Saturday, September 29, 2007

Whine Session # 878475

I turned the heat on yesterday.
You know im sick when I willingly turn on the heat before December.

I have watched such amazing crap tv over the last 24 hrs it is pathetic.

Today im making myself be up and MOVE to avoid the CONSUMPTION...yeah im dramatic.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Land of Greenery

snot snot life is all about the snot...

today I became one with the couch for most of the in pretty rough shape, the whole cement head thing....but i will take cement head over a chest cold anyday so lets all hold hands and pray together SHALL WE that I do not get a chest cold.
Thank you (coughing makes me throw up...)
Everyone who has called today asked for me b/c i sound like a man....FUN!
I was so out of it on meds that i watched BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER on tv, from beginning to end. ha ha ha thats messed!
Ayla is rude...I asked her to go to the store for me....NOPE....even played the guilt card...nope.

Then she asks to borrow some $$$ this weekend HA HA HA HA for a breastfed kid she isnt as smart as she should be.
Furry goat = Sheep

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

pondering feline dreams

so im looking around last night online for a cat...i havent asked the nazi landlady yet so im not committed to getting one b/c i can see her getting all freakish and saying no EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS ONE! anyway...
so im looking for some gibble cats cuz as u no our last cat had one eye and he was a freak but we miss his weirdness....look what I have to choose from:

My mother is going to seniors home in December 2007 and can not bring her cat Misty with her. Misty is a 3 year old female, light grey with white, and was adopted by my mother from the Victoria SPCA. She was even featured with my mom on the local morning news for being adopted with her unique condition. Misty is missing part of her brain and has no equilibrium. She is very quiet, loving, and stumbles everywhere she goes. Misty is not not dumb and knows who everyone is. She has been an amazing companion for my mother, who really couldn't deal with a regular needs pet. Misty often dunks her head in her food, and falls in her litter, but she never climbs the drapes or anything like that. I am looking for someone, maybe like my mother, to take Misty and enjoy the love that this cat has given her.
A mature, black-and-white cat with one eye and huge paws has been around the area of the Gorge/Harriet intersection for the last week or so. My neighbour has been feeding it and my wife has been giving it lots of attention. The cat seems well-socialized so I don't believe it to be a stray, but it doesn't seem to know where its home is so it has been sleeping on our deck. If you are this cat's owner or know someone who might be, please get in touch as we would like to see this cat safely returned home. Thanks.
Sadie Circles is such a special little girl who has suffered major trauma to the right side of her body. She has a broken pelvic and a broken front leg and head trauma which makes her spin in circles .. She does walk in circles but mostly spins when she is stressed. She has been spayed and vaccinated and X-rays taken of her broken bones. Her Pelvic will have to heal on its own but her broken front leg is so badly broken and it is such an old break that it has healed the way it is. The operation to fix this would be very extensive and since she runs and plays on it with the other foster kittens in the home we don't feel she is in pain so the vet recommends that it is better to leave her as is! Sadie is a very gentle loving girl who runs, plays and loves to sit on your lap for a nice nap .. If you can find a very special place in your heart for this "Spinny girl" give Pamela a email for application
Henrietta has come a long way. She was a starving abandoned cat when we received her. She had been outside fending for herself.
Her ears had become cancerous due to prolonged exposure to UV rays. To save her, we had to remove the tops of her ears, which gives her the look of a Purebred Oriental Fold!!
MUST LOVE DOGS! My name is Polly Anna, and I am beautiful, smart and special (I have six toes). I am looking for a dog mate. (Yes, I love dogs) not crazy about other cats but I can live with them. My favourite playmates at my foster home are three big dogs. We play toys and they even let me eat out of their dish. I love to hang out in the kitchen with my foster mom and get my ears scratched and my fat little belly rubbed. My favourite place is my kitty pillow by the window so I can watch everything outside. I do like to go outside sometimes but mostly I like the covered patio area and the kitty house. So if there is a lonely dog out there who is kitty friendly and would like a play mate, send me an email and we can set up a date to meet.

Yeah....I got a good chuckle out of those.
Henrietta's picture was truly ALARMING though...a cat w/o ears is really fucked up looking.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mom...Just relax...

Sigh....Oh the clarity and wisdom age brings....
Isn't getting old awesome...Ayla is horrified I may go bald in the horrified I will live to be old enough to get bald in the front...and equally horrified I will die at a time I think it is not CONVENIENT. I was thinking that the other day, relating it all to my health etc...thinking how GAY it would be to kick the bucket right b4 u get to know yer grandkids or something like that...

My shoes are crippling me less everyday! YAY!!! What a fucking hero I am.

