Friday, December 29, 2006

A true blue tribute

Posted by Brucifer - 1 day ago

I was @ this specific show....with a friend of mine who went bankrupt after this show, just so that we/she could provide me with the best experience at a concert that i have ever had....AND i had to get a hookup on a new liver...of which she also helped pay for. (Cus we drank SOOOOOOOOOO000000000000 much). I have been to some of the best concerts that have ever been...until this show, whereas, i did, on bended knee, make praise... to the band AND my friend, for bringing me .I'm not sure if there will or was a better show on earth, unless Layne Staley from AIC comes back from the dead and asks me to perform with him and Jerry Cantrell and the other awesome members of AIC in a "Save the freaking werld" benefit concert, WITH Maynard AND his accompaniment of BOTH of the (mainstream) Maynard related projects, and Jerry Cantrell and ALL of THE Musicians that were a part of the Tsunami benefit gig down in seattle-ish USA. ddaaammmnnnnn HEY...a guy can Dream can't he!!!!!? P.S. Thx Jen; you pwn

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