Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ooooh my aching uterus...

Well...1st day back wasnt too bad....although I am having a few issues with my fellow management team in regarding the lack of keeping ones mouth shut...I will leave it at that but you can be assured by weeks end I will have offended more than a few peers.
Aside from that, it was a fab day really...my lovely staff kept things rolling along at work BRILLIANTLY in my absence so it was not a nightmare when I returned...wooohooooo
Due to my massively blood clot-ridden nasty freaky MENSTRUAL FLOW ( that was special for Guy and Kelly in hopes they gagged a little reading it b4 they knew better to stop) I changed my Dr appt til next week...1 week of reprieve.
and holy motherfuckingshitonastick - look who FINALLY got a blog: My Beloved Tracy
Bookmark this lovely...she is a dream.

RESCUE ME is on soon...

Its windy and rainy out...Poor Guy and Donna's house up island is just a mess and theyre still having to stay with relatives. Been much more crazy up there than down here...as long as it doesnt frikkin snow again I am all for any weather nature throws my way!
I see no one commented on the retard/alcohol consumption question I posed.....fuckers.

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