Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rip Off

Waking up at 6 am on a Saturday way around it. I am sure I should be grateful I only need 6 hrs of sleep a night...right?
Today I am dragging a buncha clothes off to a consignment Sidney...Yes SIDNEY is a 60/40 split and a lot easier than dealing with selling it all on your own and since I was gunna donate it anyhow I thought I would try this 1st...if they don't sell then they get donated anyway.

After that it is a beach walk with Donna.
Will be interesting to see how the ol heel enjoys that kind of walking...My orthotics are in - I have worn them for 2 days now and it feels like I have rolled up socks jammed into my shoes...ha ha ha It can take up to 4 weeks for them to stop hurting so clearly this is gunna be  a slow process, measuring if there any noticeable improvement...but I am on it and determined!

Mother's Day is next weekend...if Ayla asks - I WANT A LEVEL. That's right...a LEVEL!

I did the math and I am an IDIOT and am off to a wedding next Friday in Parksville (LORI AND RICH!)...why am I an idiot - oh b/c it will be 1st day of menstruation wedding day and this means I will be a frigging miserable ass face. Will certainly be bringing a healthy supply of T3's with me. Again I am rather horrified about what to wear...I think this is my last wedding for 5 yrs...I am putting a MORATORIUM ON ALL is hard when you like the people to say no but fugggggg I hate hate hate that everyone gets tarted up...I am always under dressed...can u say self esteem issues? hahaha Maybe I just don't care...maybe I like to buck the obligatory nature of this shit b/c I find it foolish...? Truth of it is I don't like anyone telling me wtf to wear...
I realized this at my last course I was little classroom epiphany was clear - I am not going anywhere in government b/c I just cannot be a fake motherfucker...moving "up" requires shmoozing, acting processional, kissing ass, and a few other things I am not in a place in life to force myself to do...hard work aside...that is the have to be a certain "type" of person, willing to do what you gotta do...and I cannot force myself to pretend to be what I am not...maybe later I will feel more flexible and willing but right now...I am all about going to work, doing my job and doing it better than anyone else on earth ever has in the whole entire universe and then going home and NOT SOCIALIZING with a bunch of pretentious people who are good at playing the professional game (this does not apply to all gov't workers but within my ministry my office is about as laid back as it gets, the rest are lawyers and litigation experts etc so you can imagine) also occurred to me that this attitude of mine has held me back pretty much my whole life...yep I can see it loud and clear - no need to point it out. I am my own worst enemy...without a doubt.

I ordered myself the new upcoming Matthew Good album on vinyl (and cd)...I don't have a record player but when I do have one I wanna hear the snap crackle pop of Matt Good... I have never had a MG'll be fantastic! The new single - IN A PLACE OF LESSER MEN - is kinda Beatles-esque....I dig it...
Watched a few royal wedding highlights last know what...not that it matters in the grand scope of fuck all that is important's nice to see that they clearly adore each other...unlike Williams mom's marriage to Prince Charles...the future king of England married a commoner...LOVE IT. Ohhh how times have changed...not enough to simmer down the ridiculous tradition that is a royal wedding but.......................................

I wonder how Guy is liking MANITOBA hunting geese with his Pa right now?



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

if you have to throw yourself a pity party you probably aren't worthy of one

Guy is in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan! I used to live there...a few times real memory of the city aside from the 2 schools I went to and our house on Duffield. I would love to tour all my old towns to see my old houses...esp Wainwright AB...I have been trying to get a current picture of our old house there (even have the address!) but Google failed me so...unless someone I know is passing through and willing to do a minor detour it is not likely to happen.

The course I was in today was pretty longggggggg but...its over now, I have my Financial Management Certification and that's that! STICK A FORK IN ME IM DONE! I am done with training for a while. Looking fwd to work tomorrow...will have so much work waiting for me that i think Thursday and Friday I will be awesome busy so it'll go fast!


Today in that course I sat across from a pregnant lady who I couldn't stop frickin staring at...oh u know the ones who GLOW and RADIATE warmth and wonder and astonishing beauty...then I think back to being preggy and recall the sciatica nerve, massive hideous back acne, greasy hair, moodiness, general ugliness...ha ha ha That is not even self deprecation...that is the plain truth of it all! Who am I kidding I don't think I have glowed or radiated anything other than loathing in my life. HA!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last Day...

