Sunday, December 31, 2006

Poo Years Eve 2006

I'm reformatted and man this computer boogies once again! woooohooooo

Gawd it was so fucking slow b4 it's get so used to it u don't notice....kinda like life really...we always think things sneak up on us but really...they dont...we are just stupid and prefer not to take notice of the obvious. Me anyway.
Ayla was oogled by an old guy as she worked today (window washing)...this disturbs me...yeah shes pretty but COME ON...what grown man says to a 12 yr old *you are really it ok that i say that?* OOGLE OOGLE OOGLE....jesus fuckin christ...what 12 yr old needs to hear that from a 50 yr old horny fucktard on the street? He knows its not ok to say that or he wouldn't have asked if it was ok or not...fucking wanker.
I shake my head at humanity.
I pretty much just told her if she intends to stay pretty she better arm herself with the tools and skills to deal with that shit the rest of her days b/c if it isn't a 50 yr old perv its gunna be someone her own age using crafty manipulation to get in her pants...
Oh the joy.
I'm listening to an ol No Doubt cd....I do still like Gwen Stefani (esp b/c she thinks breastfeeding rocks the house down - CLICK HERE)....ok...i admit it i just want to steal her husband but whatever. DON'T JUDGE ME BITCHES!

I must become a vegetable is in the cards...if u have any way that u make vegetables edible and interesting plz email me the tactics you use so i can print them off and add them to my new cookbook...
I think I need a nap b4 I go out later...
you know you're old when....ha ha ha
OMFG i just remembered i might be getting a root canal on Jan 3rd.
Now i really have fuck all to look fwd to in the new year...
Jesus christ.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Yo Homey...Go Fuck Your hat

Ohhh yay survived another day...the manager dinner was good despite the company (ha!), I chose a funky whacko salad with a turkey pot pie...was tasty.

All the discussion was a little barfy though...i dunno...I'm all for talking shit and talking about dumb ass crap but jesus u gotta toss in some fucking substance sometimes...
What really irked me (i don't get out much, I'm sure this isn't news to anyone else but me) was the automatic tip u are charged at this particular place...15% = 45.00
GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK...i don't care that there was 9 of us, that fucking server did not do shit all aside from what his job was so WHY is the tip MANDATORY? That shit pisses me off...if you are a good server, you'll get at least 15% tip from me...but if you are just mediocre and whatever why the fuck do u get EXTRA money for doing your job?
(and i have been a waitress before so don't gimme that speech)
I have to go look for my 100 GB drive I've been hording away for my reformat extravaganza...weeeeeee
Tomorrow night Ayla and I will pop down to Ardene's and Tracey's for a game or 2 ...I'm sure ill be home well b4 midnight...
Ayla's watching retarded TV...plz tell me they regain their brains back at some point and wont stay shallow and ditzy/stupid forever??? Pleasssssssssssssse!!!!!!!!!!!!?
*throw up*
I am getting totally good at tuning out all the fucktardedness around me. I must be a true parent now...I do it at work...I do it at home...on the bus....
Ohhh fuck here's a xmas story about a bus ride 4 u...
brucifer and I were on the bus and all this weird shit was happening on the bus ride...1st we were sitting behind a woman, who had striking red hair and was really quite good looking, complete with a walker and a giant i saw the walker and when i noticed the twitch I put 2 and 2 together....yeah well Bruce didn't see the walker and being from Vancouver he just assumed she was a crackhead and really loud said *TWITCH!*
I died inside...and looked at him with a *what the fuck is wrong with u* took about 4 mind for him to realize the gal was actually NOT a crackhead at all (not that that would have been ok anyway)....then he felt SO fucking dumb he started rambling about being a fuckwad and apologized, I think she twitched him a thank you twitch. I was sure she was gunna punch me in the face...
Then...some wanna be white boy gangsta turds got on the bus...B and I had JUST been talking about ebonics and how we hated white folks talking like gangsta dipshits...trying to be all black and this fucking guy comes on the bus and started yappin his shit and all I can do is look over at B and say *BITE YOUR TONGUE*, which he did cuz he knew he used up all his rudeness allowance with the twitch girl.
Anyway we endured this fucking idiot talking about his gangsta hair doo and how tough he was and shit...

then a drunk guy came on the bus - sat down and proceeded to tip fwd and fall FLAT ON HIS FACE! fuck i nearly diedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd cuz i all know i am terrible when i see ppl fall or hurt themselves, its the only time i feel JOY.
So after that crap i couldn't believe all the weirdness but then realized its cuz its the only time I've ever been on the bus with out headphones on - i will never ride w/o headphones again.
No more englishman for me.
I'd rather hump my mattress ive decided.

