Friday, December 28, 2012

...with fire in the heart...

The weekend has arrived...I have been a complete shut in weirdo this week...Shawn arrived today, dragged me outdoors...and we are all going to see a movie tonight. Tried to go see "This is 40" the other night with A. and the theatre was experiencing technical difficulties and it was a total shit show so we left and I had to wait forever to get refunds and A. and I got in a spat and took sep. buses home and disaster. I considered writing the Odeon to tell them a simple ticket refund is NOT cool b/c that doesn't take into acct the $ spent on snacks or the high degree of complication to make arrangements with a teenager for such an outing but then as I thought about it it just sounded pathetic and retarded so - it's just one of those things you get to eat in life...a poop sandwich of sorts.

Shawn brought me his cordless headphones he doesn't use that I am excited to try out....I am finding in order to block out the noise of the upstairs and downstairs ppl I am watching my TV really loud so I am thinking with these headphones I can have it at the level I want and its not being used to block out their noise thus creating more noise that they are possibly blocking out...1st world problem - I know. I just like blocking shit out.

I have conquered my curtain issues....ALL BY MYSELF. I can now work my drill like a mofo and know how to hang curtains - CORRECTLY. Choosing curtains however is harder...hard to know how they are going to hang with one panel or 2...such stupid home decorating stuff...I hate it. I like that to be the job of someone else...I can watch all the HGTV I want - I still do not have a flare for putting things together...that goes for clothing as well as make up - anything fashion related...I think I am missing that gene.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Global Bacon & Eggers - what a hit!

These ones live in Ponoka AB with Adele, Anna and Jens.

These ones live in Old Orchard Beach, Maine with Amy, Alex, Olivia and Adam. Calgary AB with Zombie Barb! Boston, Mass. with Bob! Oregon with Dallas! Victoria @ Amanda & Erin's! Manitoba @ Tom and Helena's!


MINE! Victoria @ Tanya, Mike and Megs!

...up in Mill Bay with Kate, Jess, Ethan and Aleah!

...@ Katrina's in Victoria! PEI with Maureen, Lane and Asha!

...all the way in Ireland with Nicola! frosty Edmonton AB with Tara and the boys! Powell River BC with Wendy and J-Man!

Next year - PICKLES!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

how things change...

Was talking to A. about how music is consumed currently...albums are not generally purchased/downloaded/stolen by most youth - songs are. They miss out on the magic of listening to an entire album and dissecting it, piece by piece, it is quite an intimate experience. My childhood from about 10 yrs old on revolved around this process.

Albums I owned and listened to 347583475834 times remain heavily ingrained in my brain...I didn't realize so until I found a copy of The Babys 'Union Jack' grade 5 it was a record I got for my bday or xmas or something - that and Pat Benatar's "In the Heat of the Night"...listened to them both to upon finding the Union Jack LP last week in a thrift store I was not so surprised I knew all the words and such after all this time but the one skip on my original record - I was shocked to not hear it on this copy. Sadly all the fake autographs on my copy were not on this copy either...I recall trying to pass them off as legit autographs to my older step sister once and she was looking at me like I was a complete moron to think she was so stupid at 13 to fall for such silliness. Was worth a shot. Anyway...albums like Heart's Dreamboat Annie, Pearl Jam's Ten, Nirvana's Nevermind, is lesser without these musical experiences...poor kids.

I near fucking killed myself putting up that damn curtain rod that the bldg owner didn't bother to do last week like he said he would. Thanks jerk. I did not want to take the chance i was gunna mess up the wall he just repairs from water damage...but yesterday I had a still mind so it was a good time to venture there...I took my time, read all my drills instructions the curtain rod instructions...examined my hardware, used a measuring tape...was faced with a dilemma....there were 2 existing holes in the wall already so I utilized them as guides assuming the bldg jerk owner wouldn't want me to make new holes or he would have filled them right? Problem was it made the curtains hang about 2 inches from the I care about that? I had no I just used the holes there........SLIGHT REGRET INVOLVED WITH THAT....I would prefer then curtains were an inch lower....and also wish the bracket placement was different and I might move them....and fix the holes.....I also might go buy additional curtain panels....b/c I am so rich after all (eye roll)...they make it darker in the living room which I do not mind much and will love in the summer when the sun is trying to kill me from outside...I will say the drill I got for my bday from Aunty Pam kicks some ass...the 1st bracket I put up I was scared of the 2nd and 3rd I was Mike fucking Holmes man....drilling like a mofo. ha!

My sushi day with Kate and her kids was all messed up yesterday...they cancelled due to illness - I already had every thing prepped and 7 cups of rice cooked so...I scrambled and called Tracey and Adrienne and begged them to come for lunch...made A. some to take to work and then made Lisa about 50 pieces to pick up as take out - worked out well...nothing to toss! Will do it all again tomorrow to take to Dan's place for the xmas eve shindig with A., Donna, Erin and Amanda.

Xmas Day will be quiet....A. and I wanna go see this:

Thursday, December 20, 2012


the asshole sandwich does not exist the way I envisioned it...

