Friday, March 30, 2012

Mexican Gut Rot

Ohhhh the price some pay for fun...Ms Travel Grrl is very gross sick...figure we will give it til the end of Sat. and if there is no improvement it is Dr time...she went to a dress fitting today and was worried it was gunna turn into a scene from Bridesmaids...ha ha ha That made me laugh when she said it. Ugh...I know this is fairly common and all that but the thought of parasites and such grosses me out...also I have known ppl who came back from places and have been sick for MONTHS....that is not a nice prospect for her or I.

The Sprog is also suffering from cabin fever and has transferred her sickness bed out to the couch...for the benefit of TV and a general change of scenery. I am being neurotic to not touch anything she has touched. hahahahaaaaaaaaa...

All I can say is I am relieved it is the weekend b/c I need some damn sleep! Even if I only sleep in til 7 am - the fact I don't wake up to an alarm or have to rush to leave the house is friggin awesome!

I have just discovered PORK LOINS...dunno whether you have noticed or not but the price of chicken is a little steep these days so I ventured into the land of pork (that sounds funny)...purchased my 1st pork loin...smothered it in BBQ sauce and garlic for 12 hrs and roasted it......SO GOOD. That is what my life has become...getting excited over PORK LOIN.

I wonder if Mexicans come to Canada if they get sick like Canadians do when they visit Mexico...?? Anyone?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

5x7 Folded Card

Funky Leopard Print 5x7 folded card
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Friday, March 23, 2012

All I wanna do is doodle...

I would love to get paid to doodle. Envelopes...all I could afford the best fine tip sharpie order to doodle more.

It is a Friday night at Jenny's house...I am in a weird mood...I called Miss A and spoke to Lauren...Miss A is out and Lauren stayed in b/c she burned the tops of her feet and she can't walk. Ouch. Miss A got fried too day closer to skin cancer...:\
Lauren was giving me the low down about the resort...the mediocre food...lame eateries...clearly the place is only about the free booze and parties...and party they have.

Big sad hugs to Michelle B. Her father died this week...a very complicated situation which I am sure will only get more complicated...the impending doom of this loss was bad enough for her I am sure...the reality is sure to be worse for a while. xo

Dead tired.......................................................::THUMP::

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thank u Mexican Jesus

Where A. is...only covered with obnoxious party-goers
I called A. tonight...she has messaged me the last few days on FB...she cannot manage to figure out how to use the phones there...the phone system being as sketchy as it is I am not shocked but it was not something I predicted obviously...or I would have sat her down and schooled her on it.

Sun & Mon not hearing a word from her was bad incredibly.mind.fucking. I know I am extremely neurotic and I recognize that I am overly spastic about her safety...I worry in an extreme way that makes me ill. I will not bore you with the inner workings of my obsessive is a dark, twisted path no one should take. So during these 2 days naturally I am beside myself...and am thinking that she is LIKELY fine...but the fact she blatantly hasn't called even though we agreed to a certain calling pattern to keep me calm/not ruin her life in Mexico - it made me so incredibly sad b/c I knew it would change things between us and not for the good. To me it was the ultimate slaying betrayal and breach of trust...I was gutted by the what ifs and more gutted by the sad prospect that she really did not care beyond her own little sphere.

On Tuesday I was back to work and sick over not hearing a damn word...I knew they landed fine through another kids mom but that's all I knew...I am at work and considering going home b/c being around ppl was proving to be too much for this unstable ninny...then at 11 am my cell phone does this weird half ring thing...then stops...I look...ITS A MEXICAN NUMBER. For a split second I thought "Yay she is trying to call home!" but then I soon shifted into retard mode and was imagining her kidnapped...or dead and someone was trying to let me know....I could feel to vomit moving up up up...I was on the verge of a stroke/puking for the next few hours... then I got a FB msg via Lisa's acct THANK GAWD that she was fine and they just couldn't figure out how to call b/c the hotel was out of calling cards and all the shit there was weird and complicated...I was so happy. I don't get HAPPY often but man I was HAPPY. I was horrified about the prospect of never seeing her again and was thinking how extra sad it would be that I wouldn't ever get to know her...the person she is and the person she will grow into being...massive fucking cheat...then I would think about Tere and how Taylor's death has affected her...she won't get to see him fall in love, have children...grow into a man...the loss is incapacitating...(You can see how my brain works a little now huh? Bad shit happens...and I am not immune thus not able to pretend I am not eligible for the horrors life has to offer up on a regular basis)...