Friday, December 29, 2006


I've just got word that Saddam Hussien (pardon my poor uneducated spelling) is now dead.

But more importantly...I was just informed GUY is going on a bird count with a retired priest...

I can not express the utter disappointment that i will not get to hear the remarks form guys mouth during this bird count...or at least hear the private mumblings he might share...

is it time 4 retirement yet?


friday night and what a party whore i am...i know i know...
one more day of work tomorrow, then a manager dinner out and im off for 2 days.
got big plans too.....gunna reformat the box (that'd be the COMPUTER 4 all u perverts out there), then im gunna scrub the mold off all my weepy window sills, then im gunna go laundry, then for New Years Eve i always go to A & T's to play a retarded game...but if im still feeling POOish i will skip it...

the other day i bought 2 new (to me) Henry Rollins spoken word of him reading a chapter of EYE SCREAM and then one other one....he never ceases to entertain me.

A true blue tribute

Posted by Brucifer - 1 day ago

I was @ this specific show....with a friend of mine who went bankrupt after this show, just so that we/she could provide me with the best experience at a concert that i have ever had....AND i had to get a hookup on a new liver...of which she also helped pay for. (Cus we drank SOOOOOOOOOO000000000000 much). I have been to some of the best concerts that have ever been...until this show, whereas, i did, on bended knee, make praise... to the band AND my friend, for bringing me .I'm not sure if there will or was a better show on earth, unless Layne Staley from AIC comes back from the dead and asks me to perform with him and Jerry Cantrell and the other awesome members of AIC in a "Save the freaking werld" benefit concert, WITH Maynard AND his accompaniment of BOTH of the (mainstream) Maynard related projects, and Jerry Cantrell and ALL of THE Musicians that were a part of the Tsunami benefit gig down in seattle-ish USA. ddaaammmnnnnn HEY...a guy can Dream can't he!!!!!? P.S. Thx Jen; you pwn

In Tact

no heart attack - YAY!

watched HIGH FIDELITY...ate veggies and drank lotsa water 4 dinner....

took 2 T3's to ensure slumber and i slept like a dead chicken head.

remind me to tell u about the gangster on the bus.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

heart attack heaven here I come....

oh i know i shouldn't joke but i left work early today due to an overwhelming sense of UNWELLNESS...i never lv work or don't come unless i am shitting my drawers or something as equally distasteful so...i convinced myself i was having a heart attack...although I'm sure i just need a good blow to the head.

i got home and went directly to the bath im gunna go to bed i think.

oh and i finally got into blogger...its brucifers fault...he fucked my shit up. he will pay

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

JESUS H CHRIST thank gawd that shit is over

omfriggingawd....i cant even tell u how relieved i am to get back to business and that xmas is done done done
today Bruce headed back to the mainland and i took off on a solo adventure to the bus depot to p/u a xmas card from my step dad Don - complete with 100.00 - gotta love that...then headed downtown to see a movie after a few errands to the bank and the post office...saw APOCOLYPTO...quite enjoyed it despite it being a Mel Gibson flick...ha i only say that bc hes so UNpopular now that hes slandered the Jews drunkenly for the whole world to hear...personally...hes a christian and you dont get much more hypocritial than that so his behaviour is hardly earth shattering to me. (all u offended xtians ~ do not email me telling me I'm going to hell, i already know it so fuck off).
Ayla hit the mall today with Dylan and they're one their way here for a sleepover now...gawd help me if i ever get a quiet night alone i might die....wait...NY's Eve, i think the sprog has a sleepover to go to....NO SPROG, NO ENGLISHMAN, NO NOTHING...I'm bringing in the new year solo the same way I'm gunna spend the upcoming year...well ill let the sprog tag a long of course...
I get back to work tomorrow...which is ok bc I'm not really good with being off work too long, it leaves me too much time to think....basically leaves me to my own devices which are never good...i get miserable and even more unmotivated that i am usually...which is why I've made the schedule all month so that my days off are split up - if i know i have ONE day to do stuff in the week I get it all done and don't waste my days off like i do if i have 2 in a row....then one is a loaf day....fucking waste.
Xmas tree is are the xmas lights and all the xmas crap around the house...yippeeee

