Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Ohhh so happy I dodged todays social gathering @ work today...staying behind and handling phones is WAYYYYYY better than standing around on boring tours etc.

It is rainy out...thank you baby jesus.
I was a mess yesterday...my uterus won the battle that's for sure...I was useless and crippled all damn day...menopause is looking good let me tell ya...

Tomorrow is moving day for DONNA!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Lisa has offered to help with her truck so it is gunna be as painless as possible I think...I expect to be fully broken and damaged Thursday and wishing for death. lol Thank gawd there are NO STAIRS as side from a few front steps of her old house to deal with...YAY FOR BASEMENT SUITES!

Ohhh! I am going to visit Aunty Cathy in November! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will also get to sneak in a quick visit with Connie and Adele too and my sister and Rob will come up to Cathys for a night to hang out and visit...SO AWESOME. Ayla was rather sad she didnt get to come...maybe next time!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Adele's Gopher Fun!

Adele took her kids to this Gopher Museum and now it is my life mission to GO THERE!!!   
Why does Victoria have to have a lame miniature world and wax museum??? I WANT DEAD ANIMAL MUSEUMS!!!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

haha @ me

Thank you aunty cathy for pointing out spell check in blogger...not too sure how I missed that...seriously - it disturbs me.

Graeme's Goth Night Extravaganza was fun...met up with some old MM pals and enjoyed the 3.00 drinks...imagine a paralyzer for 3 bucks...NICE!
Music was good...I enjoyed it...I kinda missed the whole Cure/Smiths scene...I was busy being a metal head so I don't recognize much of the music but I do like it...Saw some goth dancing which is always a trip...oh u don't know what got dancing is: HERE  I look fwd to the next one we all go too b/c Jackie says she will dress up funny 4 it!!
One guy in particular was rather amusing...I look fwd to stalking his weird self on Facebook and seeing what he is all about.

It is windy out...and cool...so I like it...I am pretty tired today so when I get home its gunna be all about making some dinner later and TVing it the rest of the night...if i can pull myself away from jibjab.com - fugg i just bought a year membership and I love it so much hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa Best 12 bucks ever!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

pokey pokey

Looks like Ayla’s staying in PR another 4 days...WOOOHOOOOOOOO...oops...too excited? Can’t help it...I am glad she’s enjoying her visit with the family and I am glad I get a few more non-confrontational days of peace. Sighhhhhhhhhhhh...

Decided to get her vaccinations up to date now...doesn’t feel as fucked up to me now that she is strong, resilient and already giving herself brain damage...I wanted her to get Hep B anyway so the others aren’t that big of a deal really now (and vaccine ingred’s have changed and improved in the last 10 yrs)...although I suspect her and I will battle about the Gardasil one – I am NOT for that at all, it is way too new and I am not digging the concept of guinea pigging her. Someone slap a conformist badge on me now so I can gag a little. I will say the health nurse I kept on the phone for an hour today was a good sport and did not get at all shitty with me about my questions and inquiries...which is new – I have no had great run ins with health nurses in my life. She even called me back 2x with updated info for me so that was pretty nice.

It’s hot as MFing shit in here today...DIE SUMMER! DIE ALREADY!!!!!! LET THE ARCTIC COOLNESS IN!!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bitch, you better move over.

Mmm fake sugary coffee (Instant International Coffee al a French Vanilla). I am not a coffee lover by nature but the other day I was in a shop and ordered something that had the most disgusting foam on top – and so much of it – that I was totally grossed out. I never thought I could be grossed out by coffee foam, but there I was.

It is Monday...it is also RICK SPRINGFIELD’s 61st birthday...61!!! That means he was 32 when I wanted to marry him in 1981. Ewwww. He was older than my mom for gawd’s sake! I was completely brainwashed by the media thinking he was not in his 30’s!!! Anyway I still lurve him...but man...he could be my DAD!!!

There is a lady that comes here regularly for other business in the office who has the highest, most fakest sweet voice I have ever heard...it makes me want to punch her...everyone else naturally thinks she’s so nice and sweet but I don’t buy it...she is likely a cruel dominatrix in her spare time....her cane she walks with is likely a prop for her creepy sub and dom nights...

