Sunday, February 27, 2011

Powell River Vacation

Am having a pretty damn good time I have to say...Ayla is being nice...getting to see my friends Michele, Deanna and Jerri...and have a good long day planned visiting my mom Monday with Ayla...and spending fun time with the cousins and their spawns...all good.

Today I did brekky with Deanna and Michele...finally got to see Michele's new fake boobies...pretty nice rack - gotta admit it...I even got to touch one...very boingy spongey! I opted to not start groping her or trying to get under her shirt as she was not drunk at all.

After the brekky carbicide Deanna had to take off so M and I hung out and it was pretty cool...M started having her kids in grade 10 or 11 or something and then had her last of the 3 the year I had Ayla...she has gone on to maintain a youthful glow - with the help of fake boobies of course - and is the epitome of "cool mom"...while I spend far too much time worrying about EVERYTHING to be the cool mom. Being cool has never been my scene anyway.

The garage sale here was a grand success...they all made a nice little pile o' dough and got rid of a lot of stuff they didnt want so you gotta love that.
The trip over was fine - Ayla slept the whole train trip in between grumbling about hating the train and whining that she was miserable. Oh the joy. I ignored her enjoyed the train even though my MP3 player battery was dead and I was forced to listen to the train whisting and the fucking kid in front of us tooting his own train whistle. Rude.

Dr appt tomorrow morning...then to Mom's for the day - she has PLANS...she is gunna have me move some furniture and help her organize her sewing room. Ayla will hide upstairs im sure. lol

OHHH GAWD...I forgot what its like to grocery shop in a smaller is going to ruin me now for sure...Ive been shopping a few times now and no wall to wall ppl...its GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already hate grocery shopping in Victoria now it is just going to be worse unless I start going at 8 am.


Anonymous said...

What d'ya mean "cool has never been my scene"?'re the coolest cat I know!!!

Abu Anka said...

I think you should move back to Powell River, just so I have an excuse to go there more often.

~Jen~ said...

no way - u wouldnt be able to get here anyway bc the effing ferry would not be running. :\

Pam said...

i agree with both adele and abu.