Today is my 5th and final day off...I plan on watching my retarded soap opera and eventually making my way down to Tracey's for dinner to watch Adrienne lose her shit whilst watching the hockey game. I hate hockey but kind of get perverse pleasure watching other ppl shit the bed while watching hockey.
At Lisa's for Easter dinner it was quite enjoy able to watch her dad and the boys completely become UNGLUED in overtime...they were rooting for Chicago is that?
That was a GOOOOOD dinner by the way - the ham was fantastic (thanks for all the leftovers!) and the trimmings were great...I have never had potato salad with dill pickles in it and it was GOOD!! Way to go Lisa's dad! Plus I loved all the horrendous potty was a delight! It reminded me of family dinners before there were little kids all over the place haha

I have accomplished damn near everything I wanted to on these days off...a few more tasks to do today then it will be considered a smashing successful 5 days of productivity! I have a shitload of tops to send to a consignment store...just have to find one and then get them there...OR I will just donate it all to WIN (Women in Need) as I am sure plus size clothes are not easy to come by.

Sp sad my baby jesus pic was gone from st vincent de pauls :o( BOOOO!!!! Should not have hesitated...shoulda just GOT IT and dealt with it later...not like it was gunna dip into rent $ ffs! Grrrrr

Guy is off to Manitoba to hunt with his dad...with all that flooding that's sure to be a shit show. Ugh...I hope he has a decent enough time hanging with his dad even if the rest is kinda...lame.
Keep in mind he legally owns a gun now.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I went back for that baby jesus picture but it was gone......mthrfckrs!

Rabbit for Dinner...

...would be funny at easter, don't you think?

Tonight though its sushi and ham and other such things @ Lisa's so I will fore-go the rabbit dinner fantasy.
Afterwards I am considering checking out a show at Sopranos...I hate that place but Alex and Kelsey will be there and Buzzard is playing and I haven't seen them live yet so...I ma wander there...its for a good cause (raising $ for a sick employee) and should be interesting if nothing else.
May even convince Lisa to join me for a few drinks since we don't work tomorrow...

I am loving having my comp in the livingroom with my awesome handy wireless usb stick thingy...funny how trained the brain gets though...I still keep walking to the microwave to check my email...duh.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grown Up Stuff Sucks

You know when you do something you know is right but it sucks complete and utter ass but you gotta do it or you are an idiot and by not doing it you are a fraud and a shithead for misrepresenting yourself only its not just THAT simple of course b/c the issue is full of varying degrees of good and bad and you recognize your own part in it b/c you have learned so much about yourself that it was undeniably a necessary experience but just missing some key ingredients for it to be right which then makes you second guess yourself 394759836459834 x but b/c you just know its the right thing you just do it b/c if you don't its just harder later and more complicated and gawd knows life is complicated enough and really you never know what will happen down the line b/c your crystal ball is in the fucking shop as per usual but it is just not the right time and the planets are not aligned just right and really for all you know you are making a heinous mistake but it is something you have to live with regardless so....fuck. (LONGEST RUN ON SENTENCE OF THE MONTH)

Yesterday I dined at the lezbos place for many jokes to be made about lesbionic lasagna I cant even tell u...saw Shawn the day before, he was manic and spastic after traveling but he will be over again on Monday and I am sure by then he will have calmed down a bit. haha Today I got my shopping done with Lisa and then at the last moment decided to go DT to see if my beloved baby jesus picture was there but it was not...hmmmf so I went and saw WATER FOR ELEPHANTS since I read the book recently...i liked it but as u know books are always richer and deeper. I did enjoy it though and not just b/c Edward the Vampire was in it.

Tomorrow Ayla and I are doing easter potluck dinner at Lisa's...I will bring some sushi and I am sure it will be a laugh fest since Lisa and her family (the ones who don't suck) are quite hilarious. Will be a nice change of pace. Tonight however I shall watch mind numbing movies and veg b/c I am not feeling all that great and just need a chill.

Ms Blah Face


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today is orthotic fitting day...least I know I don't have to remove any clothing for this appt...always a good thing....I should just officially call myself a NEVER NUDE like Tobias on Arrested Development
( ) - Though I am a nudist at home Also had no problem whipping a boob out to feed Ayla for years I am a complex genius aren't I? :\

I cannot stand the way this man makes me want to throw up on myself and then eat it...his whole persona disgusts me...I am not sure why after 25+ yrs I cannot shake the grossness of haunts me...creeping into my consciousness every so often - just often enough to make me contemplate gouging my fucking eyes out. With that said I hope u all look at the link and celebrate the grossness.

