Sunday, February 27, 2011

Powell River Vacation

Am having a pretty damn good time I have to say...Ayla is being nice...getting to see my friends Michele, Deanna and Jerri...and have a good long day planned visiting my mom Monday with Ayla...and spending fun time with the cousins and their spawns...all good.

Today I did brekky with Deanna and Michele...finally got to see Michele's new fake boobies...pretty nice rack - gotta admit it...I even got to touch one...very boingy spongey! I opted to not start groping her or trying to get under her shirt as she was not drunk at all.

After the brekky carbicide Deanna had to take off so M and I hung out and it was pretty cool...M started having her kids in grade 10 or 11 or something and then had her last of the 3 the year I had Ayla...she has gone on to maintain a youthful glow - with the help of fake boobies of course - and is the epitome of "cool mom"...while I spend far too much time worrying about EVERYTHING to be the cool mom. Being cool has never been my scene anyway.

The garage sale here was a grand success...they all made a nice little pile o' dough and got rid of a lot of stuff they didnt want so you gotta love that.
The trip over was fine - Ayla slept the whole train trip in between grumbling about hating the train and whining that she was miserable. Oh the joy. I ignored her enjoyed the train even though my MP3 player battery was dead and I was forced to listen to the train whisting and the fucking kid in front of us tooting his own train whistle. Rude.

Dr appt tomorrow morning...then to Mom's for the day - she has PLANS...she is gunna have me move some furniture and help her organize her sewing room. Ayla will hide upstairs im sure. lol

OHHH GAWD...I forgot what its like to grocery shop in a smaller is going to ruin me now for sure...Ive been shopping a few times now and no wall to wall ppl...its GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already hate grocery shopping in Victoria now it is just going to be worse unless I start going at 8 am.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


taking a little blog/facebook break...have a good week!


Happy Birthday!!! He would be 81 today...


I am FULLY 100% aware of the ridiculousness of graduation practices in this city.
The cost, the frivolity, the vacuous waste of money...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deep Breath

So it has been a weird week or so...I survived the flu...I am now immortal and cannot die.

My new shoes came yesterday and thank gawd b/c they saved my bacon today trudging to work in the snow...there is so much snow out there I cannot even deal with it hahaha I am off work in 2 hours and am not looking fwd to the trek home. I did have a meeting tonight for this grad trip to Cancun March 2012 for Ayla but it got cancelled due to snow and rescheduled for when we are away - Grrrrr....Ayla is so friggin foul lately I ask myself often why I am even bothering with this trip which will entail much sacrifice...
I really don't mind doing it...I think it will be a lot of fun and really she will be 18 and as a 1st trip abroad going with a tour group feels better than her and a few GFs going. This is not chaperoned...that would be too perfect. haha
Anyway I considered getting a 2nd job to pay for it...mainly b/c it is looking like G may be headed back to Campbell River in April unless he finds a job in the next I thought a 2nd PT job would be a good idea - then upon further thought and mathematics I realized I would just end up fucking myself come tax time as it would bump me up over into the next tax bracket and I'd end up owing $ etc. So I did some more math and decided if I cut everything down at home as much as I can I need to set aside 300/mo for the next 10 mths and have Ayla give me 100.00 per month that's $4000.  This should cover grad and the trip...I am slightly concerned about her follow through b/c once we enter into the payment plan for this trip if she shits the bed I will have no recourse other than strangling her. We will have to have a serious talk on the train on the way up island Friday - captive in a train car! MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

This means I am not going to be visiting PR again in the next year after my trip this weekend...or going anywhere really...I have already changed my phone to the cheaper plan (no more unlimited) and cut the cable to crappy basic....which will save nearly 80/mo. I am thinking Ayla may be kissing dance good bye for Grade 12 as that's the plan...I have a few occasions where I will be up $ due to how paydays fall and income tax returns (hopefully!) so that will help as is all quite overwhelming...I am a bit of a spazz...

My trip to PR looks in good order...trains are not impacted by snowfall so that's a non-issue...just gotta make sure we get there on time so theres time to cab to the ferry! Missing the 3 would SUCK ASS b/c then we are stuck there til 7 and I can assure u I do not want to spent 4 hours with Ayla if that happens.