I love my bedroom right makes me happy...i got through funny spells where things make me smile...kinda like the thing i have for my frog shower bed right now is all pillowy and reading a new when i snuggle in its like I'm in a beautiful coma of comfort.

I did no drinking over the need for it with my company pretty much drinking everything drinkable...was just not in the fact xmas day i was fighting off homicidal spells like nobodies business...that whole mixing friends thing NEVER works for me.

But there was lotsa leftovers so today i made about 4-5 meals and froze them for Ayla...

She is on a pretty tight leash at the far so good...
Brucifer messed with my settings...I have Internet Explorer 7 kinda weirds me out...its all tabbed and weird. I will get used to it I'm sure....although i am reformatting...
Peace out bitches.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Xmas Day '06

Ayla got so scammed this xmas...Aunty Pam got her a digital camera and didnt want her to peek so she marked the gift TO JEN....then got a empty cig package and put 20.00 in it plus a note saying how she spent all her money on Ayla's cousins Erika and Maddie and didnt have any money left over to get her a nice gift so here was 20.00 and she she would make it up on her b'day....he he he well the academy award goes to Ayla for appearing UNBOTHERED by this...although you just KNEW it was eating away at then when she thought it was done I told her the one 4 me was actually 4 her and Pam just didnt want her she opened it and it was all duct taped (although i must say aunty pam you really should have gone mental with the tape bc that would have been extra funny, making her work on it for 20 mins hahha)
so yeah she found the camera and shit her pants a little....and the iPod shuffle was a hit as AS PER USUAL she did sickeningly well b/c her aunty cathy and cousins Maggie and Kelly, and her grammas/grandpa, bruce, me, etc all made it worth her while.

I marked this one TO AYLA FROM COURTNEY LOVE...
Bruce u sexy morning beast

a xmas staple!

So yeah thank god thats over...really...yesterday Donna and her cousin Cindy popped over for a quick visit....then the englishman came over and we did dinner...i didnt destroy it...yay! but i am not fond of making big dinners...its really too much fucking pressure, id sooner eat a frozen pizza, makes me appreciate my mom, aunty pam and cathys amazing cooking/meals...i do not have the mental fortitude to cook meals for a group of ppl and not get fucked up about it haha
the stuffing was good...i kinda did some experimenting...make it with bread crumbs, onions, celery, red peppers, mushrooms, cauliflower...was yummy..i think i OD'd on the spices though but Bruce said it was supposed to taste like that haha
So yeah a couple roasted chickens, a vat of stuffing, gravy, smashed taters, veggies and pilsbury flaky buns and it was all over..then we were all in a FOOD COMA...
the englishman left at 10pm and i gotta say....that was an not generally fond of MIXING my rarely works out for me...I am a chameleon of sorts and have a bunch of different kinds of ppl in my life...some i like more than others, some smarter than others, etc and it just BUGS me to have the different worlds melding together...not enjoyable at all for me.
I will leave it at that.
It is now boxing day up bc my back is sore...b4 bed Bruce and I watched RAVENOUS....gotta love a movie about vicious cannibalism after a big xmas dinner and right b4 bed....ha!
Everyones still asleep and im gunna go back to bed shortly.
I hope u all endured the holidays so fucking glad its over i can not even begin to tell you how joyous i NOW feel. ha ha ha


on the 23rd Bruce and I headed downtown on a beer run of sorts and had a drink at Big Bad John's, the bar with the bras hanging from the ceiling....the walla are covered in patrons pictures, art, scribble (drunken scribble at that) I decided we needed to leave idea was to stick a PAD to the wall that said FOR A BLOODY GOOD TIME CALL....etc but the imagery freaked Bruce instead he made this one about some gal he was humping who turned out to be a dud. he he Merry Xmas alright hahaha

Saturday, December 23, 2006

X-Mas is teh Poo

Ayla went and stayed at Dylans last night...shes freaking out bc Dylans gone for xmas and she feels this will end her life...if she only knew what real trauma she was in for in life...

