Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I probably shouldn't be blogging this pissed off but it is the only time I am going to have to do it so...tough shit.

Had a great visit in PR...despite a small swimming mishap:

Closest to drowning I have ever come and ever wanna get to again...short version - rough water fun swim, big waves, glasses lost in ocean, lost footing, bashed up on barnacle covered rocks repeatedly until I swam out deep for life saving rest and exit via other beach, blood and skin loss, allergic reaction to barnacle goo, swollen red hot puff face, glasses found on beach 14 hrs later not much worse for wear oddly enough...the end.

Visit was good....too short...not enough time to spend with family or friends...or just to chill out.
Drive home with Jim and Graeme was long as neither of them would shut the hell up for 5 mins.
Jim got to show off his fancy Nascar driving skills when some fucktard turning in the intersection with us coming barreling through it....he swerved just right and avoided a was all rather dramatic!!! All I could do was yell DALE EARNHARDT JR JIMMY!!!!!! Christ.

Got home with TOO MUCH SHIT to try and fit in this place so today I am TURFING up a storm.
Also arrived home to a house full of utter shit. A counter and sink full of dirty dishes, shit all over the place, carpets a total mess, nothing even remotely tidy or clean...possible vomit spray in my bathroom, giant clump of dried cat vomit in a cloth tossed into my laundry basket, my recycling bin thingy broken, skeleton gone off the door (later retrieved from Ayla's room), beer cans and such in the recycling (she is so fucking stupid), word from the landlady she gave Ayla shit for being noisy leaving the bldg with a group of drunk girls - none of which is REALLY the end of the world... all I had asked was to come home to a house as clean as it was left...and no drinking in the house. That's all. Her attitude of utter apathy is the nail in the coffin. I am done for right now being terribly concerned about her feelings, perspective and such. When she house sat for friends of mine earlier this summer she left that place cleaner than when they left...this is a complete kick in the vag. Her lack of consideration is coming back at her now.

Oh and then like I dont have enough to do on my last day off cleaning this shithole b/c she works and is at school...she left a fucking teabag on the couch that ended up in the fucking laundry and well u can imagine the MESS that left in the laundry load which had to be rewashed....Oh and yes plz use my 8.00 box of Yorkshire black tea b/c u heard it will get rid of blemishes on your ignorant fucking face if u apply them to the affected area....yes PLZ FUCKING DO THAT AYLA YOU GENIUS.

So apparently the fact I let her know she is a slob and ignoramus = I am freaking out...only I am not freaking all...I am plotting sweet fucking revenge. I am surprisingly calm...mainly b/c it has occurred to me I don't want to live in my life anymore...I am not enjoying it ONE IOTA...on any front...nothing is going the way I expect it to...and I cannot help but envy the shit out of Hot Donna for living by herself in a quiet suite with only her own mess to clean up and only her own self to fucking deal with.

Yeah so happy times back in old KNOW shit is bad when PR appeals to me more than my own house...I am tired...and I get to go back to work tomorrow...which is better than being here b/c at least there I will be too busy to smolder and rage in my head at the pile of shit that is my existence.

No I am not even PMSing right now.


Pam said...

is that job still open in powell river?

~Jen~ said...

ha ha ha

Cyndy said...

I'm pretty sure you are allowed to hit a 16 year old. Maybe you could hit yourself and call the police and say she did it. Think of all of the peace you will have when she is sitting in juvie. I would jump on her bed and throw out all of her underwear when she is in juvie. I'm a vindictive bitch that way.

~Jen~ said...