Monday, November 30, 2009


November 30 2009

Monday...gawd. Came way too fast. This is a 5 day week for me...IMAGINE A 5 DAY WEEK OF WORK!! hahahaha
Leaving gov't will be sad in regards to wage and flex really is nice working an extra hour a day so u get a 3 day weekend every other week. SPOILED.

I am busing to work this morning b/c I have too much crap to carry...The moment I walk on to the AM bus I am reminded as to why I prefer to walk to work. I hate ppl in the morning even more than I do in the afternoon it seems...esp if the bus is full, then I want to punch ppl.

Remember how I said I think I saw Z last week - at a distance....? Well it triggered an interesting dream about this dream there was some lucidity on my part which is always one point I fell off my bed (wtf?) and was in a broken neck type position on the floor and needed someone to move me to prevent me from being hurt and he sat across the room, not even looking up and wouldnt help me. At that moment in my dream I made the connection...whoa...he doesn't/didn't ever give a shit. DING DING DING. I love the human psyche and how it integrates the truth into all different realms of consciousness. While I had obviously figured that out a long while ago it was interesting nonetheless.

This facial cancer is outta hand....I am being punished for making fun of retards...I know it. Revenge of the Retards....OK u clever little tards...LET UP ALREADY! I can't handle this shit on my face!!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

bra of hades

Nov 28 2009

ok so i took back the 2 evil under wire bras and came home with 1 under wire and 1 non under wire...i am going to see NEW MOON again at 4 with Donna and I am determined to wear this bra ALL DAY....I am not bringing a back up bra in my bag either....I AM COMMITTED. Sitting seems to be the most uncomfortable...standing is is leaning back whilst sitting so the movie should be ok. I think this will be my *TRYING TO IMPRESS SOMEONE* bra...certainly not the every day pancake tit bra.

I feel a sickness coming on...I am just hoping it wont be full blown...I got some sneezes...a little dizziness...and a morning stuffy nose.... :o|

SOOOOO GUESS WHAT!!!!???? Adele aka Ant is coming to visit me on the Dec 11th weekend....I am PUMPED! We havent seen each other in 20 yrs...and its gunna be awesome...I look fwd to some cool talks and some fun fun fun...we used to have the best fun...both being big music fans she was always game to go see bands and such so I am hoping someone decent is playing in town that weekend so we can go and feel like grannies together and watch all the young punks rock out like we USED rocking out is pretty low key fact I could be rocking out and you could look at me and not even know hahahhaa So yeah - that is super awesomeness!!

I am wearing zipper pants today...I picked them out myself...I have to ask Donna is they are ugly/nerdy...I have no sense of these things...I either like them or I don't and I like these ones so if she says they're lame and silly it wont matter - I will wear em anyhow lol

I hate it when ppl say HELLO to me...or GOOD MORNING....I dunno why this bugs me so fucking much...I guess b/c its socially required and anything obligatory has always pissed me half the ppl who say good morning to me at work etc I don't fucking like and to NOT return the hello or good morning is probably considered a breach of the CODE OF CONDUCT in the workplace......fuck off I say. There is only 1 person I blatantly do not speak to at work (she is a lying dirt bag) and she still tries to say hi sometimes and I refuse to acknowledge her me immature, I don't care....she is evil and hideous.


Friday, November 27, 2009


When I buy Sweet Tart candies I only eat the orange and pink ones...the green, purple and blue ones go to the bowl on Coral’s desk and she has to eat they are kind of like diet candies b/c out of a roll I am lucky if I get 7 of my color. CLEVER.

Guy has the flu. It is not Chinese Food this time. Everyone wish his bowels good luck.

The mood around here is interesting. All the laid off folk are relieved to know what is happening. The rumour to extend us until after the Olympics was horrifying...the theory being if the gov’t needed to pull gov’t employees to work the Olympic venues b/c there were not enough volunteers and such they would need all the gov’t employees to pick up the slack etc...Doesn’t that sound awesome...? Gag. Anyhow...placements are apparently picking up so time will tell.

