Sunday, January 21, 2007

Don't Cry 4 Me Victorrrrriaaaaaaaaaa

Yes it is sunday...I just spent the night dreaming about retarded shit...Oh yay!
The work called b/c Ms Know It All Im So Educated This Job is Below Me and You Are All Low Lifes And I have Such a Bright Future is too dumb to open the safe.
Love it when that shit happens. It gives me hope and makes me smile in a very evil manner.
Tonight is the "Winter Party" the company is throwing instead of an X-Mas party...its at some hoytee fucking hotel so everyones gotta not look like a slob, this irritates me.
I wish the co. would honestly fuck off with these lame dinner and parties and just give us a cash bonus, like I wanna hang around with a buncha work ppl...grumble grumble
Oddly enough I was at A & T's house....theyre from work hahaha along with L, who is also from work hahah hahah hahaha
We played a game called IDENTITY CRISIS...L&T were partners the last round and CHEATED of is a good game though....
It is especially funny when u pick a name like Eva Peron and you assume the other person knows who that is so u say *Madonna played her in EVITA, Dont Cry 4 Me Argentine, wife of a politician in Argentina* and they dunno who the fuck she is, then yer trying to describe a HERON so she will say the word so u can say ok its spelled like that but its got a dif 1st letter and has a twang/inflection.....then yer just FUCKED. ha ha ha

I feel a scatchiness in my throat.... "pout" ....I thought i dodged that bullet but no such luck...i just hope it doesnt go FULL BLOWN...

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