Sunday, November 12, 2006

glitter glue & skater boys

i think i just made xmas cards for 12 hrs straight.
i am covered in glitter glue.

the englishman called...told me about his weekend.
told me again where he slept and where his ex slept.
i find this odd...i generally think that when ppl over
explain things its b/c they did something wrong and
theyre trying to hard to pretend they didnt...
but...i think he might just be thinking i need reassurance.
figures...a guy finally acts like he cares about my feelings
and i just happen to not have any about this particular topic.

ayla blew all her cash in vancouver on clothes...shes thrilled
out of her mind.
my mother called me today.
gawd help me...she is a nut.

question: when do u think *comedy* goes too far? im not one
4 censorship of any kind, i just kinda dont pay attention to things
like comedy if it doesnt make me laugh but i was recently conversing with someone about BORAT...ok its Guy, and he doesnt like him at im fairly new to the Borat scene
only having seen a few episodes b4 seeing the movie...comedy rarely holds my interest for very long so in a yr ill be *Borat, who?* but...has he gone too far? i dunno...i dont give comedy too much thought unless it blatantly makes fun of fat ppl, then i hate it haha

my uterus is screaming for cauterization...i think its all the glitter glue, it stimulates my anti-coagulated biology and i bleed like a stuck pig.

i have no been laid in quite some time and i think its beginning to piss me off.
its been a few weeks...which is funny b/c i once went 6 yrs and couldnt have cared less cuz i was all in mommy mode...holy shit arent those days over.

i watched a doc on the dogtown skater boys of the 70's....mmm i like skater boys...which is why i own the Lords of Dogtown DVD....cuz im like...14 hahahahha

Blogger isnt posting pictures. Sometimes i wish there was a paid version of Blogger that actually works.

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