Monday, August 02, 2010


Graeme just picked something off my head and I am not grossed out.

 Birthday of the 40 Year Old Non-Virgin was pretty good...we had some eats...met up with friends...watched Donna and the lesbos get rather drunk which is always fun...nearly wrecked Guy's car with 4 tonnes of vagina in the back seat (that's me, Donna, Erin and Amanda crammed back there) when he drove into someones yard by accident (and I know you are thinking he must have been drinking but he did not have one drop of alcohol) and got a VERY large rock jammed under the car...he thought it would come loose so he kept driving only with all the weight in the back seat it wasn't going once we smelled smoke and could no longer bear the horrid noise of rock scraping the pavement at midnight on a quiet residential street...we all got out and lo and behold the car moved fwd and the rock was no longer stuck...Donna, in her drunken state thought she was She-Ra and lifted the rock to move it from the street and tossed it right onto the road HAHAHHAHA someone else moved it and then we got the F outta there. It felt reminiscent of grade 11.
We then went to Monty's - strip bar...Graeme was not really into it but we dragged him anyhow...I think he would have rather just went home but tough titty birthday boy! Saw some boobies and some tootaloos and that was that.
Graeme seems to like all his birthday loot...for him a new hoody, 4 shirts, cash for pants and some doodads like zombie game expansion pack and a collapsible beer glass etc.
 I was more excited about his b'day than he was.

We went and saw the Last Airbender movie last night.....TOTAL SHIT DO NOT SEE IT. (the penis/cock hair was the only good part...I cannot believe the filmmakers/editors did not NOTICE this...) Donna and I saw the Dinner 4 Schmucks...was funny but not as funny as I hoped..It was no SUPERBAD or WEDDING CRASHERS. I did like it that the dude from THE IT CROWD was in it though as the blind idiot at the dinner. We ate at some weird Korean rest. and it was kinda weird. The rice was good but the gyoza dumpling things were freezer burnt and there was this weird tofu/fish grossness on the side along with some nasty kimchi...wont go there again.

I have a job interview more shot at the EAW position...then I am done for a while unless something PERFECT comes up I am not applying for anything for a is too demoralizing and I need to recharge.


Guy L. Monty said...

I really enjoyed the grade 10 feeling of that evening.

And the anti-Celestial spray doesn't seem to be working.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That must have been some rock! I have a mental image of Guy's car,teetering on top of it, all four wheels off the ground after the backseat emptied out. Although I am sure that's just my Looney Tunes training.

~Jen~ said...

haha not too far from the was all very grade 11!

~Jen~ said...

grade 10 even

Guy L. Monty said...

I think only one wheel was off the ground, but it was the stinky smoke rolling off the rock as it scraped down the road producing stinky grey smoke and a rending noise that shattered the bgraveyard stillness of the hoighty Victoria neighborhood at midnight that made it all worth it. That and Donna heaving the thing over her head. It took Erin and Amanda about 10 minutes to squeeze into the back of the car, and about 2 seconds to pop out after the rock incident. I think they thought the car was aflame or something.