Friday, October 26, 2007

i didnt die in my sleep dammit

back to work today....gawd help me.

the cat is going glad she does this in the AM and not at night anymore.

im trying to win TOOL tickets...guess that makes me a greedy gretchen...the demand is frighteningly high 4 these tix so to win them would make me marked 4 death im sure...

i work in 3 hrs.

Ohhhhhh remember the churchy freak that was all over me about god last week?? well it wasnt enough that I asked her to stop emailing me, stating that I was no longer interested in conversing....she emailed me anyway, which I bounced back to her so it appeared I didnt get it...

she then SNAIL MAILED me a page long letter about how i misunderstood her and how god loves me and she will pray for me, and even went on to get a little bitchy b/c she is clearly ticked off im not willing to sit and listen to her drivel...she thinks im all offended for something im not...hahahaha it really is classic....if u click on it itll be big enough to read....
fuck a duck...she irritates me.
im going to send her some evil shit at xmas time.

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