I lost my bank I went to the bank this morning and got a new one and was served by some lovely sounding Irish, an accent sure goes a long way before you get to know a fella.

Tonight Nicki and I are going to go eat Thai food after work and laugh at the state of this office...then I am going to return 2 underwire bras as I refuse to be impaled in my armpits no matter how awesome my tits look in the bras. THAT’S THAT! There must be good bras in this world that keep the flour sacks in place while not making women unbearably uncomfortable...then I am gunna go to the Solstice Cafe and listen to Catherine’s hubby read poetry for a while...he has a new book out. That’s my big Friday night ladies and gents...I RULE! Will try to get The Donna to come with me tonight...I dunno though...there isn’t wine there. (HAHA)


Nov 27 2009

Limbo is over. We were finally told yesterday that FOR SURE on Dec 3 we will be issued lay off letters giving up 20 working days notice. I was horrified we would get extended so thank gawd. it stands, I will have the month of Dec to get placed or come Jan 3rd or whatever day it is I will be unemployed. I am really ok with either option but am obviously still crossing fingers for a placement...mainly for obvious reasons. I wont get paid what I make now anywhere else....and truthfully looking for a new job is a disgusting prospect in this market and I am bound to take a massive pay cut that my ego and lifestyle is not really jiving with.

So....all of u cross your digits...I need u all WILLING ME PLACEMENT VIBES like crazy!

On my walk last night I went to visit my favorite lesbos Amanda & Erin in their new apt...and gawd dammit if I didn't let a "OMG that's so gay!" slip out of my mouth...hence the shame pen tattoo Erin made me wear home (to the right)...

Lots going on tonight...poetry reading...Body Shop shopping (MASSIVE SALE!)...ok just 2 things hahahahahaaaaaaaaa

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Nov 26 2009

Most awesome reason to call in sick:

Hi I won’t be in today...I am just too tired.

Ummmm...yeah cuz we all wake up feeling refreshed and ready and in love with the day of work ahead?! Can u fucking believe that? This effer knew we were short staffed today and he is TOO TIRED to come in...GAWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Assface. If I didn’t come in when I was tired I would NEVER be here. Ha!

I have dry lips. I have dry lips b/c I found my lime chap stick that had been lost forever. I love lime but it makes my lips all messed up. How weird that a chap stick makes your lips bad! POINTLESS!!!!! We should PICKET!

I had the most delightful walk to work today...not sure why it was better than most...likely b/c it was not raining at all although it should have been as the clouds looked to be bulging with I guess that makes it some sort of MAGICAL walk.

Guy & Donna (and Arika & Barb) really LOVED the Billy Bragg show on Monday. I am sad i didn’t go now. I stayed home in case the evil sprog felt the urge to be civil...what a fucking stupid move on my part, she has yet to speak a civil word to me this week...not quite sure how she thinks these sort of tactics are going to serve her well in getting her bedroom door is mindbogglingly (nice fake word hey?) frustrating dealing with teenagers. The lack of logic...or consideration – while I know it’s typical and I recall it quite vividly in myself at that age – it is absolutely maddening that I have to share a house with a frigging lunatic who simply doesn’t give a shit if I am breathing most days. It is like being trapped in an abusive marriage...or living with a psycho roommate who won’t move out...and the fact that xmas is coming up MY GAWD like I feel at all compelled to spend any $ on that wretched little jerk who will not be satisfied anyway...and ppl dare ask why I did not have any more kids...?! Ha!

Re: my weirdo boy...I don’t wanna say too much in case it gets all jinxed and would be nice to surpass the 30-90 day limit I seem to have with these things...I am getting old you has been a weird contrast the Z thing – it was stupidly intense and one sided – where as this has been a really nice build up and mutually enjoyable... <-- that sounds sexual but it’s not haha So far he is weird, funny, odd & interesting so....we will see :o)

Placement process shall I describe it this watching a stroke victim try to feed himself? PAINFUL and DIFFICULT. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to any of nothing new to report. I will believe it when I see it...there have been a few placements though...and I hear more positions are coming up, no idea if they will match my classification or not though.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

hump day

Nov 25 2009

Ayla informed me last night that punishing her for hating me is useless. Wow. She has a very twisted way of interpreting we all did I guess. I know I certainly was not rational at 15/16...

