There is NO cell service in Port Renfrew so aside from the shitty WiFi at the motel and the restaurant I was pretty much Google-less. OH THE HORROR! After a few wrong turns and some hairy road conditions we managed to stumble upon an amazing spot...a very happy was a beach off the Pacheedaht First Nation was DIVINE! We stayed there for a few hours, both of us love the beach so it was a mutually pleasing time (that sounds dirty but it wasn't I swear!)...we did eventually tear ourselves away and went to check out Botanical Beach's trails and amenities so we were prepared for the next day...had some dinner and then retired to our shitty motel that was too damn hot...I laid there from 11 pm til 2 am wishing for sleep but it was so warm in the room...ughhhh and b/c the rest of the hotel was full with bikers there was no way the door was being left open so...ugh! I don't love sleeping with ppl in the room disturbs my sleep chi hahaha I eventually fell asleep once I got my MP3 player out...I was up at 7 am and raring to get to Botanical Beach...

We got there at 9 am...low tide was 9:30 am so it was perfect. There are volunteers that monitor the parking lot to prevent vehicles getting broken into which is a FANTASTIC service...the guy was very helpful too...letting us know the best way to go is to do the loop by going down the steep trail on the far side so you can come up the less steep one when you are done. Despite my worries we were not eaten by a bear or a cougar though I am thoroughly convinced we were being stalked by both and a variety of other animals out to kill us.

I pretty much withheld any liquid from entering my body that morning b/c there was no effing way I was gunna pee in the bush...turns out there was a washroom at the bottom of the steep trail which was handy...I was sure to read all the signs about the danger of rogue waves and the tide trapping you etc...I take that shit pretty seriously - I am no dumb ass...after my Murder Beach near death experience in 2010 getting swept off a rocky beach into the sea is NOT something I am interested in...

Walking out on to the beach is instantly tantalizing....I have a real boner for weird rock formations and natures oddities so this beach just hits the spot for me...Connie was stoked for the tidal pools in a big way so we began the trek towards the is not easy walking, each step must be taken with avoid stepping on slippery rocks obviously, or surfaces with living things on it...often every step you take has to be thought out b/c the next step you take might only have one safe option...its a puzzle...hippity hopping from rock to rock...even for skinny, agile ppl it can be treacherous. I was being extra cautious b/c falling was NOT an option - all the jagged rock, shells, barnacles etc would just be terrible to wipe out on...then comes the climbing bits...I am surprisingly zippy going from rock to rock for someone of my girth - I attribute that to growing up in Powell River and zipping around on the rocks so much as a youngster...but I was extremely conscious of my Achilles it turns out my Merrell water shoes I was wearing have amazing tread on the bottom and I am confident saved my bacon on a few occasions...they paid for themselves on that walk - I do not recommend running shoes.

There were a few parts where I was trapped and could not just hippity hop over to the next sandstone I had to go like a baby on my ass praying to hayzooz that a jagged rock did not rip the ass out of my ass hanging out of my pants I could deal with compared to a wipe out...
I was aware of where the shoreline was at all times...that rogue wave business freaks me out...and as much as I would have LOVED to go closer I was not gunna be the tourist that got killed this summer...I was cringing watching ppl wearing babies in snugglies on the rocks and going so close to the surf....FACKKKK! NERVES! haahaha Anyhow...this worry wart didn't die and neither did anyone else right before my eyes so...onward we went.

We had a fantastic time frolicking around the grotto and inspecting the tidal pools, the amazing rock oddities and and sea life. When we reached the other end and found the trail back up neither of us wanted to leave so we hung out and just enjoyed the day for as long as we could....but as per usual...the bladder rules and up we went...we took our time - the hike back up is less steep thank bloody hell and had lots of interesting twists and turns and areas to check we were leaving all the tourists showed up so it was nice we missed the crowd.

Finally got to the top and this fatty was fuggin wasted and sweaty let me tell ya...but feeling awesome. Such an incredible place to visit. We made a donation to the volunteers who ensured our stuff was intact when we returned and re-hydrated - and eventually made our way out of town...was sad to leave the seaside...the HEAT of the day became very apparent as we left Sooke and went inland...gawd...what a hot shitty day to go back to the boiling city...

Connie went back up island this afternoon after we went to Chinatown for a bit of shopping and sushi for lunch. Will see her again briefly Friday when her and Jason and the kids come spend the night. 

It was the coolest thing I have done as an adult and doing it with Connie was even cooler...definitely would love to do it again and explore the other side of the beach.

My kidlet leaves tomorrow for Shambhala - with some 25 yr olds ID so she can get in - to camp with Alex and dance her face off for 5 know what that means right? That means the rest of my vacation I am actually ALONE in the house... MUAHAHHAHAH HAHAHAHAH HA HHAH AH HAH HA HAH HAH AH HHAHAAAAA