Monday, January 08, 2007

Argggggg CBC is Making Me Lose My Mind!

You know, these environmental shows KILL me...nothing makes me more insane.

On the Passionate Eye right now theyre talking about global warming...the effects of pollution, how it messes with the ocean, making it more acidic etc...then watching retard loggers i the congo cut down the most amazing massively huge beautiful trees...ahhhhh gawd....polar bears being underweight due to shrinking ice...underweight polar bears = infertile polar bears = extinct polar bears...stupid poachers carrying around an elephants ear...mudslides...dead reefs...fuck it makes me MENTAL.
Thank gawd being green is getting more popular and hip.
I am secretly glad ill likely be dead before it gets as bad as I think it can sucks when u give a shit about ppl younger than yourself who get stuck cleaning up the mess.

I have to plant 10 trees to offset my consumption....

Thats my gunna look how up to make a seedling like the ones they give away on earth day and go planting trees like a fucking lunatic...10 seems low so ill do more since im fat and take up more room and use more resources...its only fair.
Sextuplets born in Vancouver....jesus h christ...has the world gone completely fucking mad? who the fuck would want 6 gawd damn preemie fucking shoot myself.

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