Monday, July 31, 2006

stupid brainless tick

well its out now.

jenny good sucks, even her ex husband thinks so.
what a sad sucks being the last person to know your insignificant other is a useless shit.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

birthdays and blasphemy...

yesterday was Baby Maddies 1st Bday....I drempt about her last night...that she was in a high chair and eating a giant caramilk bar...hahahaha like that would ever happen hahaha anyhow...she turned one...I may die if i dont get to see her soon...I dunno if i can wait til frikkin september!

looking fwd to the pictures (hint hint hurry up ppl) from her big bash!

so yeah-its the holy day today...I have already contributed my own personal form of blasphemy (below)...feel free to add ones missed in the comment section hahaha

i think i slept like a dead whale last night...i woke up feeling like id been in a coma for 12 yrs.
its seafair weekend in PR so i guess thats why everyones so scarce.
MEL was travelling a while ago and apparently she picked me up a *TREAT*....i think itll be cheesie jesus paraphenalia so im REALLY excited!!!!! I'll post a pic when i get it.

i loaned my camera to Andy this week for when his kids are here and forgot about Matt Good on Tuesday. ugh I will try an bum one off someone to use....ERIKAAAAAAAAAAA??????**hint hint**????? I will take my regular camera if i have to but it is not against my religion to pay to deveolpe film.

its rainy today...i can not tell u the degree of boner this gives me after so many warm days.

i must go eat something yummy.