Anyway....back on track here...I called her tonight at her hotel...had a chat with her b/c they tried calling and it was not happening...her voice was hoarse from all the drunken clubbing and screaming the night before...she was happy...said it was the most fun ever...told me about what she had been doing, how tanned she is (haha jerk), the sailboat day trip tomorrow, etc. She was doing great. She said the hotel was crappy though...their toilet didn't work yesterday so they were peeing in the bath tub and screaminggggggg "I AM PEEING IN THE BATH TUB!!!!!!" hahahaha I had read a few things about ppl saying the hotel was not that  shit hot but A. didn't seem to mind b/c the rest was fantastic.

Needless to say the rest of the week is going MUCH better than the beginning.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


...ever watch "The Lovely Bones" movie the day your kid leaves on her trip to Cancun.

She did manage to get to the airport and such and board...I have yet to hear from her though...from the resort...mind you I predicted she would be a complete inconsiderate a-hole despite promising me she would call me once a day. She may think she gets a week of freedom from my clutches of maternal death but she will pay for years and years to come for this betrayal...ohhh this mother is not going to forget.

The weather is nice there...the plane did not crash so...I am sure all is well and good.

Season finale of The Walking Dead was intense....fugggggg! I won't say more in case someone is waiting to watch it til later.

I am so's like my skin has been stripped of all is that about...? I am an OCD lotion addict at the moment...which is counter productive 4 the most part...but the only thing I can manage...I think tonight I will smother myself in greasy weird Nivea cream and go to bed...maybe I will sleep in A's bed all greased up with Nivea as 1 small form of revenge.

Tomorrow I am hanging with Kate and starting a project that will ultimately be for A's will keep me busy...all week.
AT LEAST I FINALLY HAVE MY MP3 PLAYER BACK....sweet jesus I was about to go mad. Now I can be alone in public again.

I have a urgent stress headache right now...sometimes I wish I still drank.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nutella...for the love of gawd!

When did I blather on last...? I don’t even know...3-4 days til Cancun...Sprog has made it very clear that my need for preparedness is ‘anal’ and I should relax b/c her and her friends are not idiots and will deal with whether or not they have enough change for the bus in Vancouver, etc. I guess not being easily flustered allows for some of these incidental things to go willy nilly whatever-like. Truthfully, the reason I am overly prepared about things and think 45 steps ahead is b/c I don’t care to deal with surprises and annoying shit like being at the bus and realizing I have no gawd damn change...thinking back 20 some years I did not have the same level of attention to detail...and it would not occur to me to get a map of an airport prior to flying somewhere so I knew exactly where my ticket booth was. I need to keep reminding myself that her brain and my brain do not work the we have different temperaments and priorities. Ayla’s priority currently above all else is to sell as much crap as she can so she has enough to buy a certain bikini she must wear in Cancun or she will surely perish...whereas my priority is for her to come home safely after a fab time and not be killed and become yet another CBC news article about the dangers of Mexico travel. We are on totally different usual.
Oh wait her other major priority in life is Nutella...she called me at 11:14pm last night to inform me it was IMPERITIVE I get her some Nutella b/c we are out and she might die without it this week. I did find this very amusing...only b/c I was in bed and reading and not asleep when she made the emergency call. Ha!
The family is in Vegas right now...Aunty Pam, Uncle Jim and cousin Mags/Kel and all their spouses and kids...Nascar in Vegas extravaganza! Kelly posted a few pics on FB and Jim looked in his glory all helmeted up and appearing to be going for a race car ride. Looking fwd to the stories and more pictures for sure. I am not much of a gambler but I would like to go to Vegas and go see the Pawn Stars pawn shop hahahahaha and other things as well...doesn’t look like there is a shortage of stuff to do there.
I wish Rick Mercer was the PM of Canada...actually I almost wish ANYONE ELSE was the PM of Canada right now. That is all I have to say on that...
I am still waiting for my Criminal Record Check to come back so I can start volunteering at the Transition House. Tracey found out when she had her recent one done that there is someone with her exact name, eye color, birthday and hair color out there who has a criminal record...! EEK! Hers came back with SOMETHING on it and she was surprised seeing as it should have been clear so she had to go sort it out and almost had to start showing tattoos and body parts to have it if you are ever arrested and have no ID on you the thing to do is use the name and info of someone you hate so this will happen to them haha

