Thursday, December 31, 2009

cheese grossness

sometimes cheese just grosses me out...esp when i see ppl eat it in big - i gotta have my cheese all thinly sliced and hunks o' cheese! thats way too much cheese for me!
so quiet at work today....i think she will cut me loose at 1 pm instead of 2...dunno wtf ill do downtown til 2:30 to p/u G-Man...may have to go to the mall and wander stupidly like everyone else there.
yay @ jimfor getting that pension corp job! woohoo!!!
i dunno how many ppl didnt get placed but us ones who did sure are lucky assholes...all things considered.
as far as i know 2 ppl from my old job were not placed...
its pissing down rain and windy...HAAAA!!!!! that will make for a hot pick up grrl at the bus depot...since ive been up since 430 something this morning there was not much hope that i was gunna look fresh and desirable by 2:30 anyway so....whatever.
lisa and i made a date to do swiss chalet next weekend...mmmmmm chicken....we can pretend we are 65 and dine in seniors delight there...

Ailurophobia - the fear of cats

I wonder if there is a word for the Hate of Cats? Why does my cat have to wake me up at 430 am - scritching around simply to be fucking annoying....? Why gawd why? Oh that's right, b/c cats are fucking ANNOYING by nature. If I knew someone driving to Jasper today I would send my cat to live with my sister and brother in law b/c he LOVES her and he should be her owner person...not me.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I cannot find my 2nd frog toilet lid cover and I am going CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all alarmists should perish in a terrorist plot


16.5 HOURS and the face licking begins!


So yeah this job is an actual job thats busy and the days of having time to FB at work are over and that's good b/c the days fly by.
I walked to work today, arrived sweaty an gross but it is a good walk (1 hour) when the weathers decent...I am thinking of walking home from work and that about covers my walking requirements for the day....about 10K
Tomorrow I am off at 2 to go pick up Mr Milligan when he arrives...muahahhahahhaaaaaaaa...I think we are just going to snack and hang out and drink a little at home...nothing mental...going out requires social powers I do not possess this week.
Yesterday I had to cab to another gov't bldg and drop off a metal briefcase full of documents...I felt like James Bond...I really wanted a picture...I have to go and pick it up today again now that they are all signed and im sad my camera isn't with me :o( I feel right silly carrying a briefcase that looks like it has a bomb in it or secret agent spy equipment. HA!
Ok gotta go drink some tap water now and gross my boss out...woot!


why the fuck is raymi hanging out with matt good's ex?

note to self: thin out that blog roll list....she is the last dip shit i want to stumble upon online unless it is on purpose for mocking reasons.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

one down....

1st day was funny...
locked outside and couldn't get in the bldg til someone took pity on me and let me in....then my boss was late so I stood there waiting at the office thinking maybe I was a douche and wasn't supposed to be such luck though...

Got some training today...did some funky stuff...there are a few fun machines I get to work with...the 1st one is this industrial grade SEAL crusher...for certifying documents...I pop the fancy seal sticker on the document and insert it into the machine and BANG (super loud it scares me every time lol) it crushed a seal into it....SEE HERE
Then I get to use the eyelet machine which is the most fun! HERE IT IS
I love the foot pedal part of it hahaha

The office itself is weird...the ladies washroom is way the eff on the other side of the bldg (sucks!) and there is no SINK on my floor aside from the bathroom sinks and I was advised to NOT drink the water....but the only other water is the WATER CLUB WATER....and im not joining a club to drink water (and paying!) so fuck it im drinking the rusty pipe water from the its kinda weird...I am gunna have to take a BIG water jug to fill up in the AM so I have water all day....Ohhh I have a giant Brita jug I might take for the fridge...(oops I was thinking and typing out my thoughts that are too boring to be shared, sorry)

My desk is cluttered...and I cant de-clutter b/c I dunno what I need and what I don't at this point so... I look fwd to cleaning it up cuz its driving me mental far so good.