I admit it...I am a microwave fan. I didn't realize I was until I didn't have one...I took you for granted microwave is don't know what you've got til it's gone...(thank you CINDERELLA for such words of wisdom in the 90's)...the other day I put all my leftovers on my plate all pretty and was ready to heat it up and then realized there was no microwave and I had a complete hissy! I had to then scrape my beautifully neatly placed dinner into a friggin frying pan to heat it thus causing myself MORE dishes....I admit it that I also swore very loudly and may have even stamped my foot. <--though I did not break my foot like some people do - not naming anyone though - GUY MONTY.
I looks like this is the week we get my boss's microwave and not a moment too soon either...the realization that I am so dependent on this appliance bothers the shit out of me b/c honestly I had NO idea how reliant I was. Yes - I could go on living my life quite happily without one, I would become accustomed to the extra dishes and bother and time needed to not have one....but I don't WANT TO...there I said it...I want it to make my life slightly easier...and I am not gunna be ashamed about it...Hmmmf.

Had a good night over at Adrienne's last night - dinner and a few games of is nice to talk with someone you have known for so long that you know all the people they are talking about and vice versa...its comfortable...

I am SUPER HAPPY for a certain someone who has made a certain leap into the future by making a huge decision that was not easy to so so soooooo happy for her...good things are coming your way my brave, lovely little ginger!!! :o)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Early bird gets what worms?

Man - I got up to early every day this weekend....6am-ish I was rolling outta annoying b/c I feel like I should at least sleep til 7 so its different that a week day. Mind u - I get all my best work done in the morning...

Saturday was pretty awesome..I wandered downtown on foot with my some funny shots...saw HANNA ( ) which was quite to see Eric Bana in his underwear so how bad could a movie really be? Honestly? Then wandered back home on foot...hit a buncha thrift stores on the way to and from and by the time I got home I had completely over done it on the foot and it was gibbled but it was a fantastic day - the sun was shining and I was sucking up the vitamin D like crazy which is rather unlike me but the cool wind made it sooo perfect.

I found something in a thrift store I wants SO effing was 35.00 and I really really considered just getting it and then not eating meat for 3 days or something but....holy shit it was hard NOT to get it...I may even go look and see if it is there if $ falls in my lap - I suspect it may go though as its in really good shape....instead I came home with a snoopy toast plate which pleased me but not like that picture would have....::POUT::

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Finally found my XP disk, reformat was a smooooth success...gotta love it...over did it yesterday out walking the afternoon away in the sunshine so I crippled my foot up so today I iced it and took it lots done at home though & it was a good day...

This bird picture cracked me up - I have no idea why...even as I took it I was laughing...

Back to work tomorrow...short 2 day weekend...but next weekend is the mother load! Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday - NO WORK!! Thank you Jesus for turning into a zombie and rising from the dead!
Got some plans 4 the upcoming week...hanging with Ardene Monday...getting fit 4 orthotics's 420 on Wednesday so I have been instructed to make a good dinner as Little Ms Stoner Face will be starving...Thursday I am going to ICBC to strong arm them into giving Ayla her learners...then the glorious weekend...

Congrats to Adele for getting a job, kicking the work forces ass by doing so and having a good 1st night...things are moving and shaking for you lady!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Not sexual....for real.

I presented a proposition to someone and decided if it is declined I am going she-devil and ruining his life.

hot diggity dog

As it turns while brief was somewhat helpful...she thinks I have torn a bit of the tendon away from the heel bone (nice hey! makes me cringe!) which is why there is a bump on the back of my heel thats still tender and being hideous at times...there isnt much to be done though aside from stretching exercises...icing it...getting some new orthotics and just dealing with it as it is. I have an orthotic appt next week...I may even get some granny compression socks to avoid future issues with circulation...ask me how excited I am to wear tight fucking socks when I am already bulky and too hot as it is usually?

I am cranky today. last night I was blah and cold and crawled into bed at 745 pm to wait for Big Bang Theory which was a gawd damn rerun ffs!!!! Unfortunately by 815 I was asleep with my glasses on and still dressed and didnt wake up until midnight - sweating my bag off and completely kerfluffled. I got up for a while b/c I could not sleep...and it took me quite some time to get back to sleep so this morning I feel....nasty...and wolverine-ish. I am having a cheese burger 4 lunch's not all bad.

Squidlet the Awesome Boy belonging to Maggie turned 2 this week...the pictures were adorable of him and his new bike...sad to have missed that...and Madelyn's 1st horse riding lesson as well...that kid is CRAZY for horses so it was a monumental occasion!