in case u needed a new name for yours

vagina, pussy, bearded clam, vertical smile, beaver, cunt, trim, hair pie, bearded ax wound, tuna taco, fur burger, cooch, cooter, punani, snatch, twat, lovebox, box, poontang, cookie, fuckhole, love canal, flower, nana, pink taco, cat, catcher’s mitt, muff, roast beef curtains, the cum dump, chocha, black hole, sperm sucker, fish sandwich, cock warmer, whisker biscuit, carpet, love hole, deep socket, cum craver, cock squeezer, slice of heaven, flesh cavern, the great divide, cherry, tongue depressor, clit slit, hatchet wound, honey pot, quim, meat massager, chacha, stinkhole, black hole of calcutta, cock socket, bottomless pit, dead clam, cum crack, twat, rattlesnake canyon, bush, cunny, flaps, fuzz box, fuzzy wuzzy, gash, glory hole, grumble, man in the boat, mud flaps, mound, peach, pink, piss flaps, the fish flap, love rug, vadge, the furry cup, stench-trench, wizard’s sleeve, DNA dumpster, tuna town, split dick, bikini bizkit, cock holster, cockpit, snooch, kitty kat, poody tat, grassy knoll, cold cut combo, Jewel box, rosebud, curly curtains, furry furnace, slop hole, velcro love triangle, nether lips, where Uncle’s doodle goes, altar of love, cupid’s cupboard, bird’s nest, bucket, cock-chafer, love glove, serpent socket, spunk-pot, hairy doughnut, fun hatch, spasm chasm, red lane, stinky speedway, bacon hole, belly entrance, nookie, sugar basin, sweet briar, breakfast of champions, wookie, fish mitten, fuckpocket, hump hole, pink circle, silk igloo, scrambled eggs between the legs, black oak, Republic of Labia, juice box, Golden Palace, fetus flaps, skins, sausage wallet. Holiest of Holies, sugar hole, The Death of Adam, home plate, Deer Hoof, Golden Arches, Cats Paw, Mule Nose, Yo Yo Smuggler, Mumbler (Aussie), Dinner Roll, Crotch Waffle, Piss Fenders, crack, Melvin, Dove Breast, Brakepads, Vedgie, Slurpy, Vacuum Vulva, Pastrami Flaps, Hot Tamaki Walk, Buffalo Gums, Rooster Jaws, Wagon Ruts, Beaver Teeth, Mumble Pants (Sweden), Ninja Boot, Marcia (Aussie), Skin Canoe, Fatty, Mossy Jaw, The Big W, Chia Hole, Lip Jeans, Beetle Hood, Hungry Minge, Sausage Wallet, Front Bottom, Welly Top, Frum, Pancake Fold, Tongue Roll, Bologna Flap-Over, Furrogi (Poland), Fortune Nookie (China), Bearded Taco, Calamari Cockring, Displabia, Slot Pocket, Bluntfrunt, Fishamjig, Pole Magnet, Pocket Pie, Clamarama, kitty cage, Chicken’s tongue, Conch shell, Crack of heaven, Dog’s mouth, Door of life, Fly catcher, Fruit cup, Jelly roll, Lobster pot, bunny tuft, KNISH, her asshole neighbor, lotus, nappy dugout, moneymaker, womens weapon, tackle box, bone hider, red sea, pizzo, JIZZ RECEPTICLE, The Helmut Hide-A-Way, hairy heaven, furry 8 ball rack, crave cave, arbys with fur, fish canyon, toolshed, snake charmer, Furby, Enchilada of love, Ham sandwich, Camarillo brillo, Brazilian caterpillar, dick rack, boy in the canoe, flesh tuxedo, Mound of Venus, queef quarters, Venus butterfly, cooter, cream canal, poontang pie, wet mark, private area, thresher, punash, salami garage, tunnel of love, slurpee machine, pink cookie, penalty box, ground zero, meat crease, bait, birth canal, holy grail, pole hole, pork pie, fuzz bucket, one-eyed python trail, bubble gum by the bum, stink rink, theme park, saloon doors, pink truffle, bitter & twisted, burger bar, meat counter, temperamental ringpiece, python syphon, big bud, the Wombsday Book, the condo downstate, snake lake, the indoor barbecue, pound cake, beef tomato, tickled pink, launch pad, horn of plenty, the indoor picnic, hamper of goodies, flapped bap, bonefish, close encounter with the turd kind, sperm bank, man’s charity bash, bush tucker, midnight dip, the one-door vulva, the welcome opponent, the Twatlantic Ocean, temporary lodgings, field of dreams, bean, cooze, old catchers mitt, devil’s hole, lucy, pish buffet, pooswaa, poonaner, davey jones locker, pink panther, tinker bell, south mouth, dick eater, wonder bread, wolly bolly, foxhole, hot pocket, head catcher, Lawrence of A Labia, silk funnel, dick driver, purple people penis eater, meat curtains, ponchita, cherry pop tart, fat rabbit, scunt, pee jaws, mingus, The Notorious V.A.G., poon jab, babyoven, penis parking, cooter muffin, the promised land, cock pocket, cha cha, the shrine, bitch ditch, fury pink mink, mammal hole, ever-lasting cum stopper, the toothless blow job, happy flappy, wilt chamberlian’s daily glove, the code defierthe salt water taffy factory, mommy’s pie, the easy bake oven, the deflower patch, the virginator, the schlong sucker, the dea bone patch, the vegitarian’s temptation, the vegan store, the blow hole, the pump protector, bag pipe, Spitball Bullseye, meat wagon, pickle stinker, jezebel’s smell, yoni, willys haven, scrumpter, peach, sweat box, yeast pocket, penis warmer, tampon tunnel, penis pothole, cucumber canal, egg drop Box, sperm shack, dick dungeon, cock curator, b.o.b.’s bungalow, mommy parts, tuna pot pie, nice slice, peter vise, cock sock, rack of clam, peters grove, penis purse, grandest canyon, fish dish, banana box, tuna spread, pink portal, count fapula, red river gorge, happy valley, revolving in/out door, baby zipper, richards house, stop-n-pop, bone polisher, packin shack, weiner wrap, clap trap, camel toe, dildo hotel, axe gash, pearl hotel, sea food six pack, clam canal, coose canal, dick deposit, wand waxer, vidgie, erie canal, candy kiss, gauntlet, round mound of beehound, lick n’ stick, lap flounder, tomahawk chop, chin-chin, pachinko, cuntry pie, lip tip, the big casino, one eyed worm hole, amazon forest, cock cave, fuckdonut, coochie pop, babby, wet seal, pissy froth hole, bald biscuit, the unmentionable, mans ruin, peeshie, hairy potter, courtney cocksleve, panty hamster,deep pink, jaws of life, gizmo, faith, cock magnet, slippery slide, Meat tunnel, pink heaven, squid, dick basket, hot spot, poochika, pudding, bowl, love cave, squeeze-box, quim, honey pot, the bone collector, goodie basket, depository, pink turtleneck, bread-box, little debbie, pole hole, pandora’s box,snail tracker, cuntzilla, homebase, pud pocket, bear trap, indian bones and the temple of poon, chanch, big montana, noochie, choot, golden valley, nappy roots, dick mitten, mystical fold ***this is my sunday blasphemy***