My FACE CANCER ZIT CLUSTER HELL is!! I like how it waits til in 1.5 days Graeme will be here before it rears its ugliness.....FUCKING EVIL IS WHAT IT IS!!! Grrrr

The cat is enjoying eating my welfare chia head so much I moved it to the floor since she can't stay off the effing counter while she rapes it....
So not in love with the cat these days...and it'll only be worse once G is here this week b/c then the cat goes all retardation....

I hear the family wants to go to Mexico for xmas next year...Hmmmmmmm....

Monday, December 28, 2009


ohhhh last day of this glorious stretch of 12 hours time I will be awake and getting ready for my 1st day of training to be an Authentication Clerk...I am  super unexcited dreading it I have to say...but whatever - it'll be fine.

ive reconsidered my plan to walk and will bus downtown and walk from super anal retentive about being late and do not want to be late on day 1 or arrive early by giving myself lotsa time so...

made soup last night and once i got everything done and ready and half prepared realized i did not have an onion! BLASPHEMYYYYYY!! I went searching and knocking on about 4 apartment doors trying to score an onion, finally got one and later took them some soup and tarts in trade...not a bad deal.

ive been eating like a fucking sow all i got rid of all bad food in the house (mainly by eating it, arent i selfless to myself lol) gotta get back on the wagon tomorrow...itll be rough for a few days but ill manage...ill eat a lot of yogurt...and granola bars...

just over 2 days til G gets here...the closer it gets the more excited i get...we will actually have time to go do stuff that we have been talking about...which will be cool... {insert excited happy dance of gayness here} GAYNESS as in HAPPINESS ERIN AND AMANDA! DON'T JUDGE ME & ASSUME I WAS BEING A MASSIVE GAYIST!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Brunch at Logan's....FAIL. Good company though...
Then I visited Donna and she made me watch THE BIGGEST LOSER on tv....gawd...
Then I came home and made soup.
Then I ate soup.

I am boring.


Thomas Zychowski Jenny boyfriends are obstacles one needs to overcome in order to find one true love.

aka TOM or GOD they scream so many names .....

I am the Alpha and the Omega for woman....

After Tom everything is just gray dusty and old.

(did you like the "Jenny" part I should have added from the block, I know how much you love that name)

sunday = funday

ok maybe not funday...i have no plans for anything but laundry today....oh and im gunna play super mario bros. on the Wii so when i play it next im not quite as sucky.

graeme is getting here in 4 days and i gotta say it is about time...i could use some pleasant distraction from my own life please and thank you....i am gunna make some sort of vodka fruit punch that i plan to drink all by myself and get right shittered ny's eve...that is if ayla doesn't find my hidden stash 1st...although i did warn her she resorts to talking my booze (which i never really buy ever) she will be sorry as shit. im not in love with ayla and her attitude currently..i know this is shocking...the "i dont care" line is getting old...oh shit u dont care...plz say it 400 more times so i can keep rolling my eyes.

anyhow...moving on to more interesting topics...i had a debate with tatiana last night about FAMOUS PPL...shes 10 or something....she was saying how awesome famous ppl i questioned why paris hilton was famous....she sed "she carries a little dog around in a purse" i asked why she gets to be famous for having ZERO talent? shouldn't fame be reserve for ppl worthy?? who can do something the average person cannot (acting like a diva excluded)? apparently having a rich dad is all it takes for kids to think someones worthy of fame these days...what a messed up idea of the world. just hope these little conversations stick in there somewhere and plant a seed.

ok this new blog post thing is odd, there is not SPELL CHECK button that i can find...this is really bad 4 me.....ha!

i think im gunan give up on the echo ones gotten back to me from there....ive spent 10.00 on stupider shit i guess....