I got a new fish yesterday (Sorry Guy!)... ~JULIEN~ is was hard to choose I have to say...they have a zillion of them...he was the prettiest one that caught my eye and dazzled me with his tail fluttering...
I named him Julien after the hot french guy character in BROKEN ENGLISH who I am in love with (Melvil Poupaud)...I chose to not name him Melvil b/c that's just a horrible fucking name....Please don't die Julien....I am too damn fragile to deal with a dead fish again...::SOB::

It is Friday....YAY...I have no plans...I am walking to the movie on Sat to see HANNAH - Eric Bana is in that and it looks interesting...solo excursion...then I WILL check for my XP disk in the last possible place it can be....the other computer disk drive which is up in the closet...laundry...stretching...walking...Ayla is ignoring me again...not sure why...ugh don't care at the moment either...not in the mood for drama anyway.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Those moments when you are sitting on a bus (or doing whatever automated thing you do during the day), trying to ignore the old Chinese man who stinks of moth balls beside you...when you suddenly get that FLASH...the flash of recognition and full consciousness in your head...that you are very small...and insignificant...and in 100 yrs no one you know will be alive...and no one will ever speak of you b/c you haven't done anything remarkable enough to make it into a book for being awesome - like inventing vibrators or discovered a cure for cancer...or done anything really all that worthy of'll be lucky if your grandchildren live in a world carefree enough where they could sit around asking their mom about their crazy Gramma Jen...never mind anyone beyond that time frame.

Then you just sit there after the flash is gone wondering wtf the point is...and ask yourself why it is that you are squandering the life you have been gifted...that is some shitty Wed. morning bus ride thinking. Then you start thinking - to try and make yourself feel better - of the things you have done in life that aren't useless and shallow...the people you have reached on some level...the people who have reached you and helped you become a better human being...then it morphs into all the people who are complete fucking assholes to you...people who are supposed to be your friends and do owe you some level of consideration who quite carelessly will let it all go in order to fill their own little void and stay safe in it...then you start asking yourself why you have friends at all? Emotional reciprocation is never going to occur even at best...they are unreliable on more than just the basic level...then you start thinking the crazy ppl we all look at and feel sorry for - you know - the friendless people who have a few cats...who aren't social...never go out - they are odd...they make themselves a safe little bubble and live their lives filled with loneliness - but as some of u may know, loneliness is really easy to become accustomed to if you don't trust anyone or don't examine it too much...and it soon becomes a way of life you don't want to change...once that window of opportunity is gone to let people's gone for some people for good...some people turn it around...anythings possible...but many don't...some ppl don't even know they are in that place...unable to let anyone in...deflecting life left and right...opportunities walking on by...or there are the broken emotionally needy people who cling on to whatever they can in order to not feel or face themselves...their shitty lives with whoever is there - this infuriates me. Admittedly - I am the polar opposite of this and generally deflect people in order to create my own little safe place...and I do not care b/c thats 100x better than being a fucking cling on.

So at the end of the 9 minute bus ride where am I at? Well, I am limping down Douglas Street, making a point to not go into Shoppers and buy a giant bag of chips and easter chocolate, worried I stink like
gawd damn moth balls from the little old Chinese man....making my way to work and hoping the next bus is empty so no smelly ppl sit beside me.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Snipple Snapple

Weekend was not too bad considering I was low key and fairly house bound.
My leg/foot issue is clearly not going away quickly...while it is not like it was Thursday I can still feel that it is eversofragile and would only take a day of regular walking to probably be right back to Thursday. I am going to carry on being super mellow on it and not do any walking for the rest of the week and see if it improves...keep icing it and all that jazz. If its still effed after next weekend I will have to consider going to physio once and let them know this is my ONLY appt and to show me what I need to do with it on my own. I am fairly certain my benefits suck ass where physio and that stuff goes - you hardly get anything back from it...which seems silly looking at it BIG PICTURE but what do I know.