So I kinda fucked the pooch (not literally u sick fucks) and lolligagged about the house, did dishes, wanted to watch a movie but couldnt commit...I bought HIGH FIDELITY on dvd yesterday to add to my collection.
I can not find my cribbage board...this disturbs me...although i found the metal pegs when I wasnt looking for it so that is a little weird bc generally they are in the little secret hiding spot compartment on the back of the board...hmmmm
Bruce will want to kick my ass at crib, although i dunno if he not a total shit player...
maybe hes some mucho freaky excellent crib player though then i will hate playing crib.
Im now thinking of 8347583475834758345 things i wish i had bought 4 xmas...a new game...
more chocolate/candy (hahaha this is funny u should see the laundry basket in my room full of junk food)....wait ill take a picture...

Maureen your parcel arrived! Oooooooooo it was full of FABULOUS skin scraping sand soap I LOVE IT!!!!!!! thank you SO much! Is it wrong that I think of you while im showering everyday? muahhahahahaha and the candies....are SOOOOOOO amazingly PINK and shiney ive seen nothing like it b4 hahaha thank you...I really appreciate it! *smooch*
and Aunty Cathy's parcel arrived as well...fabulous books! dreamy pillows! lotsa goodies...i love the cookbook this year ~ that made me swoon, as i dont have one and hate googling recipes cuz i dunno, that seems gay.
Tracey gave me an epicurian cutting board, as we were dicussing the grossness of cutting boards in general one day...i recently got glass ones that I dont mind b/c i know theres no cooties left in them after theyre washed but the noise is IRRITATING, knife hitting glass...
She also bestowed upon me my 6th PICKLE tree ornament!!!!! this year was the motherload! I TRIPLED MY PICKLES!!!!!! woot woot! I prefer i have no gifts to open xmas day - this is how i like it...then i can just sit and watch ayla and take pictures as she swears at me.
2 more days of work then 3 days off WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO

Thursday, December 21, 2006

i love frogs

when I'm in the shower and i see the little happy frogs on my shower curtain I SWEAR TO GAWD it makes me smile...they are just so cute and cheery....

perhaps i should live my life in the shower.

the gay pasta dinner went to hear all about Shawn and Phil's loss of virginity to women (eek!) and how they came out of the
closet etc...can u imagine being a teenager and knowing yer gay but pretending yer now? shit when yer straight its enough work to be a teenager never mind pulling an academy award performance everyday of your life.
ayla and i talked hoping we came to an understanding that can be followed through with...jesus is it too much to ask for a little "peace" in the hood?
im sure thinks im the most hideous human on the planet, here strictly to just make her miserable but my is amazing how no matter how much they drive in insane and anger you, you still love them...its heart wrenching really...
when ayla was little i was sickeningly living with this fear she would made leaving her with anyone other than myself very difficult...i actually considered seeing a Dr about it bc it was so mindfucking at the time....i eventually was able to force myself to STOP thinking bad thoughts, even now I have to do it...i think about her getting hit by a car EVERYDAY...or snatched by a PERVERT...or a piano falling on her head and other stupid freak accidents...its exhausting.

cashews are my favorite kinda nuts...almost

oooo when I am productive I frighten occured to me today that its the 21st...that means tomorrow is the 22nd then the 23rd then the 24th....and I work all 3 of those days soooooo today is D-DAY for getting my shit in order, tidied and ready to rumble 4 company....

the pastas waiting to be baked for the 2 hot gay men coming over this still considering trying to get them liquored in hopes theyll make out in front of me...

i guess i gotta do real stuffing....fuck ive never done that b4 and it makes me nervous. I triedto call aunty cathy today but i had no luck, i was gunna pick her brain about stuffing....*start whiney voice now* aunty cathy, can u email me some stuffing wisdom please?

i will try calling again of course and call aunty pam as well...