Weekend was GOOD. Started off with a KILLER show at Lucky Bar with The Stockers/The Zip Guns and the AWESOME Start With the Cobra...omfg it was great...got some great pics too...went so late...didn’t get to bed til nearly 330 am and that is far too late for this old fart b/c I felt hung over as shit the next day and was not even drunk the night b4. Saturday Donna and I went and saw SWITCH...we quite liked it...being Jason Bateman fans and all. I ignored the fact Jennifer Aniston was in. Then Graeme and I met downtown, hit a thrift store and wandered home...Sunday was my crazy cleaning/laundry day after a early morning walk with Donna (that was weird!) – after that G and I went walking and I innocently ended up at a clothing store and I hated the capris I was wearing so bad I bought these weird black and white checkered capris that I wore home...they are loud pants...which is funny b/c I usually wear clothes that are NOT flashy or stand out ish at all...but I love these pants...what will happen is I will get a look at my reflection in a store window wearing them one day and be HORRIFIED and burn them when I get home LOL We wandered home and saw some weird spaghetti...on the side of a parking lot beside a hedge someone left a pot, a few bags of pasta all ripped open (spaghetti and rigatoni) and a container of spaghetti sauce....all that was missing was a fire and some water and a dinner could have been made...it was weird. I will post a picture.

I ate a frozen pizza for dinner and then promptly lapsed into a coma on the couch all night...waking up CRANKKKKYYY (Poor G) @ 8 pm...went to bed at 10...

At the show on Friday night this stupid girl...omfg...this is the shit that would start fights about 20 yrs ago...I think it is faily well known that I do not care for ppl being in my personal space...I understand that at certain venues at shows its cramped and ppl gotta come near me and shit...I don’t like it but whatever – I often don’t get my way in life...anyhow this stupid idiot girl....is all of the sudden RIGHT BESIDE ME...it’s like she was trying to crawl in my gawd damn pocket she was so close...which I could understand IF there was not a 3-4 foot empty space all around me!!!! It was getting too much for any human to bare...I had to say something...and when I did she had that “look” on her face...that “you are a fucking asshole” look...in which I responded with my own “look” that can only be described as the “get the fuck away from me look of I am gunna punch you in the face”... All I did was point to the GIANT OPEN AREA next to me and say there is a lot of room right there and you need to move over into it. Donna of course has been laughing it up watching this chick rub on me for 5 mins and for a moment I thought I was getting set up and it was a joke but NOPE...she fluttered off and gave me fuck u looks all night which I enjoyed.
This is the yummy soup I made the other day...stolen from the menu of Takezushi Sushi Bar where I used to work...MmmMmMmMmmmmmmmmMmMMmmm

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Mumbles

BLOGSPOT?!! Why do u not have SPELLCHECK ANYMORE?! What kind of upgrade is it when u remove one of the most important writing tools? Now I am forced to type up my crap in a word doc – which certainly does not guarantee a spelling error feel zone but w/o it its friggin gibberish...I am the typo queen – just yesterday I was typing away to Donna and typed to word SEX when I meant to type SO – not only did it make the sentence nonsensical – it was embarrassingly funny.

It is Friday...sweet Friday...no boss at work...just me and 1 other person...I am over my job-not-getting-hissiness...thats the 2nd time I have tried for that job and not got it so I think it is safe to say I AM DONE. Moving on...

Tonight is START WITH THE COBRA! OMFG...and THE STOCKERS open...I am stoked...2 great bands in one night...if the band THE ZIP GUNS jammed in between them are good it will be a perfect night! Donna will be in fine form, I am sure of it...I think she is pre-drinking with work ppl beforehand so by the time I meet her downtown I am sure it will make for some funniness.