Sat. I bussed downtown to see Your Highness with Lisa and her niece...was was okay...certainly funny but no Pineapple Express. Sat. night Guy and Donna came down so we went out for Japanese food...then grabbed a few things for dessert and just hung out at my place all night til we all were too old and tired to stay up...haha Guy's super duper telescope satisfied my pepper needs that's for cool! Could see all the way from my place on Cook St to Douglas Street into ppls apartments hahaha
Sunday I hung with Donna once Guy & Donna left for home and we did lunch and a movie (Arthur - haha so funny!)...walked more than I should have but it was nice to get out...I am worried b/c I have the 10K Times Colonist Walk on May 1st....not sure how that is gunna pan out...all this non-walking is really bad 4 me. Oddly when u are told to NOT WALK all u wanna do is go for a gawd damn walk... :\

Finally decapitated my ironing board...effing thing was really beginning to piss me off with its dysfunction so I beat the snot out of it until the legs came I have the top part if I need to put it on the table but that seems redundant as I could iron on the table with a towel but...?? I will likely get sick of looking at it and recycle it later.

Alex and Kelsey were invited to go on this free trip to Mnt Washington with a couple they know...they were told it was all condo, free food, free relaxation....BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Wrong. Cost them over 100.00 in gas...and when they got there...the other couple pretty much pretended they weren't there...made Alex cook...and ditched them to go tubing leaving them in the condo...doing shit they never got to do anything...Alex did make sure they were taken out for dinner as promised but that was done with a lot of whining and sniveling...they aren't even sure WHY they were asked to join the other couple...? Very confusing...Alex would have been better off staying home and hanging with her kid and spending 40 bucks on pizza...which leads me to my point...WHY ARE PEOPLE SO FUCKED UP!?!?! Who does that? Who invited someone on a FREE TRIP making it clear its free b/c it was something the offerer WON (no $ out of anyone's pocket except A&K at the end of the day) and it was going to be FREEFREEFREE AND get shit on being expected to cook/clean up the cooking mess and ditched for tubing...?? Wtf. I hate ppl...making friends with neurotic and weirdly fucking up fellow adults is far too much work so treat your current friends well people b/c finding new friends that don't suck ass is a tough thing.

Friday, April 08, 2011

I am woman - Heel me roar!

OOoOoooOoo man was my heel messed up yesterday. I have had a really sore heel for many months...I have self diagnosed it as Achilles Tendonitis...and yesterday it was SO sore...I couldn't even walk to work part way I had to bus the entire trip...then limp like a dick all day...I got home and immediately started to ice it after sending my Dr an email asking her if I should see a Dr down here...she responded with ICE ICE ICE REST REST REST GOOD SHOES WITH HEEL SUPPORT. So I am favoring the crap out of it...the ice helped a lot and the Advil for swelling as well...b/c I am not dealing with being a gawd damn physical gimp along with being a fatty...forget it. Today it is fragile but the swelling is down so I can walk almost regularly...just gotta be careful.

Aside from my gibbleness...I am just coasting along...wondering what to do with boss offered me her microwave...they have just moved and just got a fancy one that is a built in and she needs her hubby to install it then I get her other one...stainless steel ooo la la...very cool deal for Jen that's for sure...and it all can't happen soon enough b/c Ayla and I both quite hate not having one. Yes we could live without one and get used to it I am sure but I don't want to so there.

No Slayer/Rob Zombie concert for me...opted out..never was a Slayer fan oddly enough...and I am not paying the ticket price to see RZ so...I will enjoy my Riverdance show June 1 and get on with my life. Hmmmf.

This weekend is low key...I wanna start I am gunna get on that...I have a movie date with Lisa on Sat. afternoon to see YOUR HIGHNESS and then a Sunday afternoon date with Donna to see the new ARTHUR movie...I have 2 freebie passes so I am good to go!

I brought egg salad for lunch....and a green salad...How boring...though I am in love with egg salad so it isn't SO bad at all. This may be the most boring post of all time...should I add in I am half way through my period? Oh and I have good hair I can tolerate right now. And I have an oddly positioned
zit on my face that popped up yesterday which I blame completely on my heel pain.

Oh the was ok...I think I should have gone to a more traditional ballet for my 1st ballet experience though....there was a lot more contemporary/modern dancing going on in WONDERLAND than ballet it seemed...and while elements of it were interesting it did not rock my world.

Aside from yesterday work has been so slow I can hardly bare it...I was on a course Wed. which was okay I guess (financial management), went and ate lunch with Adrienne over at the Money Mart head office (nice hoytee lunch room)...I'd kill for a slurpee right now.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Well the microwave goddesses have smiled down upon me...I was heading to get one with my fabulously awesome HST (or whatever it is now) Credit that I got today when my boss said I could have hers that's in her garage...for free. SOLD THE HIGHEST BIDDING MOOCHER!! That's good b/c I didn't have the $ to spend on that right now...