<--- squidlet and his aunty pam!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


cannot get warm...
the only good thing about this weight loss side effect is that it means come summer I won't be suffering near as much as in the past with the heat...THAT IS EXCITING!!!!!!

good dinner tonight at Tracey & Adrienne's...good buncha ppl, good food, lotsa laughing...was gunna go to Donna's after but i couldn't get warm and now that I am home the thought of leaving to go outside is very unappealing to me...sorry Hot Donna!

omg cassie has her baby today! a wee grrl child - Lennon Rosella Eileen 7 lbs 2 oz - perfect & lovely...sounds like it was an adventure...looking fwd to talking with cassie about it all once shes home and settled in...yay cassie!!!!! xo

busted my mirror the other day...made a bad mess...a mess not so fun to clean up and try to keep a cat out of...damn near all my fingers are cut up...I now have a new appreciation for ppl who crash through windows or fall into glass coffee tables....not so fun.

sometimes i wish i could not be such a big mouth...i recently opened my mouth about something that would have been wiser to leave be...but fuck i have a hard time not calling ppl assholes when they are assholes...know what i mean? its like a disorder...i cant ignore it..........

WOW....nice anti olympic sticker i saw around town....very good use for those stickers!!

Friday, December 25, 2009


This is step sister Lindsey's baby...wearing a satan suit that I mentioned in a previous post {in case u forgot....I bought a whack of these and sent them to a buncha ppl I knew having babies or already existing babies a few yrs back}...I have known 3 Nolan's in my life...they all have a lot of personality...wee Nolan is no exception judging by the photographic evidence presented here today. I will say though that last years pic of Cedar in his Satan suit wearing the knitted toque I got him at a church bazaar with a cross knitted into the design was the funniest combo funny....I love babies dressed up like Satan!!!

It is around 9:30 pm and I am ready for bed. HA!!! I just boiled myself in the shower....for gunna go to bed with wet hair just to make myself incredibly hideous in the AM...EPIC BED HEAD!!!! Oh the things u do to amuse yourself when you sleep alone.

I am not in love with the picture insert function of the NEW BLOGGER LAYOUT FORMAT just in case anyone cared. I didn't think so.

I have ONE plant in all the world...I had it at work for the last year and a half b/c my cat is a jerk and will do anything to get to where it is in the house and fuck it up....but now the plant is back beloved shamrock plant...and the cat is up to her usual bullshit...the moment she spotted it up on the highest bookshelf I watched her staring at it...u could almost hear her doing physics equations in her messed up little cat head trying to figure out how to get herself up there...naturally she opted to get up on 2 the TV and then attempt to make a very deadly leap up to the bookshelf...shes not made it thus far....or else everything would be wiped out from on top of the shelf she was gunning for it today b4 I foiled her plan...
I find this shit most annoying...I am bitter that I have to cat proof my fucking house.

I have to barricade the top of my fridge with a stereo and giant cereal boxes to keep the fucking cat from constantly hopping up on the counter, to the top of the fridge and then up on the top of the cupboards....where she perches herself with a view of the whole apt. I DON'T CARE IF ITS INSTINCTUAL. Fuck off cat and keep your litter box gross paws off my SURFACES!!!!!!  Today she has already nearly taken out my bedroom shelf doing dumb Cirque du Soleil moves and lemme tell u the day that cat breaks my ceramic jesus statue is the day my cat becomes a gawd damn taxidermy investment. I am going to try and punish her by sleeping with my bedroom door closed...I am not sure how long I can stand her scritching though...ugh. Fuck I am the crazy cat lady....only I am a little more negative and aggressive than the typical crazy cat ladies.

xmas is so weird...

another one - done.

survived...the gluttony and disgusting consumerism...oh wait tomorrow is boxing day - never mind.
who am i kidding...consumerism just peaks at this time of year...its a problem all year round...a disease.

on the up side...xmas is over and shit can get back to normal thank you very much!

today has been a day of me and Matt Good hanging out...he isn't much good for helping me move furniture around but he sounds nice singing to me complaints. my room is redone - again...its been this way before but my bed being a queen now it isn't near as roomy...
i napped a few times today as well...called some peeps...ate some left overs...gunna watch a movie while i elliptical shortly b/c i dont feel like going outside and getting cold tonight....wuss.
cats being a friggin tard...ayla's gone to work....she will be late b/c she was so busy in her room doing shit all she forgot she had to be there by 5 and didn't realize til 4:45. oops. haha

i was gunna go to a movie today u read above...its cold out.
fuck i am exciting.

Crotchmas Eve 2009

 Oooo well Crotchmas Eve was good at the Conky House last night....
We ate some dinner...opened presents...played Wii....and watched a documentary that Ayla had downloaded and already watched - she was so pumped up about it (so good to see her angry and ruffled about something, it made me swoon!) - THE COVE - great doc...and Guy you will be glad to know it has made us both kick tuna for good.
PICTURE 1: click for the large version to see the facial expression regarding picture # 5
PICTURE 2: the chicken @ work I was hoping to steal but didn't.
PICTURE 3: mmm snacks!
PICTURE 4: jesus chocolate (thanks Lisa!)
PICTURE 5: i got this for Ayla's stocking strictly to see the face she was sure to make when she read it...
PICTURE 6: the awesome folks at work all pitched in and got Ayla a gift certificate for the u can see she is over the moon about that!
PICTURE 7: peeling cash off the water bottle from Pam & Jim - never seen her be so gentle before lol
PICTURE 8: oh look...a Tupac Lighter...from my mom....hmmm
PICTURE 9: OMFG A TUPAC LIGHTER FROM MY MOM! HAHHAHAHAHAHA (this was so funny b/c she immediately texted all her friends, it was a joke gift from me but she found it way funnier than I thought she would hahaha)
PICTURE 10: still laughing at the lighter...
PICTURE 11: trying to open hat gift certificate from the work folks...Lisa parcel taped the shit out of it and it took EONS for her to peel all the tape off ahhahaha
PICTURE 12: the cat....too bored to watch Ayla peel tape lol

Thursday, December 24, 2009

im so festive i shit elves

okay im over my self-pity funk i think...the that my old job is officially behind me i can look fwd to the new one/transition into what will be my new job eventually.

im not capitalizing things on purpose just in case u wondered. thats the kinda mood im in....rebel!
im cooking up a storm here...making the non-organic nature of this dinner as "home cooked" as possible...this year we opted for chicken cordon blue (and variations of such, we have broccoli and cheese ones and stuffing and rice ones etc...)....gunna make a pile of mashed potatoes (with sour cream and garlic and butter all in it)...some steamed veggies as it is a requirement as an adult to provide vegetables to the child...some stove top stuffing that i have made more non-stove top by adding in a pile of sauteed carrots, celery and onion (thank you aunty cathy), and then im gunna make some baking powder biscuits to go with the gravy etc....

i made some apple tarts and cherry tarts earlier...thats easy...frozen tart shells....and canned cherry pie/apple pie filling....IM THE BEST BAKER EVER!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!! aylas at work til 530 or grooving to matt good...picking at the snakc table....

my last day at work today was pretty decent...nicki took me, lisa and jim out 4 was great...THE LAST SUPPER with the best bunch ever...i was allowed to tell stories in the most inappropriate manner and make mention that eating a large rice krispie square leaves your jaw feeling like u just gave a 3 hour blow job...karma got me though and i bit the inside of my cheek so hard and bad it bled in my mouth...i deserved it. i have since bit it again and its now so swollen i am doomed to repeat the biting of it for days...problem is i cant eat on the other side bc thats the "sensitive girly" teeth that the dentist raped and ruined at my last appt. dont worry though....u can depend on me to still eat a lot.

its funny that no matter where u are and who you are or are not with you want to eat a lot at jail penpal friend jody, he orders himself all sorts cheese and meat and chocolate for xmas and hunkers down enjoying it the best he can...its pretty cool actually...

next stealing a baby jesus...even if i have to go by myself...i saw a light up baby jesus on someones lawn this year and DROOLED at the thought of stealing it...drooled.
also planning to branch out and start adding to my pickle tree ornament collection with some other weird items...see pictures...ok bye!

