Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here comes the bride....not fat or wide...

Not gunna lie...I hate weddings...they go against my personal belief system and moral conditioning BUT i do understand other peoples need for them so I go along sometimes...begrudgingly. There is something exciting about waiting for the bride to start her walk down the aisle - that excitement feels kind of like "christmas" oddly enough...Lori's grand entrance was about 45 minutes later that her 7 page itinerary indicated (haha) but the build up worked b/c even ME...ME: THE HATER OF WEDDINGS AND ALL THAT SHIT was fluttery and smiley with anticipation! Lori looked divine and it was so gawd damn sweet that she had her brothers walk her down the aisle that even I felt my heart warm!

I even actually had to STOP myself from getting misty as she approached Rich at the is that about? I did not get to speak with Lori much obviously as she had a kajillion guests and duties and photo shoots etc but I did get to speak with Rich a little (grooms primp FAR less thus there is more time to mingle) and omfg...having only met him a few times I have to say he is a warm, welcoming human being and I quite adore him...he is really down to earth and quite humorous...which I enjoy....the English accent is also a bonus...oh and the fact the 1st time he ever met me he referred to me as 'hardcore' which delighted me. Anyway I was super happy to see the 2 of them joined in marital was worth the blood-clot inducing hard work setting up the hall and tearing it back down again...I am sad they are moving to the UK in a few mths... ::pout::

It was pretty funny after the wedding at 230 am at Guy and Donna's place...we were all was a rough 18 yrs of hard work (guy was on photographer duty which has its own set of pressures for sure) and we were all kinda pathetic sitting at the table, broken and wasted, splitting up the T3's for relief...I was burping up the potluck meatballs long after I went to sleep...(damn they were good though!) I was a little worried about the state of my heel/legs the next morning (after a whopping 4 hrs sleep) and passed on the birding with Guy and Nathan and his family unfortunately...I was happy to meet Guy's old friend Nathan who I have come to know a little on FB and quite enjoy...his wife Gwynn and 2 girls Mandolyn and Molly were awesome...I really liked them...(keep in mind I don't often like anyone) - I was a blob of dead cripple all day until i go on the bus back home....the bus ride was the shits...I don't like ppl sitting by me...NOPE NOPE NOPE...this woman was completely fine but the body heat we were generating was completely fucked up and I was not able to sit still long as my legs were gunna turn back and fall off...hahahhaa So I probably annoyed the shit out of her....though I think we both lucked out b/c the gal up one and over has the consumption or something and hacked like crazy the whole trip to Vic....THANK YOU HEADPHONES.

I made it home to a CLEAN HOUSE! Yes u heard it here folks...Ayla followed through with her Mother's Day gift and ensured I arrived home to a clean house....It was delightful...thank you Miss Ayla Juniper! We ordered Chinese food and dined while I iced the shit out of my foot....and lazed around the rest of the night until I lapsed into a post-wedding coma. The leg trauma made me go in for a fitting for compression stockings...i cannot articulate the horror of this in human words...I hate socks...bra and socks are the 1st things I take off when i walk into my socks are laying all over the house b/c when I decide they must be off THEY ARE OFF...the thought of wearing extremely tight mthrfckn socks ALL DAY that go right up to my knee mortifies me but clearly....i cannot avoid giving them a shot b/c my circulation issues in my legs are getting out of hand. Sigh...

HENCE THE WAGON OF GOOD EATING...I am back on it...after a year long hiatus which I don't blame on anyone but myself while G lived is such a consuming life change and requires my constant and consistent attention and planning that I cannot seem to accommodate more than THAT at one really does require my full and complete concentration and such....soooooooo here we go again....I have not gained back all that 60ish lbs I lost at the end of 2009 but I may as well have in my mind...FAIL.

So that's where I am at ladies and gents...I see THOR is out in eye candy galore...may have to take a chance and go see that...



Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hope you've recovered from your post wedding bus ride. The photos look fabulous, I quite love the purple cupcakes.

And coming home to a clean house? You stuck gold there!

~Jen~ said...

I admit I was worried...I came home in such a state I was scared how I would react if the place was a dump...but she came through WOOHOO!
Yeah those cupcakes not only looked good they tasted kick ass...Amanda (the brides sister in law) and her mom is an excellent job on them!