I have come to the conclusion I am not nearly as accepting as I think I am...I think ON A WHOLE I am accepting...but I have some serious moments where I am a friggin IDIOT for not good reason really.
So I am gunna work on that....becoming more ZEN...becoming more accepting of things outside my own realm...I think this will make life a little easier to live.

I spoke to my mom the other day on the phone and I think 4 the 1st time in my life i genuinely felt sorry 4 her...not because she is miserable and unhappy and was crying on the phone but b/c I dont think she truly has the ability to make changes/choices that would seem logical to the rest of us.
I have never felt sorry 4 her b4, I have always harbored a lot of bitterness and anger so it was a little weird to have that shift to empathy...maybe it was a momentary lapse in my rage, I dunno but....I invited her down here in Oct for a few days thinking maybe a change of scenery would be good for her.
Time will tell.

I am thinking of asking the Nazi landlady if we can get a cat. It is cheaper than a sibling...I might talk myself out of it....I think im pre-menstrual and not thinking straight.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Across the Universe

ok I loved the movie...ya ya ya I generally love musicals etc but it was good...loved the music (can't go wrong with the Beatles), loved the visuals...and appearances by ppl like Bono, etc. and Max in the movie looks like Kurt Friggin Cobain for gawds was freaking me out...

im in gastrointestinal hell at the moment...i know i know - too much information but im all about sharing you selfless like that.

crazy spinning man...there is this old man, complete with santa beard, who stands in the same spot nearly EVERYDAY, for how long i have NO idea but he is often there as I walk to work...he stands on the sidewalk spinning both arms like a windmill...chattering oddly to no one. The 1st day I saw him i got on the phone and called work in case he stabbed me when I walked by...he didnt...although that would make this story MUCH more interesting!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhhhh

Im gunna go see ACROSS THE UNIVERSE tonight...being the musical movie whore that I am...

I would much rather be in Red Deer AB right now though...not b/c I like Red Deer but b/c MATT GOOD is playing there tonightttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Fuck ~ I knew I shoulda got 2nd show tickets for when he was here.


My new shoes rendered me crippled yesterday...thats nice hey? Blow 170.00 on a pair of shoes and you end up wanting to start them on fire. I rule.

Ayla is at a PARTY...Niamh's birthday party...Ooooo the stories I can't wait to hear hahahahaha Her 13 yr old drivel is quite entertaining....she talks 400 mph and it is quite non-sensical to the average human.

So....I think I better go get mobile...90210 just came on the idiot box and I am gunna have a seizure.

Friday, September 21, 2007

im in template hell.
but nevermind about me....

how the hell are u guys?
seriously...its been a LONG time...UPDATE MEEEEEE
I close tonight with Harry Potter (HAHAHAHA fuck he would die inside if he knew I called him that) then I have the w/e off...thank bloody jesus.
Yesterday I spent 170.00 on a pair of shoes....I nearly threw up at the register...I really need a GOOD pair of shoes but fuck if 170.00 doesnt hurt my feelings.

I am of the mindset that 100.00 is standard for decent this is over my limit generally....but Tracey says they will last more than a I am putting her to the test bc I usually destroy 1 pair of shoes within a year...
I am still sporting a boner from the Matt Good show...fuck. A-maz-ing...

Anyone who sees him this tour plz report back to me!!!!! I need to live through you all!!!! gawd I should be a groupie...the non-sex kind....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Its Thursday...

yeah....2 more days and I have the weekend off...

So I just got my most recent raise and was all pumped at the increase only to find out my childtax credit went down to 148.00 (from 230.00) pretty much butt humping the raise I got...RUDE!

I guess im so wealthy now im no longer categorzed at POVERTY level and they took away the max haha fair enough.

It is raining. Thank you mother nature...i can wear a warm shirt at work and not die on the way there.

Ayla says im obsessed with Matt Good....she says im psycho...for real.

she said if he grew a horn out of his head I would rip it off his head and keep it b/c im that PSYCHO.

I think she is a bit of an ass. Although I was very entertained by her *example* haha

This is Enseven...the kid with the bass guitar is my new hire...Joe.
I have no idea why they are hanging with Rob Schnieder here...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Friggin Blogger

well i think its all a conspiracy now...blogger is trying to make me transfer to the NEW blogger by fucking with my old template blogger...


well fuck if i wasnt so obsessive compulsive about templates id do one but ill have to wait til the weekend.......
so I have more time to obsess.

ive checked in with both aunties this week....both are holding steady...
i have 98438759847694 things to do and i never bother to do them...
my name is sloth-ass.

i wish i had a chocolate milk right now.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


what is UP with this template...? i havent messed with it in FOREVER and all the sudden today its all gibbled....
gawd I just do not have the energy to re-do all that shit right better fix itself.

