Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have been sick and neglectful.
I am hope for the 2nd and last day from work...probably could have gone back today but my hacking clearly was found to be very objectionable on Monday so...I am giving it one more day. I have been sleeping way too much though and need to get out 4 a walk today no matter how opposed I feel to it.

Today I shall finish my column and clean off my desk...G has an appt so I will actually get 1.5 hours BY MYSELF!!! and tomorrow night he is going to volunteer/shoot pics for a Rifflandia show at Rehab (seeing my fav local band Start with the Cobra - wah for me!) which means I get a glorious 6 pm - bed time ALONE!!!!!!!!! I never get to be drives me bat shit I will be loving that!

I had a conversation recently with a few ppl about how deadbeat dads/men who go on to date new women with kids (or not) and suddenly get all inspired to start seeing their kids...maybe even paying child support....I imagine having a woman you are sleeping with chirping at you about whats fair and right and blah blah blah is the catalyst for this inspired life change....but then...oddly enough and I have seen in a buncha times...the min that guy is single again he reverts right back to his old self...deadbeat...cant keep up the change without someone mothering him through it...I have seen this twice in the last kids involved in one case but a blatant time machine role reversal, 4 years later man reverts back to exact life prior to relationship...all signs of growth - non existent. Also saw one involving a kid...which makes it all the more of a piss off b/c for 3+ yrs this person was a deadbeat...contributed nothing even while being afforded leeway and generous visitation....then lo and behold...he gets a girlfriend who knows how custody and courts work and gets a lawyer letter about how dad wants 50-50 custody...a dad who cant even keep fucking milk in the fridge when he knows his kid is coming over...or brush her hair for school...etc. You know the type. Then u start finding out he has resorted to guilt tripping the kid about where she lives which is not only a shitty thing to do its bad parenting and really someone who spent her child's entire young life with it always in the back of her mind that someday someone might show up and pull this crap - I can feel for this mom in a big way...I think it will all end well but it is a terrible mindfuck and a great insult to a mom who has been pulling all the weight the child's whole life. Fuggin a-hole.

Ok more butt hurts.