Remember that show HEE HAW...omg I hated it....I preferred the Sha-Na-Na Show...whatever it was called...
I watched RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS last night...hadn't seen in since it came humorous as it is its disturbing....though i think I liked it more this time around than the 1st time...1st time I think I was still in mommy mode with small child and was horrified by it all - when now I realize life ain't NEARLY as simple as my previous idealistic mommy thoughts...

Tomorrow little Miss Dani is coming over with her new puppy to have dinner and buy my food processor off me....looking fwd to dining with her and visiting...I dont know her well - she is a lot younger than me - but we used to work at the same company yrs ago and I have always really liked her spirit so I am actually looking fwd to it. Gunna make a salad and have some dirty rice/chicken with it...mmmmm...

APRIL FOOLS DAY: I didn't get messed with but I have to tell a funny story...despite it being AFD a friend of mine JACKIE works downtown near me and on the radio some station reported Lady gaga was at the Empress....and sure as shit she and other coworkers went barrelling down there to try and find her only to discover the radio station planted a fake Lady Gaga at the Empress...MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH OMFG this amuses me SO MUCH! The gov't even got fun and sent out a fake press release that Tim Hortons was gunna be the new BC PUBLIC SERVICE SPONSOR meaning gov't employees could look fwd to some Timmy's coffee and treats now...HAHAHAHHAHA AS IF!!! Omg I love it..I am fairly gullible and I can't imagine thinking that would EVER happen!

Got in a nice little typing scuffle with some gal on FB this morning over her talking shit about an art project my friend Alex just did (and sold) was not much of a challenge as the gal was a dick and honestly was talking out her ass but fun all the same. I like the project personally....who wouldn't like an Easter themed Jesus Zombie with glow in the dark eyes? I mean REALLY?!!!! What's not to like?!

I spent Sunday on the couch when I wasn't cooking and let me tell you I caught 3 movies I quite enjoyed....1st was HOUSE OF was written and directed and acted in by David Duchovny...I loved the story and Robin Williams was in was a total FLOP when it came out but I really really liked it...then I watched GOOD DICK...John Ritter's (Jack from 3s Co) son Jason produced and acted in it and it was good was quirky and odd but I enjoyed the dynamic and really laughed a few times when the girl in it barked at the guy like I bark at Graeme sometimes: "DON'T TALK!!!" etc bahaha hahahha haaaa haaa the 3rd one was.........shit....what was it?! Oh THE CAKE EATERS....which had nothing to do with cake eating oddly enough.


Saturday, April 02, 2011


YES! <--click it!!
I am listening to Lhasa this morning...dunno most of what she sings about (Spanish - sometimes French...occasionally English) but the emotion and feeling of her songs more than make up for the lack of literal comprehension. Guy gave me a heads up about her a few yrs I got a few CDs...and promptly forgot I had them...but recently revisited and am enthralled....and sad to learn she died last year of breast cancer at 37 or something far too young like that...

Messed up weirdness is ME right now...can't find my footing in my head at all...but I am also a week away from massive hemorrhage so this could explain it all without needing to invest too much thought into it.
I have messed my shoulder up and it is proving to be a colossal pain in the ass...and is my sad tale of woe...I was finding a while back that my neck was getting gibbled from sleeping on my I thought Id get a new pillow and retrain myself to sleep on my I did...and now my shoulder is gibbled...CRUSHED BY THE WEIGHT OF MY GIANT SELF! Rude! Last night was retarded...hopefully it'll work itself out while im favoring the shit out of it.

Last night I discovered the SEARCH function on Netflix...there's a lot more movies on there than I thought...they piss u off by listing ones not available though which is like a massive cock tease really... "ooo look the movie u want is listed here ---- but u cant see it b/c its unavailable" ahhh! lol I did watch a lovely Irish movie about greyhound dogs though that had Robert Carlyle in it - I lurve him!
This morning I watched THE ROCKER...sweet jesus. Do not repeat my mistake. I am not shocked it sucked or anything and there were a few amusing parts but its generally garbage.
Next weekend I am using up all my freebie movie passes and seeing 2 movies....

ARTHUR....the new version starring Russell Brand - omg I love RB so this movie looks friggin hilarious to me.

YOUR HIGHNESS...James Franco and the crew from Pineapple Express plus Natalie Portman - I love it that she will do a total screwball movie still!
So that's me next weekend....woot!
Today I am hitting Costco with Alex and Kelsey....then tonight it is THE BALLET....Oooooo yes it is true!!