Monday, October 25, 2010


Watched a National Geographic show today on tigers in India...a whole soap opera kinda show on a family - mother and 3 daughter tigers...and how the daughter tiger (the most dominant one) chases her sisters out of their mothers territory b4 taking on rule the sad to see the mom (who by this point is old and beaten down by time at the age of 13) get the boot from her once loving daughter -- u see where this is going don't u? -- mom gets chased out only to basically starve over the coming months b/c she has no front teeth thanks to a friggin crocodile and shes just too old to hunt really....cocky daughter enjoys ruling her kingdom for about 9 mths until a male approaches and promptly kicks her ass out of the lush/pristine kingdom of easy hunting and lovely lake...9 mths...while her kick ass mom managed to ward off male invaders and other female take over attempts for 10 yrs. Fuck. What a thankless job parenting is.

I am still the most hated mom on earth here at the Conklin abode...the mexican spring break plan that I vetoed has earned me persona non grata in a big way here...her hate oozes by the bucket loads from underneath her bedroom door when she is home...there's no reasoning with I have just stopped trying...for now I guess.

Just gorged on leftover baked pasta from last night when Tracey and Adrienne were over...MmmMmmMmm...tonight we are watching POINT OF NO RETURN as I drift into a carb coma in bed... [insert zombie noises here] I do wanna say though that Graeme is a piss poor glutton...the guy can hardly clear his 1st non-piled plate...WTF is that about?


Barbara Bruederlin said...

We are all tigers deep down, aren't we?

~Jen~ said...

I am a hybrid...tiger/pit bull

Guy L. Monty said...

This is an excellent post. You shoulda been a biologist. Except for the shitting in the woods part. And the bears. And, of, fuck it. This is an excellent post. Period.

~Jen~ said...

dont mock my non scientificness lol