Anyway...Survivors on tonight...something to look fwd to...certainly not looking fwd to getting to work much to do that it'll be a DO OR DIE day before I am off for a week!

Monday, February 21, 2011


gunna try to go to work tomorrow...not sure ill make it the whole day but wtf...cant say I didnt try!
besides with leaving for PR on friday i gotta get my shit up to date and done...acck!

im still dead but less i guess less dead is an improvement.

im going to bed with baby bum cream smeared all over my nose tonight.
no i wont post a pic.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

i am

so dead.

in lieu of flowers help pay 4 aylas grad.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

fetal nose matter

seriously just sneezed a while ago and a friggin fetus flew outta my was buried deep up in my brain...if i had my camera with me ida taken a picture b/c it seriously looked like a fetal blob.

you are welcome.


-today i have big puffy socks on
-today i have ground up glass in my throat...not for real - just feels like it
-today it feels like my head is trying to birth a coconut
-today i will work but im pretty sure tomorrow is a write off home day which sucks b/c theres no school so ayla will be home thus is wont be all that relaxing
-income tax time is stressing me out...i did it by hand and it sez i get 1K back (which would be awesome b/c that's a good start to saving up 4 ayla's grad next year) but ill do it again b/c the free software online i used (its free so im suspect of it quality) sed i owed 600 bucks again but that cannot be so.......fuck that...i made more than i did last yr 2 yrs ago and got nearly 2K back so i might buck up and get turbo tax again this year...or just do it on paper and mail it in and hope for the best...
-id kill a pregnant midget for a Slurpee right now
-if i had a pillow i might actually go to sleep right at my desk right now
-im glad guy is finally blogging
-the end

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

love it or list it

I love that show LOVE IT OR LIST IT...dunno why just do.

I have somewhat recovered from the Rick Springfield/Cherie Currie book trauma...another notch to add to the bedpost of disappointment...that is life isn't it...? Nothing is ever as it should be in your head...sometimes i question my own personal perception of myself. I have always felt like I am pretty real and own my shit and self aware...I know when I am a dickhead...I know when I am a bad person...I know when I have hurt someones feelings...or am being unfair...but lately I have begun to question myself for the 1st time in that regard (not a bad thing) and wonder if I am deluded or if I am just dealing with ppl so stunted at the moment that theres no hope for real communication....
Not gunna lie...this valentines day was not good for me...there is something extra shitty about it being v-day and feeling emptier than you ever have on that day before...hopelessness and futility glazed with confusion and general discontent.
It is all going to remedy itself over the next few months and for that I am grateful...

In the meantime ~ I have this new toy to play with...the lovely Michelle B in Bremerton sent me a parcel...omg...she knitted me my very own Henry Rollins...and sent a pile of other funky stuff as well...THANK YOU MS B!!

My trip to PR on Feb 25 is looking better and better all the time...escape escape escape...bringing Ayla along is causing me a little bit of regret but that's only b/c Her Douchness is prevalent and I just do not seem to possess any patience at all...there will coem a day not to long from now where I can save up for my own stuff and my own trips...after my trip to PR I have realized I cannot plan anymore trips, activities, or fun really for the next year...I have to save up for Ayla's grad (assuming i do not strangle her b4 then which would save me a buttload of $ some to think of it) and grad trip assistance...this entails me getting a 2nd job which I am not too thrilled about but at the same time why not?! I am doing very little of value with my time off anyway so really I may as well look for something on weekends...maybe Arf can hook me up with something PT at MM if needed...appealing to walk into a job you essentially already know...anyway that will all come in March/April.
I have my T4 and am hoping to get a bit o $ for my tax return to pop into a savings account and forget about as well...UNLIKE LAST YEARS 600.00 bill...fuckin fuck im still bitter over that.

I am pretty melancholy today...ive buggered my heel thingy up...SELF DIAGNOSIS
Gunna try some anti-inflammatories and see how that goes...its been bugging me for a few weeks but today its actually impeded me from walking like a human and theres nothing worse than being the fat limper.

