Sunday, May 31, 2009

dancing queen

I will say Ayla is VERY PO'd that im showing this to anyone as she feels her and the troupe did not do their best BUT...that's too bad b/c her skills get better each year and im proud of her so she can just deal with it.....


dance is really cool to see these year end shows of Ayla's b/c it becomes amazingly clear that every penny u spent all yr on dance classes and costumes etc was worth it...her show was great...she was in 2 dances and she did fabulous in both...makes me swoon a little really...

im uploading video i snuck now...ill post it later for anyone who wants to take a look...the videos is especially bad this year...very tall ppl sat ahead of us haha

everyones still asleep...although im sure Pam will be up soon, ayla may maintain her coma til gawd knows when...
i think Donna & I are hitting a movie today...

very sunny out...hope the wind picks up...whine whine whine

1st week of work after vacation was friday i was ready 4 the weekend alright but nothing tragic....
i am waffling ditching the magazine biz...frankly, the shit communication and blatant other bs is leaving me feeling like it isnt all that worth while anymore...i sent a specific email to the new publisher/guy in charge on May 22 and I havent heard a peep another week or 2 I also expect to hear nothing...which is where I will very likely wash my hands of it all....

Friday, May 29, 2009


happy birthday to my little bro...wish he was still here...weird to imagine him as a full fledged grown up...sigh...he was so gawd damn one makes me laugh like he sure sister kimmy would agree...

its friday...a nice day to celebrate being glad someone was born...

wooohooo weekend....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

...I got chairsssss finalllllyyy...woot woot! chairs with no fabric on them so that cat hair isn't always a severe gross problem....woot woot! my my new Chairs.

They're boring regular chairs but the cat cant pollute these ones with fur so they're MAGICALLY DELICIOUS!

Ok enough of that...Ayla is so funny this week...she is losing her friggin mind...exams, dance practices x 34875398475, recitals/shows...her big dance show is this Saturday night at the Royal Theatre...Pam and I are going...I am excited b/c this year shes in 2 performances so I will be taping that for sure...
haha I said taping..I guess the write term is RECORDING...duh so thats my big plans on Sat. night...and thats about all have going for me this week.

california is stupider than i thought

Sunday, May 24, 2009

life's a beach

I love the beach....and the ocean. It is my favorite place to be...ever. I hope I die sitting on a chair parked on the beach as the tide comes in...water lapping up on my bare feet.....

Today Donna, Dugan the Wonder Dog and I went to our favorite beach (Island View Beach) and walked...and walked...and walked...lovely day...sun was shining, wind was blowing (saved me from staying indoors), dog was eager...

Donna, do u have the trots yet from that sandwich you ate that sat in the trunk while we were walking?? haha I wanted NO part of that sandwich.

Ayla survived camping...she thinks the Girl Guides of Canada are a cult. I couldn't really argue with her. Not sure if she will ever attend another GG camp but...@ least she can say she camped this year haha

OMFG I go back to work on Tuesday...such rudeness...truth be known though I really do look fwd to getting back into a routine...when Ayla was little I had a routine despite not working outside the house...its easy to be organized and structured with a little one to think of dates and library, the pool, the beach, the park, visiting friends etc...
Working...the structure is forced...but it still gets me up and at em early and makes me be organized to ensure we have food and meals dealt with etc...but left to my own devices...unless I have plans made I am a loaf of fucking bread...LOAF being the key word. Now don't get me wrong...if there was a way I could get out of working/having a job I would...b/c I know with time I could adapt quite happily to not having to go to a job 5 days a week...I'd become the hobby queen, I sure wouldn't be one of these freaks who wins the lotto and KEEPS THEIR JOB for shits sake...(wtf is that about?)

Anyway I just remembered I have to start my column...and I need to get that going while im still lucid.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Lovely Prom Princess

Ayla & Niamh

Ayla & Hajer

sigh...too bad she looks cranky like her mom haha


Ayla & Dylan

Friday, May 22, 2009


200 Cigarettes was on last night:

I've dated enough narcissistically neurotic men to know that you are all just a pack of roving babies in search of a giant teat from which to suck the lifeblood out of me until I am a hollow shell.

No one says that like Janeane Garofalo...I love that woman!

In other news....I scored a piggy oinks LOUDLY to w
ake you up. I wouldn't have got it was 30 bucks marked to 7.00 b/c it has a wee dent/scratch on it... SOLD!!!!!!! I have a wake up barnyard on the go now cuz I have a clock Ayla is using currently that cockadoodledoo's when its time to get up... Yes I am 7 yrs old, why do you ask?

Today Donna and I are going to see the new Terminator movie...then to FABRICLAND b/c its
every humans dream come true to go on a mission to Fabricland for her mommy dearest...I have spent coultless hours in my life waiting around fabric stores with my mother so this will be an improvement...I dont have to wait as she loiters about for 18 hrs.

Holy shitaki mushrooms...just got an email that Gonzo Magazine has changed hands.............veryyyyyyy interestingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.............

Thursday, May 21, 2009

teen stress

as if, the day of Ayla's Jr Prom and her hair is NOT co-operating. Her rant could have been mine about 25 yrs ago:

"every other damn day its fine but today NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

i let her take my camera to ensure I actually get to see some of the pictures. haha If she loses it or breaks it she knows the devil went down to georgia haha (that's code for it'll be hellish at home haha)

if this movie is ever on tv you can now WITH CONFIDENCE that you arent missing anything - change the channel:


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I feel like horseshit.

I just realized I have to write a column thinger this week...ugh I feel so uninspired to pedal drivel.