the Matt Good show was friggin amazing....he was in TOP FORM, the sound was great, lights were great and the new album is excellent LIVE...champions of nothing and 99% came on and i nearly wet myself.
the ushers had a hate on for me...for using flash BUT IT WASNT ME! i didnt use flash once all night....stupid grrl in front of me was doing that...then i got crap for RECORDING which i also wasnt doing...caught the attention of Mr Good and he asked what the problem was...that was a funny glad it was dark bc im sure i was blushing as giggled like a fucktard through the whole exchange.

i got myself a MG totebag though so life is good! muhahahahaha

my new fav show is that one on tv that shows u how things are made...things like wallpaper, potato chips, pens etc I sit there completely im in a high alert coma! hahaha
i wanna see how they make Crunch n Munch!

well im fully staffed as of Oct so this is taking some time off near the end of Oct too so I have a reason to LIVE now. hahaha

ok im really tired now.
all this gawd.

Matthew Good Live Sept 17 2007 Victoria BC

Thursday, September 13, 2007

waiting for independent wealth to land on my lap....

loving work right now...oh yeah....fuck off.

i did get a good surprises...i know my OPPORTUNITIES and my strengths so it is never a the raise tickled me pleasantly...

it has occured to me as of late that i need to set something up for saving money since I suck at it so bad myself...i think i will set up something that sucks 100.00 out of my acct every payday...any suggestions?

i bought ayla thing *panic button* thing....that she can carry with her keys and if she ever feels weird or anything happens she can pull the pin and this HIDEOUS squeeeeeeeeeeel that busts eardrums goes off....she calls it a rape whistle HAHA wtf...i dunno why it makes me giggle that shes so dramatic about it but im just glad she carries it cuz i thought she might think it was *GAY* and not use it.

she babysat last night and made 30.00 ~ should have seen her prancing in the door ranting OMFG OMFG THEY PAID ME 30.00

was funny...

i am never giving that kid an allowance EVER hahha

and shes using her own $ to buy dance shoes like I told her she would have to if she didnt do it when school shopping so this makes me smile :o)

my name is Jennifer and im addicted to facebook scrabble...

oh fuck - at the thrift store yesterday there was a velvet painting of a hawaiian woman with a whole boob showing.....gawd damn it was so cheesie, i wanted it so bad but i was too cheap to pay 35.00 for it......ROBBERY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Story of...ABU ANKA

I did not make this up...this is a real story, a real event...and it is just so good I have to share it, even though its not mine to share...but Guy wont blog so fuck him...

So imagine my friend Guy and a group of his degenerate friends, high as kites and off to watch Laser Floyd or some such shit in Seattle I believe.....they get there and this staff member keeps harrassing Guy to sign up for this raffle/prize thing...Guy refuses but the dude wont let it go....finally Guy says FUCK IT and enters the raffle as ABU ANKA to be a smart ass.....
Well....imagine the hilarity that ensues when the DOOR PRIZE RAFFLE is drawn and Abu fucking Anka wins a 7 day trip to Mazatlan that no one can claim........

MuHAHAHAHA HAHHAHA HAHAHAHAHA can u imagine being high and with a group of high friends and this happens? I think I would have pissed myself.

Another great story....thanks Guy.
No one tells me stories like Guy does...

Day got off to a rip roaring start...someone locked themselves out of the store so I got to do a mad rush jaunt down there, through the thick walls of students waiting 4 bus's and such....
Today I get my annual review...I am not scared...I already know how i rock and what my opportunities are so there are never any surprises...the raise will be nice though...I have decided I want to make 9834759837458.50 an hour....thats my goal.

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Hire

my new hire for my store (JOE) since the departure of Mr Eye Candy (CHRIS) is another boy...he is freaky deaky...oddly enthusiastic, positive and loves the freaky clientelle at my store so its gunna be an interesting month of training.
sniff sniff - goodbye Chris... *hangs head in despair*

all i bloody want is to be fully staffed for 5 gawd damn minutes so i can take some time off and go visit aunty pams new place up island...they are getting it all tiddled up for when they get to move in there in Oct.
everybody send aunty cathy some good vibes...shes having some serious health problems these days and feels like utter POO....she needs some cosmic support please...
i was thinking today that it is so weird how i have the weirdest bond with my mom, a closeness i cant really put into words yet i am a stranger to her and vice versa...
1 week til Matt Good........SQUEEEEEEEEEEEL! im borrowing Arika's camera so I can get some groovy pics from our 2nd row seats....(I just dribbled down my leg when I typed 2nd row)