Saturday, July 29, 2006

what better than a UTERUS CASKET?

Is that not the coolest casket ever?

Shawn and I hung out Thursday...he made me eat half a ice cream cake at Dairy Queen...I wanted a simple cone but NOOOOOOOOOOOO Shawn needed the fudge middle goodness of a DQ Log Ice Cream a glutton so I went along....we almost ate the whole thing. ha! People were looking at us funny...Shawn named us Binge (me) and Purge (him) hahahahaha

Busy ass day yesterday...Handy Andy came over last night after work and we lounged about, having a few drinks...his twin daughters arrive later today so he will be MIA for 10 days.

I mixed avocado on my egg salad today and omfg it was like I was this mad scientist that just cured cancer I was so impressed with the results haha

Any of u use Linux/Fedora as an operating system...? Im considering switching over to it cuz im sick of all my stolen copies of XP not being able to update and this little *U HAVE A FAKE COPY* thing on my taskbar.
I going to hell....with leg warmers on...and a toque.

OMG look at this girl...this is my beloved Bruce and his daughter Ashley who I havent seen in person since she was a wee thing...shes all graduated now...this is a kid I actually considered kidnapping for my own way back when hahahhaha

Friday, July 28, 2006


my dear friends....plz leave me an out of context STATEMENT of any variety so that when I get home from work I can smile and laugh and ponder (Tydes, I know u wont let me down) haha

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I just dreamed I won 17.00 on a scratch and win then I woke up and realized i didnt. How RUDE!

I just got an email from my mom and it wasnt in CAPS....this is quite an oddity. Not sure what to make of that.

My *fun friend* Andy is going to be out of commission for a week as his twin girls are coming to visit...I might actually get something done other than myself that week HA HA HA

I think my morning breath right now could cure cancer its so toxic...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Special Monkey

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

well isn't that...speccccial....

when I was a kid I thought I had super hero eyesight...I thought I was *special* (and not OLYMPICS) b/c I could see MOLECULES with my human eyes! No microscope needed! u know those little things u see (which are dust and shit on your eye usually lol) if u mess up the focus of your eyes? yeah I was sure those were molecules hahahahaha I used to think when I closed my eyes and saw all those blasting colors and stuff that that was something only I saw too. I have always had a sense that I was incredible somehow but just havent figured out what it is yet that would convince the world that I was as well... clearly it wont be my super hero eyesight since I now wear glasses ha!
This seemingly unattainable *thing* about trying to figure out what *talent* is a little disheartening at times. It makes you ponder wtf the point of it all is if u can go through life never quite reaching what u think is your true potential? MEDIOCRE is my middle name ladies and gentleman

{I ban all comments trying to convince me of the contrary, thats not what this is about, fishing for compliments is NOT the agenda here, no self deprication etc just thinking out loud.}

I also refer to myself often as painfully average...not that thats BAD but I guess we all grow up thinking we all should be special somehow but really? how unrealistic...we all cant be fucking special can we or ppl like Martin Luther King wouldnt have a leg to stand on in history...
Who do you think is special? and not the olympic variety haha I am curious to hear what it is to each of u that makes u view ppl as special...memorable...a cut tell! This is a good time to plug your favorite people!

Monday, July 24, 2006

meow mofo

I want a cat with 2 different colored eyes.
A cat with 2 eyes would be a novelty all in itself.

I have absolutely nothing of value to say except that I am sickened and disturbed by world events...and am embarrassed to be apart of the human race, as always.