It is raining like stink outside...I have a cup of earl gray tea by my side...all I need is a cute boy feeding me chocolate! WEEEEEEEEE!

My step dad ordered Merrell shoes and accidentally bought women’s size 9....and has sent them to me since they don’t fit him so I am hoping they fit me...b/c free Merrell shoes is like a gawd damn windfall! I have wide duck feet so I am slightly concerned they will be too narrow...hopefully not! So Donna and I will trip out to the bus depot after work to fetch them.

Not really looking fwd to going home...its icy and cold there and not in temperature!

I rarely leave my computer on when I am not home b/c I’m scared the fan will short and cause a fire (this is not all that uncommon)...this is also why I usually shut it off at night too...and I have no idea why I just started typing that...must be hard up for content today...all out of dildo and anal bead stories I guess.

I think I may have met someone weirder than me. I will keep u posted.

18 mins and counting til I am free!

I called the Pension Corp today about my pension contributions once I am laid payout here I come...makes me feel a little better about spending $ in Dec. Knowing that would be decent back up for survival. I love back up plans. I love love love having my ducks in order!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Nov 24 2009

1st day back, not fatal...
busy organizing the silent auction with Lisa so there is something to do to keep me occupied.

I am gunna know all the lyrics to Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac by the time Ayla gets her bedroom door back.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Rant Commencing:

You know what? When I had a baby I didn't go to movies b/c it would be RUDE to take a baby to a fucking movie and disturb other moviegoers right? Movie goers who DID NOT bring their kids to a movie...yeah so when I had a baby I rented movies when my baby was little or I got someone to watch her....that's what u do....Ohhhh but not everyone thinks that way....don't get me wrong...if u wanna risk bringing your baby to a movie and u are considerate and sit near the entrance so u can make a quick get away of the baby starts making today....we weren't so lucky...

Yes I love paying 12.00 to see a movie that I spend half the time being distracted & annoyed by the fucking baby next to us up at the very TOP row...I love listening to your baby noises - the squacks, the whining etc....I love listening to a baby playing with noisy swishy plastic baggies and then enduring the parents giggling b/c they think their baby is so fucking cute and adorable...I love hearing the parents playing baby games with their baby just as EDWARD FUCKING CULLEN IS ABOUT TO KISS BELLA FUCKING SWAN ALL INTENSE AND SHIT!!!! I LOVE THAT!!!

Fucking breeders...stay the fuck home or go to those gawd damn SCHEDULED MOVIES FOR PPL WITH BABIES....


ohhh yeah

Nov 23 2009


This was my morning:

Me: Ayla, it's 7 am, you better get up.

Ayla: Fuck you. I hate you.

Oh yes...not a day goes by where I don't ask myself why I thought being a parent was a good idea for myself...not a day. You know...b/c it is such an enriching and love filled experience...why wouldn't I revel in the beauty and lovingness of it? Why wouldn't I bask in the glory and pride of my lovely little Ayla who possesses not one shred of consideration for anyone aside from her and her friends? Ohhh yes...I love being a parent. It is very satisfying to sit back and think of all the things you could have done with your life but no...parenting seemed like the right way to go...the selfless sacrifice...such a wise choice Jen...such a wise choice...its gunna be a longgggggggggggg week with a kid that has no bedroom door.

On the up side...Shawn and I are going to see NEW MOON this afternoon...why u ask? Well...Shawn is gay so that's his excuse...but me I don't have one...I am just an I suspect this sequel is gunna be leaps and bounds better than Twilight...I like the story but thought the movie wasn't all that shit hot for what it could have been. Done worry, I wont start buying Edward Cullen vampire paraphernalia, don't worry. (I know you worry)

BRA TRAUMA: ok so wearing bras that really do the job is like being impaled by under wire consistently for the day...I am not sure I will make a whole day of wearing an under wire I am returning them.... :o( WHATS A GRRL GOTTA DO TO GET A COMFORTABLE BRA FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD!?!?!?!