my kid is gunna shit herself...ive taken msn completely off the computer...this is a challenging age and im just not really happy with the way shit is going with her and her *social life* as she calls it...the secrecy, the scheming, the potential for all sorts of weirdness...time 4 a breather...perhaps after some trust rebuilding it will be im sure she will be a miserable ass over xmas...the thought makes me want to beat her over the head with each present i bought her haha

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


it is amazing...i thought i had my shit all in order this year deciding to NOT buy but a few gifts (kid not included) but it seems im nickel and diming myself to DEATH anyway.
Fuck I hate xmas and my victimness of gunna take this lesson and USE IT against xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ill teach that bastard xmas a lesson! muhahahaha

im still cold.
i just ate a mandarin orange...a mandarin orange im making myself ENJOY b/c after i shopped and got 2 boxes of them i came home and read my receipt and i paid 8.00 a box when beside them were 5.00 boxes. Duh.

question: if u have roasting chickens can u just shove stop top stuffing up their asses and cook them and the stuffing will be ok?? im worried that if i make gay stove top stuffing and it doesnt come out of the animals ass i wont like it as much.

hmmmmmmm i think i just busted my kid 4 something.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm must thing up a creative consequences....


it is windy again.....very chilly too...honestly i hope the wind dies down. this is a shitty time of year to be dealing with no electricty and all your food in the drige and freezer going can be financially devestating to lose all the food in your fridge/freezer, at this point in time id be FUCKED cuz ive spent all the money i have on gawd forsaken xmas food...

today was BUSY at our asses kicked alright...i did give an ex-employee some UBER shit today though so that was satisfying...esp b/c ive heard mention i may get this ex-employee in feb again which sucks im a victim

tomorrow is laundry day...yippee...shawn and phil are coming over for pasta mmmm
i rented some vids for xmas week...a denis leary dvd...and some other such shit ive already forgotten about.

im freezingggggggggggggggggg

omfg im so boring i cant even stand myself.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hello Doctor, this is my Crotch, Crotch, meet Dr Fontaine...

well i survived...although at a few points during the humiliating poke and jab and fondle i did feel like beating the living fucking shit out of the dr...not bc she was doing anything wrong but b/c that is what i feel like doing when im in such situations....ha ha ha ha it is really weird to be mindful of your own reactions to certain situations...every so often im surprised by my reaction to something, usually b/c its raw & completely wild...b4 ive had a chance to calm myself down in my head or make sense of something...

Arika is off to the UK/Switzerland tomorrow! WOOOOHOOOOOO Merry Xmas to her...should be a VERY interesting trip 4 her...big changes...some drama maybe! Have fun Arika....!!!!
Margaret and Brendan came over for sushi dinner gawd Brendan is know when u see a young boy and u can just tell that in a few yrs hes gunna be making girls sweat...the coolest thing about him is he reads, and is highly artistic...very quiet - hence he and ayla sat in the livingroom and said not a word to each other...ha!

Dinner was good...conversation was good...
Thursday night Shawn and Phil are coming for dinner....itll be pasta night.
After that it'll just be Brucifer...I think hes coming on the 23rd/24th.
I went and bought my xmas groceries today...thank gawd thats over...decided to get a couple of roasting chickens and skip the turkey...i like chicken better....and we still get the stuffing etc. woot woot.

I called around about a Nintendo 64 and a Mario Cart game....well fuck if those things arent 50.00 and the game itself another 60.00...jesussssss....RUDE. Oh well....

I bought Talladega Nights though ha ha ha I cant wait to see that again...
Guess i will rent a crap load of dvds for over xmas....the week long ones...all the cheesiest ones I can find...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sluggish & Ready 4 a Poke