2 days

I have 2 more work days to get through then off until Jan 2.
The new work space is WEIRD but I did win the lottery in the cubicle well in fact I am paranoid someones gunna bitch and try to take it from me...I seriously do not have to look at anyone while I am in there...I have a well placed wall and and tucked into a corner, lots of light from the windows...too good!

It's been a bit of a shit show in other areas but nothing horrible. We can't truly unpack until someone comes to affix the shelving to the walls and who knows when that will happen so we are tripping over boxes until well into the new year I am sure. I do know I am not picking up anymore boxes this week...I have right screwed my neck (I have deducted that lifting things is the culprit) again so in order to ensure it doesn't go full blown facked I am favoring the shit out of it.

This year b/c we cannot have ppl over for xmas eve due to the asshole sandwich - A and I are going to get festive at Dan's place with Donna, Erin and Amanda...I will bring sushi. It shall be grand.

Wow - this is a boring post. Better toss some boobies up.

Monday, December 17, 2012


"the asshole" hugged me today....

Today is... day 1 at the new office. I was told not to come til 9:30 (works for me!) since nothing will even roll in until 10 or so...then its unpack will take many many days since this move is so unorganized they hadn't scheduled anyone to come and actually install the shelving etc so there is nowhere to put things we unpack so really the unpacking will be desk only....all the other supplies required to operate etc are to remain buried. How efficient. :|

At least you all have stories about "the asshole" to look fwd to.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Hello From Boringtown

It is a Friday night here in the Conky Abode...A. is on the couch eating sherbet watching some heinous show - she has been torturing me all night with hideous TV...She went back to work today...survived but was so tired she skipped a party and opted to stay home and just rest. Awwww.

She was just using the thesaurus (gawd forbid) to try and pick a name for the peppermint lip balm I am making that she is giving to her friends for xmas...I am not sure I have ever seen her use a thesaurus. ha.

I have headphones on to block out the horrible TV show...I am listening to Heart this evening...gawd dammit I love Heart.

Last day at the old office today...not gunna lie - that power pack up yesterday was intense...I had about 10 layers of dried sweat on me by the time I was done. Today was easier - last minute to leave at 130 pm. I did not feel at all sad walking out of there for the lat time...mainly b/c the bldg is SO incredibly hot that I was glad to know I wouldn't have to walk into that sauna-like place again...I have come to terms with the fact I have to work with ppl again...especially "the asshole"...worse thing is, on Monday "the asshole" is going to front and center being the office move dictator in the new bldg. I can hear it all now...blabbing orders at people...trying to be funny and failing miserably - fml.

I am suddenly itchy ALL OVER...."the asshole" gives me hives or something. Rude.

Absolutely nothing on the go this weekend and I cannot agent......ahhh yes...thank you baby jesus b/c I am gunna need to rest up for next week which will be a complete gong show dealing with "the asshole", trying to unpack enough to resume work while in chaos...I am on holidays after next week so it is going to be nuts getting organized and caught up.

Not too many plans over xmas...Dec 22 I am having Kate and her 2 kids over for a sushi lunch as our pre-xmas get together/hang out...looking fwd to that...Xmas Eve A. and I usually have a group of friends over but seeing as we now are now inflicted with people living above and below us we aren't bothering at all b/c we know they will just be dicks about any noise and wreck our fun so....fuck them. We are meeting friends over at Dan's place for the festivities...we can cab home and be merry as shit without having to listen to ppl whining about their unrealistic concept of apartment life being disturbed. Fuckers. Nothing like paying a grand for rent and not even being able to have friends over for the evening.
Jerri & Zed will be in town at Xmas - Jer's sister just bought a house in Oak Bay so I am hoping that means they will come visit the city more so I can see them more often...I am sure we will see them over the holidays...A. and I are planning to go see a flick Xmas day... THIS IS 40  Looks funny and upbeat...Ultimately I would love to go see Les Miserables but I already know I will be weeping my way through that one b/c the friggin trailer alone makes me all I am saving that one to go see alone after Xmas.

The cat is being her usual dinkus self and spending her days mangling my Xmas tree and ornaments...yesterday I came home to my egg on the floor and 2 peanut reindeer on the floor with their antlers completely bent to shit. It makes me want to toss her off the balcony...but I won't. I am trying to barricade the tree with presents so she cannot jump up onto the table and get at it but there is a I am thinking I have to go buy a few more presents to fill the gap and prevent her from having easy access. Last night I was in my room, door closed, watching TV, A. was out in the living room sending me periodic pictures of the cat sitting outside my bedroom door just staring at it...willing it to open...just sitting there...waiting...psycho.

Barb: I guess b/c the tumor grew back faster than Barb's brain could heal from the brain surgery they were not able to start chemo/radiation and had to do a 2nd surgery instead...she is home now for the weekend and I was told chemo starts Monday...I hope seems it will be her only chance to survive this b/c the tumor is so fast growing it is very dangerous. The cancer/tumor she has is Glioblastoma Multiforme At best it seems treatment will only be buying her some time and not much of it either...which is rather depressing. :|

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bad Cat

Ahh man poor Barb - back in for emergency brain surgery yesterday...apparently the 2 weeks since the tumor was removed it grew back 4x the original size...She called me today and left me a message...speech was better than it has been but still messed up but saying such lovely things...and being so positive and funny. I really do hope she can pull through this...such a beautiful lady.

