Sunday, July 31, 2011

all the white horses are still in bed

I can taste my Carmex chap stick on last nights tea cup.

It is a lovely early Sunday morning up here in my cityscape hideaway, the gull squawk isn't too horrendous this morning. Watched the news 1st thing - that was fairly demoralizing. Rarely a good idea. I chuckle at the "will the US default on their debt" propaganda...1st because of how ridiculous it is that a country such as the USA allows the rich scums bags of their country to ultimately control the puppet strings of the economy even after repeated dismal failures - and at the expense of the rest of the country. I guarantee you the rich cocksuckers who 'lost everything' are not living in their cars (if they are lucky enough to still have one) like all the poor/middle class folks who lost their homes in the last few years. With corporate bigwigs still getting million dollar bonuses it boggles the mind how the economy can suck so makes ZERO sense. I wish Barack Obama would go in with a flame thrower and torch EVERYTHING and rebuild...think what you want of him he cannot make it any worse than it is right now. The silliness of the Republicans stalling this debt ceiling issue is absolutely laughable...privileged bunch of idiots.

And happy Sunday to you too.

Overdid it a little yesterday wearing non-pajama pants...sounds weird I know but it's true. I walked down to Lisa's in the sunshine...a 10 min walk that took me about 20-25 mins hahaha I felt like I was walking with a stick jammed up my ass...all slow and careful...saw a dead bird on the way that made me feel better about myself...cuz at least I wasn't a dead bird squished on the road...right? We then went to see COWBOYS & ALIENS which I quite enjoyed...I am not a Daniel Craig fan but that man sure had a hot ass in chaps...seriously. Anyway...if you take it too seriously then yes that will be your own fatal error...but this was a fun movie and I loved the characters...Adam Beach was in it! Sam Rockwell and the awesome older brother from Little Miss quote of the movie (sorry if I eff it up) was something to the effect of: Don't yank it, it's not a pecker. BAHAHAHA...

I think lentils are my new favorite food...having purchased all the proper spices to go with yummy daal I think I will be eating a fair bit of it in the next month. It really is fantastically flavorful...its too bad Ayla wont eat it though...this is what I made last night: RECIPE It is extremely good. I did use 1 jalapeno but passed on the cayenne just b/c I thought that might be pushing it for me in my state of gastrointestinal limbo. I have to say being severely premenstrual the week of GB surgery has been confusing and fucking retarded...I cannot accurately peg which symptom is what so I decided to stop trying and wait til next week to even bother gauging wtf is going on with my body. Worst timing ever. :\ Hopefully I am not dieing og gangrene and confusing it with agonizing period cramps. Fucking uterus.

One of my steri-strips came off...uhhh those cuts are bigger than my mind allowed me to think they were...I promptly put a band-aid over it...too fresh looking...barf. Now I really do not want the other 3 to fall off though I think my paper says tomorrow they should come off...this will involve more than I am prepared to think about right now this second. I have to say while this is a mild surgery (the pain is incredibly mild all things considered) I have a whole new appreciation for ppl who go under the knife b/c for me the process in general is whats really mind-fucking. The drugs, anesthetic, giving up control of yourself entirely, relying on medical professionals to not get germs in your person that can kill u by turning your insides to soup, general fatigue of being hi-jacked on every level, etc...then add in some common sense worry and fear...being unable to sleep as you are accustomed, being trapped at home and spending 99% of your time alone and over-thinking EVERYTHING...its a weird dynamic I care not to repeat ever. I go back to work on Wednesday and I cannot imagine where the energy 4 that is coming from after a short walk yesterday and a movie near killed me lol Ohhh JOY. It will be nice to be busy...I will be slower so my days will be fuller 4 a while...I am usually stupidly fast and efficient and leave myself with large time periods of no work. Pacing myself is something I always have to work on.

Tomorrow is AUGUST! Wow!

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