I am a slug. I moved really slow today...
Hey doesn't that leaf remind u of a penis? all Veiny?
Anyhow....I just realized tonight my Dr appt is actually TOMORROW at 9 am not Thursday so I am ever so unimpressed with the impending doom of getting buck naked under a fluorescent light and having a Dr poke around my crotch (and not in a good way), and then adding the extra torture of checking my mashed potato tits for tumors and shit...then she will check me out all over but by this time my spirit has left my body and I'm making VERY inappropriate jokes due to being very uncomfortable. It is the type of thing that makes me insane and ruins my whole fucking day, even if it is 4 the greater good.
I've endured worse...I gave birth in the middle of a hospital shift change after all...I've had all sorta ppl check out my hooch who were uninvited. (oh that sounds dirty)
Tomorrow night Margaret and her son Brendan will be over for a sushi dinner. Should be good and mellow...Brendan is Ayla's age, should be interesting...if Ayla acts like an ass I'm taking one of the Xmas presents I bought her back.
Ayla and her girlfriend Dylan made the gingerbread house I bought after school....for 2 kids who were just too uber cool to dig something so stupid they sure made a fuck of a mess...there are sprinkles all over the damn dining room...I'm glad they did it anyhow...
Matt Good has comments back up (although i suspect it will be short lived)...I think he is a real sucker 4 punishment...I dunno why on earth he bothers...I'm starting to think he gets a little bit of a boner from all the conflict...? I am not sure though, I dunno the guy. I am enjoying all his ex-wife digs that guy can talk some good shit w/ grand writing skills so it is pleasing to the ear yet barbed like nothing you've ever seen. I still hope the skank reads the blog...muhahahhaahhahahahahah
Got a grand Xmas card from Australia today...the guy who got away send a picture of him and his wife's new baby....pretty cute 4 a boy! ha! Also got Barb's BORAT Soundtrack and card in the mail today hahahahah I put the cd on w/o warning Ayla and she was beyond mystified why anyone would find it entertaining...this coming from a girl who listens to hip hop pop crap. Hmmmfff
Finger Eleven's new tune Paralyzer
go listen if you haven't heard it...I like it, its kinda dirty...

mmm I want french toast....

I feel groggy...
Im too fat for mall excursions legs are still sore.
Im 12-8 today....the almost longest feeling shift of the universe.

I need chapstick.

I liked Barb's underwear story...
whats the weirdest gift youve ever received...? I want someone to take the title as WINNER from me....seeing as ive opened all sortsa things from my mother like vaginal douches, tampons, individually wrapped socks, used bo stick, weird thrift store clothing items etc
This year she sent pornographic wrapping paper...and other goodies. I like the porno wrapping paper! Last year she gave me a book on famous ppls funerals...amazing.

Anyway...once xmas is over I get to start thinking about the sprogs birthday that is Feb 1. Gawd help me. I think ill hand her cash and tell her to make the plan herself...gawd knows I wont be allowed near the celebrations being that im SO EMBARRASSING etc.

Im reformatting soon so ive backed up and burned all my goodies then deleted them from the computer so i have no feels strange.
Im excited to reformat....although its a monumental pain in the ASS and sucks far far too much of a day up, esp reinstalling all your programs...but itll be nice, I have a 100 GB drive im using and letting this 40 GB one off the hook....wont have to worry so much about filling up the 100 GB drive for a while...this desktop (flat) PC makes me sad cuz theres no room to add a 2nd drive in which prefer...but ill use it til it croaks then get a stand up one.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Season of Blasphemy

ok im not going near a mall again until WELL after xmas....
Aunty Pam & Cousin Maggie were here shopping this weekend, had a pretty good time considering we seemed to just shop the whole time, that usually drives me into a RAGE but i was pretty mellow...i think the mall air rendered me helpless.
Anyhow had a good visit with the family...lotsa all ym damn gawd forsaken shopping done, just need one more trip to the grocery store and ill be prepped and ready 4 the biggest commercial holiday of the year...

Soke to Brucifer today...all sounds like a go...he will be here the 23rd or 24th...and it looks like the englishman will be hanging around as well...itll piss ayla off but its a little more about the bigger picture this time of year...Ive got bruce whos got uissues with xmas, which makes me wanna have him here so i can distract him, and we always have a fucking blast togehter so itll be FUN...and the englishman has no family in canada and his daughters live in vancouver so whatever time over xmas he is around and not over there then he is welcome to hang with us degenerate blasphemous pricks...

Everyone give a YAY KAILA! to Kaila at work who left her idiot boyfriend today after he nearly strangled her poor cat to death in a drunken rage.

She packed up her shit while the piece of shit was at work and is gunna buy that girl some chocolate!
Survivor Finale was cool...I was kinda going for the Oz Meister, strictly due to previous financial standing...but Yul was groovy too not bummed or anything...this is the 1st time i havent been pissed off about the winner.
My landlady called me today-
Her: were u vacuuming last night at 1130??