It bothers me that this bldg has no recycling aside from paper. WTF do i do with cans and glass and plastic? it is blasphemous to toss these things in the garbage.

I have homework to do....ugh...fuck.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Mama Kelly and Baby Maddie
I am a little curious as to why Uncle Jimmy is wearing Aylas bikini...
Sooooo pretty
I love this picture hahahhaa
Yes 12....she is I really need prozac


it is too hot to live.

i have been nothing but a sloth all day...i got up at 8, did laundry...then went to sleep for a up...tinkered...made lunch, drank a lot of water...watched Tristen & Isolde again on dvd...slept...ran a cold bath and froze myself into a hypothermic state of bliss, now im out and its fucking hot.

ayla is back fr camping...ive never understood camping...seems like too much work to just get there and sit around...i can do that at home w/o any effort put forth...
although i admit if u offer up a camper/trailer i could be coerced into long as theres a toilet to sit on. I squat for no one.

shes back anyway and tubing sounds like it was FUN...she does love tubing...

last night was great...Margaret and Donna were late but it was too hot to mind or be at all upset hahaha once they arrived we all had a drink and gorged on sushi...and greek salad and bonerlicious bread...Donna made a joke about being anorexic and Erica made one back implying she was anorexic and then Donna looked really uncomfortable for a second and i was laughing inside bc i know it was taken wrong but it was too hot out for me to explain so when Donna reads this she will know it wasnt 4 real haha
After the pigfest we all rolled into the livingroom, strategically placed the fans for optimal coolness and Margaret dazzled us with her psychometry...
once again and not surprisingly I am a closed off wretch of a human....gotta love it when ppl u hardly know pick up that shit about you right off the bat...I think the older i get the more transparent I am becoming.
or maybe these old walls can only last so long b4 they start to crumble...who knows.
I was surprisingly uncomfortable having a reading with an audience...i wasnt expecting that so i was a little put off by my own reaction so i think next time we will try it alone and see what happens...pretty cool stuff....weird and delicious and ridden with my own personal skepticism but enjoyed nonetheless...

I was contemplating going to a movie with Erica but I dont think i can make myself leave the house...its 615 pm and still 30 degrees. fuckin fuckery. i should stop being a lazy twat and call her.

Last night i think my nosey landlady was hanging around on the balcony trying to listen in on the goings she is one busybody woman...i kinda wish i didnt live right under her but its handy in some ways i guess....cant imagine shes an annoying partier.

I really want McPukes right now...with a 40 gallon pop and lame little cheeseburgers...

I have to go to the store once the sun goes down...lucky 4 me there is this little 24 hr store across the street so once its cool i will venture out 4 bread and milk and an ice cream sandwhich....mmmmmm

Laura was on the PEI

Ooooo look...Laura on vacation....hanging out with her stuffed
lobster toy and enjoying the view...
those are some ugly creatures...
MAUREEN! you guys have weirdly bottled POP! wtf hahahaha thats groovy!
I suspect this is the beach that red sand soap Maureen sent me comes from...
now i really wanna go there...and roll around in it like a dog.

Im not sure why this makes me laugh but it does...I didnt think McPukes altered its menu regionally....

Saturday, July 22, 2006

i felt myself melting into the shadows like the negative of a person i'd never seen before in my life...

thats my new favorite line...I read it last night in THE BELL JAR and it kicked me in the ass...good flow.

its hotter than a whores twat again today...i slept a few hrs on the couch and woke up feeling like i was being smothered....
last night was FAR too hot but youll all be glad to know I SUFFERED through the hot humping like a real martyr hahahaha
THE HILLS HAVE EYES was gay....and not in a good way...although i did enjoy the mutants poor dental work and mangled faces etc.......and the MATADOR was gay too.

I woke up with a sick headache this morning...I blame the heat and the drinks. But once Margaret, Donna and Erica get here tonight for psychometry, sushi and beer i will be fine...
Im about to have a cold shower in hopes a little hypothermia will help me perk up.

