Wednesday, January 10, 2007

snow AGAIN...

Jesus H Christ...I just typed a big word doc on NOTEPAD hahaha what a piece of shit.

After manager meetings i always wanna kill myself...not literally...but thoughts of stabbing myself in the eye to escape the meeting always run through my mind...and lucky me, the next manager meeting is at my house and i get to make sushi for it....can u tell exactly how repulsed i am to have 10 managers in my fucking house eating sushi and then doing a meeting for 8 fucking hours? Maybe ill die before Feb 6.
Laundry is under way...its snowing out AGAIN...I cant believe was 10 degrees yesterday and decent now the ground is covered in frikkin death snow. ARGGGGG trying to clean my tub...i am going insane...i think all the finish is gone from the tub so its got this gray shit all over it...its driving me mad bc it will not come off.
Right now im about to set the fucker on fire.

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