Then of course the day of deep meaningfulness and reflection about what is truly important in life is marred by some self important narcissist who does little more than irritate me at every know the type...they think they are so interesting and think everyone hangs in their every word and move...and when they realize you don't the drama time for that - ohhh no. High school ended 25 yrs ago sister - piss off.

Off to the oral surgeon tomorrow to get A's follow up appointment over with...I am reallllly hoping there is no dry socket nightmare in that appt goes will determine whether A goes to work or not...she figures she will go if the dentist doesn't mess with her mouth too badly...she is still in a lot of pain for it being a week later...gawd. Hoping this can ease up so she can resume life then maybe I could sit on the couch again and watch a tv show ahahhaha

Packing has started at work finally...Friday is our last day in the old office...Saw pics of the new office...I have nice windows...and a fine desk...despite having to be around ppl and THE ASSHOLE of course. Speaking of THE ASSHOLE ~ she is still an asshole. Don't worry - more stories to come about her in the weeks to come.

Dear Cat - stop messing with my tree you Jerk.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Impending Doom

OK....well we have both survived 5 days of post wisdom teeth extraction...don't know if she can go to work tomorrow or not but the swelling has gone down some even though the pain level hasn't changed much...the percocets are pretty strong but she still can't make the 4 hour mark without the pain taking over and suffering for that last 1.5 hrs. Really hoping tomorrow is a bit better...she did not like the percocets at 1st but has warmed up to them a bit b/c they are much more effective than T3s. Will be glad when she sees the dentist Wed morning and has it all checked out. Hopefully she can open her mouth by then b/c she can't now hahhaa

Back to work tomorrow...not gunna lie...dreading the shit out of it. This whole week really...I will have a bunch of catch up to do which I don't mind...I love to be busy at work but WE MOVE THIS FRIDAY and as far as I can tell no real packing has started b/c we got boxes so late so I dunno how packing up the whole office is gunna work this week on top of being busy. Not in love with this move at all...NOT looking fwd to it in the slightest...I don't think I realized - even despite detesting the bldg we are in - how partial I was to a small, 4 person office situation...the thought of being back on a floor full of people and the inevitable social bullshit & politics and 'THE ASSHOLE' who I dread seeing daily...well - not in love, not in love at all.

Have a told you about the asshole? She is a prize...I have met her a few times in person at different work functions but her main assholeness is via email...she is such a condescending twat to me for no real reason (I am not singled out - she is an equal opportunity asshole to most ppl) part of me looks fwd to fucking with her a little and another part of me dreads the reality that her fucking face is going to be a daily horror for me. This is what I hate about work can't go grade 9 bully on people without getting in shit even if they earn every penny of it. This means I am forced to use the ~dark ways~ to cause the asshole some discomfort...which is ok but I would rather channel my genius for more positive purposes. Mindfuckery is a hard job even when you are good at it.

The tree is up...the lights are looks very festive here. Our wee tree just fits all my favorite things but I do think I want a bigger one next year. Maybe after xmas I will score one for cheap in preparation.

Love these skull lights!
These bacon and egg decorations are the cutest things ever...

Had to make a Mr Poo decoration of course...

The Blow Job Mermaid decoration...

New pickle from Ayla's talks...haha Super cute.

Awww Grandad...xo

Thursday, December 06, 2012

sweet mother of god...

I am burning all my nursing school applications...I am not a great nurse...I take good care but it stresses me out...poor A. had for 4 wisdom teeth removed Wed. and the drama was not lacking. She decided b/c she was sick with a cold she would just get the oral sedation for we get there and they listen to her lungs and tell us oral sedation only...fine...that's a nice xmas present b/c its only 82.00 as opposed to 300.00 for IV sedation....Lisa and I had fun watching her get stoned on ativan in the waiting area...she went in and we went to fill the Rx...I guess when she got in there she freaked out to the point where they had to IV sedate her (that's right folks, I had to pay for both haha)...she woke up completely fugged up of course...was quite funny and sad, crying a lot. She was whacked out...had to wheelchair her out to the car....she can't even recall the ride home hahaha She cried most of the day, kept apologizing for freaking out and getting IV sedation aka "I'm sorry I'm a pussy" ( is what it is - I am glad it is over and she will be fine)...the crying was to do with the sedation I think...when I wake up out of surgery I am always bawling my head off...anyway - Day 1 was not awesome at all...Day 2 and 3 are supposed to be the was not great, lots of nausea...very sore and face is looking like a chipmunk now. Ugh...Hopefully by Monday she will feel significantly better.

Nice visit with the fam last weekend...crazy as always but Maddie sure loved getting some time in with A. Maddie just idolizes is is like how A. was towards Maggie when she was little.

Sunday, December 02, 2012