My mom was recently getting shit talked by some dink-people where she works...you know the type...the ppl who have so little going on in their lives they get an irrational hate on for someone and go around town berating them to anyone who will listen. Being that this was work related my mom decided to take action and talked to a lawyer about a cease and desist letter...I read it...it was good. If I got that letter I’d shut up. HA HA HA Well done Mom...xo!!!!!! Thus far it seems to be proving its self effective!

Other good news...Aunty Pam did the deed and for the sake of her sanity and well being is moving to PR and leaving behind her job. It is kind of a no-brainer...when u are THAT miserable and the only reason you can come up with to keep enduring it is $$$ then well....priorities need to get rearranged and back in order. When she drives us to PR Sept 3rd – that will be her grand exit...Good Bye Nanaimo! Hello Family, Friends and Grandbabies!! Smart! xo

Ayla seems to be surviving...she texted me from a book store yesterday so at least she is using her brain there! I am thinking she doesn’t mind it there so much at all but likes for me to think she’s miserable and dying in order to try and make me feel bad 4 sending her. It’s safe, familiar and restful...I think she needs a bit of distance sometimes...she gets caught up in her little go go go world...I mean I can guarantee u she wouldn’t be reading a book at home right now. I am sure she will tell me how awful it was and whine and try to get me to PAY HER BACK for the suffering but from all accounts she is completely fine. Ahhh my sweet little angel grrl....stop trying to mess with me.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I am no stranger to disappointment...yet here I am disappointed. I did not get the job I wanted so bad I could taste it...so now I am back to applying for jobs – any job – again and completely deflated. If I had the option to throw in the towel - I would and I’d burn some shit down in the process but...logic rules...it is not the end of the world - I am just intensely pissed off and it shall dissipate...and just pile up in my WRATH STORAGE CONTAINMENT AREA IN MY BRAIN...btw – those fucktards SHOULD NOT call references unless they are hiring someone...THE END.

Good thing there is no ice cream shops nearby. This rejection is similar to relationship rejection for me...lol

Anyhoo........................................it’s all about the DINO TURKEY!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ima so hungry!

I woke up at 3 am freezing my balls off (YAY!!!) but soooo hungry...it was weird................

Much drama getting Ayla to the bus...via cab we had to stop at the Y to get her runners...then she realized she forgot her learners licence...GAWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD it is hard to not throttle her some days...G is in the midst of running her learners to the post office to send express and it he doesnt appear overly impressed with me for interupting his morning poop...I am very popular in the house right now apparently...not a lot of love and good vibes flowing in any direction.

Now I get 1 week of not being called an asshole at home at least...well it is early yet...G isnt much of a name caller really but I am pretty sure he thinks bad names at me and shoots mind daggers in my general direction frequently...

Even with a SLAP CHOP in the house I am having a boring life. Can I sue that company? They say "stop having a boring life" and imply that their product will cure a boring life so....you know...I am tempted. No stupider than the hot coffee lawsuit.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

baseball is boring

Went to a Victoria Seals baseball game last night...pretty boring...Ayla's T-Ball games 10 yrs ago were more riveting but oh well...good company so wtf. It was worth it just to hear Donna's repeated fears about the foul balls possibly coming over the net and killing her.

All that boringness exhausted me as I am dead tired today...it is Thursday though then a 3 day weekend...Ayla will be in Vancouver hanging with Ash and school clothes shopping. Then home a few days and off to PR for a week...

I recently added an ex on FB and omfg the status updates are very indicative of ZERO PERSONAL GROWTH or LIFE CHANGE...its quite humorous to witness backwards human evolution in action...so how many ppl have you slept with in your FB friend list? OK lets make it "made out with".....go on - go look and add it up....mines *7* ... not so bad....there's probably about 3 ppl on there I sure wouldnt mind making out with either...lol Ever made a list of the people you've slept with...? I don't recommend it...it brings up wayyyyy too much stuff and it can be rather disturbing.

No word about that job...I am officially giving up hope as time goes on...b/c that's how I roll...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Holy Hayzoos!

Ohhh glorious coldness! It was cold enough today to wear a long sleeve hoodie – thank u Jesus...

Speaking of Jesus...good score at the V V boutique the other day...2 baby Jesus’!!! 1 Mexican and one not! So fun! Whole nativity scene actually...can’t wait for xmas! My house is gunna be SO cheesed out Graeme will vomit! He hates xmas...I think he only hates xmas b/c he is not attached to food whatsoever...what is that about anyhow? Every time I offer him food and he says “I’m not hungry.” I think he is more and more an alien...since when did eating yummy food be about hunger? Uhh duh Graeme...sorry excuse 4 a glutton let me tell you...which would make xmas and such events kinda boring if you weren’t all about the pig out factor. To me xmas has NOTHING to do with xmas...it is just an excuse to be nice to ppl and spend time with ppl u give a crap about...what’s wrong with that? Sad that we need a holiday for it, sure but whatever...as Chief Blasphemer of the Victoria Area I can assure you my version of xmas is better than the Birth of Christ version which was not even in December...so there.

No word yet on potential employment yet this week...makes me nervous. I have already convinced myself I MUST work at the new location or I may die.

Went to the storage locker n the basement last night...fuckin’ nice assholes...someone ripped the lock off and rooted through my trunk of Ayla goodies...nothing appears to be gone but Graeme’s awesome luggage/gift from his old job was taken...assholes. We weren’t the only ones either – other lockers were pilfered by the looks of it...likely some a-hole moving out looted the joint b4 he left. People suck...I am reluctant to leave anything down there anymore...luckily the stuff I have down there is only important to me and useless to anyone else. I think I will get a lock for the trunk and a bigger lock for the door once they replace the hinge...pretty bad when your landlord has 2 theoretically escort ppl down to the basement to deal with their storage stuff to ensure ppl don’t get robbed.

A few good shows coming up this month...Start With the Cobra (FUCKKK YEAH SOOooOoOO STOKED FOR THIS SHOW AUG 20th!!!!) is playing @ Lucky and Bloody Betty Aug 28...woohoo! I am trying to wrangle Hot Donna into a baseball game on Wednesday night too...also hoping Graeme’s friend will come visit at some point this month...busy busy!

Sunday, August 08, 2010


hitting a flick with Lisa today "THE OTHER GUYS" - then checking out Alex & Kelsey's t-shirt sale...

went nut yesterday and turfed about 3-4 garbage bag fulls of shit outta the closet...then hit Ayla's room and cleaned it - omg what a slob she is...she didn't shit the bed too much that I was in her room...I think deep down she knew it would take her 2 weeks to clean it if i hadn't....the whole day was cleaning and organizing and such...nice.

sun's trying to come out today after a few days of rain (THANK YOU!)...
Andrea's butt

friday night @ Lucky was gooooooddddddddd...Rotterdam kicked our asses and after they were done Donna and I thought it wasn't gunna get any better so we bolted (no Cancer Bats 4 us) and hit Pizza Zone for some 420 pizza...lamented about the missing eye candy at Lucky Bar...and were good girls home by midnite-ish.

Friday, August 06, 2010

eye color pervert - that's me

I am about 40 mins away from weekend freedom right now...I am alone in the office (rare occurrence and it makes me wanna do something bad only I dunno what.

Job interview yesterday went well...seemed fine but gawd knows I suck at making judgments on that sort of thing...one good sign though is that same day they called my old and new boss so that is positive...don’t wanna get too excited but...I am hopeful. I LOVE the location of the job so that alone would make me giddy...I would cancel my bus pass and walk to and from work every day. My current boss is horrified I might be going...timing sucks and I am just fun...so you know...huge office loss. (snicker) I had a feeling the moment I made all my vacation plans and got it all approved something would come up b/c that’s why I haven’t made any solid plans 4 the rest of the year...so here’s hoping!

Ayla blessed me with her presence last night...she is a prickly pear that one...is it 2013 yet?

I haven’t had sugar all week aside from yogurt and fruit...kicking sugar is a bitch...but once you do it the cravings decrease to a manageable level...for me anyhow...it never goes away...christ - if there were no consequences I‘d eat ice cream, chocolate bars, cherry blaster candy etc every day!!!!! ::pout::

Watched SPLICE last night...it was okay...the plot seemed rushed but it wasn’t HORRID like I was expecting from other ppls opinions of it...I’ve wasted 2 hrs watching stupider shit (LAST AIRBENDER)...
Tonight it’s a night out with Hot Donna and Cancer-Free Andrea (Yay! Good news!) –Rotterdam (minus Z) is opening for the Cancer Bats so the show should kick my ass appropriately. Donna and I love Rotterdam and this will be the 1st show with the new bassist so it’ll be interesting...I am fairly confident that Z’s absence will NOT affect how much I like the band live...(I am not 16 anymore...I am not 16 anymore...I am not 16 anymore...)

Hot Donna’s moving to a new place at the end of the month and it looks like it will be fab! NO MICE either so you know she is stoked haha I am sad she is moving outta the hood but...it really was a perfect place for Dugan and they are hard to come by as all you dog owners know...

I have been dealing with a cute little Venezuelan girl all afternoon...language barrier is excruciating...I am trying to help her but I haven’t a gawd damn clue what she’s saying really HAHAHA Although I keep being mezmorized by her eyes...they are the color of honey, all golden and sparkly...I haven’t known a few other ppl with that same eye color going on and I can’t stop staring at them...

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Awwww so cute...this was the mouse trapped in Donna's dog food bag. She called me at 630 am this morning freaking out b/c she reached in to the bag to feed the dog and it scratched her...she already has a very intense hate for rodents so she was losing her shit...so I went over and dragged the bag outside and set the little cutie free....

The WOUND! Tetanus shot awaits!
This is a hat Donna's aunt bought her (matching!) for their trip to Australia...Donna hated it and the dogs ended up getting a hold of it and well...she wont have to wear it to Australia now!

Monday, August 02, 2010


Graeme just picked something off my head and I am not grossed out.

 Birthday of the 40 Year Old Non-Virgin was pretty good...we had some eats...met up with friends...watched Donna and the lesbos get rather drunk which is always fun...nearly wrecked Guy's car with 4 tonnes of vagina in the back seat (that's me, Donna, Erin and Amanda crammed back there) when he drove into someones yard by accident (and I know you are thinking he must have been drinking but he did not have one drop of alcohol) and got a VERY large rock jammed under the car...he thought it would come loose so he kept driving only with all the weight in the back seat it wasn't going anywhere...so once we smelled smoke and could no longer bear the horrid noise of rock scraping the pavement at midnight on a quiet residential street...we all got out and lo and behold the car moved fwd and the rock was no longer stuck...Donna, in her drunken state thought she was She-Ra and lifted the rock to move it from the street and tossed it right onto the road HAHAHHAHA someone else moved it and then we got the F outta there. It felt reminiscent of grade 11.
We then went to Monty's - strip bar...Graeme was not really into it but we dragged him anyhow...I think he would have rather just went home but tough titty birthday boy! Saw some boobies and some tootaloos and that was that.
Graeme seems to like all his birthday loot...for him a new hoody, 4 shirts, cash for pants and some doodads like zombie game expansion pack and a collapsible beer glass etc.
 I was more excited about his b'day than he was.

We went and saw the Last Airbender movie last night.....TOTAL SHIT DO NOT SEE IT. (the penis/cock hair was the only good part...I cannot believe the filmmakers/editors did not NOTICE this...) Donna and I saw the Dinner 4 Schmucks...was funny but not as funny as I hoped..It was no SUPERBAD or WEDDING CRASHERS. I did like it that the dude from THE IT CROWD was in it though as the blind idiot at the dinner. We ate at some weird Korean rest. and it was kinda weird. The rice was good but the gyoza dumpling things were freezer burnt and there was this weird tofu/fish grossness on the side along with some nasty kimchi...wont go there again.

I have a job interview Thursday...one more shot at the EAW position...then I am done for a while unless something PERFECT comes up I am not applying for anything for a while...it is too demoralizing and I need to recharge.