Due to my horseshit nature I haven't been up to much outside the house aside from grocery shopping yesterday where some very old man of 75 tried to get me to go out 4 coffee with him....good gawd...what a demoralizing moment...imagining how you are perceived by a 75 yr old that would make him think asking out a female not even 40 might be a good idea?
I think a lot of people think fat ppl are desperate easy targets (and don't u all start going off like maybe he just thought i was cute...piss off, the age gap is WAY too creepily large)...I dunno if I even wanna go back there to shop now since he said he hadn't seen me in a few weeks but has seen me in there a lot before...ok WTF? hahahaha When I shop I am usually wearing headphones and I never make eye contact with anyone b/c I live in a neighbourhood full of gibbles and dont need to make friends...anyway...gawd...!

Tomorrow I have a lotta shit to I am heading downtown no matter how shitty I feel. Tomorrow is Ayla's Jr Prom.
Yeah I dunno wtf Jr Prom is either.
Either way shes getting all tarted up for it, wearing the lovely flapper dress her Aunty Pam bought her last year and it is a big deal. Then she goes camping up in Cowichan for the its gunna be really quiet around here and I gag on whole wheat bagels and spinach...yeah im trying to eat better and its proving to be UNFUN.
I sound pretty fuckng grouchy and miserable for someone on paid vacation hey? What an asshole.

I should stop reading shit like this: CLICK ME

Monday, May 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home


I am home....tired are some highlights though:

Kelly & Madelyn

Baby's name is mother addresses the gift to SHELDON hahaha hahaha


I have a whack of pictures of other ppl holding the baby but this is the only one I have of Maggie holding her own baby!

Ayla enjoying a conversation with my mom ha ha ha

Me on the ferry


Sidney getting a bath from his Gramma (Pam)

Aunty Pam on the ferry, going home

My friend Deanna enjoying a conversation with my mother Peggy hhahahaha
(notice instead of her hot pink nurses scrub she wore to Maggie's wedding she wore her beige nurses scrub to Maggie's baby shower)

My new reward for fixing Deanna's computer (no Shawn you can't have it, I only called u once!)

The Nanoose Gnome!

Jerri Ann & little Sidney

hahahah @ Ayla

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

day 4 in pr

Happy Birthday to Maggie yesterday...good dinner and ice cream cake had by all!

Did the Walmart shopping run that seems to occur multiple times whenever im in PR....ran into Michelle...and another lady I knew...only seeing 2 ppl I knew was better than most other times. I bought myself socks.

Today I have no plans until after dinner when Jerri Ann comes out 4 a visit.
It is a RACE to my Dr appt on Friday...if Aunt Flo comes b4 Friday im plz all of u pray to the Goddess of Non Shedding Uterus to keep my womb from fucking up my life. Thank you.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bowell Quiver

Ohhh baby Sidlet smells good and he is SOOOOO incredibly far hes one of these babies that just eats - sleeps - and poops.... thats it. Man...Mags is lucky...Ayla did not nap...she slept with me and was fine at night but in the day time she was like a meth head - wide awake haha

Maggies new house is was her shower...great food.
I am never one for socializing of course.
My mother...omg....Mags is opening gifts and we get to the one from her and I see the card says SHELDON ha ha ha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa omfg only my mom would do that...I whispered to Maggie *Just pretend it says Sidney and carry on* hahahahaha My mother is always good 4 a laugh.

Madelyn has been a hoot too...always entertaining like her mom haha

Was gunna have Guy/Abu over tonight but his wifey poo came to visit with him (he is working in town here, hotelling it) so he is otherwise engaged...when I called his room today and a woman answered I was - for a brief moment - thinking he was a bad bad bad man hahahaha
Which doesn't make sense since I spent over 2 mins conversing with Deanna today on the phone here only to realize it wasn't her at all...I dialed wrong and when I asked how her visit to her granny went the woman was like *who ARE you?*
Apparently she thought I was someone else too haha

Friday, May 08, 2009

a walk

...and that's why I live here...

Dugan the Crazy Ball Dog

Lenny Kravitz...ok not really...

Dugan going for a dip

groovy wheels

Okay Guy, you are on...what are these plants...
the bottom one looks so fluffy and lovely and its soft and then when Donna held the piece I picked she said it peed on her hahahahha

Just made it!

May 8 2009

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

one more day....and 17 days off of work (I have never had 2 weeks off work in a row - this is exciting!)...away from the grossness that is work..away from the assholes at work...away from the mofos that dont work at work....away from the brazen liars and psychos at work....

ohhh bliss have washed over meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Monday, May 04, 2009

shitty titty ditty

Got shit on today....not in the normal work sense...but after work...went the Lesbo Palace of Rats and Conversation (that's code for Erin & Amanda's house) and for whatever reason lost my mind and thought I should hold one of their rats....I was enjoying it until it started to smell and then a split second later I was informed i had rat shit on me...I thought i was in the clear until I found a rat turd (think chocolate covered raisin) in between my tits.

This is the pooping perpetrator!

Aside from that, the conversation was great as always...and I enjoyed the photo op that is ERIN!

This what lesbians eat when they aren't eating each other...(sorry it was too good not to use)

So after the poop fest....I came home armed with FRANCE TRIP info only to hear from Ayla she was NOT going on the trip...naturally i shit the bed and nearly had a stroke but we sat down and hashed it out, getting to the bottom of her reasoning and its all fear based so I basically made her sign the paper agreeing to go hahaha If yer scared of it then u should do it...and that's that! (says the giant chicken shit from behind the curtain....which is precisely why I want her to go...)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

sunday musings

The Juniper, now planted in the front garden....

Ignore the dust....that jerky looking stuff around the neck is Ayla's umbilical cord....

Suzanne Barclay Art....