Side Note: you know when a talented artist marries some brainless twat...and you have mixed feelings, like *gee I hope hes happy* but cant help but think *fuck how can he stand her, she is a shithead?*....ok most ppl probably dont ponder such things but IF YOU DO....dont try talking yourself out of thinking the person is a gold digging status stealing whore...b/c its likely true.
And thats all im saying...stupid girl.

Friday, July 21, 2006

jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way....

it is officially too hot to hump or to "be" really....i dont wanna lv my house...even for a hump.

i esp dont want to eat the baked spaghetti thats baking in the fucking oven at the moment....
or drink anythinig that doesnt contain ICE.
i need to buy some ice today...yeah...that will make me happy.

i pity any neighbors with peeping tom tendencies bc they are getting an eyeful this summer poor bastards. hahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

maureen...the sand soap...can u grab me another plz and ill trade u some cds 4 it? i love scratching my skin RIGHT off with must be like how ppl who cut themselves feel....
michelle...nag champa soap is like a brick and i think it will never get smaller hahaha

i think i will get really drunk tonight so that i dont care how hot it is.....

damn sun

the weather network says its 32 degrees and then it says "feels like 36 degrees" kinda science is that - if it feels 36 then ISNT it 36? feels like a fucking OVEN to me....gawd i hate summer.

how are u supposed to make out really good in such hot weather? jesus h christ already....

Thursday, July 20, 2006

its my friday - break out the L____...

fill in the blank plz....
I know this will be fun!

ok i have 3 days off now...IN A ROW and it is bonerfabulous.

odd thing pictures of my brothers ex girlfriends wedding...she looked beautiful...but i couldnt help but feel serious dagger pangs of sadness for my brother.
wasnt expecting that...
i shall ponder that.

tonight im making cds for donna and margaret...and grooving to sorry but holly mcnarland is HIGHLY under-rated as a canadian musician...
i think she is def. one of my favorite female artists...up there with tori amos...sinead...etc.
sinead singing TROY or a song like DADDY IM FINE makes me it.
gawd i gotta get that cd out now and scare the neighbors.

CANADIAN TIRE....yes not CANADA TIRE...i dunno why i always call that fucking store CANADA TIRE...IM SORRY AYLA! IM SORRY YER MOTHER IS A RETARD.....or wait IS THAT ARTABAN? or would that make me Artabanese...? muhahahahahahha brat.

I have the art of getting ready for work quickly down to an art ensure i can sleep as long as possible...
thats quite unlike me...
im sure come winter ill snap out of it though.
speaking of winter...its fucking hot out...its 10 pm and still 24 Ayla would say *That is GAY to the LORD~*
Tori Amos & my boyfriend Maynard -- Muhammed My Friend (Live)
Holly McNarland - Beautiful Blue

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


merry good morning to you all on this fine cloudy and cool hump day! woooohooooooo

omfg i woke up to clouds and nearly sprung a boner!
sweet relief.

shawn and i are going to canada tire to buy TP, garbage bags and badminton rackets....woohooo

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


well i tracked down KELLEE (im like a super freaky stalker reversing her address and getting her number haha) and she is alive and well...she will post on her blog soon and fill u all in on the goings on...

yesterday was out though...yuk
supposed to be hot all week...

sat. is going to be a drunk fest...margaret and donna are coming over for drinks and food and psychometry....
i plan on testing should be interesting haha

the englishman made me dinner the other night...steak, potato salad...pasta...veggies...gawd i thought i had died and gone to heart attack heaven.
then we watched the usual suspects...fuck i forgot how funny that show was hahahaha the Fenster character killed me with his fucked up talking.

gay badminton was AWESOME... its a good sport for us porky major injuries are likely and we dont embarrass ourselves too much.
gay boys are SOOOO cute though...imagine me and 5 cute gay boys...i was in my glory...maybe i am turning into a fag hag after all...hmmmm...
Thom Yorke - Cymbal Rush

I just learned how to do this...hahaha I think id marry this little gimpy eyed prince...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

w00t w00t

I just had the coolest badminton day with the cutest gay boys ever.

pictures to follow.

Now im on my way to eat bbq steak with the englishman...and make out too I bet....

pictures will not follow....(you can thank me by sending cash)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Maureen!!!

there's a hole in my bucket dear lyza dear lyza

good luck getting that tune out of your head today.

andy and i watched a really awful movie last night with dennis miller in it...some tales fr the crypt vamire piece of shyte....the only redeeming quality it had was the boobage....then kingdom hospital *or whatever the hell its called* came on....WTF is that about? it was like being on ACID trying to follow wtf was going on...

no sprog visit today...she's off to the flea market with kelly and baby and then a pedicure...aint that the life? haha
i work tonight...should be chaotic...i cant stand all the sketchy folk that come in on weekends, desperate and reeking of FRAUDULANT activity....
our favorite is a gal I will refer to as MEL...she comes in CRACKED OUT of her mind...practically lays on the counter, eyes shut but twitching, babbling incoherently as she picks all the scabs on her face off....yeah shes the best.

have i bragged my sprog finished the year with straight A's? gawd damn im glad that breastmilk was good 4 something...shes a smart little fart sack...I was hoping the breastmilk would trump the stupidity of her mother & father woooohoooo haha
speaking of him i should drop him a line soon and give him an update.

Friday, July 14, 2006

I smell good

yeah so....the object of my dismissal the other day? yeah shes decided to be a pain in the ass and file for wrongful dismissal...which would be funnier if she werent so delussional (sp) about her abilities.
Should got rid of her 2+ mths ago like my gut told me to....but noooooooooooo jen the bleeding heart reject gave her chance after chance...this is gunna make me a bitch manager now. lol feels like a brewski night...I will see if Andy the Englishman is available to distract me.
In between typing im peeling arm skin off with hey? this is an example of why im not married...
well i gotta say im just irritated today and i havent even stepped into work yet...and its even PAYDAY for the love of gawd! what BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!

Doesnt look like Ayla's getting to come home for a night after all...too bad...
Gay Shawn and Gay Phil and I are playing badminton on Sunday...Shawn really wants to see me wipe out cuz Phil got to at the bar (u remember the sam roberts post haha) and now Shawn feels deprived. What a gaylord. i hope hefalls down so I can take pictures and laugh. I threatened to wear a half top and spandex and he said I should, he will bring his camera. he is a little bitch haha

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

even when im gone you've got most of me there...

Pirates was good even the 2nd time in one week...

After the fick I stopped by to visit my *friend*...Andy...just for a quick visit as I was wanting to enjoy the nice night walk home in the cool darkness with my mp3 player ...
I love these cool windy-ish nights...

I still CAN NOT locate my frikkin stereo power is really pissing me off now as I detest the tinny clock radio sound im stuck with until i find it.

Life is rough...I know. Tragic.

Ive decided i ne
ed a PROJECT...I've been thinking about taking up painting...weird...i know but its been on my mind a lot...whenever im in a thrift store and I see a big ass ugly painting I wanna get it so i can paint over it...stay tuned.
I guess I was thinking back to all the stuff I used to do back when Ayla was little...crafty shit...
witchy brewing of herbal madness...shit I even made my own bread and sold some for a while...
La Leche League meetings...Environmental playdates and I cant get Ayla to come for a walk with me b/c she thinks I wanna have a conversation with her hahhahah
So yeah maybe painting...maybe some writing...maybe I will paint my own painting that I am wanting for my new livingroom...a box canvas...i like that.

just call me The Terminator

I fired someone today....surprisingly it was not as UNCOMFORTABLE as I expected but it wasnt as FUN as I thought it might be either.

I hope she enjoyed the parting gifts I got her...haha She wasn't surprised so I think that was easier. Had she been blindsided and it got UGLY that may have made it all a little different alright. It is too bad...she was fun to work with.

I havent seen my tail-less cat since I picked him up the other im worried he got squished by a car or eaten by a dog. *sniff*
Maybe im just sad b/c he doesnt sit on the corner waiting for me 2x a day when i wander by.

Ayla will be home 4 the weekend...her and Maggie and Mike are coming to p/u Mag's little brother for summer vacation (woohoo) so they will be bunking here overnight. Will be nice to squeeze the life outta my sprog and see her for a quickie visit...and meet little Howie finally.

