Wednesday, October 25, 2006

love n rockets

LOOK MAUREEN its Sebastian Bach as Jesus in Jesus Christ Super Star on stage......FUCK ME id start going to church if he was the person i was trying 2 impress.... --->

remember that love n rockets tune....and the band played on (BALL OF CONFUSION).....
this is my mantra to that song: AND THE JEN RAGED ON....-insert cool guitar here-
it will must b/c its contagious at work and im making everyone in a pissy mood...and i HATE that a lot....

Aylas at a halloween wing-ding at the moment...the englishman will be over later and boy is he in 4 it...

A certain friend of mine took a step recently doing something they were not entirely comfortable with and today it turns out theres a bit of good news in regards to this thing they did and although im not naming names or naming the step taken I just wanna say
and also....i dunno about anyone else but im LOVING Matty G's art work as of late.....its VERY telling and revealing but most importantly its so honest in its anger and emotion that its actually hard is it as a non celeb to get dumped and fucked up the ass via divorce minus the lube when u dont have the world watching and ppl judging u on such a grand scale....but to be scrutinized and bitched at bc ppl think yer a whiner/self pitier/bitter asshole....fuck u all...i love it that hes blurting his shit out and calling that skank out like she deserves....YEAHHHHH ooooooo look my own rage slipped out hahahahahahahhaha

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