Looking fwd to the show with Adrienne...we can stare at each other in amazement through the whole thing and not be embarrassed about it bc we are both such dorks.
so far the heartburn monster is asleep went and bought cocoa and cream tums (HAHAHA) b4 reading i needed it liquid? cuz thats GROSS.
today at work its a shitshow day...I have 4 appts with ppl so the day is a write off for getting any store stuff determined to hire hire hire...

the leaves are all turning now, the cool breezes are bonerworthy...I am loving the was warm yesterday when i ventured out but my house is COOL and the wind up here is lovely.
my landlady left me a note on my pile o' laundry yesterday *YOU CANT WASH PILLOWS OR COMFORTERS HERE*

well thats news to fucking me lady...considering ive seen other ppl do it over the last damn year and have also had the displeasure of pulling globs of animal hair out of the washing machines from ppl washing their pet blankets etc....

she can go fuck herself, her and her nazi landlady regime...
im addicted to scrabble on facebook....come and play with me...i love it...
i am a nerd.


Sunday, September 09, 2007


Im going to Zellers today...I need some laundry gear...BO stick...propane etc.

Zellers is LESS congested with idiots than walmart is and walfart is 2 bus rides away so...zellers wins.

I have gets heartburn from raisin bran? What is going on in the universe?

I got this funny mail the other day...paper mail...JENNIFER CONKLIN YOUR PHOTO WAS SELECTED FOR PUBLICATION DUE TO ITS UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE AND ARTISTIC VISION....just pay 70.00 plus 25 for the profile entry and 20 shipping.... HAHAHH HAHAHA HAHHAHA yeah what a fucking deal. Suck my ball sack.

I need Tums...bad.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I am not dead....

sometimes it amazes me that Shawn and I took the same college program...mind you, he was smart BEFORE he started so I think that helps hahaha

the new computer is lovely and zippy fast...finally got all the kinks ironed out and have nearly gotten over my hatred for Internet Explorer 7...note: by removing the update to IE 7 it fucks up a lot of other shit so I dont recommend it haha

work right now is POOP....utter poop! right when I was all at ease with new ppl in place, trained and ready to roll one of them was offered a job for more $ so he is gone as of Monday...dont blame him at all, shit if someone offered me a less stressful job for 4.00 more an hour I would consider bolting as well.

its just a drag bc he was a perfect fit (and good eye candy 4 the work environment) and was gunna go places...

now....Oct 1 I lose my beloved Cynthia and Angela...and am getting Brie and Helen but im still down a person.
God.....does it ever fucking end...? I always stay at my jobs a long I have to start drugging them at work to make them stay? haha Oh the joys of management.

Thank god I have a raise due soon....that will shut me up.

I havethe w/e off but I have to go in to interview someone and then since im there im just gunna hang out and do some shit since I have to take a drawer damn near ALLLLL MONTHHH OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I can not tell u how i hate taking a dwr and dealing with those buttfuck gawd.

Moving on....rant over.

Schools back in...Ayla is over the moon...she got the good teacher and it only took her 1 day to get over the fact all her friends are in a different class...she rationalized it by figuring out since next year they will all be parting ways to go to different highschools maybe its a good idea they start the split NOW. awwwwwwwwwww

She has been pretty good as of late, which is good b/c I havent had the patience as of late to deal with her BS self haha
Went and saw Ryan McMahon Thursday night....what a trooper, sick and rotten and still sounded fabulous and put on a great show...I am always embarrassed by the Victoria turnout he gets....its always so lame...if I didnt drag ppl with me and the groupies didnt show it would have been an empty house....

the opening band LOKI's TOYBOX was really cool as well. It was there 1st show so no one knew what to expect but it was a groovy sound...punky/folky goodness.

My beloved bunion is killing me today after last really gibbled today...10 hrs of standing and rushing about is no good 4 this lard asses feet. Must get new shoes....good shoes...the ones good 4 cripples.

I woke up this morning and ate a handful of tylenol to get the day off to a good start....must rid myself of this headache and foot gibbledness b4 i get going or the day will be shit...

We have Niamh here for the weekend...her folks are away...funny to watch her and Ayla together....last night they were up late with me and singing along to music on Much Music and it cracked me up...

I was on a BBQ rampage....smokies, weiners, chicken, steak, zucchini, asperagus, mushrooms....

LOVE gunna go broke buying propane....

sadly...the damn thing doesnt get as HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT as I want it to.....but itll do for this year....maybe at the end of summer next year ill upgrade.

I havent read blogs in FOREVERRRRRRRRR.....gawd...I gotta catch up!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Computer Switch-A-Roni

getting a new idiot box today so....wish me luck that the process goes well. ha!

tonight it bbq delight starts tomorrow.....YAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO