Saturday, October 31, 2009


Oct 31 2009

Everyone feeling ghoulish?
I am settled in for a quiet night of thin crust pizza and a movie. (EDIT: already ate it and watched it, I LOVE YOU MAN)

Today I helped Erin and Amanda I am broken but it was great to meet their good friends Elaine and Carmen, who I've heard so much about it just seemed like I knew them already...
Moving their crap has inspired me to start getting rid of more stuff....haha

Last night...omg was so fun! The music was friggin divine and the eye candy was crippling!
I didn't know where to stand up bass grrl, Big John Bates or the nudie chicks! Its a wonder I don't have whiplash.

Had a fab chat with Alex today...inspired me to take care of some unfinished business I had been waiting to deal summer hump, while fizzled ages ago due to issues of incompatibility and general weariness, has turned out to not be NEAR the honest and upfront person previously claimed and it was clear pretending to be pals was not something I could do in good conscience being that any integrity I thought was there no longer existed. It is a shame b/c aside from his cocky, player bullshit persona I think there is a good person in there but I am too old to wade through misogyny, dishonesty & other such bs to have a so-called friendship with someone who really is not interested in a real, genuine friendship at all. I will miss the banter but in the end that's all it was...there was nothing genuine about anything that went on, that much is clear and while it is too bad b/c there was a bizarre kinship there it's also hardly the end of the world. It feels better this way...

Considered trekking to Nanaimo tonight but moving went too I have lunch plans with Thomas who is in town tomorrow from Winterpeg! That should be fun...he is a hoot.

OMG 7 days til MATT GOOD!!!!! Weeeeeeee!!!!

last night....

Big John Bates and the VooDoo Dollz.....with Bloody Betty dancing @ Lucky Bar...
what a great time!

she is hot as shit!

BIG JOHN BATES - he is my new pretend husband...

this guy cracked me up...only b/c I had a jean jacket like this when I was

Andrea repelled this guy...he ran from her all was very amusing...

Brian is cute as shit...and Andrea took him home....and so long as beer dink didn't ruin the night I am looking fwd to the details via Donna hahahaha

the best thing about my friend Donna (and Sarah) is that Donna will do whatever I ask her to...I tell her "DONNA! Lick Big John Bates elbow...." and gawd dammit she will!!!!

Sarah too! "Sarah! Grab Berts cock!"...she does HAHAHAHAHAHA

fuck I love these two

Oh Sarah....your coolness is boundless

Sarah tagged the guy dressed as "Victoria's Only Legal Tagging Wall"...I don't really know what it sez...but it's about me and yes I told her to and she did it hahaha (wow think im bossy?)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Olympic De-Glorification

The morning started off well...

Guy's sign was my favorite...hahaha We did later amend that 1 A to a dollar sign so as to avoid giving anyone extra reason to be offended by our presence.

The media swoop down started within 7 mins of us arriving...mostly b/c I don't think there was really many other ppl there not to cheer on the grand fiasco that is the Olympics...I am hoping I do not end up on Global news tonight...I hope Guy does though...he is a great speaker and knows his shit so it is a pleasure to watch him in action...the CBC Radio guy was debating with him but Guy countered everything deliciously.

From far away this looked like a sniper on the wax museum bldg....but it was just a cop with a camera. Somewhat disappointing!

And as if things weren't exciting enough DR QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN was standing right beside us....That's right Jane Seymour...ha ha ha what a weird scene...every old lady in the vicinity was all over her.

Very telling moment: While one of the First Nation Leaders was beginning a speech he was blasted out by a voice over the PA introducing the Prime Minister, Premier and city mayors and other delegates...while I am sure it was an couldn't help think "WOW....some shit never changes..."

Prime Minister Harper * our beloved Premier Gordon Campbell....I think Harper just made shark eye contact with Guy right then b/c a few moments later Harper pissed in his pants...(ok I made that up...that didn't happen)

Oh! There's Gordo...looking relaxed... b4 the yelling started

OK this was so hard to of the cauldron...b/c of course the damn thing wouldnt'd think for 6 billion dollars the shit would work right. I don't know how long this actually was SIGNIFICANT...organizers looked PAINED...and it was a QUIET few minutes as everyone waited....and the thing WOULD NOT CATCH hahahahahaa I admit it, it amused me.

Gordo looking concerned thinking "WTF!!! LIGHT ALREADY! THE WORLD IS WATCHING!"
Nope...won't go.

Still won't....

la dee da....did anyone turn this thing on??

Gordo is looking quite concerned at this point.

Flame looks like a man running on appropriate.

Harper....looking amused as well.

More Harper nervous smiling....
Someone get out the fucking gasoline!

oo ooo oooooooooo I think it might....


Watch your eyebrows!

Gordo sucks the turd back into his bum! WOOHOO!

I like this one b/c it looks like GC is on fire...

...and here hahaha

Shark annoying.

Post protest phone booth fun!
All in was unfortunate that there weren't more protesters out there for this event being that the media coverage for it was INTENSE and being shown all over the world...
We got some thumbs up form people there...more than any negative feedback for sure but....what i found most interesting was when Campbell was on stage giving a speech Guy took an opportunity to call him a liar and a thief...and not just loud within our area....LOUD as in Gordo HEARD it loud and clear...the crowd around us responded by cheering and clapping whenever Guy was yelling LIAR! and THIEF! to try and drown him out...but it didn't work...Guy is LOUD and got in some good ones....honestly surprised we were not escorted out at that point but....such is life I guess...
We had a few old ladies annoyed with us but no one said anything...aside from a snide THANKS FOR COMING OUT as we left...
Quite a surreal experience really...


October 30 2009

The weather couldn't be worse except if a real hurricane started. lol
Wind and rain....will only strengthen my resolve motherfuckers. Now if only I had a rain coat gawd dammit...

(I am so hardcore haha)

Guy & Donna should be here shortly....

Good luck to lovely Alex today with her surgery....please send her all sorts of awesome vibe-age...!!!

Must not drink place to pee down there....
Pictures to follow....

Dissident out!