Sunday, March 04, 2012


I have been lucky...I haven't had neighbors below me in a year and when I did she was a little old lady, never heard her once and the room below me was her spare room. I haven't had ppl above me in about 5-6 mths...before that I didn't really hear them except for the walking around b/c this is an old wood bldg...I have ppl below me now...I know them and they are nice folk, not a-holes or anything...I can hear them know that low murmur talking (male voices...can't really head female voices) is extremely is hearing someones TV...just that constant murmur. Fuck I hate it. I sure hope today they have company b/c if they talk to themselves at this volume level all the time it is going to suck for me. haha The suite above me is being reno'd for my landlady (her son & daughter in law live below me) - she is quite quiet and is usually alone and won't talk much I suspect. I have no issue with regular apt. is to be expected...and I am sure I will get used to it again...but man - as I get older - this sort of thing SURE irritates me. Yay for getting old and cranky...woohoo. Just wait though....they are expecting a baby and the baby's bedroom is below mine....oooooooo that should be awesome...

I am watching The Walking Dead solo this week...the lesbos are ill. Then I think I will read and go to bed...oh wait I have to change the littler box...I am awesome! My house is clean and I don't want to do anything to mess it up ffs...

Crap I wish I would hurry up and get my new working MP3 player in the mail b/c I am friggin DIEING here...if it comes and has the same issues I am gunna shit the bed...I will just buy a friggin new one b/c I am not waiting around for another replacement...At 1st I was ok with just riding the bus without but the more I do the more I realize I am not interested in inane bus conversations by stupid kids or schizophrenics having auditory hallucinations. No thanks...Gimme my tunes please.

I wonder if they can hear my TV and/or downstairs...? Lucky for them I don't talk to myself or I am sure that would be irritating for them. ha! I bet these zombie noises and screaming is fun to hear through a floor. Oh apartment bldg - CONCRETE!!! Or (waterproof/ heated/ electricity/ plumbing/ by a bus stop) a teepee.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Musing on a Saturday

It is freezing in here...the wind is blowing through the patio door...

Spoke with Tere last night...its been a while...our daily talks have slowed due to her uncle dieing and her having to arrange his funeral and take care of his affairs on Pender Island. She is also 'officially' with Kevin now who has moved into the city so she has someone to occupy her mind and time more which is a good thing. She told me last night that the coroner report finally came in - 5 mths after Taylor's death - saying that his alcohol level was over the legal limit and the antidepressants he started taking were within the therapeutic range. What does this mean? Well...your guess is as good as any one's doesn't solidify anything except it is likely that Taylor was up drinking all night which leads Tere to imagine he was sad and crying and this absolutely guts her beyond words...she has no idea how he got booze since he had been at her place that same evening looking to bum 10 bucks for smokes....which he never came back for. Personally -  I think booze and antidepressants are a deathly cocktail for a lot of people...add gun ownership into the mix and it is a recipe for disaster. I can honestly say throughout my life at some of the very very bad times if a gun was readily available to me I have no idea if I would still be makes it easy to make an irrational, lethal decision. My brother had nothing in his system...he was not altered at all in his decision (aside from the obvious depression)...I am not sure whats worse...losing someone this way hen they were out of their mind and altered....or knowing they were methodical and deliberate in their actions. Either all fucking sucks the grossest of ass and comfort/resolution is rarely provided by these reports.

Last night I watched a movie called FISH was odd but I couldn't stop watching it...I wanted to b/c I have had my fill of bitchy teenagers and this movie had a bitchy BRITISH teenager...though I will say her mother was horrifying in the maternal dept so she came by it legitimately.

Today I think I need to rearrange my's not working for me...and the bike to nowhere may be coming out in the living room...and can be used as an additional seat when company comes over. HA! This will take up my whole day...and warm me up.