Sunday, November 19, 2006

death - no lube - retards

do you ever find yourself out in public and come to the clear realization that you live your life in your head like you are in some groovy art movie?

crowded buses make me violent...i cant tell u how many times ive waited a half hour for the next bus in hopes the next one its less crowded than the one I just refused to get on...

when im out in public i cant stand ppl...i fantasize about just beating everyone to a bloody im Bruce Lee, only bigger and slower.

*BABEL* freaked me is really is basically 4 stories surrounding one event...filmed quite beautifully...and it makes u think...too hard...but it was a really great flick...
i left the theatre is a traumatic stress disorder ha ha ha i love movies that fuck up my mind.

im feeling really foul right now...i think i need to do some writing...clear some of the fog in my head...and thats just with one night of no unsure as to how i survived aylas 1st month on this planet when i dont think i slept at all for 30 days aside from 10 min intervals.
i need to write a letter....or 2...clear some air with who is not comfortable with talking to me directly and another who i am not comfortable talking to directly...which is interesting b/c i usually am ok with that sorta thing once its rolling but...not in this scenario.

work is really pissing me off lately...i feel like im consistently getting bent over w/o lube and taking it in the ass for the almighty dollar...i have serious moral issues working for a corporation such as i do...ya ya ya it pays the rent and shit but...i think its just my lame ass rebel shit in my doesnt sit well with me...when things are goin ok i can stifle it...but when shit is brewing it makes me hyper freakish about it.
itll pass like everything does...i watched THE SCORE last night....Ed Norton is a fabulous retard!! He is up there with Leonardo DiCaprio! SERIOUS!

ok enough whinging from me....

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