Monday, December 11, 2006

the tomato boat has docked early folks!

the uteral suffering has hit ....unusually hard (I blame GUY, it is all his fault, I do not know why but I am blaming him anyway) fact it got me out of my dr appt this week *MUHAHAHA* I think I willed it to come early... unconsciously of course.

I keep dreaming about things that are kind
of close to reality so when i wake up im not quite sure if it happened or not...

I am very envious of gay shawns new place...not of the 1100.00/mo rent BUT of the space and layout...its right on the water, looks across the gorge, so lovely...I was laughing b/c one wall of their dining room is one giant mirror, gawd Ayla would spend her day in the dining room, checking herself out HA HA
holy fucking windstorm...a bucket just went flying across my balcony but i have
no shirt on so i wont torture the neighbors by going and getting it just yet.

I hate the band, really bad. The singer - I will not even google and find out his name i hate him so much - is a big giant faggy (and not in a good way) poser piece of shit who sounds like a backstreet boy trying to be hardcore only he is not.
The bass player ive seen live here in Victoria with another band and was dreadfully disappointed he ended up in such a horrid band. GET OUT WHILE U STILL CAN! Gawd...I think i wanna punch that singer straight in the face.
Fergie bugs me sick of all the butt shaking broads really...can u all just sing w/o the ass shaking? Say what u want about Gwen Stefani, but shes the only female artist (pop style) I can think of who isnt slutting out in her videos...not to say she is some shining example for young girls everywhere but there seems to be a very big difference between her and other artists in her genre.

Someone I find excessively annoying will be at this meeting today...last i saw her she was not speaking to me b/c i called bullshit on her shitty personality she tries hiding. im hoping she still isnt speaking to me.

I have 20.00 until friday hahahah hahaha hahhahaaive never cut it this close YEARS....the laundry coin basket has 50 cents in it...that means NO BUS MONEY either MuHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA fuck.
Aunty Pam and Maggie come this week....will be FUN...although i think they are gunna live in the mall all weekend....*cringe*

i think my uterus is trying to send me a message in Morse Code.

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