Wii boxing is the shit! Between that and tennis and bowling I actually have sore arms today!! NOT KIDDING!


Mel thought it was funny to stick these fucking 2010 Olympic stickers all over me when I wasnt on my back and on my bag etc...then she went up to some guy in the bar and handed him a QUATCHIE sticker and said something like "Here, have my Quatchie." He smiled. I nearly peed...b/c in case u didnt know Quatchie is code for Vagina.

Donna had a licking problem that night...she was licking 5 dollar bills, vag posters, Andrea...jesus...and she wonders why she gets sick!

Kelly & Andrea....neither of them were flashing anyone at that moment...

Poor Rocky.


Hawt Brian...cute as ever but sorry, yer band gives me hives although I did LOVE watching Mel rock out to them...and sing....she and Kelly deducted that if you just scream CHUCKY CHEESE it looks like u are singing every song word for word.

This was the culprit...inhaling Sharpie fumes makes one prone to exposing themselves I suspect.

Gee...I wonder who URINATED here in plain sight of passerby folk and smokers right outside Monty's front doors when there was no line up for the washroom? Hmmmmm

Donna using Andrea as a stripper pole.

Apparently THE SHOCKER was the hand sign of the night.

Sniffing her vag poster.
Mel kinda *won* this for exposing her tits to the stripper on was impressive.
The stripper rubbed this all over her crotch prior to giving it away though so I am still deeply horrified everyone handled this poster, licked it, sniffed it etc all night long.
The stripper later signed it for her boyfriend with a line something like "lick me where god split me" hahahahahaha


@ Ryan McMahon...loving my picture being taken as per usual.


SO yeah....can't post anymore pictures....sorry...all the titty ones are off limits I was told...dammit.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wii Fun!

Nov 22 2009

OMFG I love Wii Boxing....Cannot wait for Ayla and I to play so we can beat the shit out of each other and the cops don't have to be involved.

WW3 shall commence here shortly...Jen & Ayla are not besties right now...not in the slightest...we seem to have a pattern.....every 3ish mths we have to have a giant blow out...its ugly and gross and then a fresh start...makes me mad b/c its so very the past (this is an old pattern, going back to when she was small really) I can recognize my part in it, if I am having a bad time and really am short on coping skills or what have you...but more and more I see myself desperately trying to avoid and deflect these spells of chaos only to end up in a place where it has to blow up...its like a reset button for us...but so friggin exhausting. I have done a lot since summer time to change my behavior and my own *neurosis's* reactions etc....and expecting civility in return for it is too much to expect I guess...I find it all quite frustrating...the lack of consideration in general...and the blatant disregard for me or my feelings/position on everything. I know I know...shes a kid and kids nowadays are ignorant assholes and we should expect anything more of them BUT I do and I cant help is like living with a roommate who I don't like, who doesn't clean up, who doesn't pay rent, who eats all the food and never buys any groceries and is a general rude jerk all the time & is only ever nice when they need something...IMAGINE LIVING WITH THAT!!!!! hahaha

Ya ya woe is me...
Whatever. I can vent if I want, its my blog!

Kim & Rob are home...back in their groove...sure was good having them here...the cat is still lamenting over Rob's absence...I think she is in love with him & his armpit smell.

The Crazy Kel & Mel show last night was something else....Donna, Andrea, Kelly and Mel were 4 funny wenches last night...I laughed HEARTILY! I gotta say they were disgusting as well and could shame many men with their antics...I am not allowed to post the pictures in order to maintain the good reputations of certain individuals involved but take my word for was a shit show!

I do not enjoy sitting in the meat seats at the strip bar...I prefer to be back so I can observe effectively...I will say Andrea and her antics had most men in the place looking at her all night and not the strippers....if Andrea gets weary of her govt job she should consider dancing. lol

I am still cringing over Donna licking a 5 dollar bill....*barf*

I am not good at cab hailing....just thought I would air that dirty little secret of mine. I know...I am perfectly flawed!

I have had a headache all day that defied T3's...RUDE.

Look at this poor dude...we were at the Cambie and a car pulled away and this guy was laying there all dead :(
Looks like he was dragged under the car and then fell off the bottom...
If I owned the Cambie id taxidermy that little guy and make it the bar mascot! THAT'S WHAT ID DO!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009



and the LOVELY AMANDA!!!!


Nov 21 2009

Wee seester is gone...back to stupid Jasper...leaving me here with an ingrate teen who wouldnt piss on me if I was on fire....rude!

Great week...was nice to have a whole week to just hang out with kim and rob...{the cat just shit and its making the paint peel off the wall and I think my hair is falling out}...the cat will miss rob, they bonded heavily, she will skulk around depressed now for weeks...I do wonder how many times rob will have to stop to poop on the long drive home to jasper...I will text kim and ask her to count for me...just out of curiosity.

Kel & Mel will be here today at some point...from PR to come do the Ryan McMahon evening show and then see VonBones after at the Cambie...should be a fun night.

4 garbage bags of too fat for me clothes I have purged...that is what I did yesterday while kim and rob were at the butterfly place...lots more room in my closet now... WOOT! WOOT!

I am shitting the bed a little about xmas...I am completely unprepared for the 1st time in my life. This is a weird feeling...I am only buying for Ayla this year and I cannot wait until shes a few yrs older and xmas will then FINALLY become a thing of the past as far as obligatory bullshit goes...I look fwd to stockings only. Oh the bliss of no xmas BS! I would like to sometime travel somewhere at xmas thats very NON-CHRISTMAS-like and just forget about it entirely.

is out....weeeeeeeee...yes im a gaylord and I am dieing to see the new Twilight movie....yes I am 39....piss off. I AM COMING FOR YOU EDWARDDDDDD...

I see some fans are pissing Matt Good off again...this is not new, its fairly predictable...this is where him doing no wrong in my mind kicks in (thanks Kelly haha)...
fans who whinge about playlists and such should STFU and go to a Nickelback concert.
The End. (and anyone who knows anything knows While We Were Hunting Rabbits is NOT an option live....assfaces)

I think I need to go back to bed now......

Friday, November 20, 2009


Nov 20 2009

I am too scatter-brained to write anything....lots going on...lots to do...times running out with Kim....some impending doom going on.....


Stripper Night

Nov 19 2009

this is what you missed out on tonight...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Nov 17 2009


Heading up island today until Wed. night....keep the fires burning!

Monday, November 16, 2009


vacation week commencing....woohoooo!!!


Well, thank gawd that is over. Job interviews are not usually the end of my world...I don't get too effed up over them aside from the normal discomfort of having to be social in general...and committing fakery (let's face it, it's all pure fakery)...fakery is a quality I despise and when I am socially forced to commit it I hate myself but...such is life...the nature of the beast. This interview was quick (makes me slightly suspicious that they already have their minds made up...?) and I wasn't asked any questions pertaining to how my previous skills may relate to the ones required for this position. I had questions though, one being TRAINING.

My short time in gov't has taught me one't doesn't train you for shit. Sadly, for this position there is NO will be walking into it virtually blind, u will get a few mornings of ppl sitting with you and yep, you pretty much are left flailing. I have absolutely no doubt I could do this job (glorified secretary) even without training I will pick it up and own it but...I am not gunna cry if Jim or the other person going for it gets it AT fact I called Jim and gave him a heads up about how to prepare and told him to DO WELL PLEASE GAWD PLEASE DO WELL AND GET THE JOB haha

**I was informed that the other person interviewing went before me and I think they picked him already which is why my interview was short and honestly he would be way better suited for this position so unless Jimmy blows him outta the water i think Terry's got it...WHEW!**

With that over with I can concentrate on my company, travels and such for my next week off...

woohooo! I hope Ayla isn't a raging EMO kid the whole trip up island....gawd...I am gunna make her have fun even if it kills me! The driving will kill her I am sure but...whatever....for as often as we do stuff like this she can suck it up! IT WILL BE FUN GAWD DAMMITTTT!!! {insert freak out crazy face here}

Sushi on Saturday was yummy...I forgave Shawn for being late b/c he actually 100% completely forgot, he wasn't just late b/c he was being willy nilly etc. I was pretty PO'd at him at 1st though...but I get older I don't have the same energy for staying mad at ppl as I used to have...this is not a bad thing. Plus he fixed my MP3 player issue...haha YAY! I needed to get my rockabilly tunes on there to explore how I feel about that genre of music...