Speaking of assholes (haha)...last night on our walk Donna and I encountered some assholes...imagine this setting.....dark parking lot of a community park, surrounded by trees and a love seat dumped in the parking lot with 3 idiots sitting there...the one way we walked by they were all just singing rather obnoxiously....on the way back however....they got was kind enough to point out how my black jacket made me look was a civil insult as far as insults go...lucky 4 me I have a pretty thick skin and was rather unphased as it was a full on malicious exchange...Donna on the other hand clearly hasn't had to deal with being a fatty and was mortified by the behaviour...after getting moo'd at while walking down the street in the past I can assure you this was nothing - I dont just wear headphones walking just b/c I love is a total tune out...headphones mean I can pleasantly ignore ppls ignorant commentary as they drive by. Donna's adorable ignorance about it though was sweet and it is why I love her so much....she is just so non-caustic as a person...I like it a lot. To the 3 hobo-like drunken love seat in the parking lot sitting fucktards with no future - enjoy liver failure assholes...

Monday, February 14, 2011

VD - Veneral Disease aka Vagina Disease

thanks Mom for the Valentine in the mail! xo

this day can fuck off now.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Even my knight is a dirt bag....

So I am currently reading NEON ANGEL the book written by Cherie Currie the singer of the 70's all girl teen band the Runaways...I have found it quite engaging - it even made me tear up at the bus stop one morning for gawds sake reading about the day her 2 parent family fell is quite easy to relate to and read...her candid nature is similar to mine so I am laughing a lot at her stories...

I am reading this one part where she recounts how her scummy manager Kim Fowley introduces her to this un-named pop star of the 70's and makes it fairly clear she is going back to his house after the show and how much great press it will be b/c he's all over the place at the moment...she thinks he is good looking but hes a cheese ball and he kinda creeps her out b/c he is so intensely DIGGING her etc...she tells about going to his place against her better judgment - she has her period and Mr. Popstar knows this and says he sure doesn't mind...which mortifies her that he and Kim Fowley have discussed her menstrual condition prior to Kim pimping her out basically...the only other time she has had sex was when her sisters ex boyfriend raped her so she isn't exactly loving this situation...

I near shit myself as she describes his bedroom...bed perfectly made, white satin sheets, pictures of HIMSELF on the walls (yes seriously this made me die laughing) - she comments about :how gay" this makes him and asks what kind of man has white satin sheets? bahahahahaha ok so anyhow...they have sex...she is mortified at the "mess", says it looks like a rabbit was killed down there...mortification continues until she finally gets outta there...KEEP IN MIND SHE IS 15 and hes 10 YRS OLDER. She - whether willing or not - is taken advantage of...sure it was a different time whatever but it is still I decide I wanna know who this creep is....I am a little scared its my beloved Rick Springfield b/c I just read his book and know that in the mid 70s he was popular in the LA area, he had long dark feathered hair, dark eyes and still spoke with his Australian I go googling....and sure fucking enough...Rick fucking Springfield...Even keeping in mind the mindset of the time...he lived with Linda Blair who was 16 and he was also 10 yrs her senior...with her mothers permission....uhhhhh wtf...? the mid 70's were clearly gross. now I am grappling with the fact that my Ricky, my love since grade 6, is essentially a statutory rapist pedophile.... :o(  Having just read his book I was well aware of his dirt bagness...but JFC...I have never understood how men rationalize behavior like that...I never will...I have since googled up a storm and found there are contradictory stories to this story...other band members saying CC was actually willing (and that she did not go alone as she claims she did) and not the hesitant victim she portrays herself to be in the book - but either way...she was 15 and unsupervised and doing drugs galore and as far as I am concerned  was taken advantage of....shame on you Rick Springfield...shame.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Gawd dammit Graeme has found his footing playing Catan and now he can kick my butt if I don't annihilate him early in the game...which makes it a little more fun admittedly.