I washed a dryclean only shirt today in the washing machine. nothing like 50.00 going down the shitter....fuck i hate dryclean only clothes...had i noticed I would never have bought the fucking thing cuz its not like i liked it a whole lot anyway. grrrr.

Tracy S didnt end up being able to come down island yesterday...*pout*... that sucks...hopefully i will get to see her before they head back to Alberta.
Im going to see Pirates of the Carribean again tonight...a few friends are going so I want a green slushie so im going again. ha!
I like watching that guy look for his wood eyeball all the time too...

Monday, July 10, 2006

run kitty run

yesterday night I made friends with a kitten on the way had no tail...but it was cool anyhow...maybe b/c it had no tail...i have a thing for weird animals (hence the one eyed cat business). Anyhow~ it was a complete was bounding around and doing that halloween cat thing all over the drive way, as it bounced and twitched...I snatched it and i swear if I was allowed cats id have brought it home and kept it.

and finally...

the new Pirates movie is excellent....i spent 2+ hrs yesterday thoroughly entertained and laughing....well done walt disney u fuckers.

i have now bored 2 men to death with the movie THE it a CHICK movie or what?
i thought it was a good movie...i was surprised @ the end...1st i tirtured bruce with fact he STILL gives me a hard time about the 2 hrs of his life he cant get Ive graduated to being mocked by Andy who had the fucking movie figured out 15 mins into it.....fuck. Im tossing that movie.

Arika came over and kicked my lard ass at scrabble last night....which was impressive bc she cant spell her way generally out of a wet paper bag (hahaha)...we ate sushi and talked about how retarded boys are and how we dont understand their sense of logic...

Tracy S (yes Maureen our beloved Tracy!) is on the island and will be coming TUESDAY for an overnight visit!!!! im excited! i will take lotsa pictures....!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

counting on a surprise ending....

today....I will drag my lardy self to work...i feel VERY much like a sloth, dont wanna work...
i slept like a damn log though...
a log of what is the true question hahaha

i bummed THE BELL JAR by sylvia plath from margaret d.
looking fwd to giving that a read...despite having ADD recently...

omg deanna...youre so hot for your age - quit whining!

sadly whenever it is deanna's bday i remember it is also the time i first met fuckwad steve way back when...hahaha ooooooooo the joyful memories of that union BARF!

Arika sent me an irish shamrock seed packet as a housewarming gift...that girl is fantastic...thank you Mz Arika...i look fwd to seeing Jack Sparrow the Pirate of my Heart with you on Sunday!

Looks like the psychic readings and sushi day was cancelled for Sunday...Marg. and Donna are sure theyll be too hung over to live.
So I think I will have a few ppl over anyhow.

Ok I must go take tylenol.
la smoochie!

Friday, July 07, 2006

jennifer jay drinks too much beer, news @ 11

ok they werent really misadventures....last night was actually frikkin fabulous...Hot Donna, Hot Margaret and I went to Union Pacific...hunkered down with some beers...they were going down frighteningly good for me...
Ryan came over and hung out 4 a bit b4 he played, so we all drooled silently b/c he is really just a cute little fucker...Erica came after work...
it was a great the time Ryan went on I was fairly a happy retarded drunk...
I did manage to coerce the talent to play BITCHLIST which was a hoot b/c he forgot half of the words...muhahahaha
anyway it was a good time...Erica and I walked for a while after, then I went and harrassed Andy, he was a good sport....he has never seen me drunk before or seen me so chatty and sure it made him slightly nervous...those of u who know me know i tend to be fairly BLURTISH in real life and just say whatever pops in to my mind....yeah well when im drinking I have this thing where my brain works different and i start thinking im really profoundly funny and intelligent (hahahahaha)
Anyway...I dont feel nearly as poor as I should so its a good day...
Im gunna watch the Price is Right and The Young and the Restless and then start getting ready 4 work...and drink a lot of water.

picture extravaganza...sorta

Margaret & Donna
Hot Donna

Ryan McMahon