The Wii is FUN....I played Mario Kart last night...It is tough not using a toggle to steer TOAD to victory! Haha OK so there wasn't a lot of victory...just a few fluke victories! I traditionally suck at video games but they are fun...and it gets Ayla out of her bedroom!!!!


November 16 2009


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wii Wii Wii All the Way Home

November 15 2009

Full house yesterday...Phil and Shawn were here for sushi fest (Shawn managed to only be 40 mins late this comment...but he fixed my computer so he is forgiven) - then Kim and Rob of course...then Aunty Pam and cousin Maggie with baby Sidlet were visiting...
Mags brought our xmas gift down and we were forced to open it...and it was a Wii for gawds sake with the Wii fit game and one other game....Holy above and beyond! Thank you Maggie and Co! I cant wait to start the Wii Fit game so the dude on it can tell me how obese I am hahahahaha

Sushi was good...I think I have perfected my spicy tuna roll...Guy...would u try it if I made it?

Today its breakfast with Loren & Maria...then I dunno...I work tomorrow and have that interview then I am off for a week THANK GAWDDDDDDDD...

Rob and Kim bought a hookah at the smoke shop...for smoking flavored tobacco...that was fun watching them set it up and put it together and use it ha h ah hahah ahaha the house smelled of fruitiness all night. lol I am not much of an inhaler so I don't get this sort of thing but it was interesting to watch all the the 2 of them are just funny so....

hookah lookah

the cat was MOST interested in this thing and the sounds it made



the Wii

Squidlet & I

Ayla and Pam playing Wii Tennis

Busted sniffing a baby!

Friday, November 13, 2009




November 13 2009

Oooo Friday the 13th. Spooky Spooky! Ok not really.

I am bored...I ate some grapes and that did not help. The stupid woman in this office who won't stop hacking is momentarily going to have a pack of Halls Cough Drops shoved into her ugly mouth I swear to fucking

gawd. K


Ayla is attending a STARVE-A-THON at school overnight...gone are the days when I was a kid and we did DANCE-A-THONS I guess...Me and Candy Chemelli danced up a storm that day in Rainbow Lake Alberta...I had on my rainbow suspenders b/c I was a high fashion icon type back then...oh yes. Ahead of my time for sure.  Anyway my house is gunna be quiet and all mine tonight...the last night for a week...and even with the loss of solitary solace I am really looking fwd to my it is a  WIN WIN  situation.

I have a really good lunch in the fridge waiting for me at 12:30 & I am drooling...drooling whilst trying to keep my eyes open...

wtf - I have been narcoleptic all effing day. ..yawning, nodding off...I wish I was going to see Ryan McMahon tonight in Nanaimo with Pam & Jim... L I have to wait til Nov 21.

I have really long nails right now (for me)...and I

wanna scratch someone...meow!

OHH WELL IM FUCKING AWAKE NOW!!!!!! My sister and Rob are standing outside my work!!!!!! MY HOUSE IS NOT CLEAN AND MY ROOM IS NOT READY...I may really punch them both now. I fucking HATE surprises....little assholes.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


November 12 2009

I came to work 45 mins early today. I had to bring in my new monkey attire for the POSSIBLE interview b/c gawd forbid I wear it all day! It is hanging in my cubicle...if I get this other job....BIG IF as I am sure there are others in the running with skills like mine (I gotz wicked skillz) – if I got this job it would involve having to be dressed well every day...which is slightly mortifying. What is more mortifying is the SHMOOZING requirement. My days of blissfully ignoring all ppl around me, MP3 blaring in my head would be over I think...sad but...I would be so busy I don’t think I would care much...I crave being busy again, being purposeful...