Trauma averted...somewhat...Ayla will begin driving school classes mid May...until then she has to pay off her ticket and get her learners reissued so she can start practicing to drive...she just got a job at Winners (woohoo) so she is gunna have to start tucking $ away to pay that off in 2.5 mths...the sooner the better...this whole scene has been fugging annoying and I hope out of it at least she has learned something.

Tonight I am going to see INCENDIES via the vic Film Fest and the free passes from Alex and Kelsey (so awesome!) with my co-worker Doris...OOOO LOOK AT ME MIXING WORK AND SOCIALIZING! Truth is its sold out and the only way to go is with passes so seeing as shes the only other human on earth I know that saw the trailer mths ago and was intrigued it seems right she gets to see it too. Sat. there are 2 flicks I wanna and G will go to one and then the 2nd one I will likely go solo cuz I don't think he can sit through 2 movies in 1 day...Sunday he is using the pass to see the PEOPLE VS GEORGE LUCAS with Kelsey and I am gunna be at home making sushi as I offer to make Alex and Kelsey a big sushi feast as their wedding Sunday night is the night. Movies Movies Movies....weeee!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

bribery is bad but there are worse things.... smoking crack with your kid or sharing boyfriends.....ewwwwwww

I don't often fall victim of out-right child bribery but sometimes it is a means to an end and yes what I want you to do and I will buy u a pair of me to the Bad Parent Police...don't is clear my grrl child is not of the mindset that doing things that she doesn't wanna do even if it is for the greater good is just part of being a grown up...get used to it b/c it only gets worse...she will have that realization soon enough I guess...I know I did...rude awakening is an understatement. Until then she gets a pair of jeans she needs (granted she only owns 1 pair)...regardless of the bribe factor we made some progress in communicating and I am gunna make a point soon to sit down with Ayla, note pad in hand and start hashing out some plans for the future...what she wants to do, what she needs to do and what we both need to commit to so we are on the same page...I am very likely gunna look into getting a weekend job this summer. I am not horrified about this as of yet. More to come on that I am sure.

Played Settlers of Catan last night...Graeme finally won a game! I am is demoralizing always being short material to build roads and towns etc...I couldn't get a gawd damn brick to save my life last was fun either way is a great game! Looking fwd to playing with a 3rd or 4th person someday!!
I think the lesbos would love this game!! Would be super fun to play this with Kim and Rob (hint hint). Actually think Aunty Cathy and Robert would enjoy this too...I KNOW Maggie would love it....

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Dingly Dangly Woohoo!

last night alex hooked us up with free passes to the vic film fest...for all week! (MEGA AWESOME SCORE) we saw THE PEOPLE VS GEORGE LUCAS last night which was a pretty humorous documentary...I am not a die hard star wars fan so some of it was over my head but for the most part it was friggin funny listening to grown men (and a few women) who saw star wars as kids and it became a religion who are completely disgruntled by how GL has dealt with the star wars pre-quels...

i have my eyeball on a film for friday night for sure and one for sat. afternoon as well.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Felt my 1st earthquake this morning at 8:36 am...was apparently 3.1 about 24 km away from was extremely short...kinda felt/sounded like a bus hit the bldging or a fatty fell down the stairs...(haha wasn't me!)
Took about 30 mins to make it to the earthquake website...I filled out the survey - I wanted to be helpful seeing as it was my cherry popping earthquake and all.

G has an interview today at a jewelry store...fingers crossssssssed like a mofo!

Supposed to be hitting a film fest flick with Alex and Kelsey tonight but I haven't heard anything so I am not holding my breath just yet.

I was so dead tired last night I was in bed and sleeping at 9:45 pm...omg it was a good sleep too...I am sure I farted up a storm in my complete relaxation sleepiness...ohhh yeah...

