Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday = Fried Egg Day

Ayla has more plans than I do this weekend.....1 rock climbing birthday party...1 regular birthday party...1 Much Music Video Dance Party....2 sleepovers...bloody hell.
Since shes gunna be so busy im gunna go see Rocky Horror Picture Show this weekend....ive not ever seen it at a theatre so im looking fwd to all the audience participation he heh eeehehehe
Ryan McMahon is Sunday as well...everyone jammed on me on that one so im probably gunna go solo...Ohhh the JOY....
I think Sat. will be the Shagging Englishman Extravaganza....

Parent/Teacher interview yesterday was fab....Ayla midway through the term is all A's and one high B....gotta love it...teacher says she speaks flawless french and just needs to participate some more in class...also said shes polite, pleasant and lovely to be around. Fuck - dont I get ripped off at home? ha ha ha Nice to know she has manners in public haha

Im making Krap Dinner for breakfast.

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