At The Bay yesterday I misted myself with some yummy overpriced perfume and today it still smells so I am in SMELL HEAVEN...MmmMMmMmmMmmm...stupid looking bottle though.

Great visit with Kori, Cedar & Mary yesterday...Mary attempted to nurse my cat is pretty neurotic as it is...she doesn’t enjoy being picked up and has a very hard time with eye contact...well Mary is a Cat Molester and the cat was hilariously tortured the whole time which I found quite enjoyable...Cedar is funny...I swear to gawd when he says “GOOOOOD COOOOKIN’!” a little part of my blackened heart pulsates and turns pink again! Mary also makes a killer tuna fish sandwich I must for all your fancy catering needs please call her! Hooked Kori up with some new tunes so the day over all was damn sweet!

Hot Donna & I plastered the town with Ryan McMahon posters...wish we had WAY MORE but...such is life. Will see if I can get some more...really want a good turn out for him this time for a damn all u locals prepare to be annoyed by my insistence you attend...we had a good afternoon til I killed her with my perfume stench...Sorry Donna....don’t die of an asthma attack please.

The Wildfire Bakery here on Quadra has the outside of its bldg dedicated to art; basically they let artists do murals of a graffiti nature on either side of the bldg of whatever they want...well apparently the current one depicts pigs in cop uniforms and ppl handcuffed in Olympic ring hand cuffs...awesome...really want to go look at it and get some pictures but of course there is an uproar...ppl are complaining...writing letters and making calls saying its atrocious...Ummmm, how about you focus your RAGE and letter writing skills on something WORTHWHILE YOU ASSHOLES and not a piece of art work you happen to not agree with? Pick your battles...there are hungry ppl in your town with nowhere to live and u have a Premier who is raping the shit out of the province and u decide to be outraged over a fucking painting? Idiocy.

Will go get pics of this ATROCITY tomorrow I think.

Donna saw the Misfits last night...said they are way over-rated....but the Jolts kicked ass.

Gawd it is gunna be busy as shit the next 10 days starting Saturday...Sushi day with Shawn & Phil, Aunty Pam, Mags and Sidlet are coming that afternoon for a visit too...then my sister Kim & Rob arrive Sat evening for the week! On Tuesday we will head up island for an adventure and catch the 3 pm ferry to Powell River to go visit/socialize with the family and friends for the night....then head back down island Wednesday, visit with Pam and Jim....then I think Kim and Rob go home Friday or Saturday, not sure...then Saturday evening is the Ryan McMahon show and VonBones afterwards...SUNDAY is quiet resting day and Monday Guy & Donna will be staying over b/c they are coming down to see Billy Bragg...then life will be quiet, still and somewhat boring again...til December :o)

I haven’t seen my sister in so long it is gunna be great...lots of laughing...

Ohhh just got a call...interview is Monday!! WOOHOO!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


HAHAHA Kori & Mary the new 2009 Solid Gold Dancers!

Somber Dead Soldier Day

November 11 2009

and it is Remembrance Day so listen to some bagpipes and get teary today please...Me, I am going to listen to a few Matt Good anti-war songs {I recommend Can't Get Shot in the Back if You Don't Run & A Silent Army in the Trees}....

I have made a decision about my ovaries...I am not resuming the birth control pill on Sunday...I cannot bare it... ***ALL MEN NOW SHOULD SKIP TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH AND DELICATE ABOUT THIS SHIT*** I have had my period for the last 30 shitting you...99.9% of women on the pill get a lovely regular cycle light and fabulous...sure I get a lighter experience but 30+ days worth can go fuck itself. This will impact me getting laid next month and I am NOT risking such a travesty...add in the zit cluster that WILL NOT go away, I know its the fucking pill fucking my shit up so I am just done...sure my MAC COMPACT helps with this zit cluster but...I don't want zits...they are not conducive to getting laid. THE END.