Me: no it was the ppl across the hall from me

Her: (snottily) ohhh realllllly vacuuming at 1130...

Me: maybe they just needed to quickly clean a mess up or something

Her: well her son was removed from the apt by the police at 10 pm

Me: well then possibly he went out with a hissy fit and she had to clean up after him

Her: well still thats so no necessary
Im thinking LADY SHUT YER FUCKING YAP AND GET A LIFE. My it THAT big of a deal? Does it really mean u gotta phone around and find out who was vacuuming? Fuck.

Friday, December 15, 2006

wind & rain & wind & wind

it is windy out is half shut down, just waiting to hear if Ayla's school is closed.

last night Pam and Jim and Maggie made it down island OK, just took an extra hour with all the rain/snow/wind...

after dinner we ended up getting LOST for 45 minutes...apparently I have a propensity to just turn left and go in circles hahaha hahaha hahaha for gawds sake, i don't drive and only ever take the bus DO NOT TAKE MY DIRECTIONS AS GOSPEL! ha ha ha Was funny....
today is a double payday...i gotta say this crap weather is kicking the shit outta my revenue numbers, esp for a December...oh well not quarterly bonus 4 me! wah wah

should be an interesting day at work today...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gwen Stefani can yodel, bitch!

winds of 100mph and a worse storm on the way for tomorrow night! WOOTWOOT! I love it, so long as i dont lose a wuss...and unless there is someone around to hump since theres no lights/tv/computer/nothing then im not interested!

i was supposed to have company this evening but...due to some odd legal issues it didnt happen...(no i was not arrested trying to p/u a hooker)
michelle b, how are u digging this weather??
i wonder if aunty pam will drive us down to dallas rd for the storm?
tomorrow is laundry day....pffft. better get on it while theres power...
what can I talk about that is somewhat interesting....hmmmmm...ok this isnt interesting but...have any of u flicked past that william shatner game me the money?? FUCK IT IS WEIRD hahahaha they dance around all goofy and shit.

and the trivia is kind of odd as well.
Random Questions (plz answer in the comment section):
1- what animal did u always want as a pet but never got?

2- who in your life did you wish you slept with while u had the chance b/c now youll never get another one?

3- confess one thing you dont feel guity about that u probably should?

gnomes? nativity jesus's?


I had to get colored lights 4 my tree today, I could not stand the clear ones...I wasn't even bothering to turn it now all is well in Jen's World...yeah all it took was a string of multi-colored LED lights....fuck I shoulda got em YEARSSSS ago.
I also had to buy some fancy paper b/c this year again I am writing to my friend Lani's 3 girls as SATAN...err I mean is entertaining knowing I am partaking in such an elaborate life changing LIE.
I need to stop listening to Adam Ant.
ohsweetmotherfuckingjesusofgermany...I saw a poster today of a NY's Eve concert here in Victoria....check it out: HELIX (hahaha), Harlequin, the Headpins and Prism!!! 60.00...

Now harlequin and Prism id get a kick outta seeing but fuck it if im gunna spend 60.00 and spend all night in an arena on NY's Eve with a buncha rowdy rednecks....too bad.
ANNOUNCEMENT: whoever brings me a stolen baby jesus (nativity variety) or any jesus statue or a gnome may receive sexual favors (depends on who you are)...otherwise u will compensated fairly.

today we get an audit...

today i will eat a lot of cookies.

today i will get soaked going to work bc the wind is blowing like a mofo.

today my kid irritated me b4 leaving 4 school with her lip and her crappy music blaring from her MP3 player.

today i am dieing to have oatmeal but I have no milk except the inch of now yogurty looking milk in the fridge

today i just looked and child tax credit was deposited early so i can buy MILK yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

today is one day b4 aunty pam comes to visit! wooooohooooooooooooooo

today it is pissing rain and i clearly wont bother making my hair look nice

today im wondering if i should go in b4 xmas and get a haircut, get bangs and more layers etc...ive been pondering a while on that one...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ooooh my aching uterus...

