Friday, May 06, 2011

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I am pretty much packed. I am gunna leave work a little early and go home to tiddle up a few last minute things...then be on the 7 pm bus to Parksville...if anyone tries to cut my head off on the bus they better be on it b/c I will not hesitate to fuck them up. I have to say events such as that horrible one and Ayla’s friend Justin being murdered while standing at the bus stop last year have really changed how I perceive other people. Prior to I didn’t mind the crazies acting all weird and sketchy b/c isn’t their fault...but while I do maintain a sense of empathy and understanding for the mentally ill at the same time they have now shifted into a different little place for me...they are flagged on my dangerous list now. I know statistically mentally ill people do not hurt other people often but when you factor in drug addicts and how they behave and messed up ppl in general I cannot distinguish so I am INCREDIBLY alert when I am around sketchy folk. I am looking for weapons and take out my headphones so I can be on top of what’s happening. This pisses me off of course b/c no one wants to feel like they have to be ready to defend themselves from a knife wielding sketcher but gone are the days when I could happily ignore everyone in public and just enjoy the ride. Nope.

Also I have made an observation lately...I notice a lot more ppl seem to have twitching disorders...? What is that about...are ppl neurologically challenged now more often or am I just more apt to notice b/c it irritates the ever-loving shit out of me? It is seriously a HUGE pet peeve of mine – I cannot be near someone who tics and twitches without becoming really anxious and annoyed by it. This could explain the last year of my life with Graeme and his arm twitch gawd I am becoming less and less tolerant by the minute as I get older...what if I end up as miserable as my Granny?

Ayla works all weekend (yay for me) which is good b/c I am not home and I have less to worry about. For mother’s day I asked her to have the house SPIC AND SPAN CLEAN for when I got home Sunday at supper time...should be interesting hahaha

Orthotics are in and doing what they are supposed to....still feels like I am walking on a roll of quarters but I can feel it taking the pressure off my heel so that’s heel is still messed but it will take quite some time for it to the meantime I think I will start walking a little more now and see how it does. So annoying.

My mom gave me a plug-in heated mattress cover...sweet jesus!!!!! I finally set it up last week and it is DELIGHTFUL! I turn it on about 30 mins b4 I go to bed and then shut it off as I go to bed and crawl into what feels like sheets just out of the winter is gunna be AWESOME! Thanks mama...

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Have a great weekend. Hope you arrive home with head intact to a spotless house, without having seen a single twitcher.