Kori, Mary and Cedar are visiting today! WOOHOO! They should be here anytime...and then Donna and I are going for a Tudor style lunch and plastering the city with Ryan McMahon posters for his show Nov 21...woohooo!!!!!

No word on that interview but I was advised there would not be a days notice so tonight I have to study the job description and cross reference my own skills to I am ready to dazzle...I will take my dress clothes to work so i don't have to wear them (HAHAHA) and put them on as needed....yes I hate wearing dress clothes...

My walk last night was great...I walked by myself {Donna was at swim class and Alex blew a stitch whilst humping} and have taken to just singing without sound as a I walk....which is why I prefer walking at night, it is less noticeable...I just rock the fuck out...and have a great old time...I am confident it looks like I am talking to myself but whatever.

Yes, I still want to punch that snitty email lady in the face @ work. I have added her to my FUCK YOU list.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


November 10 2009

Half a day is gone already and fairly quickly. Love it. No word on the *suitability interview* as of yet...makes me nervous...mainly b/c everything around here is so poorly run.

I ate a burrito and cottage cheese/salsa for lunch and it was DIVINE! Ayla is still sick and went to school this AM but was home before noon feeling like crap.

In counselling, one of the most valuable things I learned was being mindful. I think some ppl are naturally good at this so it may not seem like a big deal but when you are of the personality type where you have become accustomed to just reacting and not really taking the time to examine what it is you are reacting to it is quite a feat! Being so intensely emotional makes mindfulness a challenge but also once you get a groove for it quite useful in examining your own behaviour and regulating responses to certain things.

I continually find myself intrigued by how I react to, things people say, things people do...and how often the reaction isn’t about that particular thing at all but rather about other *stuff* that is unrelated yet somehow connected in my psyche. Blah Blah Blah

Oh I just had a rant of epic proportions...this place is so RETARDED! I got a snitty email reply from someone going on about how in order to get *system bugs* dealt with you must go through your team lead and then they do this and that and blahblahblah...only there’s no F-ing team lead in this effing unit and even when BUG REPORTS are filed out u m-f’ers don’t ever deal with them or get back to us about it so WTF IS THE POINT?!?!?!?! Pardon fucking me for trying to expedite a problem rather than waiting a week for a team lead to be my ass. Bunch of twats.

I hate everyone. Almost.

Monday, November 09, 2009


Nov 9 2009

Today I finally got an email about a possible position...I am qualified (Administrative Coordinator), same ministry but different building, downtown @ St. Anne’s, “suitability interviews” to take place this week...which means I have to rape my savings acct and take some $ out of it to go buy dress pants tonight as I fit nothing I have bought previous...I am taking Donna b/c I cannot be trusted to pick out clothes that are meant to look decent. Thank gawd for Donna.

SUITABILITY INTERVIEWS = seeing if they like your personality I think...that could work for or against me depending on my mood that day. Ha! Fudge.

I decided the next man in my bedroom (AND NO NOT MY BROTHER IN LAW ROB) is going to be required to sleep with my MG scarf and spray men’s cologne on it so it will have man smell on it so when I wear it I can be super blissful.

Today went by fairly fast...despite the brain tumor and such...

(Later @ 10 PM)

Well Donna is hired as my new personal shopper helper. Found dress pants - ANOTHER SIZE SMALLER! WOOT WOOT - and 2 tops for interviews...I am a little sketchy about them but they ARE appropriate! I REALLY detest dress clothes but I detest being jobless more and I am kinda gunning for this job so I gotta pull out all the stops.

I am laughing at myself right now...I am not telling you why...just know that I am an IDIOT. Thank you. Good night Irene!


I am wearing a dirty shirt today to protest going to work. ha!

MG Pics

My beloved MG scarf I will likely be too scared to wear!

I didn't really get good pictures this time...being UP where we were doesnt give u the same lighting effects/angles you get when you are lower...and b/c u cant use flash...well...u get the point...and the video police were after me so the video I got was limited as well...motherfuckers....there are more on flickr if u wanna see more...