this is the end - dumdumdum - my only friend ...the end

Last day of my student loan adjudication career...sigh...relieved (the place is a nightmare currently) yet there are a handful of ppl there I REALLY like and will actually miss a lot. The job itself I quite like and as I have whined earlier - it took a lot of work to know enough to not suck at that job and now it all seems 4 naught... ::pout::

I think we get to leave at 2 or 2:30 today...short last day...
I met Donna's Aunty Shirley finally last was Donna's moms twin so I guess it makes sense that Donna and her aunt look VERY similar! She looked like a fun gal and I am hoping to go back for a visit again before she leaves to go back to Alberta. I do have a thing for good aunties as you all know seeing as I have some TERRIFIC aunts myself!

Xmas dinner for us tonight...I am gunna make some kick ass mashed taters - then maybe I can induce carbo-niceness from Ayla for the evening...ha!! It will likely KILL HER to spend the evening with me but such is life.

Cassie is ready to pop any second now.....any moment even! I hope she won't go too much past her due date of Dec 25...I know she is eager to finally meet this little peanut...

Anyway folks...have a good few days with your peeps...I am having a low key holiday so I will be on here blabbering a fair amount I think if the mood strikes......xo

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I got a job.
I am not super stoked like I should be...I have a lot of mixed feelings...this job is 1 grid down in pay (not much of a difference honestly), its excluded (meaning im out of the union which is not the end of the world aside form a few things) and its auxiliary with no end its kinda up in the filling in for a lady on long term disability who has already been gone for 1 year...limbo land...essentially itll buy me time to get something permanent...the office seems great, my new boss is super nice and friendly...good vibe there...I start on Tuesday.

Tomorrow is my last day @ the crazy office...mixed feelings on that...
Tomorrow I am off in the afternoon and will come home and clean the kitchen so I can then make a mess making xmas dinner for Ayla and I. She is 100% NOT INTO spending even 5 mins with me so this should make for a super awesome night...she works xmas day and boxing day so tonight is the only night its gunna happen.

I am excessively IRRITATED about the Echo comments not installing into the new template despite following all the *SUPPORT* instructions on Echos website. I am on the verge of fucking them off entirely and just using blogger comments...I will wait til the weekend to sort that out.

My xmas weekend plans consist of rearranging my bedroom, reading, cleaning my desk and psyching myself out about the new job on Tuesday...oh and talking on the phone.

I am cranky....good night.


no comments for now....Echo is a piece of shit.

ok fuck u blogger my alignments and link colors and shit are FUCKED up....i am too anal retentive to live with this change....and my template is not an easy one to alter....a while new one may be in order over xmas if this doesnt fix broke itself so it could theoretically fix itself right?? yeah right


almost there

DECEMBER 23 2009

Authentication Clerk Authentication Clerk Authentication Clerk Authentication Clerk Authentication Clerk
Authentication Clerk
Authentication Clerk Authentication Clerk Authentication Clerk Authentication Clerk
Authentication Clerk Authentication Clerk Authentication Clerk Authentication Clerk Authentication Clerk

I am having a hard time SAYING the word Authentication...I keep trying to say Authenticorationary or some such shit so I just said it 25x out loud and I think I've got it...would look pretty dumb not being able to say the job u are interviewing for...

Jesus Christ...its the ginger bread house is baking done...these are Ayla's jobs... :( We are having our xmas dinner xmas eve night since Ayla is working xmas day and boxing day...xmas eve I will make dinner.....we will Wii it on down for a while, maybe play cards...she can open presents...the last few yrs we have done it xmas eve and i really prefer it to the morning thing...then we can treat xmas day like a day to basically ignore which I enjoy...I like the evening ritual much better.

Guy & Nolan went to see AVATAR...Guy really liked it, as did Nolan so I am glad I have plans to see it NY's with Sir G when he is here...I am usually a fan of James Cameron so...over xmas there are a few movies I may go check out...
the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus
I have options for sure...! The IMAGINARIUM one...omfg...Heath Ledger's last movie but it has Jude Law, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell in it as well...worth going just 4 the eye may very well suck but I will take a chance.