Monday, February 07, 2011

Bodily Function Post

I am typing in red to signify the fact I am a hemorrhaging beast.
Was a good weekend despite the obvious uterine inducing death.
Sat. we thrift shopped and I got a cool kangaroo with a gaping pouch that I plan to stuff with things and take pictures of.
We wandered around, hit the Garricks Head Pub for lunch....wandered home...played Settlers of Catan many rules and details but we played and had a blast...Graeme needs to step it up and win a bloody game though! Sunday I cooked my face off...tried a new recipe...curried barley...with butternut squash, peas, a few vegs etc...liked it so much made a giant batch with cayenne and garlic etc....then made a baked pasta for dinner and leftovers...mmm mmm mmmm Cooking whilst high on T3's is highly makes it most pleasant.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Heart Attack Awesomeness

9:45 am - Omfg...I am waiting for RUSH tickets to go on sale. They aren’t even for me and I am shitting the bed waiting...this is SERIOUSLY one of the most stressful things in life for me...sounds really lame I know but for me PERSONALLY this is serious business...even though this isn’t a Tool or a Matt Good show I want Kori and Austin to go and I want them to have a FABULOUS experience with good seats so the pressure is INTENSE in my head. I realize it is all ME...Mary made it clear by saying something to the effect of “I can assure you judging by my bra size and Kori’s height we are used to disappointment so don’t worry about it” – haha – I still want this to not go sideways. The presales all sold out and I think this will sell out in 10 effing mins so it’s IMPERATIVE I weasel in immediately or it’s over. Even shit seats would suffice for this show b/c scalped tix will not be affordable for them. I wish someone could take my heart rate right is through the roof, im sure my BP is heart attack worthy.
10:25 am – okay WHEW! Scored them 18th row floor tickets...better than anything available up in the seats so that’s good. Now I an move on and relax...I do need a cigarette though...ok not really...maybe a Snickers.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

brown brown never frown

OMFG THEY KILLED CAIN!!!!!!! THEY KILLED HIM!!!! I am a little into my loser daytime soap right now...The Young & Retarded. They killed off my favorite eye candy man on there and then made it all dramatic and sad and made me blubber like a gawd damn idiot. I tend to bawl my face off when ppl die on TV or in movies...cannot be helped. But poor Cain left behind his horse-faced wife Lily (hate her) and 2 mocha babies - one of which looks cross eyed and the other looks fairly normal. I will miss his Australian accent of hotness and the times he took his shirt off.

I have an all new outlook on Egypt currently...I admit it I have some lady wood over these protests...the fact that they have brought the place to a standstill pleases me...and the fact they are making so many politicians nervous around the world also pleases me...its too bad it is turning violent now which I think is all about the President A-Hole making it go that way seeing as it didn't peter out like he hoped earlier. With so much complacency in the world this sort of action makes me really really hopeful. Making a stink CAN indeed induce u think that fucktard who beat that puppy to death in the Victoria hotel room would have got 6 mths in jail if ppl were not making such a big deal in the media about it? I don't think so. The judge was forced to be harder on him that he likely would have been making it the longest jail sentence for such an offense in BCs history...and I can assure you there have been worse offenses against animals in this province and the penalties are shameful. I hope that idiot takes a few good beatings in jail...though I suspect he will be segregated...lucky fucker.

Bought myself a single RIVERDANCE ticket this week. Didn't realllllly have the dough 4 it but...there were good close seats so I felt like I should wing it and go solo - since I knew no one in Vic would pay 91 bucks to go with me (haha)...So I have a 3rd row seat...having seen it yrs ago (thanks ma!) from further back I wanted to be closer this time even though I think u miss the effect of the group dancing I wanna be close to those SHOES clicking like a mofo!!!! So June 1st that is where I will be!
End of April I will be going to see Chris Cornell with Hot Donna...she is beyond excited even though the seats are poop. I should have lost enough weight by April to fit into one of the upper balcony Royal Theatre seats. HAAAAAAA! Fuck I went there once to an opera with Cynthia and near died of discomfort in those seats...

Little Miss Ayla is starting the semester off well...she's had to start getting up early (7 AM! GASP!) and seems to like her course load as well. Fingers crossed she stays interested...! She seems to have a nice little pod of people at school now that she is enjoying so that's helping I am sure.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

17 SevenTEEN 7Teen

she didn't know what a truant was...hopefully she will look it up like I told her to.

Meghan, Dylan, Ayla, Sydney & Jaime


hahaha Gramma Peggy's crazy sticker card!

Cash from Gramma Pauline for her to get herself a new learners licence...