Well...1st day back wasnt too bad....although I am having a few issues with my fellow management team in regarding the lack of keeping ones mouth shut...I will leave it at that but you can be assured by weeks end I will have offended more than a few peers.
Aside from that, it was a fab day lovely staff kept things rolling along at work BRILLIANTLY in my absence so it was not a nightmare when I returned...wooohooooo
Due to my massively blood clot-ridden nasty freaky MENSTRUAL FLOW ( that was special for Guy and Kelly in hopes they gagged a little reading it b4 they knew better to stop) I changed my Dr appt til next week...1 week of reprieve.
and holy motherfuckingshitonastick - look who FINALLY got a blog: My Beloved Tracy
Bookmark this lovely...she is a dream.

RESCUE ME is on soon...

Its windy and rainy out...Poor Guy and Donna's house up island is just a mess and theyre still having to stay with relatives. Been much more crazy up there than down long as it doesnt frikkin snow again I am all for any weather nature throws my way!
I see no one commented on the retard/alcohol consumption question I posed.....fuckers.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Happily Belated Birthday Parcel!

Deanna sent me a birthday parcel....(shhhhhh, she knows my bday was a few mths ago but the parcel was SO good it needed to take its time, Im serious!!!)
Check out my goodies!
2 baby xmas tree pickles!!!!!
mmmmm sweetarts & a mars bar
I GOT A GNOME!!!! and not only is he cute he was stolen from a 97 yr
old grumpy ladies yard ~ OMFG that is the best!!!

also fancy lavender soap and hazelnut chocolate from a local powell river chocolate pimp~ there were also a few other AWESOME doodads and treats in there, thank you Miss Deanna!

La Smooch!

the tomato boat has docked early folks!

the uteral suffering has hit ....unusually hard (I blame GUY, it is all his fault, I do not know why but I am blaming him anyway) fact it got me out of my dr appt this week *MUHAHAHA* I think I willed it to come early... unconsciously of course.

I keep dreaming about things that are kind
of close to reality so when i wake up im not quite sure if it happened or not...

I am very envious of gay shawns new place...not of the 1100.00/mo rent BUT of the space and layout...its right on the water, looks across the gorge, so lovely...I was laughing b/c one wall of their dining room is one giant mirror, gawd Ayla would spend her day in the dining room, checking herself out HA HA
holy fucking windstorm...a bucket just went flying across my balcony but i have
no shirt on so i wont torture the neighbors by going and getting it just yet.

I hate the band, really bad. The singer - I will not even google and find out his name i hate him so much - is a big giant faggy (and not in a good way) poser piece of shit who sounds like a backstreet boy trying to be hardcore only he is not.
The bass player ive seen live here in Victoria with another band and was dreadfully disappointed he ended up in such a horrid band. GET OUT WHILE U STILL CAN! Gawd...I think i wanna punch that singer straight in the face.
Fergie bugs me sick of all the butt shaking broads really...can u all just sing w/o the ass shaking? Say what u want about Gwen Stefani, but shes the only female artist (pop style) I can think of who isnt slutting out in her videos...not to say she is some shining example for young girls everywhere but there seems to be a very big difference between her and other artists in her genre.

Someone I find excessively annoying will be at this meeting today...last i saw her she was not speaking to me b/c i called bullshit on her shitty personality she tries hiding. im hoping she still isnt speaking to me.

I have 20.00 until friday hahahah hahaha hahhahaaive never cut it this close YEARS....the laundry coin basket has 50 cents in it...that means NO BUS MONEY either MuHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA fuck.
Aunty Pam and Maggie come this week....will be FUN...although i think they are gunna live in the mall all weekend....*cringe*

i think my uterus is trying to send me a message in Morse Code.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hangin' With the Gay Studs

So tonight gay shawn and I hung out...ate ice cream...played some pool...drooled over the pub cook...checked out shawn's new place he shares with phil...
while @ the pub a group of ppl came in...more than one looked handicapped although I think officially it was just one that was truly handicapped....anyway the Mini Bubbles guy (he really did look like Bubbles except he was only about as tall as Ayla) was drinking I started pondering - inbetween shawn and i oogling the cook in the kitchen who was rocking out to marilyn manson - how come retarded ppl are allowed to drink? children arent allowed to drink...??? opinions??
Anyway...tomorrow I have a Profit & Loss 8 hour seminar...I think I might die...